Happy 27th Birthday to Me Wishes and Quotes

Happy 27th Birthday to Me Wishes and Quotes

You may not know this about yourself but there’s no one you’d rather receive love from than you. And yes, sometimes, love comes in form of self-care and sometimes, it comes in form of wishes for yourself.

Of course, prayers and wishes for yourself should be done daily, weekly and all year round. But, special prayers can also be done for special celebrations like birthdays and weddings.

Are you 27th and looking for some of the best birthday wishes for yourself? You are in the perfect place and should certainly consider using these happy 27th birthday to me wishes and quotes.


1. Since my last birthday, I’ve felt like someone waiting for the introduction of another phase. Like I had a greater place to be and a bigger age to see. I’ve had to drown this intensity for 365 days with just living in the moment, and now that the supposed greater phase is here, I am titillated and also geared towards something greater. Happy 27th birthday to me.

2. Before today, I thought I had everything I wanted. Don’t blame me. I have been immensely favoured with unwavering love from God and emotionally heightened by my friend’s stable support. I’ve always felt and I still feel blessed among peers. But since I’m allowed to wish for more, this new year, I want ultimate happiness lazed with incessant testimonies.

3. It’s been a year of huge success and burns it to the ground failures. I give kudos to myself for coming through with a pretty face and tough skin to show. I genuinely hope this new year comes with fewer failures and several bowls of success. A happy 27th birthday to me.

4. I like to think of myself as a star, you know that star that you sit with the love of your life to watch at night. The particular one that enthrals you and makes you want to sleep out and leave the comfort of your bed. Yes! I’ve had people look at me that way all through the year since I decided to take life by the lapel. I never want to get rid of this feeling of being a star. Happy 27th birthday to me!

5. I just desperately need you not to be a pain in my ass and be the very dear new age I’ve envisioned for the past days… Be good to me dear, new year. Happy 27th birthday to me.

6. The womb that produced this must be an overboard cutie, it’s not like I’m complaining… I love what I see when I look into the mirror. So, I’m eternally grateful for this singular fact and thousand other good things I’ve enjoyed lately. I wish for a beautiful year. Happy 27th birthday to me.

7. I’m increased in all ramifications. I feel like nothing has the prowess to vitiate the music in me, and I’ve had food constantly on my table. I’ve enjoyed God’s goodness and I hope to continue basking in this goodness as I start a new year. Happy 27th birthday to me.

8. In trying not to be a brash youth in this new year. I will do everything in my power to make the world a better place instead. So help me God. Happy 27th birthday to me.

9. I envisage a greater tomorrow every time I celebrate my birthday. This year is no different, except that I feel tomorrow is now! Happy 27th birthday to me.

10. I’m happy beyond words and understanding. I feel like there’s more to this year’s birthday, and something in my bone tells me I’m about to hit a jackpot… I genuinely hope this feeling is right! Happy 27th birthday to me.

11. Dear new age, I’ve wondered incessantly when you will come around to claim my skin that already looks like you? I’m glad that I can now wear my skin around proudly without fears of being mocked. Thanks for coming, new age, I promise to entertain you! Happy 27th birthday to me.

12. I am a trademark and I have what it takes to make the world a better place. God has not been so wonderful to me. I proclaim that my later years shall be greater than the former. Happy 27th birthday to me.

13. I’m not ordinary, I can’t be treated randomly, I’m not someone you want to discard grudgingly. Watch out for me this new year as I tap into my prowess to make everything in me ooze only extraordinary things. Happy 27th birthday to me.

14. Birthday to some is a day to be celebrated by friends and family. To others, it’s a day to merry and goes round. To me, it’s another day I get to make a wish and plan for a stellar life! Happy 27th birthday to me.

15. Now that I’ve found a new year, it’s dawned on me that I can have everything I wish for. I wish for more knowledge and power. This new year and beyond, I’m a force to reckon with! Happy 27th birthday to me.

