21st Birthday Captions and Quotes for Best of Friends

21st Birthday Captions and Quotes for Best of Friends

We all have that friend that damns all consequences to make us happy. It’s pertinent to appreciate people like these now and then – letting them know just how much they mean to us.

It is even more important to celebrate them and make it as beautiful as possible when they have a birthday or any other celebration.

Their 21st birthday is the perfect excuse for you to let them know what they mean to you, and hopefully, you do not fail to do this in the most amazing way. Here are some 21st birthday captions and quotes for the best of friends to thrill that friend who’s always been unwavering support.

Best Happy 21st Birthday Captions for Best Friend

You have those Special Male Friends that you can’t but celebrate their special days? Here are Best Happy Birthday Messages for Best Friend Male you can send to them and make them feel loved.

1. There’s nothing I’d rather be doing the whole of today than making your day as fabulous as you. But since you’re there and I’m here, I just want to tell you that I will be thinking of you every second of the day and pray for you every passing breath. Happy birthday, sunshine!

2. Your birthday comes with a certain aura that I’d tag ‘happy’ because the last time I was this happy was your last birthday. May the new year be laced with blessing and joy!

3. You’re delectably cute and overly smart. I’d come to you for a piece of advice and you’d give me advice, support, and inspiration. You have a way of going the extra mile for me. I don’t take you for granted. Long life, my dear friend. Happy 21st birthday to you.

4. You’re a rock, you’re golden and always present. You give me all of you even when all I’ve given is a fraction of myself. A friend like you is found once in a lifetime. Happy 21st birthday to you!

5. I remember the first time I met you like I remember the thirst for my favourite meal. Befitting, graceful and sweet are some of the words I can use to describe you. You’ve chuffed my curiosity with your excellent spirit and I wish you remain light even as you experience a threshold! Happy 21st birthday to you.

6. Dearest friend, I sincerely hope that this year brings you to the knowledge of how beautiful and angelic you are. May this new beginning hit you so hard with the understanding of how bright your future is that you begin to consciously live like the king that you are. Happy 21st birthday to you.

7. You have actually been on my mind since I remembered the significance of this day. I’ve been so tuned to your frequency since the day you swayed kindly into my life. You exude power and grace, So much that you serve as a source of strength for others. Keep being amazing! Happy 21st birthday.

8. The thought of you evokes all things bright and beautiful. I won’t deny that you’ve been the phenomenal friend this year, exercising the prowess of making a gory day better and managing me when I’m in the ‘I don’t give a damn’ mood. I’m very grateful for the presence of you in my life and I wish you a wonderful 21st birthday celebration.

9. Since the birth of proximity, you have been the great friend that I haven’t been. You’ve been the balm constantly soothing the pain in our friendship that distance has caused. Giving me hope daily that you’re worth every resource. You are such a healer! Happy 21st birthday.

10. I knew you were an altruist from the first time I met you, it was your kindness that continually lured me and pulled me in. I decided I was not turning back on our friendship when I observed you extend your altruism even to strangers with cheer. May happiness be your closest companion this new year! Happy 21st birthday to you.

11. You should know that only a few people have been able to handle my quirky side more than once without going berserk. The only thing that explains you being able to see that side of me and still decided to stick around is that you’re very exceptional. Happy 21st birthday, sunshine!

12. How enormous your heart must be for accepting me completely since the first time we met even when the part of me that was most visible was my flawed self. I hope the corruption of this world doesn’t get a chance at shrinking your soul. Happy 21st birthday, dearest friend.

13. Happy birthday to the one that has his name written boldly and permanently in my heart. You are very deserving of all the cakes and cheer that you can get. Happy 21st birthday to you.

14. I’ve gawked at you overtime for your strength in the face of troubles and cheered with you for joint or even individual successes, I’ve cared for you as I would care for my brother. In return, you have been the best friend anyone would be proud of. May this year continuously unfold goodness for you and yours. Happy 21st birthday to you, dearest friend.

