2024 Best Prayer for Students Taking Final Exams

Exams are compulsory trials every student must go through at different points in time in order to move on to the next level. More so, when they come with the tag; final, more energy, diligence and support are to be exerted.

Final exams can be pressurising on students, however, with reassuring support in forms of prayers for friends and loved ones, hope is given and success is eventually won with hard work.

These 2024 Best Prayer for Students Taking Final Exams are just all you need to inspire hope and good courage in your friends and anyone you deem fit.

Do not overlook, simply make your choice and be the reason why a student did not drown in the unpleasant waters of pressure and failure during their final exams.

Final Year Exams Prayers and Wishes for Students

It’s a faithful saying and worthy of all acceptance that everything that has a beginning will surely have an end. The same is true for every student.

These are prayers for students taking final exams. The best you can find online for that special someone.

1. On your final exams, I pray God’s favor and mercy mixed with the ingredients of knowledge, wisdom and understanding be bequeathed on you as you prepare and write for these finals. May you never grow weary amidst this time, may you find the will and strength to read even in the temptation of sweet sleep and dreams. May your efforts be adequately and bountifully rewarded as a valedictorian. May you meet every question with brilliant answers. May you have great cause to merry as you end this season of trial. Do have a pleasant result at the end, I pray.

2. As you hold your pen on these final exams, may the wisdom and spirit of knowledge and discernment abide with you. May you find correct answers to every question. May your mind be full of understanding. At the end of every exam, may your heart be contented with your performance. May your eyes not swell in misery and your heart beat in regrets for any of your papers. I pray the good Lord smiles upon you and shine His countenance upon every page of your answer scripts. As you approach the end, may your success increase greatly. Have a pleasant final exams in Jesus name.

3. I pray for you on your season of final exams that, the good Lord in His infinite mercy grants you good health, sound mind to flourish and reign at the top of every paper. May your joy be full while you behold each result. May your name be marked for success and celebration. May every answer you give become a testimony of grace. May you not fall short of God’s glory and goodness. I pray that you succeed beyond doubts and excel beyond all others. Like a river, your joy shall flow and you shall make your parents and family proud amongst all others.

4. At this very important moment of your educational pursuit, may the wisdom of God be your garment, like Joseph, your efforts shall be yielding and like David, may you dance for joy at the sight of your results. May your testimony be great and your laughter be loud. May the mercy of God grants you exploit on each subject. Like a warrior, you shall fight and win, and like an eagle, you shall soar to the height of great success. May this stage of yours be remarkable for happiness and great success.

5. I thank God for the privilege you’ve gotten to be here at this present time. May the one whose yes and amen is final grant you success on every exam you write. May God’s mercy become your secret ingredient for breakthrough. May you find understanding that is great and knowledge that is true. May the medal of success be worn around your neck, and the claps of celebration be made for your name. God’s grace shall take you far above your intellect and capacity, the song of victory you shall sing aloud. These I pray in Jesus mighty name.

6. May the favour of God rest upon you in these final exams. The success of these papers shall supersede the former ones. You’ll finish well and have reasons to rejoice like a conqueror. No matter the difficulties you may face, the Lord shall guide your path and make all things work together for your good. Because of these exams, may you enjoy the glory you’ve never been acquainted with before. May your lecturer be blown away by your excellence. May you find favour in their eyes. Your success shall never be antagonized. You’ll climb the ladder of excellence successfully all through these exams. You’re blessed and singled out for favour.

7. Regardless of your intellectual strength, you’ll succeed exceptionally in these exams. You’ll not be known for failure, but for success. Your results shall speak excellence. May your joy be full and complete by the end of each exam. The more papers you write, the better success you’ll celebrate. You shall always beat your past records. The favour of God shall abide with you. May the angels guide you and channel your thoughts and reasoning aright. All that you do shall help you succeed. The spirit of discernment and understanding shall rest upon you. At the end of this period, you’ll come out rejoicing. Your testimony about these final exams shall marvel the people around you. May you draw water from the well of success. May the source of your knowledge never run dry.

8. Throughout the odyssey of these exams, may the Holy Spirit be with you and bring all things to your remembrance. Neither grumble nor murmur, but be of good cheer for unsurmountable success is yours. The grace of God shall be sufficient for you. You shall be addressed as the epitome of success and excellence. Your name shall not bear failure. The word of God shall come to pass in your life that is, “you shall be the head and never be the tail.” I rebuke carryover in any of your papers. Your grades shall be as excellent as the work of God. Miracle from heaven shall be yours. You’ll never be stranded in the hall, you shall be a fountain of wisdom. Go and succeed.

9. The grace to make each of your papers shall rest upon you. You’ll find favour from the beginning till the very end of your exams. Irrespective of how difficult the questions may be, you’ll succeed. The devil shall never triumph over you. You’ll never be a victim, but a victor. Understanding shall be yours. Knowledge, you shall receive. Wisdom, you shall find. Nothing will be too hard for you to solve in each of your exams. The Lord shall be with you. You shall testify of His goodness. You’ll find mercy, favour and grace to finish well. Victimization shall never be your portion. Success and victory are all yours. You’ll smile and give the relief of victory at the end.

