Trending Good Luck Exam Wishes for Friends

2024 Trending Good Luck & Exam Wishes for Friends

Good luck and success are paramount in every exam. It makes known our intelligence and our level of intellect, or sometimes, the unforeseen luck that make our faces beam with unending excitement.

At a time like this, sending your friend a good luck message will go a long way. It will encourage them to put their best to reading and the examination in general! So, copy any of the examination wishes and send to that special friend of yours.

Best Exam Wishes for Friends

Exam periods are times when the heart becomes tensed and one becomes afraid to fail. It would be appropriate to send these Best Exam Wishes for Friends to let them know how much you are concerned about their good lucks and success in their Exams.

1. Don’t stress yourself about how hard or how good it will be. Put your best into it, revise and re-read. I wish you success in your exams.

2. Motivate yourself and stop stressing about what will be. Be positive and get your excellence spirit on. All the best in your exams.

3. Don’t start out with a negative mind as it has a tendency to manifest. Be positive and see yourself in the light of success as you write your exams.

4. Positivity takes our fears and insecurities away. Embrace the positive spirit and go out there to succeed in your exam.

5. Life is awesome when we worry less about the thought of failure. Set out today knowing you are a success and a success you will always be.

6. Even when things go wrong, do not panic, but keep your head up and your believing heart will birth success. I wish you success in your exam.

7. Exams do make us tense, but I want you my friend to relive your mind off any tension and keep seeing yourself succeed.

8. Read all you have to, revise all you have to, write all you have to and focus on what is essential; success. I wish you all the best in your exam.

9. You have always been a success and this time, it won’t be different. Go out there and make excellence your badge.

10. People fail because they have long nursed the thought of failure. Don’t be like people my friend. See success and not failure as you write your exam.

Good Luck Wishes for Friends

Your friend deserves these amazing Good Luck Wishes for Friends. Make him know your thoughts for Him/Her.

Good Luck Wishes for Friend

11. See your exams as a relationship. The more you nurse the fear of breakup, the more insecure you will be. So dear friend, leave every fear aside and succeed in your exams.

12. Failure is not for you if you work hard for good grades. So work it out and have the best in your exams.

13. Don’t let harassment from any source weigh you down. You are meant to succeed and that I know you will.

14. As you seat for your exams, I wish you excellence in all your written works. All the best my friend.

15. You also get cold feet during exams also and the nervousness is beyond words. But hey, make your feet warm and step in there for success.

16. Your late night will birth a beautiful day of success for you. Have a stress free exam.

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17. The thoughts of exams can be scary, but I trust you to bring the best out of this. Success for you my dear friend.

18. Don’t turn your life upside down due to fear. Embrace success and appreciate what you have learned. You will succeed in this exam dear friend.

19. Cut off from the rest of the world. Deep in thought and curious about the next announcement. That is what you might feel like right now, but be strong and succeed with a positive mindset.

20. All you can do right now is to aim for success as you study. Live it and achieve it in your exam dear friend.

Good Luck Quotes for Friends

Wish your friend excellence by sending these Good luck Quotes for Friends.

Good Luck Quotes for Friends

21. The best thing to do at this exam period is to get over whatever might be bugging your heart. Have a successful exam.

22. Study and get over being distracted as quickly as you can. Good luck.

23. As a good friend, it is my responsibility to wish you good luck for your exams and I assure you, it wouldn’t be as tough as you imagined.

24. If I were close to you, I would give you a hug and assure you that your exams will be easier. This is me sending you hugs for success.

25. If you do well, there are lots to be celebrated. So prepare well and make the celebration a reality.

26. All the best as you journey through this exam. Keep your head high and see your self in excellence.

27. The easiest way to do well in your exams is to plan ahead even before the set date. I wish you success as you write your exams.

28. To treat your exams like a giant punching bag, you need a lot of training to make it real. Success all the way.

29. Use all the strength of your memory and tackle the stubborn part of your exams. All the very best.

30. Punch the exam in the head if you have to, but don’t feel hurt to repeat the punch. A successful exam for you dear friend.

Exam Wishes for Best Friend

Send these best Exam Wishes for Best Friend to your buddy to help him/her optimistic.

