Weekend Baking Quotes

Weekend Baking Quotes

Monday, Friday and every day in between have come and gone, and now the weekend is here. What will you spend it doing?

Some believe that the best thing to do on the weekends is baking, and nothing stops you from being one of them. I dare say that nothing beats the sight and smell of freshly baked desserts on the weekends.

Today, I present to you quotes about weekend baking. I’m sure I covered any idea you can think of for a quote on weekend baking, so I’m sure there’s something for you, no matter what you have in mind. These quotes are ideal for sending to friends, posting on social media, inscribing on a shirt or a baking tool, and for many other purposes.

Weekend Baking Quotes

Weekend Baking is a celebration of the simple pleasures in life. There’s nothing better than waking up to fresh bread, cookies, and muffins from your kitchen. Baking is an enjoyable, relaxing weekend activity that makes your house smell amazing.

1. Don’t let the weekend pass without baking something. Everyone knows it feels better to bake than to mow.

2. Come on! Don’t let the weekend pass without baking some delicious treats for the people you love most. Today, try a new recipe, or get inspired and make your own!

3. Don’t let the weekend pass without baking all the spiced cakes and muffins you talked about during the week.

4. Just because the weekend is almost over doesn’t mean you can’t bake. Every weekend should have baking plans in it.

5. Resist the urge to sleep when you should be baking this weekend. Put some creativity in the kitchen. Bake!

6. Weekends are for baking. I have the best recipes for when you’re craving something a little sweet and want to impress your friends.

7. Bake up a storm this weekend with all the quick, easy, and super yummy recipes you can find.

8. Saturdays are for cakes, dear gentleman. Put down the remote and get in the kitchen.

9. This weekend, throw on one of these cosy sweatshirts, download your favourite Netflix show, and start baking something sweet for dessert.

10. Don’t even let the weekend pass without baking a scrumptious pastry. It’s a huge crime.

11. The weekend is almost here. I don’t want it to pass without baking a sweet treat!

12. The weekend is almost here—what are you waiting for? Get your bake on.

13. It’s always a good time to bake something. It may take a long time, but it’s fun, and you’ll feel happy when it’s finished.

14. If you want your weekend to be complete, make sure you bake something sweet. This is undebatable.

15. Wake up. Bake something. Eat it. Go to bed. Repeat. That’s how you make the weekend better than ever!

16. There’s something so satisfying about a crisp cookie right out of the oven. There’s no time like the weekend to bake up a batch for yourself.

17. God created Saturdays and Sundays, not for rest but because a home-baked treat is always preferable to any grocery store pastry.

18. Come on Friday and get enough rest because it’s a baking marathon kind of weekend.

19. Baking is one of the easiest and funniest ways to relax, especially on weekends, when you have time to enjoy it.

20. There’s nothing better than the weekend ritual of baking an addiction from scratch.

21. Fridays are made for baking, and Saturdays are made for eating what you baked. Sundays must be for cleaning up and baking some more for the week ahead.

22. It’s the weekend. Time to put on your apron, bake some treats, eat them, and repeat.

23. If you love baking as much as I do, then there’s always a new recipe on the internet for you to try out on the weekend.

24. Don’t let the clock take the weekend away. It’s better to bake it away.

25. You deserve sweetness. And it’s Saturday. And you love to bake. And weekend baking is the best kind of baking.

26. A weekend without baking is a weekend without flavour. Bake, baby, bake!

27. Some weekends, it just feels right to spend hours getting lost in the kitchen, baking and cooking your stress away.

28. There’s nothing quite as rewarding as taking a few hours to bake something that makes your house smell amazing and have people ask you for extra servings. Do that this weekend.

29. There’s nothing more satisfying on the weekend than a freshly baked loaf of bread, a warm apple pie, or a chocolate chip cookie fresh out of the oven.

30. Bake these cookies this weekend, and you will see that the world is a brighter place when you bake.

31. It’s the weekend! Time to turn on some tunes, bust out your funny-looking baking apron and get down in the kitchen.

32. Baking is a way to create something beautiful, nourishing and warm. Plus it’s always more fun with friends on the weekend.

33. There’s nothing like warm, homemade loaves of bread to make your house smell amazing. It’s the weekend and time to make your oven feel useful again.

34. There’s no need for an excuse to bake, but if you do need one, it’s because you have a tongue and teeth.

35. It’s the weekend, the perfect time for cake—and all of its cousins, including cookies and bars.

36. We need cookies, and we need them this weekend. Fresh out of the oven and in our mouths.

37. You must bake this weekend and all weekend long, and next weekend, and every weekend where the sun rises.

38. You don’t have to be an angel to make delicious pastries. Follow your heart and let your creativity shine as you bake this weekend.

39. We’ve done our research, and there are zero reasons not to pop a batch of these out of the oven on your weekend.

40. It’s the weekend already, and there are many books to read, many shows to attend and many cupcakes to bake.

41. Weekends are too short, so bake now. Monday comes faster than you’d expect.

42. Baking is best enjoyed with friends, as you help and laugh together. This weekend, stay in and bake!

43. If weekends are not two days to bake and eat half of what you baked, I don’t know what they are.

44. Baking is a therapy for me. I love making special recipes for my hubby and friends, and I look forward to doing it this weekend.

45. If you’ll turn up the music and bake something delicious this weekend, then you’re spending it right.

46. You’re never too old to spend your weekend baking cookies or eating them. So grab your apron and see what you can create.

47. Baking is the perfect weekend activity to promote an intimate, relaxed atmosphere at home. Try different recipes at home with your family!

