Years Relationship Break up Quotes

5 Years Relationship Break up Quotes

You’ve been involved in a 5-year long relationship, and you’ve finally decided it’s over. You probably feel relieved, but also you might feel lonely and sad. Well, you’ll be ok. When you realize that you’re still in love with your ex, there’s a chance that you might believe that your feelings could fade away. That’s something that you have to realize is untrue, and it won’t happen. Nobody wants to feel heartbreak, but it’s often part of the experience.

Suppose you’re wondering why there are several possible reasons for your relationship to have ended. Arguments about family members, lack of time, and money problems are just a few of the numerous things that could cause a relationship to break up.

When a relationship has lasted a long time, people typically drift apart. In other words, the relationship might not necessarily terminate because one or both parties decide to quit their careers. A relationship breaking up is never easy. In this article, we will see some 5 years relationship break up quotes to help you stop being sad after a break up.

5 Years Relationship Break up Quotes

Dealing with a break up is never easy, especially when the relationship lasted for 5 years. Breaking up is tough. Whether you’re the one breaking up or the one getting broken up with, it’s never easy. You need to face the fact that it’s time to move on. The best way to do this is to take the necessary steps today.

1. Breaking up with a partner after five years is difficult. But occasionally, you must end a relationship to move on to the next stage.

2. Although five years is a considerable amount of time, it is not excessive. We should give each other a break and concentrate on our own lives.

3. We have been dating for five years. The best thing about our relationship is that even though we are quite different in terms of our personalities and character traits, we share a great deal in common.

4. Our relationship lasted five years. It’s time for us to put our lives first and stop thinking about each other.

5. It’s been a hard five years, but now it’s time to give each other some distance. Now we’re going to concentrate more on our own lives.

6. We’ve been together for five years, and it’s time for us to part ways.

7. I’ve known you for five years, but it seems like yesterday. I wish we could go back in time and fix a few things that strained our bond.

8. There have been five years of love and togetherness. It is time to proceed.

9. I still love you, but I’m no longer in love with you. I have to proceed since my heart has changed. I appreciate the five years we spent together.

10. Our awakening to reality took five years. We only had to look it in the eye to realize it was always there.

11. For you and us, my heart aches. We haven’t spoken in five years, which I find unbelievable. You’re in my thoughts again, both the good and the bad.

12. Even if our relationship has been 5 years, I have no regrets since at least I’m accomplishing something with my life.

13. I wish the outcome had been different. I was with you for five years. I’ve accomplished nothing in the end.

14. It was unexpected for our five-year relationship to end, and I’m still going through the phases of grieving. Here it is; I needed to vent.

15. A long time is five years. But it isn’t excessively long. Instead of getting sucked into each other’s turmoil, we should concentrate on living our own lives.

16. Remember when you encounter someone new: five years is a long time. You can always start over in love. It’s simply not simple.

17. I tried for five years to be with someone I wasn’t meant to be. However, it’s never too late to make up your mind and express happiness for the individual who makes your heart race.

18. I didn’t realize I wasn’t destined to be with him for five years. Finally, we both moved on and have never been happier.

19. After suffering through five years of heartache and pain, I eventually understood that I wasn’t destined to be with him.

20. It took me five years to realize that I was never destined to be with him. However, those people support you along the way and won’t let you down.

21. It took me five years of feeling lost and afraid before I realized it was time to move on.

22. Even if it’s been five years since your romance ended, you can find your way to happiness again with time and patience.

23. Although difficult, relationships are worthwhile. Although 5 years without a loved one is a long period, you’ll eventually find your way back to happiness.

24. This period is distinct. It’s taken us five years to fully accept that our relationship is over. But life is greater than ever now that we have accepted it! We can once more live our own lives and be happy.

25. Although it hurts to see our five-year partnership end, we are resilient and prepared for a new phase in our lives.

26. We are sad to see our five-year relationship end, and saying goodbye is never easy. But because we have developed so much together, we are certain that now is the ideal time to go on.

27. It’s difficult to time this split of a five-year relationship. We can look back on a lot of fun times and wonderful recollections. But we’re prepared for a new one.

28. It’s difficult to time this split of a five-year relationship. We can look back on a lot of fun times and wonderful recollections. However, we’re prepared for a fresh start in our lives.

29. Although we’ve been together for five years, we’ve been friends for much longer. No matter what happens in life, we will always love one another.

30. After being in a relationship for five years, we have decided to create space in our lives. I will always cherish the good times we shared. To the next chapter, please.

31. It was time to recommit to loving yourself! After five years, I knew I needed a break from the long-distance dating cycle.

32. Although ending a five-year relationship is difficult, you will overcome it. Do not allow anyone to convince you that you are a failure or unlovable; instead, be patient.

33. Since the end of our five-year relationship, it has been more than a week. Maybe you might join me in my search for the ideal person; together, we’ll rediscover happiness.

34. If there is anything to be learned from a five-year split, we should never depend on another person for our happiness.

35. There for five years now. I didn’t realize it wasn’t working for five years. I had no one else to turn to, so I would keep trying. But you can always make changes in your life and put things right.

36. After a relationship of five years ends, it takes time to move on. You’ll discover how to smile once more and feel joy and love. Hold on and make it happen!

37. I still think about you every day, even after our five-year relationship ended a year ago.

38. We broke up over a week ago, but I still think about you constantly. You were my first love and will always hold a special place in my heart. Follow me on Instagram to interact.

39. I still think about him one week after ending our five-year relationship. I miss him the most and long for someone to take his place. It’s not that I’m still in love with him.

40. I’m glad to report that our relationship has ended after five years. I sincerely hope that we will always be friends despite this transition.

41. We have concluded this chapter in our lives, and I hate to say goodbye. Together, we had a ton of fun, and I will always treasure our memories. Here’s to the following section!

42. Even though I didn’t give a damn about this person, he made me happy, so I ignored it. Then, after five years of no contact, he told me the relationship was finished.

43. My self-esteem was eventually restored, but it took me five years to realize that it was never meant to be.

44. I didn’t realize I wasn’t destined to be with him for five years.

45. Breakups after five years are difficult, but you can find more happiness with time and patience.

46. I know it’s time for us to break from one another because we have been dating for the past five years.

47. Despite what some assert that there is no time, five years of bliss together is not too long when you look in the mirror.

48. It takes time to heal from a five-year breakup and learn to love again. I can get better at this and learn a lot from it. This experience has made me stronger and more compassionate toward my loved ones.

49. The idea of love is difficult. I once experienced love. Five years were spent together. I thought it would never end. Then, everything changed.

50. Don’t allow a breakup after five years of dating to spoil your day. Consider it a lesson learned, make amends for your errors, and move on with a positive outlook.

51. After a five-year relationship ends, it takes time to grieve and learn to love again. However, allowing yourself to feel, analyze, and absorb the betrayal of trust is the finest thing you can do.

If you find yourself in this situation and feel there’s no way out, I want you to know something. You are not hopeless. You can start over if you feel like it, and things can be light again. There is hope.

Hope you enjoyed these 5 years relationship break up quotes. Share your thoughts in the comment section and send the quotes to your loved ones. Thank you.

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