Craft Beer Quotes and Sayings

Craft Beer Quotes and Sayings

Every beverage has something interesting about it, those who love it, and quotes about it. And craft beer is not left out.

Craft beers are made in small batches and use natural ingredients. They have a higher alcohol content than regular beers, but the alcohol doesn’t always come through in the taste.

The difference between craft beer and industrial beer is that industrial beers are brewed with consistency and quality in mind, while craft beers are brewed with local ingredients, history, and tradition in mind.

So many things can be said about this traditional kind of beer, from how it feels when taken to the best time to take it, making it and more.

Remember that these craft beer quotes are not only good for social media posts and text messages but are great even for inscribing on your favourite shirts or mugs.

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Craft Beer Quotes and Sayings

Craft beer is a beer brewed by a small brewery and generally refers to the specific beer produced by the craft brewery. It is made with traditional ingredients and often has a high flavour profile, so it is not the same as the mass-market lagers or ales, although some craft beers are similar in style to their mass-produced counterparts.

1. One of the few things that can bring out the true beauty in someone is craft beer.

2. Craft beer is the catalyst for a lot of great memories—like when you met the love of your life.

3. Craft beer lovers are a little weird. They won’t drink anything else, and they don’t understand why anyone would want to.

4. Craft beer is the perfect antidote to the monotonous flavorlessness of life.

5. Craft beers are the perfect accompaniment to a long afternoon of procrastinating.

6. Bring craft beer and craft beer lovers together, and you’ll get a heated debate that never ends.

7. Craft beer is the perfect beverage for a party but not so great for studying.

8. I can’t go a day without craft beer. I can do an hour, though.

9. When you have a great love for craft beer, it shows.

10. If you love craft beer, it’s time to get crafty with your craft beer.

11. Craft beer is the perfect drink for a warm summer evening.

12. Craft beer is the perfect vacation for your taste buds. It’s like floating on a cloud of deliciousness.

13. Craft beer is like a pint of heaven in a bottle.

14. It’s not craft beer that got us here; it’s the people we will share it with.

15. The only thing better than craft beer is a craft beer with your dog.

16. Everyone here loves craft beer. We love the people that drink it, we love the stories they tell us, and we love how beer can make you feel things.

17. There’s a reason why craft beer is one of the most popular beverages in this country. It’s because it’s like a big hug from your favourite brewery.

18. I don’t know how I got into craft beer, but I sure as hell don’t want to get out.

19. You’ll never find a more dedicated craft beer lover than the guy who works in a brewery.

20. I can’t go a day without craft beer. It’s my new religion.

21. Craft beer lovers are not just beer drinkers. They’re beer enthusiasts. They can tell a beer is great when they taste it and love brewing their own at home.

22. Craft beer tastes better when you’re doing something crafty.

23. Craft beer is better than coffee. It deserves a place in your heart.

24. ​I can’t go a day without craft beer, and I’m never satisfied with the first glass.

25. Craft beer is your best friend when you’re feeling overmatched and underwhelmed.

26. I love the purity of craft beer. You can actually taste the hops and malt.

27. There’s a reason why craft beer has so much flavour. It’s brewed for your taste buds, not for time.

28. Craft beer is not your average beer. It has a lot more character.

29. Craft beer is a nice way to celebrate the fall season. Nothing says fall like craft beer and some good company.

30. Craft beer is the answer to all life’s problems except for the ones that have no solution.

31. Craft beer is the perfect drink to enjoy with friends while having a good conversation.

32. Craft beer is the best beer, especially on a Friday night.

33. Craft beer is the most sophisticated way to say you don’t care about what’s trendy.

34. Craft beer is present when we’re mentioning beers that taste better as they get older.

35. They call it craft beer for a reason. It’s crafted by real people, for real people.

36. If you thought craft beer was all about hops, think again.

37. There’s nothing wrong with being a craft-beer geek, but don’t be ashamed to try and love something else.

38. Cheers to craft beer, a beer that’s more flavorful, delicious, and inspiring than most other beers.

39. People prefer craft beer because it’s better than the stuff they’ve been drinking for years.

40. Craft beer is cool. Its lovers are cooler.

41. Craft beer is like the internet. It’s great, but it’s also a little weird.

42. Craft beer was and still is the ultimate gift for a friend.

43. Craft beer is like love—few have the patience for it, but when you find that great one, you can’t stop yourself from enjoying it.

44. Craft beers are artfully crafted and timely. Craft beer is more than just a drink. It brings experiences that are as unique to the brewer as they are to the drinker.

45. I like craft beer because it makes me feel smarter, sexier, and more successful.

46. Craft beer is like your best friend. He’s always there for you, and he has a secret stash of really good stuff.

47. Craft beer is like relationships—no two are ever the same.

48. Craft beer is the cause of, and solution to, all of life’s problems.

49. Craft beer is the kind of thing that makes you feel better about what a loser you are.

50. If you like craft beer and you’re not drinking my favourite brand, then you’re doing it wrong.

Quotes About Craft Beer

“So many people have a great love for craft beer, and I am one of them. It’s one of my favourite things in this world, and I feel so fortunate that I share the same passion with many amazing people around the world.”

