8 Sure-Fire Ways You Can Be Greater Than Your Boss

To answer the question, why some people can never be picked by the radar of greatness at their workplaces, I will like to bring up the steps you are to take to be greater than your boss.  At the end of this post you can tell yourself whether you are in the number of those who are fit to be greater or you can never attain the level of greatness I will be talking about here.

After reading this post, I desire a change, either in your thinking or your acts. Surely, something good will happen to your lifestyle by the time you read this through.

As at the time I wrote this article, “I work as an administrative manager of a company owned by my biological brother and so far, I have seen the reasons why people just can’t get higher than they should be in their respective places of works.”

Talking about being greater than one’s boss, I am not talking about a plan to highjack his position, to start earning more than he earns or to have his company to yourself. No! Instead, I will be talking about greatness that is based on moral intelligence. It is moral intelligence that can make your personal dream come to fruition. No one thrives in life without a great portion of that.
Be that as it may, many things bring about greatness, whether at the place of work or in our individual corners. And I will like to outline some in the following paragraphs.

Ways You Can Be Greater Than Your Boss

1. Earn His Trust
Of all the keys to relationship building I have seen, trust is one of the greatest, if not the greatest. So many blessings cum favour flow in when you are on the trust side of your boss and there is no limit to which this can take you in life and in business. Even to a great deal, being trustworthy at your place of work will only mean you are trustworthy at home. Which means, your trustworthiness is best tested away from home – you know this already.

How does this help you at work?
Trustworthiness my not be in your daily moral task, but you know it is one of the rungs to greater relationship at home or at your place of work. A trusted worker is a tested worker and such will soon be on his way to greater heights.

It does not matter whether your boss knows that you are trustworthy or not. Keeping a clean sheet in your dealings and transactions is all you need to say that.
When it comes to preaching about being trustworthy, this has been one of my greatest preachers:
And if you have not been faithful in what is another man’s, who will give you what is your own?
(Luke 16:12).
And the above scripture has said it all; being faithful which is a twin brother of being trustworthy and it is one of the keys to greatness in all areas of life; whether in business or in casual relationships.

2. Be His Opposition Party In Mistake-Making And Errors-Committing
If all you do at your place of work is to leverage on the errors of your boss or your business associates for you to be accepted into the bracket of “We are not all perfect,” you will in all wise do yourself more harm than good. “Oga ( Oga is Boss) would have done even this; no man is perfect” was a common saying at my place of work some time ago until I bumped in and told them the harm they are likely to accrue for themselves if they allow that to make its way into their performance sense. It is funny how people want to justify their incessant errors with the ones their bosses or colleagues commit at work.

The truth about this is, you can hardly be higher than anyone you make the same mistakes with, because LIKES BEGET LIKES. And remember, regardless of which sector you have been assigned to work in, your main duty is to help drive the organization to perfection, by joining them to erase as many errors as possible from their performance databases.

If you have the kind of heart to shun errors and embrace the mind of working to perfection, you would have enlist yourself in the path of greatness, even before you know it.

3. Be His Rival In Creativity
To talk about being creative, there are some people I respect so much. One of such is my brother who owns the company I work for, integritywindoors.com. He is an embodiment of creativity. And I am so elated when I see myself display creativity like Him – Why wouldn’t I!

See, you cannot expect your boss to see you as one of the main branches that hold the tree of his organization if you cannot bring in creative ideas. Of course, it only take creative ideas to sustain an organization in this era of competition.

Think about ways you can add more values to the organization. Brainstorm about great ideas that can bring in more profit and enlargement. Think of the best way a good thing can be done better. Begin to strife for greatness within you. That is a way you can build up yourself to becoming great, even greater than your boss.

A time will come when you will have to be alone, whether you are sacked, you are retired or you resign willingly. When the time comes, chances are that you want to be a boss on your own. It is then the creativity you have once used to make your former organization better that will now help your very own.

