Why Do Young Girls Choose Older Men

Why Do Young Girls Choose Older Men?

In terms of evolution, it would seem that women should give preference to young and powerful men. But nowadays society realizes that strength and youth are not the most important thing for life. On casual online dating platforms, you will easily find those women who try to find their love online. ”Young woman seeks older man” – this is the message you will most likely find on their dating customer profile. And there are reasons why younger single women prefer older men from other countries. Anyone who says that buying love and health for money is impossible, in fact, doesn’t know what they are talking about. The health of a rich person is stronger, and the older man with plenty of money can take care of it better than the poor one. That is why it is not a great surprise that younger women prefer dating older men who already overcame most of the middle-age difficulties. 

Most likely, women who tend to date older men have a certain strategy, and getting married to a wealthy person is only one step in their list of successes. Anyway, the woman tries to think forward and predict things before they happen as she is supposed to give birth to a child once, and material welfare is an obligatory point to have before this happens. That is why the majority of young girls choose adult respectable men who already learned how to live their best lives.

In addition, older men are stable and predictable. If a person all conscious life moved to the position of head of the company, it is unlikely that the man would give up on his luxurious life suddenly. In the case of younger boys, it is not clear if they are reliable or not, and whether they will become suitable life partners who would satisfy the high demands of their women.

There is also psychological Insufficiency. Due to the fact that daddies spend too little time on girls, many of them later in adult life feel the strong need for the attention of adult men. Freud wrote, “Every woman when searching for a husband desires to find the proper replacement of her own father, whom she subconsciously considers to be the perfect partner.

This is the fully understandable desire of a woman to find herself the perfect life partner with significant experience. The potential partner should be the self-confident, mentally stable person with extensive experience who is able to quickly solve life’s problems. In the first place, this theory applies to girls who were brought up in a single-parent family. 

Despite stereotypes, love is often the cause of marriages with a great age gap. Younger women explain that men who have years of life experience as well as formed personalities, also have a certain authority, and social statuses. They can handle their woman partner and attract her attention. And do not confuse such relationships with the relationship between father and daughter. After all, the father teaches his child and brings it up. And the man gives advice, pushes in the right direction, helps to develop. Along with the older man, most girls also feel older and consequently feel satisfied – what is the most desired.

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