Exam Wishes for Best Friend

31. If you believe in yourself, you do not have the fear of failing. Study well and trust your instincts. Good luck!

32. Anything you trust to help you out other than your intelligence, it will fail you. Study well and be the best you can be.

33. I wish you good luck and not just any luck as you write your exams. Take matters into your hands and be your best in your studies. Good luck.

34. Study hard and stop relying on something so fickle, it will end up failing you. All the best.

35. Motivate yourself, do your best and stop worrying about the outcome. All will be well. Good luck!

36. Stop stressing yourself about what will go wrong. Think about what you can make right and see yourself making it real. Good luck in your exams!

37. Life is awesome when you start out a thing with a positive mind. Study for your exams with a positive mind and you will see how awesome it will be. All the best!

38. Good luck in exams are necessary has it gives us an assurance of hope. I wish you success in your exams dear friend.

39. Don’t be so silly to think about cheating during your exams, it profits little. Go in there and be ready to succeed. All the best!

40. You have the grace to be a success. Go in there and unleash it! Good luck my friend!

Success Wishes for a Friend

Wish your friends success by sending these fascinating Success Wishes for a Friend to them.

41. Prepare well, get set and do not panic, your preparation will make good for you. Success in your exams!

42. Relax, your worry will only lead to failure. You’ve got all it takes to succeed, embrace that and keep on believing. Good luck in your exams.

43. Relax during the night, make sure your mind is at peace and your brain is ready to tackle the difficult questions. All the best dear friend!

44. The morning will come and so will be the exams. Don’t let the panic of tonight tarry till tomorrow. Let it go and be your best!

45. As much as you need to study, you also need a little rest. Balance your rest and study and be your best! All the best!

46. Best of luck in your exams! It will be an excellent result. Keep on believing!

47. I am not only wishing you good luck, but I wish you excellence because it is greater than anything in the whole universe! All the best dear friend!

48. You are amazing. Go into the exam hall with your uniqueness and be the best you can be!

49. Being successful in your exams is like creating your own destiny. Put your best to it and excel against all odds. All the best in your exams!

50. Awesome students like you need no fear of failure. Keep your head high and don’t forget you are awesome! Good luck!

Good Luck Wishes for Exams for Friends

Friends are obliged to wishing one another well in all endeavours. You won’t be left out as you send these best Good Luck Wishes for Exams for Friends to your friends.

51. You do not only need the luck to be by your side, you also need the wisdom to tackle the questions. I wish you great wisdom at this time and always!

52. Luck is by your side and so is favour and excellence, get hold of these and be the best you can be!

53. Create your destiny by studying well and focusing on the successful part of this exam. It will be great if you believe. Good luck in your exams!

54. Behind that scary exam, success is waiting for you. Go for it!.

55. Brave hearts can conquer any challenge and I trust your braveness to be outstanding at this time. Success in your exams dear friend!

56. No exams should take you down, rather you should tackle it and break it down. See yourself succeeding and success will always be yours!

57. Exams are meant to test our skills, not our fears. Go in there and bring out the best that has been instilled in you. Good luck!

58. I wish you all the luck for success and all you need for excellence. Keep winning in all your exams!

59. You can always count on me to help you out where necessary, but what you learn and relearn is more important at this time. All the best in your exams!

60. I do not understand your fear, but I want you to understand how peace can birth greatness. Embrace peace as you study and sit for your exams. Good luck!

Exam Wishes to a Friend

Here are best Exam Wishes to a Friend you can send to show him/her you care.

61. Dear friend, you don’t have to be a bookworm to succeed, you also have to believe you will. Good luck in your exams!

62. Be courageous and face each question tactically. It will be a success. Good luck!

63. We can pray to God to have His way, but you also have a role to play. Study well and be your best as you seat for your exams.

64. Write what you know and don’t try to fumble with the questions. It will come out well.

65. Don’t stress yourself, be your best and study well. It will end in praise. Good luck in your exams!

66. The best always comes to those who worked for it. Remember this as you study. Success in your exams!

67. Just stay calm, nervousness wouldn’t help. Write what you know and pray that you pass!

68. It’s alright to read and burn out candles at night, but don’t stress yourself, it will tell on you when the exam comes. All the best!