16. I’m sweeping out a lot of junk this year. I feel like I need to get rid of some of the things that have been downplaying my joy and putting off my strengths. I receive the courage to always win! I wish myself a good life as I begin my 27th year on earth.

17. All I see is beyond a birthday celebration. I see perfection, impartation and the manifestation of long-term vows. Happy 27th birthday to me.

18. I wrote a letter to this day some time ago and it’s incredible to know that all the wishes I penned down have come to fruition. I’m just going to write another… Dear next birthday, be a manifestation of all-around success. Happy 27th birthday to me.

19. I see the future on a very large screen and what I see tickles me. I just hope whoever holds the remote doesn’t change it from this station before the future comes. Happy 27th birthday to me.

20. I’ve been flipping through the pages of my own story and it’s been nothing short of inspiring. I’m about to begin a new interesting chapter and my spirit leaps at the prospect of things to come. Cheers to the 27th year of my life.

21. I know quality when I see one, I recognize genuineness when I meet one and I relate with success when one comes my way, I can sense that this birthday celebration is going to be fun and the year is going to be glorious! Happy 27th birthday to me.

22. I hope I’m wise enough this new year to say no to frivolities, I hope I’m bold enough to take daring challenges. I hope I’m blessed enough to overcome challenges and come out successful. Happy 27th birthday to me.

23. For everything good and dandy that I’ve been blessed with, I feel like singing a medley but I fear my voice will break people’s hearts like a tsunami, So, here I am writing my melody in a simple manner just to say I’m grateful for the past years. In the same vein, I wish for happier years. Cheers to the 27th year of my life.

24. I am my own best friend and favourite comedian, I’ve made myself laugh with careless abandon in the past years. It’s not like I’ve not had trying times, but I’ve always managed to overcome them. I’m here and here is good! Happy 27th birthday to me.

24. I’m taking my self-love game to a new level as I begin a new chapter of my life. I pledge to be unapologetically me
I am deciding to rid myself of bias judgement. I’m not letting people denounce my essence no matter how strong they come at me. Happy 27th birthday to me.

25. Looking towards a new age, I declare that I’m God’s grand idea and His perfect expression of grace. I declare that I have what it takes to kick asses and bring home awards. I declare that every day I experience will turn out better than the last. These are my declarations in this new year. Help me, God. Happy 27th birthday to me.

26. I need to recuperate from all the hurts and pains I’ve been through. The one I’ve been told to do on my birthday is to rid myself of toxic people and make my circle smaller. I think I’m going to yield. So, if you’ve ever been anything short of a blessing to me, I’m letting you go right now. I wish to have a great year ahead. Happy 27th birthday to me.

27. When I think of God, I picture a gigantic beautiful painting on a wall that can heal a soul by mere glance and trust in it… At least, that’s how God has made me feel. I don’t ever want to lose this feeling. Happy 27th birthday to me.

28. I’m young and I have a few years of experience but enough experience to know that God is the ultimate ambassador of love… I’m sticking with him even this new year. Happy 27th birthday to me.

29. I’ve been basking in the euphoria of this symphony. It feels great to be part of something great, to know that the little you do makes the world magical… I hope to never lose my magic even as I begin a new chapter of my life. Happy 27th birthday to me.

30. A wise person once said everyone deserves a place that makes them happy. I agree with this and also believe we all deserve people who celebrate us on our birthday and beyond.
I don’t know if it’s a wise saying, but it’s an honest one. Happy 27th birthday to me.

31. I may only say this on my birthday, but I hope the world never forgets that I’m a masterpiece and God’s perfect image.

32. I’ve always wanted the love of my life to be the first to wish me a happy birthday. Just realized now that I’m the love of my life. It feels so great to be the first to wish me a happy birthday. Cheers to year 27!

33. Well, it’s my birthday. I wish to evoke greater things and achieve more this year than the previous years.

34. If you’re experiencing a day that’s full of cheers and celebration, awesome messages and surprising calls, we have something in common. Happy 27th birthday to me.

35. Dear universe, sing me a melody, buy me candy, rid me of a felony, make my life heavenly on my birthday and beyond. Happy 27th birthday to me.