15. You’re prim and proper most of the time, your smile brightens a day and your strong bonds with mine. I’m exclusively convinced we’d be friends no matter what. Happy 21st birthday, friend.

16. I hope I am allowed to go a bit overboard in my wishes this year cause you’ve also gone out of your way to be the best friend I’ve always known you could be. Happy 21st birthday to you, dearest.

17. The first time I saw you, I thought you were egoistic and then I met you again, this time I made effort to see through you and you touched me with your kind eyes and welcoming smile.
Ever since, you’ve constantly stood by me, helped me, and inspired me.
You’re a friend indeed and I wish you stay true to yourself even as you open a new chapter. Happy 21st birthday to you, friend.

18. I have lost count of the number of times you’ve touched my spirit and soul by your act of kindness. I love the way you manage to bring out the best in me, I sincerely hope I make as much impact with you as you’ve made with me in this new year. Happy 21st birthday!

19. A big birthday shouts out to the one who’s Pulchritudinous and exceptionally humorous. May you not lose your shine and finesse! Happy 21st birthday to you, friend.

20. It’s consensus that you are a talented soul, free spirit and beautiful heart. I believe I speak for all and sundry when I say I hope you never dim your light. happy 21st birthday to you!

21. You’ve earned yourself a phenomenal reputation with your zeal for great things and passion for others. I’m forever proud to be acquainted with someone as graced as you. Have the best birthday celebration on your 21st birthday.

22. Dear friend, someone ultimate and true to his words wrote something beautiful about you. He said ‘your horn shall be lifted like the horn of unicorn’.This is just me wishing that these words materialise sooner than later, preferably this new year. Happy 21st birthday to you, dearest friend.

23. Never doubt these three things; You’re a force to reckon with this year. You’re influencing this generation positively. You will remember this birthday and smile wide. Happy 21st birthday to you.

24. Don’t allow anyone to rob you of your joy or steal your happiness, ensure that you glitter as much as possible. I wish you joy always and forever! Happy 21st birthday to you.

25. With someone like you, every trace of cynicism in me disappeared. You’re so easy to talk to and trust. You’ve succeeded with me in the past years, whatever it is about you that made you have your way with me, I hope it works for you this new year to have academic, financial groundbreaking successes. Happy 21st birthday to you.

26. Every girl deserves a sturdy, affectionate, protective friend…you’re that friend for me! Happy 21st birthday, Darling.

27. You serenade my soul with your voice, you trip my heart with your music and leave my spirit craving for more whenever you sing a song. I’m so intrigued by your art. I wish that your art takes you to the zenith this new year. Happy 21st birthday to you, dearest.

28. Happy birthday dearest friend, you have made me laugh with reckless abandon and smiled so wide in this past year, I hope our friendship grows from strength to strength as you move from glory to glory this new year. Happy 21st birthday to you.

29. I’m aware several others will be composing better beautiful messages for you today because you’re that loved. I just want you to know this simple happy birthday message from me is birthed from a heart full of appreciation. Happy 21st birthday to you, dear.

30. You’re living proof that difference in gender and background is not enough to thwart a friendship. Have an amazing beginning of greatness. Happy 21st birthday to you.

31. Here’s a simple wish of happy birthday to remind you of how special you are and gear you towards greatness this new year! Enjoy.

32. It doesn’t matter how far we’re from each other on this day, what counts is that my message is enough to make you feel giddy or even smile, cause you, my dear, deserve to smile wide and laugh hard. Happy 21st birthday!

33. Words are not enough to capture your essence buddy. You’re such a breath of fresh air and a pot of gold. May the universe expose you to favour and happiness this new year! Happy 21st birthday to you.

34. Every morning when I wake up and realize you’re still my friend, I feel like I have the best of everything. This is how I know I never want us to quit being friends. May God bless your new age!

35. One of the decisions I can never regret is making a conscious effort to be your friend. You were, you are and you will always be the guy that l reverence and cherish. Happy 21st birthday!

