2023 Best Weekend Messages for WhatsApp

The weekend you so much looked forward to is finally yours! It’s time to relax, have fun and get refreshed for the coming week.

I can imagine how long and stressful the week must have been for you. Thank God the workful and thick Monday to Friday have come and gone. It’s time to have some rest!

To make you have a fun and stress-free weekend, these 2023 weekend messages have been composed for you, your family and your friends. Do share with them on WhatsApp. Have a beautiful weekend!

Lovely Weekend Text Messages for WhatsApp

Sweetest Weekend Sms and Status for Whatsapp.

1. The week came along with its ups and downs, but all that is gone now, its time to have some rest, happy weekend dear!

2. Its time to drop the books and lace the boots, its another weekend of fun!. Happy weekend love!

3. Of all the things I wish you this weekend is a time so refreshing to forget all about the stress of the week. Happy weekend lovely!

4. Hey dad, I hope your weekend will be as refreshing as the dawning of the new day, have a fun filled weekend dad!

5. I have seen you hustle and bustle throughout the week and I know you deserve some time to refreshen yourself. Have a happy weekend love!

6. You’ve all been looking forward to the end of the week since the beginning of it, hope the weekend go as you’ve all planned. Happy weekend colleagues!

7. Make use of every moment, enjoy every bit of the fun the weekend brings!. Happy weekend dear!

8. You’re a hard worker, committed and zealous, you deserve this resting period. Happy weekend colleague!

9. Hey love, all things are set to make sure you have an amazing weekend. Enjoy every bit of it!. Happy weekend!

10. I do not want to sweet talk you, but I’ve seen you work and I know you deserve some time of rest, mum!. You have all the time to yourself now, have a loving and peaceful weekend ahead!

11. The week has been a long one and you deserve all of the soothings that comes along with the weekend. Wish you a pleasant weekend ahead!

12. You’re a colleague with a difference, always holding your head up to ensure smooth work conditions. You deserve this long weekend, enjoy!

13. Hey mum, you deserve all the sweetness this weekend brings, take a chill pill and enjoy every bit of the weekend. Happy weekend!

14. Stay agile, keep fit, burn some fats and grab some fruits!. Enjoy all of the weekends!

15. Its been a week of too many hustles and bustles but the weekend is here to ease of all that, so enjoy the tranquility!. Happy weekend dear!

16. Finally, you’ve got some time to rest dad, to me it’s short, but you can still enjoy it. Happy weekend dad!

17. Now, I can get to see my neighbor in the morning and there can be some chit-chats in the evening. The weekend is here, so we should enjoy it!. Happy birthday, neighbor!

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18. Finally, the seemingly long week has come to an end, you deserve all of the rest you can get. Happy weekend hon.

19. Wishing you moments wrapped with so much fun and joy, you really deserve it!. Happy weekend mum.

20. I wish weekends could be longer so I can get to spend much time with the one I love, but the little time we have will be full of too many memories!. Happy weekend dearest!

21. The best days of the week are the ones I get to spend with you, they’re filled with sweetness and so much love. I’m looking forward to another weekend with you. Happy weekend dearest husband!

22. I just want this weekend to be special for you and that’s why I’m sending you this note. Happy weekend baby!

23. You’ve always been an amazing team mate, going the extra mile to put things on order, you deserve some time to rest!. Happy weekend dear!

24. The week was a long one but I had you by my side, sticking with me like veins, I appreciate all of you. Happy weekend to my support system!.

25. Weekends are for pleasant memories and sweet moments, I’m looking forward to another one with you!. Happy weekend love!

26. Hello dad, the week has been a long one and you deserve this time of refreshing. I just want to wish you a happy weekend!

27. The week wouldn’t have been awesome without you by my side and so I’m looking forward to lovely moments with you at the end of the week. Happy weekend to us!

28. Dad, the week has been a productive one with all of the words you share with me per day, I’ll hold on to them to sustain me this weekend too. Happy weekend dad!