51. I couldn’t go a day without craft beer if my life depended on it.

52. Some days are just too good to drink anything else other than craft beer.

53. Craft beer, like life, is better with friends. So grab a few friends and brew up some fun together!

54. Craft beer is best for toasts, brewed to raise your spirits and brewed to raise hell.

55. Craft beer is a perfect alternative to the soft drinks and alcohol that we have come to expect when having a good time.

56. Like most people, we’re here for craft beer. But not like most people. We want to talk about craft beer with you.

57. I love craft beer. It’s so refreshing and tasty, and it goes down so easily!

58. You’re never too old for craft beer. You’re never too young for it either. All are welcome at the bar.

59. Craft beer is like sex: it’s fun, it’s different, and you want to have it with someone you love.

60. When you’ve had a bad day, pour yourself a craft beer and let those hops embrace you.

61. Beer enthusiasts love it more when they are offered craft beer.

62. Believe the guy who tells you that craft beer is better than wine.

63. Craft beer is the perfect drink for both saying and doing something crafty.

64. Craft beer lovers are passionate about their craft. They’re also passionate about sharing their love of craft beer with others. It makes them smile when people drink it with them.

65. Craft beer is the best kind of beer. You can pair it with anything, and you drink it with nothing but pride.

66. Craft beer is the best kind of beer. It’s fresh, flavoured, and most importantly, it doesn’t taste as if it came out of a can.

67. Craft beer is the most delicious kind of beer. It’s just not widely available.

68. The best kind of beer is the kind that makes you feel like you can do anything.

69. You could say I’m a bit of a craft beer junkie.

70. If you’re going to break the ice, do it with some craft beer.

71. Craft beer is for people who are willing to break the rules, like you.

72. Craft beer is superior. It’s made by people who care about the quality of ingredients and who go out of their way to create a unique, tasty and balanced product.

73. There’s a big difference between craft beer and craftiness. Craft beer is good, but craftiness is a whole different ball game.

74. When the only thing that can quench your thirst is craft beer.

75. The best kind of beer is the kind you make yourself. Craft beer it is.

76. The best kind of beer is the kind you are crazy about sharing. Craft beer it is.

77. Craft beer isn’t what you drink. It’s who you are.

78. Some beers taste better on a Monday. Others, not so much. But craft beer is good for every day.

79. Because craft beer is always better with friends, so gather round and raise your glass to the best kind of beer.

80. It’s hard to believe that craft beer took so long to find its way to my tongue.

81. I can’t think of a better way to spend your summer than with a fresh beer in hand.

82. Craft beer is the best kind of beer. It’s made with quality ingredients, it’s produced with passion, and it always delivers a great experience.

83. Craft beer is the best kind of beer. It’s like a secret handshake

84. Craft beer is the new wine. It’s not just for agriculture nerds but everyone who loves drinking good, quality beer.

85. I can’t explain it, but when I drink craft beer, I feel more excited.

86. You can’t find the perfect craft beer unless you’re willing to look everywhere.

87. Craft beer isn’t just good for your soul; it’s also good for your health.

88. I’m a beer nerd who loves craft beer, but I still want to drink what everyone drinks.

89. We may not be the best brewers, but we are definitely the most crafty.

90. We don’t just drink craft beer; we are craft beers in human form.

91. Craft beer is the best kind of beer because it makes you most excited about beer.

92. Craft beer is the best kind of beer because it’s crafted by people who love beer.

93. Craft beer has it all. To me, it’s the best kind of beer!

94. Craft beer is like a fine wine. It gets better with age.

95. Craft beer makes things happen. It tastes good. And it makes you feel good. So who needs anything else?

96. There are so many reasons why I can’t go a day without craft beer. It’s healthy, tastes good, quenches my thirst and cheers me up when I’m down.

97. I can’t go a day without craft beer. It’s like I’m a different person.

98. I can’t go a day without craft beer. It is my religion, my salvation, my solace and the only thing that keeps me happy.

99. When you’re not drinking beer, there’s no feeling like the one you get when you start.

100. A day without drinking craft beer is like a day without sunshine—it just doesn’t happen.

101. I didn’t realize how much I missed craft beer until I started drinking it again.

102. I love craft beer because it takes me back to my childhood. It is the perfect complement to all of life’s activities.

103. I’ve been looking at my fridge lately, and I honestly can’t remember the last time I went a day without craft beer. What’s your excuse?

104. No one’s ever said that craft beer is easy to make. But it is incredibly rewarding.

105. It’s a weekday, but there’s nothing like a cold craft beer to ease the pain of being stuck at work.

106. Good things happen when you have a craft beer in hand.

107. I can’t go a day without craft beer. It’s like my happy place.

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