36. It was your flair for knowledge that made us become friends, it’s been your act of sacrifice and your ability to understand me that’s made us stay friends, don’t stop being smart, kind and understanding. Happy 21st birthday.

37. I may only say this on your birthday. You’re family and I can’t trade you for anything. May you dwell in the ambience of God’s grace for the rest of your life. Happy 21st birthday to you, dearest friend.

38. You’ve been so kind to me that I now carry this feeling around that as long as you’re still my friend, life’s easy. Enjoy your birthday!

39. You’re my favourite Buddy. Razor-sharp, witty and humorous. Although you’re a tad far from me today, I hope this simple message of happy birthday will touch you and remind you of how special you are to me. Have a blast ok your 21st birthday.

40. After I lost hope in friendship and all the baggage that comes with it, you walked in. You were probably as cynical as I was. But you walked into my life anyway and you’ve been so easy to trust that I now pray every day that you never find the Zest to walk out! Happy 21st birthday, my amazing friend.

41. I found you when I was most uninterested and judgmental. Now, I’m trusting and open-minded because of you. Thanks for opening my heart to the beauty of friendship, Enjoy your 21st birthday!

42. You’ve taught me that friendship transcends having lots of things in common, I now know it’s more about learning to accept each others’ differences, I don’t take this lesson for granted. Have a fabulous 21st birthday!

43. I may not have the right words to describe the kind of bond that we both share, but I hope it gets stronger cause it will totally kill me if this cord that binds our breaks. May this new year be about celebrating great things and building a lovelier friendship. Happy 21st birthday to you.

44. Biggest birthday shout out to one of the most loyal, affectionate guys! Never doubt that you’re special.
Don’t let people rob you of your glitters cause you’re such a dazzling beauty!

45. Don’t stress it, take it day by day, step by step, one moment before another.
Worry less about the morrow and before you know it, you’ve achieved tons of great things. May your next birthday be all about the celebration of great achievements.

46. You’re one of the two to three people I can count on. I’m forever grateful that I have a cheerleader in someone as relentless as you. Live long and prosper, and have a blast ok your 21st birthday.

47. I’ve always known you to always be in a good mood, no matter how intense a situation is, you always find the light! This is one of the things I cherish about you and wish you never lose. Happy 21st birthday!

48. I wish you from the depth of my heart an unforgettable glorious birthday. May the life you’ve always dreamed of come alive and flourish! Cheers to 21!

49. Today, I commend your finesse, courage and kindness. You’ve been able to convince me that talent, cuteness and strong character can be found in a person. Don’t quit being amazing no matter how old you get. Happy 21st birthday to you.

50. Hey, jock, do you know even until today, no one has given me sweet memories as much as you? The memories have always managed to gush on special days like this. I’m grateful every day that I decided to stretch my arm of Friendship to you. I wish you incessant joy laced with laughter today and always! Happy 21st birthday to you.

Happy 21st Birthday Quotes for Best Friend

It has been a beautiful journey with you by my side for so many years and I do not take any of the moments we have spent together for granted. I hope that you have the best birthday celebration and that you enjoy all the birthday wishes. Happy 21st birthday to you, friend.

51. You’re living proof that I’m immensely loved by God, you’re one of God’s blessings I don’t take for granted. Happy 21st birthday to you, my dear friend.

52. You’ve been good to me so much, much more than I can put into words. May the universe expose you to all-around blessings as you become a year better! Happy 21st birthday to you.

53. Sometimes, I wish I’d met you earlier. But, for someone I met a few weeks ago, you’ve done a great job of giving me stable joyous emotion. I wish you long years decorated with joy! Happy 21st birthday to you.

54. We all need somebody to lean on, someone who’s as concerned about our mental, emotional and physical health as much as we are. You’ve proven to me this past year that you’re that person for me. Happy 21st birthday, darling.

