Wednesday Beer Quotes

Wednesday Beer Quotes

Many people of different ages, races and genders love beer. If you’re a beer lover, your love is shared by millions. People drink beer every day some as a way to take their minds off things, others as a way to just chill and some to couple it with other activities.

For some people, Wednesday is sometimes the hardest day of the week and they tend to believe that taking beer will ease off their stress and make the remaining days of the week better. There’s nothing wrong with drinking on a Wednesday, as long as you’re doing it responsibly and safely.

But is there anything special about having or buying a beer on a Wednesday? Does beer have any special connection with the middle day of the work week, either for individuals or for the millions of beer lovers around the world?

Dive into this collection of interesting, cute and funny quotes about beers and Wednesdays and find quotes from different points of view, different angles and different opinions.

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Wednesday Beer Quotes

“I can’t go through a Wednesday without beer. I am quite famous for having a cold one in the morning, another during lunch, another after work and another, of course, before bed. Wednesday and beer are a pair blessed in heaven.”

1. Happy Wednesday. Guess what’s better than a beer? Beer with me and all the people that make you laugh!

2. It’s Wednesday. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do. And don’t drink if you’re not drinking with me!

3. When you have time to think with beer on your mind, Wednesday is the best day of the week.

4. I’m so excited to have some cold beer on Wednesday. This week’s been so long, and I’m going to need it.

5. Wednesday is the best day for a beer. It’s also my favourite day of the week!

6. I love to drink beer on Wednesdays, not because I’m an alcoholic or anything, but because I work from home, and there’s no better way to get through the day than a nice cold one.

7. Wednesday has only 24 hours, and that time is too short to drink beer that isn’t ice cold.

8. Now that I’ve got my Wednesday plans set, it’s time to find out where the nearest beer pub is. Cheers!

9. No matter how hard you try, life will never be as sweet as a cold beer on Wednesday morning.

10. I can’t wait to look back at my Wednesday and count how many bottles of beer I had.

11. Waking up early Wednesday mornings, looking forward to a cold beer.

12. Wednesday is here, and it’s bringing a lot of beer with it. Be ready to drink.

13. Nothing says self-love like a pint on the couch with you on a Wednesday morning.

14. It’s not about how many beers you had on Tuesday night but how much you crave beer on Wednesday morning.

15. I don’t care what you are doing on Wednesday. I just want to know which beer you’ll be drinking.

16. Wednesday is the day you look forward to all week because every second in it is time for a beer.

17. It’s Wednesday, which means it’s time to crack one beer open and enjoy a moment of quiet reflection.

18. We may be a country divided, but we all agree on one thing—nothing is sweeter than an icy cold, refreshing beer on Wednesday.

19. Which days are for taking off your shirt and drinking some beer? Wednesday.

20. I’m looking forward to Wednesday when I can have more beer than I had last Wednesday.

21. Wednesday is the worst day of the week because you realize that there’s no way you’ll make it to Thursday without a beer in your hand.

22. It’s Wednesday, which means it’s time to work out and then go grab a beer.

23. Q: What’s the best thing to do on a Wednesday? A: Drink beer. Anything else is just like the icing on a cake.

24. Whenever it hits you that it’s a Wednesday, drink a beer.

25. Nobody said Wednesday would be easy. We only said it was a good day to drink beer.

26. Drinking a beer on Wednesday makes me feel like the Earth is my footstool.

27. I’m drinking water from a flask this beautiful Wednesday, and I know my boss thinks it’s beer.

28. This week, we’re saying cheers to a Wednesday filled with beer.

29. Monday is the worst. We’re looking forward to some beer on Wednesday.

30. Every Wednesday, we drink to the fact that it’s not Thursday yet.

31. Don’t be afraid to take more beer than you had yesterday. It’s Wednesday, after all.

32. I look forward to Wednesday. It’s when I can get back to chilling with my whiskey and beer.

33. Wednesday is the best day for beer because it’s the second-best day of the week.

34. I love to drink beer on Wednesdays. I don’t know why, but I do.

35. I love Wednesdays because I get to drink more beer than I had on Monday or Tuesday.

36. There’s something about a good beer on a Wednesday that makes me feel like the world is right.

37. Tuesdays are for crying and drinking soda. Are you wondering which day is beer day? Wednesdays!

38. There are three things you should never do on a Wednesday — watch football, drink beer, and drive.

39. The best part about Wednesdays is you know what to expect — beer — and I love it.

40. We’re looking forward to a fun adult night this Wednesday because Wednesday is beer day.

41. Wednesdays are for beer. And tacos. And Netflix—if there’s Wi-Fi.

42. If Wednesday’s not good for beer, try Thursday. Or Friday. Or Saturday. Or Sunday!

43. I love drinking beer on Wednesdays. It makes me feel like I’m the hero of my own life.

44. Beer Wednesdays are so great! They’re like my happy place.

45. Wednesday is my favourite day of the week. It’s spent drinking beer, playing video games and watching Netflix.

46. I love this Wednesday. I’m taking a break from work, and I’m drinking a beer or two.

47. Wednesdays are for beer. And pizza. And cheese balls. And wine. And one or two more things you like. And good times.

48. Wednesday’s the day I love to play Beer Pong, but Thursday’s when I’m all about a good craft beer.

49. If you are going to be in a pub on a Wednesday, I don’t think you can go wrong with a pint of my favourite beer.

50. Tuesdays are for catching up on work. Wednesdays are for having a beer or two. The rest of the week is reserved for you to become the best version of yourself.

51. It’s Wednesday, the only day of the week that can be kept aside for beer.

52. Wednesday without beer is like a Monday without tacos or Tuesdays without walks.

53. It’s a Wednesday, but still, I gotta have my beer. Wake up, fridge and all the beer in it.

54. Wednesday is not a good day until you’ve had a beer.

So, yeah, the best Wednesday beer quotes on the internet cover beer and the mid-workday of the week — Wednesday! I’m sure you read all and loved all these quotes.

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