69. Instead of worrying about the worst, focus on the best and aim for it. Good luck!

70. Focus on studying hard and on beating everyone to come first. Good luck!

Cute Exam Wishes for Friends

Send these Cute Exam Wishes for Friends to your friends and let them know you care.

71. Remember, an exam is not only a test of your academic knowledge, it is a test of your calmness, stability and courage. All the best!

72. Dear friend, I know you have a sharp brain, but that doesn’t stop you from studying. My prayers are with you as you write your exams.

73. Study well, it is the best thing to tackle any fear. It will be a success!

74. What are you waiting for? Study and be your best in this season. Good luck my friend!

75. Studying hard is the best challenge you can use to conquer every pessimism about your exams. Study well and be a success! Tips on How to Prepare for Exam

76. God made the hills, but He has given us the knowledge to climb them. Get the right knowledge to get pass this exam. All the best!

77. But the little and difficult part of your exams will birth success. All the best dear friend!

78. Manage your time and place your priorities right. You will be a success. Good luck in your exams!

79. Don’t let your emotions sway you too hard. You need to be focused at this time. I wish you success in your exams!

80. With the help of God and all you have studied, you will come out of the hall with excitement and your results will be excellent! Good luck!

Cute Good Luck Wishes for a Best Friend

Here are Cute Good Luck Wishes for a Best Friend you should send to your Buddy.

81. Confidence is a great pill to swallow at a time like. Take as many pills as possible and see success as you study for your exams!

82. Keep one word in mind “you will succeed no matter how difficult it is” keep up with the positive spirit in all your papers.

83. Push ahead, let go of every fear of failure. It will be great!

84. Don’t underestimate your strength. You have all it takes to succeed. Put your best to it and work towards the best!

85. You have the ability to be the first! All you need is to be confident. Wish you all the best!

86. An exam is hard, but only for those who are not well prepared. I believe it won’t be difficult for you. All the best dear friend!

87. Show your best with the exam script. You can do this and I believe you will come out excellently well. All the best!

88. An exam is just a process you have to go through, it is not the end of life. So, keep your head up and be calm as you tackle each question. All the best!

89. Your best will be birth in the place of study and in your approach to the exam. Put your best to it and let’s celebrate your success already!

90. I wish you could see how awesome you are. Go in there with that awesomeness and leave every fear and anxiety behind. Good luck in your exams!

Good Luck Message for Exams to a Friend

Send these Good Luck messages for Exams to a Friend to ensure he/she is optimistic towards his/her exams.

91. Examination is knocking at the door. I hope you’re set to open up and entertain it? All the best in your exams!

92. Keep all your tension and stress at bay. You have all it takes to succeed, look into that and radiate in success.

93. Give the exam your best effort and build up your future. Wish you all the best for your exam!

94. Exams are meant to stretch your brain and not to weaken it. See to it that you do not over stress yourself. Good luck!

95. More about your future will be determined by the result of your exams. Study well and put your best to it. All the best!

96. An examination is the best platform for building up your future. The brick is in your hands, use it wisely!

97. Give your exams a hard push and be determined to make it real. Good luck!

98. I hope you will be good and let go of every panic? Good Luck for your exam!

99. Be positive and calm. Recall all you have learned and leave every fear aside. All the best in your exams!

100. Today bring your knowledge to light and surmount this task ahead of you with a determined spirit. Good luck to you!

Funny Exam Wishes for Friends

Some friends need to be cheered to calm their nerves as they prepare for exams. Here are cool Funny Exam Wishes for Friends you can send to them.

101. Only those who don’t prepare well are sure going to pass their exams. They will pass in drowning colours!

102. Sit at home. Sleep like never before. Don’t read and you will pass in your dreams. Lol.

103. I just checked your result and saw that you didn’t pass the ones you didn’t sit for. Lol.

104. If red is your best colour, it’s time to hate it. You don’t want to see red ink in your report sheet!

105. Seeing blue in your report card will make blue colour your trending favourite. Just prepare well, friend.

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