29. Hey brother, I didn’t get to tell you how much you’ve motivated me over the week with your hardwork, you deserve some time of chill!. Happy weekend bro!

30. Just as the week days come with a lot of aspirations and zeal to get better, maximize your weekend to the fullest!. Happy weekend dear!

31. The week has been a hectic one but the success recorded was worth the whole stress. I just want to tell you guys to keep the great work up and never relent!. Happy weekend to the best team one could ever work with!

32. The weekend is here for you to re-strategize and re-energize yourself for the next week. I just want to wish you a happy weekend dear!

33. I wish that your weekend is filled with memories that’ll make the next week beautiful!. Have a pleasant weekend ahead dear!

34. Let the routine activities be on hold as we enjoy our free days, its weekend and we’re going to have the maximum fun. Happy weekend lovely!

35. I wish that your weekend is filled with all that you desire, love and joy unspeakable!. Have a great weekend ahead dear!

36. The days of the routine life had ended and its another weekend of much freedom!. Enjoy the weekend to the fullest!

37. It’s time you chill out and ease yourself of all the tension of the week. Have a fun-filled weekend bestie!

38. I can see all the excitement of the weekend in your smile, it’s going to be a pleasant one!. Happy weekend dear!

39. The week was a pleasant one with you waking up by my side, I know the weekend would be a better version of that!. Happy weekend love!

40. I wish the days of the weekends could be longer so that I can have longer times to spend with the love of my life. Happy weekend baby!

41. The days in which I’m delighted in are here, its the end of the week and we’ve got to spend some time chilling!. Happy weekend dear!

42. It is time to do away with the bustle and the hustles and enjoy the cool breeze of the lake and the joy that the evening brings. Happy weekend to you dear!

43. That time of the week is here, where we can enjoy the calmness of the morning, the fun of the noon time and the chit chats of the evening under the stars, twinkling! Its weekend again and I’m excited. Happy love!

44. The weekends are for enjoyment and a time of refreshing, I wish you a refreshed weekend friend!

45. Weekends with you are the best days I look forward to, I don’t know what I feel now, but I think I’m super excited spending another weekend with you!. Happy weekend bestie!

46. We all have waited patiently for this weekend, but I’ve waited for it more than anyone else because I’ll have someone special close by. Happy weekend my love!

47. The days of the week seem longer and I think it because I really wanted the weekend to come so soon because I miss seeing your face all through the day. Happy weekend love!

48. Hey babe, you’ve been a workaholic over the week so you deserve some time out, I’ll be your tour guide. It’ll be a weekend to remember!. Happy weekend babe!

49. I just want everything special this weekend, from the dishes to the activities and even the chores!. Its gonna be a mind-blowing weekend babe!

50. The weekend has a way of easing one of all the stress of the week, I hope the therapy works for you!. Happy weekend dear!

51. Dad, the week is gone with all its stress, now you have all the whole time to yourself to refresh!. Have a great weekend ahead!

52. I want to wish you a very special weekend mum, one filled with love and all the goodies you can ever think of!. Enjoy the weekend!

53. Put aside all thoughts about how the week hasn’t treated you well, now you have the weekend to make it up to yourself. Have a fun-filled weekend, sweet sister!

54. You rush out every morning and return late at night and there hasn’t been enough time during the week to tell you how much I love you, this note will do that. Let’s have a romantic weekend baby!

55. I’ve been waiting for this all week long, a time, just the two of us, talking over a glass of wine, you giggling and smiling beautifully, the weekend is here and we’re doing that!. Happy weekend love!

56. Its another weekend to bond and love, I’m so excited because it’s you and I together again!. Happy weekend sweety!

57. You deserve this long break sister, you’ve been an hard worker and I really want to see you in your ‘rest mode’. Happy weekend sis!

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58. I know you aren’t a fun person but I really would love you to loosen up and take some time out this weekend to enjoy yourself. Happy weekend dear!

59. I’ve been thinking of the special breakfast, the sleepy afternoon and the chilly evening because its weekend again!. Wishing you a happy weekend love!

