Welcome Home Marine Quotes

Someone you know, close or not has served your country as any loyal soldier would, and now it’s time to come home and rest. They have done the hard part by putting their life on the line for everyone’s safety; now all that’s left for them is to go home and reunite with their families and friends.

As they’re away from home, you (the friends and family) want to support them and make them feel good after the tough times they’ve been through by being away for so long. One of the easiest and most memorable ways to show appreciation is with thoughtful welcome home marine quotes.

Sometimes it can be hard to express how you feel when your loved one comes back from deployment. You might not know exactly what to say, or you could be so excited that they are home that you don’t know what to do. The quotes below will help convey your feelings as you welcome a marine close to you, home.

Welcome Home Marine Quotes

You’ve been through hell, and you’re still standing. Now we know for sure that nothing’s going to break you. You’re untouchable and unstoppable, just like a 9Gm Superfortress, the most powerful aeroplane ever built. We’re proud of every single one of you. Welcome home dear marine.

1. Welcome home marine. We missed you while you were gone. And so did everyone.

2. Welcome home, our dear marine dad! We are so excited to have you back with us here at home. We know that it was hard being away from us. We love you and want you to know that your sacrifice is not in vain.

3. You can smell the fires burning, hear the engines roar, and taste the freedom on your tongue. Welcome home, my marine husband.

4. Welcome home marine, we missed you, your family, friends, and all of your brothers and sisters in arms.

5. Welcome home, and thanks for your service, dear marine.

6. Our troops are coming home, and I couldn’t be more proud of the sacrifice that each of them has made. Thank you for your service.

7. Welcome home our very own marine; you’re never really gone as long as you’re in our hearts.

8. Welcome home marine. Home is where the heart is ~ and we are so proud to be home.

9. Home is where the heart is, which makes navy boot camp so difficult to complete. But once you get through it, nothing can stop you from coming home to your loved ones.

10. Welcome home, we need to say “thank you” to those who defend our nation more. Thank you and welcome home.

11. Welcome home marine. It’s the little things that make life worth living. It’s not about having lots of money, fancy cars or a mansion. Being at home with the people you love and doing the things you love makes it worthwhile. We’re glad to have you back safe and sound.

12. It is good to be back with the family again. We missed you while you were gone and are glad to have you home, marine. Welcome home.

13. The worst part of your deployment was you being apart from us, your family and friends. The best part was being home again. Welcome home, our marine.

14. Welcome home, marine! We’re proud of you and miss you so much. We are wishing for your safe return.

15. A place to rest and play, inspired and refuelled. For marines who want it all. Welcome, home.

16. We are proud of our marines and those who serve and protect this great nation. We honour the sacrifice you made to serve the state and keep us safe, welcome home.

17. Home is where the heart is. It’s also where your family and friends are; The next time you come home from deployment, don’t just settle for a hug.

18. You’ve been out on the road for a long time. I’m sure you have been persuaded that there’s no place like home. Welcome home dear marine.

19. Welcome home, marine. We are honoured to have you join us.

20. It’s good to be home. Welcome home, marine.

21. Home is where the corps is. To all marines, welcome home.

22. Home is wherever you are. May your homecoming be as safe and happy as the ones waiting for you! Welcome home marine.

23. No matter what time of day it is, we always know you’ll be there for us. We’re glad you’re coming home, we love you. Welcome home, dear marine.

24. You never left. You were always here. There’s just no place like home. Welcome home, dear marine.

25. Rushing home for the first time in 9 months, about to walk in the door and eat all the food I made with love. Welcome home marine.

26. Welcome home, marine. We’re proud of you!

27. Welcome home, marine! Here’s a hug from your family and friends, but I’m warning you, it’s more of a tackle than a hug.

28. Congratulations marine! You made it! We are so proud of you & welcome you home with open arms.

29. Another day, another mission, another reason to be proud to serve. Another chance to come and be with your family. Welcome home marine.

30. You’re home, the journey is over, and your family and friends are waiting to welcome you back. Welcome home, dear marine.

31. Welcome home, dear marine. Just a reminder that you are home, you are loved, and we’ve got your back.

32. Dear marine hubby, I missed your chiselled arms and your musky scent. Welcome home dear.

33. Welcome, home, marine! We are so glad that you made it back safe and sound from being away from us for so long. Here is a printable welcome home sign for your door to remind you how much we love and appreciate you.

34. Welcome home marine, from all of us here at home! We missed you so much!

35. He’s home. And we’re hugging. Now our hugs are warm instead of cold. Welcome home, marine.

36. Welcome home, marine. You’re never really gone as long as there’s someone here who loves you.

37. You’re home. It’s been too long, we’ve missed you. Welcome home darling marine.

38. I’m glad you’re home safe, my marine husband. We missed you.

39. Welcome home, marine. Coming home is the beginning of a life that only a few get to live. The life of a marine is one of service, sacrifice, and honour.

40. You’ve spent ten years in the service. You haven’t been around much, but it’s good to have you back. Welcome home, marine.

41. Home is where the base is. And we’re so glad to have you back home. We missed you so much.

42. Home is where the heart is. Welcome home, marine. I’ve missed you.

43. You know the drill; you’ve been away for a while and now you’re back. Time to give hugs to the whole neighbourhood. Welcome home, marine.

44. We are so proud of you, don’t ever forget that. The only ones who have a say in your future are you and your family. Never stop fighting for what you believe in. Welcome home.

45. It’s good to be back in the states alive and well, it’s even better to be back in the arms of your family and friends, and it’s best to be back at home. Welcome home, our marine.

46. You’ve made it home. Your best friend greets you, you can breathe the fresh air again, and your family is safe. Welcome, home, marine!

47. We welcome you home, our dear marine with love, compassion and hope. No more tears, no more pain, and no more fear.

48. Come back to the world of the living. Welcome home, marine.

49. Welcome, home, marine; Your mom is so proud of you for serving your country and for the sacrifice you have made. Thank you for your service! It is the best day of their lives.

50. Glad to be back home! You have been through it all. Now it’s time for a vacation. Welcome home.

51. Welcome home marine. We’re so glad to have you back today, and trust that we will do anything to make this the best welcome home party ever.

52. Welcome home marine! We love you, we miss you, and can’t wait to see you at the airport.

53. Wishing you a warm welcome home with a cool breeze—full of scents of barbecue grills, fall foliage, and football games. Welcome home, marine.

54. Welcome home, my marine baby. I missed you so much, I’m so happy to have you home, I’m cooking up a feast right now.

The homecoming of a loved one from deployment is one of life’s most memorable moments. It’s so important to welcome them back in the best way possible.

I hope these welcome home marine quotes have expressed the relief of you having your loved ones back safe and sound. Also, don’t forget to drop a comment with your favourite quotes.

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