48. Get your weekend started right: call your friends, text your family, ask them to come over, and bake!

49. The weekends are for enjoying your favourite people, places and activities. And baking.

50. There’s nothing like baking a cake on a Saturday afternoon and another on Sunday afternoon because you finished the first cake.

51. Weekends are made for baking what you’ll hold in your hand for your mouth when you’re on Netflix.

52. A warm and happy weekend is possible if you’ll have family around and spend it baking.

53. Bake a batch of simple and delicious chocolate chip cookies. They’ll make you feel like you’re enjoying your weekend on a relaxing beach vacation, even if you’re in your cubicle.

54. Bake with your friends this weekend and with your family too, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

55. You don’t need a reason to make the people you love happy this weekend. You just need baking supplies.

56. Baking is the perfect weekend DIY activity. Eating home-baked cakes is not the only fun part of the weekend. Baking is too.

57. One of the greatest things about the weekend is having time to bake and eat what you baked without a hurry and comfortably.

58. A weekend you won’t regret is that one you spend baking and eating cookies.

59. You want your kids to spend the weekend in your house? Tell them you’re baking.

60. It’s Friday. That means it’s time to start weekend baking. And by Sunday, you’ll have a full belly and a feeling of accomplishment. Sounds like a great plan, right?

61. Why watch other people bake on Facebook when you could be getting your hands dirty this weekend?

62. Baking is a creative, fun way to spend time with loved ones and one of the only reasons you will get help in the kitchen this weekend.

63. Don’t bake this weekend if you’re doing it because you have to. Do it because you want to. That’s how you have a beautiful weekend!

64. What says “I love you” like a homemade treat from the oven? Nothing at all. So show your family and friends some love this weekend.

65. Nothing says Friday like cookies in the oven. Don’t let this weekend go by without baking something delicious. Your friends and family will thank you for it.

66. Your weekend plans are beautiful if you’re going to spend the whole day baking and chilling with friends.

67. Procrastination is the thief of time. So don’t wait until you’ve got everything figured out or until next weekend to start baking.

68. Bake sweet treats this weekend and share them, and you’ll be the most popular person in your neighbourhood.

69. Don’t let the weekend pass without baking something from your new cookbook and sharing it with family and friends.

70. The weekend will pass by fast. Make it worth it by baking something with your friends and family. Just do it.

71. Give your family a reason to look forward to the weekend: new and improved dessert recipes that you’ll bake when they come around.

72. If you don’t have a craving for cake, keep scrolling. But if you do, you probably need a new recipe for this weekend.

73. Don’t let the weekend pass without spending almost all of it in the kitchen.

74. Don’t make plans for the weekend. Make cupcakes instead.

75. Step away from the office and fire up your oven. There’s nothing quite like the smell of freshly baked bread, just in time for Saturday’s breakfast.

76. Not planning on baking this weekend? Don’t even think about it.

77. That was a good week. Let’s fill the weekend with activities like baking, eating what we bake and baking some more.

78. Bake a cake. I don’t care if it’s your birthday or not. If you need reasons to bake, you should always have those reasons.

79. Get ready for the best weekend of the year. It all starts with a cake and everything an oven can prepare.

80. It’s Friday. You’ve gone through the week and earned the right to bake until you can bake no more. Start by baking something you haven’t had in a while.

81. You don’t know what you’re missing out on. Try spending your weekend with desserts fresh out of the oven.

82. Cookies are proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy. Spend this weekend baking these proof of God’s love.

83. Life is short, so why not make it sweet? The weekends are shorter, so why not make them sweeter with home-baked desserts.

84. I can never get enough of these warm and comforting breakfasts I have on weekends. Weekends are for baking, and no one can tell me otherwise.

85. This weekend, I’m planning on baking two dozen of these brownies. And you should too.

86. When you want to relax, bake. When you want to show people you love them, bake. When it’s the weekend, bake.

87. The weekend is here, and baking is number one among the things that must happen in my house. Breathing is number two.

88. Bake up a storm this weekend. Everyone deserves a homemade treat now and then.

89. It’s the weekend when anything is possible—like spending a lazy afternoon making homemade treats with your family.

90. I’m always up for a baking challenge on the weekend, and this weekend I must make every dessert I had during the week. Some are, in my head, surprisingly easy.

91. Life is better when there are pie crumbles on your face. The weekend is better when you smell like a baker.

92. You’re alive, and that is why you need to pick up your baking sheets and get in the kitchen this weekend.

93. It’s a good weekend for baking. And I’m not the guy who wonders what makes it a good baking weekend. I’m the guy who just bakes.

94. It’s always the perfect weekend for grabbing your apron and rolling up your sleeves. Baking is fun, and the weekend gives enough time for it.

95. Give in to your baking cravings this weekend. It will be great if you have your family and friends share them with you, though. We’ve got a thousand reasons why you must bake every weekend.

96. Surprise your friends and family with homemade treats that are packed with flavour and won’t break the bank. This weekend? Yes.

97. No word—only cake. Bake a cake this weekend, and plan to do it every weekend in front of you.

98. The hot weekend doesn’t discourage me from baking. It inspires me to join in on the fun!

99. Bake this weekend because you won’t regret a homemade cake.

100. Do you need a reason to bake this weekend? Well, I’ll give you as many as the days in the year.

I know you love this collection of quotes on and around weekend baking. I know you’ll be glad you used them. Feel free to scream thank you from wherever you are. I’ll hear you.

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