36. May this new year take me by pleasurable surprise and give me a new melody. Happy 27th birthday to me.

37. One of the greatest misconceptions about me is that I’m just one of those people. No, I’m beyond that. I’m black, undaunted, beautiful and legendary. Happy 27th birthday to me.

38. There’s no greater joy that beats the feeling that comes with having God’s love and family’s support showered on you. My joy knows no bounds as I become a year older with this knowledge. Happy 27th birthday to me.

39. I feel like I just returned from the most educating journey. The kinda journey that leaves My mind sharp and my heart open. I’m ready for a new beginning truly. Happy 27th birthday to me.

40. I like to see my life as a love triangle where I, me and myself is grace, success and favour respectively. With this mindset, I don’t believe I can be thwarted by any force. I’m unstoppable this year. Happy 27th birthday to me.

41. Nothing can be more beautiful than a woman who’s unapologetically herself and knows to wish herself a happy birthday. Happy 27th birthday to me.

42. I pray to not just grow in number but to be vastly developed psychology, mentally and emotionally that I no longer seek validation to be me. So help me God. Happy 27th birthday to me.

43. The last time I travelled in my head, I found myself on the throne in success land with the most aesthetic paintings used to dress my home. This is where I want to go this new year. The birthday girl just wants to be on top of her game. Happy 27th birthday to me.

44. Several people are celebrating their birthdays today, you’re one lucky son of God if you’re acquainted with any… You’re most blessed if I’m the one you will be sending your wishes to. Happy 27th birthday to me.

45. Sorrow can not take over, pain can not have a voice because as I celebrate my birthday, all I want to do is dedicate my life to God and surrender my heart to art. Happy 27th birthday to me.

46. Nothing vindicates a birthday celebration than the celebrant being happy. I’m choosing happiness today and beyond because every birthday deserves to be celebrated. Happy 27th birthday to me.

47. You’d be barking up the wrong tree if you’re expecting me to nurse any sorrow this coming year. I’m choosing joy always from this day. 27th Birthday shout out to me!

48. It must be the happiness I exude that’s making me feel younger when the calendar says I’m getting older today. Happy 27th birthday to me.

49. I’m as open to cakes and gifts just like I’m open to your wishes. It’d be a perfect birthday if I received all. Happy 27th birthday to me.

50. Several things I did years ago now amuse me. I can’t wait to think about this day in the next fifteen years. I will do everything this year and beyond to ensure that my thought then won’t be of regret. Cheers to a new beginning! Happy 27th birthday to me.

51. To quote one of my favourite pieces of art ‘ it gets better’ Yeah, I believe these three simple but groundbreaking words will work for me this new year. Happy 27th birthday to me.

52. My hope for a better life has never been this stronger, My dream for a great future has not been this clear. cheers to a new beginning! Happy 27th birthday to me.

53. All birthdays come with significance. I know this one comes with a strong conviction of a blessed tomorrow. Happy 27th birthday to me.

54. Vibrating fiercely in my heart that I can’t keep is a rejuvenated passion and love for myself. Everything seems new just like the dawn of the day. Happy 27th birthday to me.

55. Even erudite have not been able to accurately accentuate your ways! You’ve proven to me in this last year that you do not think as men think. You’ve given me joy like a river and hope that doesn’t faint. Happy 28th birthday to me.

56. I can’t say I have it all, but I can say I have all it takes to have all I need…I have God, that’s how I know the future and this new year is bright! Happy 27th birthday to me.

57. Sometimes I wonder if I was bad at birth or just a small child who wanted a chance at life. Whichever one, I am happy to have evolved into someone brilliant, feels good to celebrate another year. Happy 27th birthday to me.

58. I’m aware it’s impossible for me to live through this coming year unscathed. Life’s touchy, it always touches you. I just ask for the grace to not let life’s touches completely ruin me. Happy 27th birthday to me.

59. The greatest downfall of a man is fear and fear is scared of me. There’s no way I’m staying a failure this year. Happy 27th birthday to me.

