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Short Engraving Quotes for Myself

It is typical to see people limitlessly extend grace, kindness and patience to others. But the story changes when we’re the ones making the mistakes, losing out on opportunities, or can’t seem to figure out our next steps in life.
In our minds, we suddenly stop being humans in need of grace and will judge ourselves faster than it takes to say a word.

For us, perfection should come easy, and we should know better and act accordingly! However, part of maturing is realizing and accepting the frailty of our humanity. It is striving to be gracious and better while we pick up lessons on our journeys and hope for the best.

No one was born with an innate manual for navigating life or seeing the future. So, it’ll require trials, active participation, optimism, and patience to figure out our unique paths.

It is why these short engraving quotes for myself were specially curated – because engraved words are easier for the owner to remember. The quotes below offer relatability, comfort and strength so that the journey ahead isn’t bleak.


Short Engraving Quotes for Myself

It was hard for me, but I turned the lemons life served me into lemonade and stepping stones to greatness. That’s what I will keep doing instead of sulking over things that are irreparable. Life is too beautiful not to give myself some credit at times.

1. The world can’t see it now, but my manifestation will be huge, beautiful, and inspirational.

2. Henceforth, I’ll also give myself all the love and chances I’ve been giving to others.

3. I’ve come farther than I thought possible, and there are still mind-blowing things ahead.

4. I don’t always believe in you, but you’re the most beautiful and talented person.

5. When the odds were impossible, my strength and perseverance paved the way.

6. To avoid regrets, seize every moment of your day, pursuing whatever dream comes to mind.

7. Remember to choose your happiness in every situation because you’re worth first place.

8. My life will be fruitful because I’ll willingly put in the necessary work and commitment.

9. No one knows what it means to walk in your shoes, so you’ll block out the external noise and live!

10. Cheers to loving myself in big and small actions because I’m worth it.

11. Before anything and anyone else, never forget that you’re in your safe place.

12. While I wait for other miracles, I’ll treat each day like the big miracle it is.

13. I promise to patiently love, learn, care and be kind to myself in all dealings.

14. I’ll love myself first because it’s how people will see to give me the respect I deserve.

15. Despite past mistakes, you’re not in second place, and your daily existence is worth celebrating.

16. Normalcy gets no one nowhere; the pleasures of life will only go to the bold.

17. Those who love themselves first will see everything else falling in place for them.

18. You’re the pilot of your life and can steer the flight in any direction.

19. Life may throw challenges and give me reasons to pause, but it will never drown my voice.

20. It’s okay not to fit in – the world’s wonders are by people crazy enough to think differently.

21. My words to myself will be kind and patient because it is the secret to wholeness.

22. All the love and strength you need to thrive in life are already within.

23. Impossibilities are impossible for people with dreams that pursue them persistently.

24. I’ll work hard so my life will be beautiful and not one I wish to escape from.

25. Be bold because you owe yourself to be successful and comfortable.

26. If you live life fully and are actively present, your future self will thankfully have no regrets.

27. I’m the best, and I’ve been endowed with unique gifts to take on the world.

28. The rain will come, but the sun will shine for those who persist with optimism.

29. I may come from nothing, but my life will be beautiful and famous.

30. The only challenge to focus on is becoming a better version of myself than yesterday.

31. I won’t always have my life and next steps figured out every day, and that’s okay.

32. The people that’ll go far in life are those not looking to prove anything to the world.

33. Are you comfortable with the quality of your life?’ That’s the only question that matters.

34. Don’t pay naysayers any attention – they don’t even have a place on the ladder!

35. Variety is the spice of life, so it’s okay if I see life differently than others.

36. Surround yourself with greatness, and you’ll see yourself become one in no time.

37. The most fulfilling and beautiful kind of love is self-love which starts now.

38. When you treat yourself importantly, it’ll rub off on how others treat you.

39. My life may be a mix of different colours, but it is the most beautiful one I know.

40. Only my persistence is strong enough to determine what’ll be final in my life.

41. My abilities are greater than what’s happened in the past and will happen in the future.

42. Be willing to show yourself all the love you wished for but never received.