55. Days have continuously changed without permission, feelings have faded in no time, the mood has been here and there. I would be convinced right now that nothing is constant except that you have been my friend for so long! It’s so exciting to celebrate another birthday with a friend who’s been stable support. Happy 21st birthday to you, friend.

56. I’m in love with the way you plan your life and execute your plans one day at a time without relenting. I’m very excited about your future and proud of the man you’re becoming. Don’t doubt that your dreams are coming to fruition this year. Happy 21st birthday to you, my dearest friend.

57. Before time, this friendship must have been predestined cause that’s the only plausible thing that will make me believe two people born on the same day and month can manage a friendship for more than two decades without faltering. Cheers to eight more decades to celebrate our birthday!

58. I can’t remember how we met or the first words you said to me, what I can remember however are the words you said that made me realise you’re going to be my best friend forever. Enjoy your 21st birthday bestie

59. Happy birthday to the guy who’s my partner, support, and favourite troublemaker. May your days be long and decorated with exceeding greatness! Happy 21st birthday to you.

60. Right now, my words are intimidated by my feelings. I can’t seem to come to a conclusion on the words to use in describing your kindness. So, I’m just going to wish you a happy 21st birthday

61. You’re delightful my Friend, through and through. May this new year bring you more joy! Happy 21st birthday to the most amazing friend ever!

62. A birthday is not only a day to celebrate and Merry but also a day to evaluate life. I hope after your evaluation today, you find a reason to thank God. Happy 21st birthday to you, love.

63. You’ve been wonderful and strong enough for two. Going one mile beyond extra to ensure this friendship thrives. I love you and wish that you live long and prosper! Happy 21st birthday to you.

64. It’s only someone as eccentric as you that can manage to be naughty and nice at the same time, sometimes I wonder how I came to terms with your weird self. Happy 21st birthday, a great one.

65. Days like today, I love to just reminisce about the moments we’ve shared and most times I find myself wanting to go back and relive them. May we experience better moments this year. Happy 21st birthday to you, friend.

66. Life’s for the living. You’re alive. Life is for you. Good health and prosperity are yours as another year is added to your years today! Happy 22nd birthday to you, dearest friend.

67. I wish that you get to meet the you that you’ll become in the next five years, you in the next five years will be so great and fulfilled. I guess all I’m saying is I wish you long life and prosperity! Happy 21st birthday to you, friend.

68. I may never complain about you if you continue like this, and I don’t know whether I should be elated or just angry that sometimes you appear too good to be true. Happy 21st birthday, champion!

69. In this world, we only get to proceed, there is no privilege to go back. With friends like you, life can only get better, and I’m never afraid to move on with you by my side. Happy 21st birthday to you, dearest friend.

70. Nights have turned into days and days into nights and I’m yet to experience a single moment, regretting the choice to make you my friend. God bless you on your 21st birthday and beyond.

71. This new year, I want you to own your happiness, be your very best and intensify your journey towards excellence! Happy 21st birthday to you.

72. I am beyond lucky to have you as a friend, brother and confidant. May you find so much luck as much as you’ve brought me in this new year. Happy 21st birthday to you.

73. May all the good wishes that people have sent your way to begin to materialize as soon as you blow your candles, cut your cake or just smile. Happy 21st birthday to you, friend.

74. Yours were the first male eyes I peered into that convinced me of genuineness, I was taught support when I found I could lean on you as long as I craved. For these reasons and several others, I find you to be the most awesome friend. Happy 21st birthday to the most supportive friend I know.

75. It’s so rare to see a friend who’s fun, smart and purposeful about life. You’re a rare gem and I wish you never stay off focus even as you begin this new journey towards fulfilment. Happy 21st birthday to you, friend.

76. This year, I desire that you dream as big as the ocean, cause someone whose ultimate is constantly working towards making your dreams come to fruition. Happy 21st birthday to you.

77. I heard you before I saw you, your words were the magic that let me into the beauty of your heart. In past years, you have managed to keep me even more captivated with the way you’ve accentuated your words with a consistent act. May you live long and prosper! Happy 2qst birthday to you, friend.