60. Can’t remember feeling this great the last time I celebrated a birthday. Could this be s sign that this year’s going to be an exceptionally fine one? I hope it is. Happy 27th birthday to me.

61. Success has been tickling me since forever, touching me in the most sensitive parts, making me long for it like my life depends on it and then leaving me to crave more. Happy 27th birthday to me.

62. I have been countlessly knocked off my feet with the immense love that I’ve experienced since identifying my creator. I hope this simple acknowledgement counts for an appreciation for a new beginning! Happy 27th birthday to me.

63. I’m constantly in awe of his continuous reminder that I’m jealousy cherished and blessed among peers. I don’t take God’s blessings for granted. So, this year I’ll channel my strength into something worthwhile, serving God! Happy 27th birthday to me.

64. Some time ago, I was unmoved and unmotivated, I was rooted and satisfied with my lot. Some time ago, I was a year younger. Now, I’m a year older and I’ve never been this inspired to evoke great things! Happy 27th birthday to me.

65. I feel like the most blessed among all the legends born on this day, I have all of you to thank for that. Happy 27th birthday to me.

66. I will tread the right path this new year even if I shake rigorously to do it. I wish myself a glorious new year. Happy 27th birthday to me.

67. I’ve been informed by your predecessor of your significance and grace. Was told you’re golden and brave and that you would lead me to greatness! I couldn’t wait to have you because I believe all the testimonies about you. Happy 27th birthday to me.

68. I hope the universe won’t hold it against me if I say all I want from this new year is love in its purest unadulterated form. Happy 27th birthday to me.

69. My heart throbs whenever I remember the darkest moments of my life, but not as much as it rejoices whenever I remember that God’s got me and definitely not as much as it melts when I remember how blessed I am, to be surrounded by so much love and life. I pray for more rejoicing as I start the journey of my 27th year.

70. It’s been a tug of war this past year with so much on my table being unattended to. I’ve been more controlled by life than I’ve been in control of life because I’ve let people dictate the things I should do. This new year, things are changing cause I am now fully in charge of the life that God has purposed for me. Happy 27th birthday to me.

71. I believe there’s still enough magic in the world to erase every trace of difficulty and evoke pleasurable surprises this new year. Happy 27th birthday to me.

72. I’m not getting tired of telling this ” I love me” story soon. Seriously, all I want as I start a new beginning is to have people who’ll be gracious enough to never tire of hearing me and kind enough to accept the way I tell my story. Happy 27th birthday to me.

73. My ears are tuned to life’s symphony, my heart pants towards the love given freely and my feet are geared towards treading the path of greatness this year and beyond. Happy 27th birthday to me.

74. I’ve been to a place unworthy of narration. I’ve stayed in the ebb for long times than necessary, but I’ve also had joy unspeakable. Don’t be confused, the presence of joy isn’t the absence of challenges. I know this, and that is why I wish that my joy is great enough this year that every other thing ceases to matter. Happy 27th birthday to me.

75. I want to be so overwhelmed with joy and love this new year that the expression I’m known for is a bright smile so help me God. Happy 27th birthday to me.

76. I’ve had an encounter with diverse feelings this past year but none compares with the euphoria of making art and magic from it all. May this new year not lack art and music. Happy 27th birthday to me.

77. I feel great in the most intense way. So great I am convinced that this new beginning will lure me into the ambience of God’s grace and favour. Happy 27th birthday to me.

78. I have walked up to literates to get an ode about you and your works to mankind, none of which have been able to perfectly capture your essence. To think I’ve been created in the image of someone as great as you are exceedingly exciting. Happy 27th birthday to me.

79. My focus this year is to appreciate myself. Happy birthday to someone who’s unwavering, razor-sharp and deeply tender, yeah! It’s my 27th birthday.

80. I’m in awe every blessed day of how deeply I’m loved by my friends and family, sometimes I still feel like I’m in a trance. I don’t want to ever recover from the love. Happy 27th birthday to me.