43. Believing in yourself when no one else will makes you a winner.

44. Stay true to your core because authenticity never goes out of fashion.

45. I am worthy enough to live my life as I please and set the rules as I want.

46. I may need people to go through life, but I promise to always put myself first.

47. You need to forgive your past to be able to move on and write something beautiful.

48. Keep your focus – you can only attract the things you’re busy chasing.

49. When I’m not busy being myself, I promise to be busy being myself.

50. Especially when life becomes difficult, I’ll practice kindness and patience with myself.

51. At the end of the day, you’re all you’ve got – so, fall in love with yourself daily.

52. It’s okay to take as much time as you need to heal and put the past behind you.

53. How to practice self-love is to start small and scale the act with the long-term in mind.

54. I’ll embrace the past because it’s shaped me into who I am and what I need for the future.

55. I have the right to the same amount of grace I readily give to other people.

56. I’ll fully own my story because it takes strength, kindness and acceptance.

57. The grass will be greener for those consistently watering it on their side.

58. Whenever I feel lonely, it should remind me to fall in love with myself again.

59. Sometimes, being alone is alright – it doesn’t mean my life is a mess.

60. The lifelong romance I desire begins with me first before with other people.

61. Mistakes are part of life. Patience and self-forgiveness are also part of life.

62. Even with my mistakes, I’ll hold my head high and move with grace and kindness.

63. Some of the most inspiring people in this world also came from nothing.

64. Your primary goal in life is working hard to discover the things you love and enjoy.

65. If I don’t love myself first, I’ll never understand what it means to love others.

66. First, create a miracle in your thoughts, and the rest will easily follow.

67. When one door closes, others will open because I’ll persevere.

68. If loving myself is vanity, I’ll indulge in it until I’m high and strung on it.

69. In a world with different trends, true beauty belongs to those that dare to be themselves.

70. Taking long pauses to heal is mandatory for growth and wholeness.

71. Life’s complexities will come, but nothing will ever be strong enough to move me.

72. To be enough is to act like it in simple and consistent steps.

73. Live every day like your life is a miracle because none other will ever come close.

74. Nothing external has any power over you that you don’t allow.

75. Breath; remember that yours is the only opinion that should matter.

76. If my mind sees it, and my will allows it, anything is attainable in life.

77. My hands aren’t just for the simple – they’re for complicated acts that’ll bring me comfort.

78. To get ahead in life, I must compel myself to start now and stay consistent.

79. If I learn not to give up, it’s certain that I’ll be victorious and attain all my dreams in life.

80. The man that has won it all is the one that takes the time to know himself.

81. If it brings me happiness and fulfilment, I’ll make the space to accommodate it.

82. If nothing in life is guaranteed, I’m certain I have myself and my unique talents.

83. In many ways, our perfection is in the consistent acts of our imperfections.

84. Self-growth may be painful, but it is the greatest investment anyone can make.

85. My body does the most for me every time, so I’ll do the most for it daily.

86. Look around at those close to you to see what you’ll become in a few years.

87. When you’re in a phase of doubt, pause and indulge in self-care.

88. The first mountains I must cross are my fears, doubts, and inability to dream big.

89. The most important caretaker is me; the primary property is myself.

90. It is always hard to defeat a man with mental strength and conviction.

91. When you build yourself up to be strong, it’ll take more than a few life’s challenges to move you.

92. Pity will win me no long-term benefits; hard work and patience will give me everything I want.

93. To willingly serve others is the most fulfilling thing to do.

94. When needed, I will crawl, squat, walk, run or fly to find my happiness.

95. Life can try to throw you down, but make sure you’re always the hero of your story.

96. My positive or negative outlook will determine the quality of my life.

97. When I win, I’ll celebrate. When I lose, I’ll pick the lessons and celebrate.

98. The important timeline to focus on is one where I’m comfortable and happy on my journey.

99. On the journey to success, there are no substitutes for hard work and optimism.

100. If I love myself as much as I claim, I’ll stay away from uncomfortable people and situations.

Hopefully, you’ve found the perfect words of motivation and comfort to engrave with our short engraving quotes for myself. Thank you for reading, and do check out other interesting titles on our site too.

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