10. May the presence of God go with you throughout these exams. May the light of God shine upon you. Darkness shall never surround you. You shall find the power to succeed beyond your expectation. You’ll never fall sick in the course of these exams. The grace to finish well shall be sufficient for you. You shall start and end beautifully. All that you do shall please your lecturer. You shall never commit any blunder. You shall derive a perfect understanding of every question asked of you. The patience to finish well shall be upon you. You shall feel the love of God all through this period. Never fret. You’ll be the best.

11. May God’s mercy take you to the point of adequate success in Jesus name. May you finish well on every paper.

12. There shall be no cause for regret and sorrow as you write your final exams. With good health, you shall succeed, I pray.

13. May you not lose this trial to shame and regrets. May the spirit of laziness not tie you down to the arms of failure. Success is yours, I pray.

14. Upon yourself shall your crown flourish. May every exam you write prove God’s mercy and unconditional love to you.

15. I pray for you on these final exams, may men gather around to celebrate you, may your success be deafening, may your joy be boundless on every course you take.

16. May you become a valedictorian on these final exams. May your success be to the amazement of all and the pleasing of your heart.

17. May your dreams come true as you conclude these exams. May you never have reasons to retake any.

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18. Your hard work shall not go to waste and your success shall be to your delight and your family’s in Jesus name.

19. May every gathering against your success on these exams be scattered for your sake in Jesus name.

20. I condemn every tongue speaking against your success on these final exams of yours in Jesus name.

21. May your name be synonymous to success and grace on every paper you write in Jesus name.

22. A flourishing and retentive memory, I pray for you as you embark on this journey. May these final exams take you truly to a new level in life.

23. May the gates of success and advancement be opened unto you. And may your success not be delayed nor denied.

24. May you come out with flying colors. May your success be without doubts. May the spirit of failure be far away from your vicinity.

25. As you write these exams, may you not be implicated for malpractice, may your name never be tagged with shame and disgrace.

26. May you be the head and never the tail, above only shall you be on these final exams.

27. I pray for God’s strength upon you as you write these papers, may you never grow weary and depressed during this moment.

28. May you wear a big smile of success at the end of each exam. May you dance for joy upon seeing your result.

29. Fear not, for the Lord is with you as you pass through these waters. May His mercy grant you good success in Jesus name.

30. Who saith and it cometh to pass when the Lord commands it not; may every spoken word against your success on these exams be cancelled in Jesus name.

31. May Jesus Christ intercede on your behalf for success and grace throughout these exams.

32. Your place is at the top and there shall you dwell without a break.

33. I degree your success on this day regarding every paper you write in Jesus name.

34. Failure shall never answer your name. May your joy be full on these exams, I pray.

35. Men shall gather to celebrate your success, may your final exams take you to the height that you’ve always dreamed of.

36. May bad company not ruin God’s success in store for you on your final exams in Jesus name.

37. It is written that we overcome by the blood of the Lamb and by the powerful words of our testimony, therefore, your success is established in Jesus name.

38. May your degree be perfected in the name above every other name.

39. May the Lord strengthen you in this race, may His grace perfect you in this season, may His favor establish you on every paper, and His mercy settles your needs throughout this time, I pray.

40. May the slumber and sleep of failure not tempt you as you prepare for your exams in Jesus name.

41. May you have so many reasons to rejoice and be glad on every subject undertaken during these exams.

42. May your rainbow of success appear in your clouds as you seat for your exams.

43. May you find hard work and zealousness to be pleasant during this period of preparation.

44. May your sweat not drop in vain, may your efforts never go to waste.

45. I decree that You shall live to eat the fruits of your hard work for your success in these final exams.

46. May the unquestionable God permit your success on every paper in Jesus name. Past failure shall not determine your future, I pray.

47. May your success on these exams be different from the previous ones, may your victory be everlasting and well deserved.

48. I pray that every course standing in the way of your victory be met by God’s favor and grace.

49. Whatever resentment that may want to get in the way of your success shall diminish without a trace in Jesus name.

50. May your success be smooth as the sea waters, may your victory be sure as the sun’s.

51. Like a rainbow, your results shall give hope and a good future to you in Jesus name.

52. I call for God’s amazing grace and distinguishing favour upon you as you write your final papers in Jesus name.

53. May your ears hear good news on every exam you’ll take throughout this session.

54. May every obstacle to your success be a stepping stone to a new level on these final exams, I pray.

55. You shall wow men and all eyes shall behold God’s love for you as you become victorious on every paper in Jesus name.

56. May you gather success in abundance like the sands of the sea. May your result come out adorned in excellence. You shall be seen as the paragon of distinction.

57. You shall be the eminence of success. You’ll never forget the right thing to put down. All that you’ve read shall stick to your memory. The understanding to write and answer questions beyond your scope of study shall be given to you.