78. I feel nostalgic for this day. I can’t help but think about all those days in high school when we were the inseparable duo who helped each other to hear the music in the world and see the beauty around us. May you never lose your beauty. Happy 21st birthday!

79. There’s a picture frame of us in my care I would adore eternally. You may remember the picture we took after you said how proud you were of me for being unapologetically me! You’re smiling so bright in this picture, just wish you continually encounter people and things that make you smile as much. Cheers! Happy 21st birthday to you.

80. Today is a special day and I don’t wish to ruin it by being naughty. I’m choosing nice over naughty for you! May you drink from the bowl of goodness and mercy this year! Happy 21st birthday to you.

81. Wherever you go, you exude charm so much that you pique people’s interest and they never want to let you go. Please, go where success is this year, and never allow it to let you go. Happy 21st birthday to you, my dearest friend.

82. May every year be greater than the last, may every day be better than the last and may every moment today be more amazing than your expectation. Happy 21st birthday!

83. It’s so comforting all the time to think about life and remember some blessings like ‘you’. May you find peace and be comforted as you become older! Happy 21st birthday to you.

84. Enlarge your coast this year, don’t just be a blessing to me. Be a blessing to the world and above all, be a blessing to yourself. Happy 21st birthday to you, my best friend.

85. I never want to experience that moment where you will decide we are no longer fit to be friends. Let’s grow together again this year! Happy 21st birthday, dearest.

86. Dear friend, you have been quite the man and a model to look up to. Today, try to be just a male who’s out to have fun cause it’s your birthday! Happy 21st birthday to you, my loving friend.

87. I want you to imagine the life you would be living in the forthcoming years and check if the things you’re currently putting your strength into will give you that life. If it will, press on, it won’t, strategize again, refuel and refire! Have a blast on your 21st birthday!

88. You’re one friend who’s closer than a brother. I’ve come to love that people now mistake us for siblings. Happy 21st birthday, brother!

89. Far from imagination, you’ve proven without reservations that you can be my best friend forever! Happy 21st birthday, BFF.

90. Only a few blessed ones get to have a brother who’s also their favourite gist mate and all-time best friend. I’m one of the blessed few. Happy 21st birthday, my dearest

91. Sometimes I feel one of the reasons you were born is to be the best friend ever to me because you do the job so well !. Enjoy your 21st birthday celebration darling.

92. You seem to be getting younger by the day, you look like you are seventeen which doesn’t surprise me anyway given that you free yourself from worries and unnecessary life dramas. May this new year be trouble-free for you! Happy 21st birthday to you.

93. I had a not so nice overview of men until I met you. I always thought every man was bad. Then, I met you and I’ve not been able to successfully put danger and men together in a sentence. You’re a good man, friend. Don’t doubt your essence. Happy day!

94. May the rest of your life be as beautiful as you. May your dreams begin to thrive apace. Happy 21st birthday, sunshine.

95. Arise, shine, glow! Don’t let anyone denounce your essence. No matter how important a person is, never allow them to downplay your importance. May your 21st birthday be fun and bright!

96. You have the most gracious aura and the brightest smile, I hope you never lose these two things this new year. Happy 21st birthday to you.

97. Not only are we siblings, but it also gives me unadulterated joy to know that we are best of friends. I wish you a very happy 21st birthday celebration.

98. One of the privileges of being friends with you is that I get to learn a lot of interesting things. Let’s learn more together this year. Happy 21st birthday to you.

99. The first thing I noticed about you was your clairvoyance, then your conscious effort towards getting your vision. You’re destined for greatness and this new year looks like the beginning of great things! Happy 21st birthday to you.

100. Altruism was first explained to me by your selfless act. If everyone was like you, the world would be a better place. I hope you have fun today. Happy 21st birthday!

Picking the most suitable 21st happy birthday captions and quotes for your best friend is one of the most beautiful things you can do as they celebrate. Don’t pass on the opportunity.

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