Tuesday Beer Quotes

Tuesday Beer Quotes

Tuesday is the second day of the workweek, which is probably why it’s so often associated with drinking. The reason for drinking on a Tuesday is the same as the reason for drinking on any other day.

Drinking on a Tuesday is not the same as drinking on a weekend. It’s quiet and lonely, but a blessing in disguise. The world is not moving as fast as it does on the weekends, so you’re able to think more clearly and do more meaningful things.

Loving the way beer tastes and the way it makes you feel is one thing, and loving a beer quote is something else. Beer quotes come in handy when you need something to post on your social media about beer or something to share with your beer-drinking buddies or when you want to make an inscription on a shirt or mug you love.

Now, let’s swipe up and take a dive into this world of creative, cute, funny and interesting Tuesday beer quotes.

Tuesday Beer Quotes

I love Tuesdays because this is when I open up bottles of beer, find myself in a conversation with strangers and don’t feel like I have to get up from my chair. The world would be a sweeter place if every day was a Tuesday.

1. Tuesday is the best day for beer because no one has the time to share a beer on a Monday.

2. Oh, Tuesdays. They’re a special kind of bad for my liver, and they are so much fun because I have beer-loving friends.

3. Tuesday is officially here. Thanks to all of our brewers for making it a good one. Cheers!

4. Tuesday is the best day for some beer. Ever wake up after a long Monday and think about what you want to do that day, then you realize that you don’t need to do anything except drink a beer?

5. No one can take your beer away from you, just like no one can take your Tuesday night away from you.

6. Tuesday is here again. Let’s have a drink and celebrate. Tomorrow is another day.

7. Happy Tuesday, beer lovers. It’s the best day of the week to enjoy a cold one. Cheers!

8. There is a certain ambience on Tuesdays. It feels like it should be called the beer ambience.

9. We can’t wait to get our hands on that Tuesday beer again.

10. Tuesday is the best day to drink beer. That’s why it’s called Tuesday.

11. This Tuesday is a good day to catch up on your reading. And don’t forget to have some beer.

12. Some of us are so amazing that we have a beer we like to drink on Tuesday.

13. Tuesday is the best day for beer, but it’s also the worst day for your liver.

14. Monday is the day to try a new beer. Tuesday is the day to decide if you’ll stick with it or go back to your old favourite.

15. Tuesday is a day for beer and BBQ. And I have no excuse to not do both.

16. It’s Tuesday. Grab some beer. Wednesday is coming, and it might be hard to go drinking.

17. Tuesday is the day that beer tastes best. And if you are looking for a good one to start the week with, head to my fridge and grab my favourite.

18. On Monday, we go to work. Then we’re chilling with the boys at the local brewery on Tuesday.

19. Hey Tuesday, what are we doing? Drinking some beer and watching football?

20. Tuesday nights with beer always go well unless you’re trying to do some work before you go to bed.

21. Tuesdays are made for beer. Let’s drink beer and make memes about it.

22. Tuesday would be a lot more fun if everyone saw it as beer day.

23. Tuesdays are good days to rest. But they are even better days to try a new beer.

24. It’s a Tuesday, everyone, and beer is still your best friend.

25. If you’re going to drink on Tuesday, do it right. Start with a beer and end with another one.

26. Tuesday is the best day for beer, but Wednesday isn’t a worse day for it.

27. Tuesdays are so much better when they’re spent with friends and beer.

28. Tuesday is the best day for some beer. Don’t go home if you aren’t carrying a cold beer with you.

29. If you’re not wearing a beer hat on Tuesdays, you’re missing out.

30. Tuesday is the day that beer and I are always good together.

31. Tuesday is not only my favourite day of the week. It’s also the best day of the week for beer.

32. Tuesday is the perfect day to get together with your friends and celebrate the start of a new week! Beer will help you do just that.

33. Tuesday is the best day for some beer. It’s still a new week, and there’s no better time to put a mug to your lips.

34. Tuesday would be better with a beer in your hand and a dog by your side.

35. It’s Tuesday. Apart from beer, what are you thankful for?

36. Tuesday’s the best day of the week. Do all that’s on your to-do list while drinking some beer.

37. If you’re not drinking beer on Tuesday, then you don’t have a Tuesday.

38. If you’re not drinking beer on Tuesday, book a session with a doctor because something is wrong.

39. Drinking beer on Tuesday is the best way to prepare for the rest of your week.

40. Drinking beer on a Tuesday is like adding peanut butter to chocolate. And you know that combination is so good.

41. Tuesday is the new Friday, and that means it’s time to kick back with some beer.

42. Tuesday should be about getting wasted with friends. A day off from work, a little bit of relaxation and some beer.

43. Do you think there is more to Tuesday than drinking some beer and watching football? You are wrong.

44. I think I’ll take a beer to work tomorrow because Tuesday goes great with work and beer.

45. If you drink beer on Tuesday night and you don’t have your friends around, you’re not doing it right.

46. When it’s Tuesday, it’s always a good time to drink some beer.

47. When it comes to Tuesday, we don’t just want to drink beer. We want to be drinking beer.

48. Tomorrow is Tuesday, the day when beer is the answer to every question.

49. Yes, it’s Tuesday, but we promise you’ll feel better after a drink or two.

50. Tuesday is the perfect day to drink some beer. It’s a big day that deserves a little celebration.

51. Tuesday’s a great day to drink some beer. If you don’t know, you just got schooled.

52. Something about beer on Tuesday mornings and evenings just feels right.

53. Tuesday is my favourite day of the week. Beer and my friends are present, and that’s happiness!

54. Tuesday is a great day for some beer. It’s the second day of the week and your last chance to start the week right with some beer.

And you, my friend, just read through the most creative and interesting quotes about Tuesdays and beer. I know you loved these quotes, and if today is a Tuesday, I hope it’s going great for you!

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