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58. Each exam shall be a major success for you. Nothing shall get in the way of your victory. These exams shall bequeath the songs of joy from the crux of your heart.

59. Your results shall marvel your enemies. You shall be respected as the head and not the tail. Failure nor mediocre shall not be your thing.

60. These exams are for signs and wonders in your life. The Lord shall turn every difficulty around into success. Swiftly call on God in trying moments and He will show forth for you. He shall take away your worry and give you the answers you desire.

61. May the Holy Spirit abide with you. May He give you the calmness, peace and composure that you need to succeed. You shall greatly pass the cut off mark of success. Your cup shall run over with the oil of excellence.

62. I pray for you that, you shall not struggle to make any of your paper but with ease shall you succeed. You shall be full of grace.

63. May the aura of success emit from you. May the end result of these exams be palatable and more than satisfying. May your jar of knowledge be full. You shall never be short of answers.

64. The spirit of weariness and depression shall not rest upon you. May you have the energy to run this race successfully.

65. Praise the Lord from the beginning of this exam period till the very end, for your praises shall open the gate of success for you. Ultimately, you’ll sing the song of victory like David.

66. May the spirit of excellence be upon your soul. May you find help from God. You shall never lack the physical and mental strength to succeed in these exams.

67. Your lecturers shall never deprive you of your success. You would rather find favour where there has been none. You shall break records and be seen as a new thing.

68. Each breeze that blows around you shall bring you to the remembrance of all that you’ve read. Your preparation shall be rewarded with excellence. You shall not fall by the wayside. The grace to carry on shall be bestowed upon you.

69. The type of success you’ve never known before shall be yours in all your papers. The type of victory that you’re yet to enjoy shall come to pass in your life. Nothing shall be too big for you to have, for you shall have the best results.

70. May everything work in your favor. May your enemies be at peace with you in the course of these exams. Failure shall never be found in your results.

71. As you begin these final exams, success shall blow your mind away. You shall find the strength that you need to prepare excellently for each of these exams.

72. I rebuke every form of laziness. May you never be sleeping when you’re to be reading. May you derive joy in preparing well.

73. No matter the numbers of papers you shall write, you’ll make all of them distinctively. You shall remain happy and in high spirit for as long as these exams last.

74. You shall be immersed in the pool of success. Your results shall be drenched in parallel distinctions.

75. You’ll never have to write any of these exams again. The Lord shall beautify you with success. You shall sew the seed of excellence and thence, reap accordingly.

76. You shall surely win this race. You shall finish well. You shall not be overtaken by anyone. You shall emerge as the winner.

77. May your body never be weak. May you be strong enough to concentrate and write each of your exams victoriously.

78. No matter how tough it may get, you’ll find the grace to finish well. Nothing and no one will stop you from succeeding. The mercy of God shall you find.

79. You shall go from zero to hero. You shall be acknowledged as the best. From the abundance of what you know shall you be examined.

80. You’ll find peace, courage and confidence all through these exams. You shall rejoice with the loudest song of victory.

81. You shall mount on the wings of excellence. You shall arrive at the destination of success with a smile of contentment.

82. You shall not have the sour taste of failure. May you savour the taste of excellence. At the end, we all shall propose a toast of success to you.

83. You shall wear the garment of praise. You shall not fail any paper nor shed the tears of disappointment.

84. You shall conquer every strong man waiting to destroy your success. The angels of God shall fight all your battles in these exams and give you victory.

85. You shall have reasons to cry aloud saying “oh God how great are you.” Your result shall surprise and defeat your enemies.

86. May your academic experience an untold victory. May your past be over. There shall be a dawn of success.

87. You shall be lifted up from the valley to the mountain top. Success is yours forever.

88. You shall spring forth successfully. The joy of the Lord shall be your strength for the rest of this exam.

89. Uncommon favour is yours in this exam. No power will work against your success in Jesus name.

90. The beauty of God’s power shall rest upon you in this exam. The secret of your success shall not be known to your enemies.

91. The glory of your academic shall be released from heaven. Hell shall not prevail over the victory of your exams in Jesus name.

92. The Lord shall grant you the power to be the best amongst your colleagues. His name shall be magnified in your exams.

93. The Holy Spirit shall release upon you divine wisdom. The favour of God that covers all mistake shall be bestowed upon you.

94. The Lord shall reveal to you all that you need to know concerning your academic success. You shall not be kept in the dark. Light shall guide your path to success.

95. You shall breakthrough and break forth on all sides. Success shall be your result. You shall not be disappointed in Jesus name.

96. The spirit of excellence shall come upon you like it did Daniel in Jesus name. You shall not suffer a fall.

97. Everyone planning demotion and working against your success shall be overthrown by the power of God. The Lord shall be for you and not against you in this exam.

98. You shall walk in victory throughout these exams. The power to succeed shall come upon you.

99. Your result shall bring good news into your abode. You shall defeat every enemy of your success.

100. Your latter shall be greater than your former. You shall start and finish marvellously.

Go inspire faith and give support to the students who need to pass their final exams without nursing the pain of failure.

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