81. I’m a morning person only on my birthdays, I always anticipate the goodness and celebration that comes with the day, I’ve never been disappointed and I hope this birthday is not an exception. Happy 27th birthday to me.

82. I liken myself sometimes to the sun, passionate, fierce and unapologetically bright. I’m elated to be a year brighter. Happy 27th birthday to me.

83. Dear self, enjoy the feeling of being a year wiser today than worry about acting a year wiser tomorrow! Happy 27th birthday to me.

84. I finally have the right to eat as many chocolates as my hands can grab and laugh until my stomach hurts. Happy birthday to me! Happy 27th birthday to me.

85. This celebrant would like to thank everyone who’s deemed it fit to compliment her looks, works, and art this past year. I hope to enjoy this new year with people like you to compliment me. Happy 27th birthday to me.

86. As another year has gone by, I’ve been reminded of multitudes of things I’m yet to achieve and countless things that I’ve achieved. I appreciate God for the lessons and blessings. Happy 27th birthday to me.

86. There are moments etched into my heart forever, moments I could never forget even if I tried. Times have helped to reaffirm God’s loving-kindness to me. I don’t take these moments for granted. As I open a new chapter of my life. I wish that more beautiful moments will be discovered and created. Happy 27th birthday to me.

87. Your name on my lips is like a sound of gushing waters, always eager to come out and dominate. I feel blessed that you’ve put your name in my mouth and your word in my soul. May this new year be more about calling the sweetest name of Jesus! Happy 2t7h birthday to me.

88. I’ve been reminded again of the great possibilities of new beginnings as I celebrate another birthday today. I wish myself a great 27th birthday celebration because I deserve it.

89. Every blessed year I get to celebrate my birthday, I always experience positive changes and groundbreaking successes I believe this year will not be different. Happy 27th birthday to me.

90. I’m so short of words to capture the euphoria I’m currently enjoying, the height of excitement and celebration is giving me thrills. I’m so glad to witness yet another birthday. Happy 27th birthday to me.

91. There was a time in my life I was irrevocably tired of everything, I felt like I could not be anything but depressed. Then I encountered someone who made a long-lasting impression on me that’s made me happier than I never imagined I could be. I just want to use this chance at a new beginning to say thank you, Lord. Happy 27th birthday to me.

92. If I emptied my tank of thanks, it would not still be able to accurately express my depth of gratitude towards God for giving me life and grace to witness another birthday. Happy 27th birthday to me.

93. I wish that this year be more about fulfilling purpose and impacting lives. Happy 27th birthday to me!

94. I wish sometimes that I could accurately describe my story from birth and how kind God has been because it’s the only way some people can ever believe that birthdays are to be celebrated and cherished. Happy 27th birthday to me.

94. Somebody cute, adorable, and promising was birthed several years ago by a brave woman. Today, Someone beautiful, daring, and purposeful in making dreams come to fruition! Happy 27th birthday to me.

95. Everything about a birthday oozes celebration and fun! Everything about me speaks about relevance, impact,t, and purpose. Happy 27th birthday to me.

Because today is my birthday, I’m intertwining both things to work to my advantage. I’m celebrating and imparting lives this year! Happy 27th birthday to me.

96. I can boldly say I’m ready for this new phase of my life. I wish that the new year brings greatness and good tidings my way. Happy 27th birthday to me.

97. Another season of celebration is finally upon me and I’m so giddy about it. This year, I want people who will make me feel at home no matter where I am. Happy 27th birthday to me.

98 . Even if I have less than the things I wish for, I know the things I have are worthy of admiration and this new year will birth better things. This is why I’m saying thank you, Jesus! Happy 27th birthday to me.

99. On this great birthday of mine. I just wish I never fall out of the truth and love cause these are the ultimate! Happy 27th birthday to me.

100. I want more of a year like the one I just concluded. A year that’s taught me balance in the most alluring way. Happy birthday to me. Happy 27th birthday to me.

You can find the most suitable happy 27th birthday to me wishes from going through the messages above. Do not hesitate to pick the ones that work for you.

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