4. Enlarge His Pocket And His Coast
While you are ruminating on a better pay, your boss is undoubtedly brainstorming about how his income would be doubled. Then the more income the company have on monthly basis, the more chances you have to earn more salary and this is soul soothing if you happen to be one of the hands that brought about the financial increase.  Bringing in new ideas, finding a way to expand the business is all you need to enlarge his coast. This is what you get in return: you will tend to build for yourself a mind that is so large to make little become big. And this will be a pointer to the fact that you would be better off if it were to be your own business. This brings us to the next point…

5. Be His Co-Pilot
In a plane, a copilot is as important as the main pilot. He is never a learner picked by the road side. And when talking about being his co-pilot, I am talking about being irreplaceable.
Becoming Irreplaceable (being his co-pilot) should trigger this in you:
Why I am here; why was I employed? And How Can I leave Here Better? It is the concise answer to those questions that can make you dream of being greater than the one who is your boss. Some bosses fight to keep some employees. Some even go the diabolical ways to keep some staffs. Being irreplaceable does it!
Being you best in the sector to which you have assigned is the best plot to being outstanding. And this comes when you do exactly what you have been paid to do and then find other areas you can improve the organization and working at it.

In the same vein, celebrating the thought of I want to leave this organization better than when I came, is a core value in being great in life. That is sure the best way of thinking about greatness.

Come to think of this: what sense does it make when you tender a resignation letter and your boss is like, “What took you so long? We have been waiting for this all these while!”
That is relegation of the highest order! Don’t let this happen to you and if it has happened to you once, never allow it in anymore.

You being irreplaceable is seeing the business as your own. Without mincing words, this is one of the pioneers of greatness in life generally. In that, when you see someone else’s property as your very own, you tell the world of greatness that you are in for a show. And before you know it, you will begin to build a capacity that can sustain you in any organization you meet yourself.

Another way of doing this is to inherit his business instinct.
Run the vision of the organization with the owners. Find ways you can create more values for them. Enlarge your thought horizon. Learn about what they do and how they can become better at it. Limitless are the gains you can get from doing this.

6. Be A Doctor Or A Physician To Your Organization.
If your boss is not the best man (or woman) on earth, and not the richest, then there is one limitation or the other that is eating deep into his (or her) organization. And that’s what you need to work out. Every organization has challenges they face and so many problems some have to solve. Ask yourself, why do organizations LAY OFF some staffs and bring in new sets of people? When people cannot deliver, they should be ready to be sacked.

Every organization wants the employees that can give more than they get. When this is not met, the chances of getting someone better than can do the job better is very feasible.

Building yourself to becoming someone who can deliver better by solving organizational problems is a way you can tell the organization that you know why you were employed to work.

7. Be A Hacker Of Greatness
No doubt, it takes a level of greatness to get to another. And so far, greatness has not been a poor-mentality man’s business. Greatness is sure for great minds.

Why must you be a hacker of greatness? It is simple. Let me see this with you: you are not the only employee who wants to achieve the feat you are planning to achieve. There is competition everywhere. So to be in the forefront therefore, you must be in the “forethought.” You must think ahead and think wild. No mediocre thought and no limited ideas. I see you becoming that person.

8. Be Grafted
Agriculture has thought us that a mango trunk can be attached to a cashew tree through grafting and then it will produce its own fruits with time. In same way, you can run your vision under the umbrella of the organization you work in if you know your way.
One reason why this might be needful is because, you cannot stay forever in the organization. The one you are working for was also an employee some time ago. When you need to think of yourself as being an employer in the making, grafting does it.
This is where many employees get it wrong. Wisdom is everything in life. You cannot work in an organization and then all you do is to find ways you can make better yourself at the perils of the organization. That is nothing but insubordination.

However, there is nothing wrong if you can carefully run your own vision – with wisdom – under the organization you work with, but not with the mind of bringing them to naught.

If you’re grafted, you run your vision but you use the organization. Hey! This is not a must anyway, and you must not jump protocols to do anything of your own. You were paid to work and you must use all the resources you are given to do the job you are paid to do.

One great way grafting, as I described above, works is that, it guides you in a path. And your vision can be helped alongside the vision of your organization in that, you can have access to resources you wouldn’t have had access to if you are on your own.

If you will do anything at all, it must not be the same thing your organization is into. You must not run a company that has the same vision as the company you are under. Your own vision must come right from your within and “should” be different from what your company is running.

There is nothing wrong if your desire is to have a company that does the same thing as the company you are working for, but executing that project while you are still an employee under that company could earn you a jail term or the equivalent if you are caught. Wisdom is profitable to direct!

Caution: Your leisure times and after working hours are best to be used for your personal vision.

That is the best I can say about this topic. In case you have any other points or contribution to this, you are so welcome to add this through the comment box below. Thanks for reading this.

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