60. It’s time to paint the town red on Friday, hangover, party and dance because the weekend is here. It is going to be a blast!. Enjoy the weekend dear!

61. I wish I could add some hours to the days so that you can have a longer weekend, but make fun with this that you have. Enjoy the weekend love!

62. The days of no work pressure is here, no ordering around by the boss and you can have all your time to yourself, I want to wish that you have fun on these days, buddy!. Happy weekend.

63. I want to specially wish you a happy weekend, wrapped with happiness and fun. Enjoy yourself to the fullest. Happy weekend love!

64. Weekend is a transition between one week and another and also a time to ease off all work stress, enjoy your weekend in love baby!

65. You’re permitted to act lazy these few days because they are off days for you, enjoy yourself and have all the fun you desire. Happy weekend dear!.

66. May this weekend be adventurous and filled with special moments!. You deserve it!. Happy weekend love!

67. Put that beautiful smile on and glow like the moon. Its weekend and you deserve some cheers!. Happy weekend dear!

68. I know you don’t agree with people ‘lazying’ around, but this is weekend, it’s not been lazy, its called been classy, loosen up and have some fun dad!. Happy weekend daddy!

69. Stay happy and keep smiling, weekend is here and you can have all the fun that you desire!. Happy weekend my dear!

70. There are no deadlines to meet and that’s what makes the weekend a beautiful one, enjoy your weekend at your own pace and have fun!. Happy weekend dearest friend!

71. You deserve all the rest that comes with the weekend, so enjoy yourself and lazy around as much as possible!. Have a pleasant weekend friend!

72. There’s nothing compared to have friends all around you to spend the weekend with, its another weekend and I’m expecting you around!. Happy weekend buddy!

73. The weekend is one beautiful part of life given to us all, let’s enjoy this part of life together!. Happy weekend dear!

74. I wish that these next few days bring out the glow on your face with a beautiful smile, enjoy the weekend love!

75. You know this feeling when you’re wrapping up the day’s work on Friday, hope you’re feeling the same. Want to wish you a happy weekend!

76. The week has been such a stressful one but the weekend is here with its magic to erase those memories!. Have a lovely weekend dear!

77. Hope to see you on Monday with all the lists of the fun you had over the weekend with a massive love on your face and a big grin to make your smile beautiful. Have a lovely weekend dear friend!

78. I hope you’ll have an enjoyable weekend team!. Happy weekend to the best team ever!

79. Weekends are for you and your loved ones, make sure you have some fun with them, they deserve it. Happy weekend folks!

80. I am waiting patiently to have you by my side all day without the distraction from work!. Happy weekend love!

81. Have a beautiful weekend my darling wife. You deserve the best weekend ever.

82. Enjoy a relieving weekend my dear sister. You’re loved…

83. Weekends are for hanging out and having fun. Let’s catch for together my love.

84. It’s another weekend and the time to make merry. Let’s enjoy it while it lasts.

85. A beautiful weekend it is.
I wish you the best of it, darling.

86. Let’s hang out this weekend baby! Shall we?

87. I’m so tired of work and the thought of it aches my head. It’s weekend so let’s enjoy it to the fullest!

88. Happy weekend my best!

89. The weekend is going to be a short one but I’m ready to make it the best. Let’s do this together, friend.

90. Happy weekend. Please do have fun before work starts again.

91. It’s a beautiful weekend. Have all the rest in the world baby. You deserve it!

92. Can we hang out this weekend? We really have to. Love you, dear.

93. This week was a beautiful one. Hope the coming one will be great too. Happy weekend.

94. The week has ended already. Please have fun and get refreshed for the coming week.

95. Have a blissful weekend dad!

96. Weekends are times to forget about work and everything around it. Do enjoy your weekend my dear.

97. Happy weekend bro!

98. Enjoy the best of the weekend my girl. Have fun.

99. Enjoy your weekend to the fullest darling. Don’t dull!

100. Happy weekend bro. Wish you a much better week ahead.

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