30 Sweet Good Morning Prayer Messages for My Love

It's yet another morning with its indubitable challenges and limitless possibilities. It's another morning and here you are looking for Good Morning Prayers for Your Love. And here I am with the best of it to satisfy your desire.

So, do you desire some Good Morning Prayers for Your Lover? Then the ones below will perfectly fit. And do remember to share this post of you find it useful.

Good Morning Prayers for My Love | Good Morning Prayers to My Love

The best that should come from you for this morning is some words of prayers to your love. Copy and paste, and thank me later!

1. As you step out today, may peace accompany you. May Grace go before you and may favour speak for you. May your day be filled with goodness and blessings from above. Good morning my Love.

2. I have always wondered where the stars disappear to when it is morning. But now I know they have only gathered to accompany you throughout your day. Have a wonderful day dear.

3. Open your eyes and see the brightness awaiting you. Get out of bed and walk into the hope embedded in this day for you. Good morning Love.

4. Like the dews of the morning on leaves, so shall your day be sprinkled with blessings. It shall be so much that even the sun by the noon will not be able to dry it. Good morning, sweety.

5. May every word you speak today be seasoned with Grace. May everyone you touch today be blessed. May every soul you interact with today merry forever. Morning, dearie.

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6. The works of your hands are blessed. Whatever you desire to do shall prosper. Go into the day and enjoy every bit of it because you're blessed. Good morning to you my Love.

7. Wake up my love into your happiness. Step out today into your Joy. Walk like a gem that you are and possess your possessions today and beyond. Good morning Lovely.

8. Because you have been chosen to be amongst the special people that would see the light of today, it shall be a very special one for you. Enjoy your day to the fullest Dear. Good morning.

9. Miracle shall locate you as you step out today. Men will compete to favour you. You'll be preferred among your mates and your day shall be a memorable one. Morning, Honey.

10. My prayer for you as you go into this day is for your wishes and heart desires to be granted. That your happiness may know no bound. Good morning to you, Love.

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11. You shall not lack any good thing today and henceforth because the Lord is your shepherd. He will make provision for the tiniest of your needs. Good morning sweetheart.

12. Every good thing you have lost will start to find their ways back to you today. And everything you hate in your life shall disappear. Have a wonderful day ahead.

13. Every evil eye set to monitor your steps today shall become blind. Every so set to do you evil today shall be destroyed and condemned. For you bear on your body, the marks of God. Good morning my love.

14. When they see the blood, they shall pass over. The blood of Jesus covers you from head to toe today. Nothing shall by any means harm you. Amen. Good morning to you.

15. Whatever it is that has been hindering your long-awaited blessings from getting to you shall be rolled away today. And you will possess your possessions.

Good Morning Prayer Messages for My Love | Good Morning Prayer Messages to My Love

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16. Because the Lord is your God, what is difficult for others shall be made easy for you. And when others say there is casting down, for you, it shall be a lifting. Good morning, my Love.

17. The words of God never returns to Him void. He has said he will be your refuge and fortress. He surely will guide you from wicked and evil people. Do have a great day, dear.

18. In the presence of God, they say, lies abundant Joy. May you never walk out of his presence that Joy may never seize from your life. Good morning to you my Love.

19. You shall be like the tree planted by the riverside that brings forth fruits at the due time. You will be fruitful in what you do in Jesus name. Have a fruitful day Honey.

20. Mercy will come to you when you need it. Grace will find you when you desire it. Favour will locate you when you wish for it. No good thing on earth shall elude you. Good morning to you dear.

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21. The Lord shall fight all your battles for you and you shall hold your peace. He will defend you where you cannot speak and bring justice to you. Good morning to you and have a wonderful day ahead.

22. Like the wise men went looking for Jesus to celebrate Him; From North, East, South and West, people shall come looking for you with pleasant gifts. Have a wonderful day ahead, my dear.

23. Rejoice today because it is the day that the Lord himself has made. And embedded in it are blessings uncountable for his people. Get ready for an overflow of this blessings as you go out today. Good morning.

24. Because you are the son of the Most High, you are set higher above your challenges and trials today. The difficulties you saw yesterday, you shall see no more today and beyond. Good morning to you my Darling.

25. As the wall of Jericho fell flat, so shall all your enemies bow flat before your very eyes. And their heads you shall trample under your feet because the mighty one is alive. Good morning to my heartbeat.

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26. I woke up this morning and I had to change my name to 'the most favoured.' This achievement is so great but it's all because I have you. Please stay safe today my love. I wish you the best today. Good morning to you, my love.
27. Good is the word that qualifies this morning. Ecstasy is the word that qualifies your love for me. This world will be so lonely without you, my love Good morning to you, my joy.
28. I dedicate all my mornings to you -You deserve it all! Or what is the good of it if my night was bad? My morning's good all because I have of you. My night will be better, without a doubt. I Love you, yes, I love you every morning.
29. To what extent would I go, just express how grateful I am to have you in my life? Every morning I wake up, knowing you are there for me, I'm like, I'm the blessed one and the best person who ever lived. I whisper in your ear... Good morning love. And, thank you for loving me.

30. This morning, I pray a simple prayer; that God should take care of you for me today. For without you, there's nothing like me. My day is blessed all because of you. Good morning.

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