Abandoned by Husband Quotes

Abandoned by Husband Quotes

A wife abandonment is a situation in which a husband chooses to forsake an intimate relationship with their partner by physically or emotionally withdrawing from her. It often happens when the married man begins to neglect his/her wife, such as not giving the needed attention. An emotional abandonment usually occurs first, with physical abandonment following later.

Being abandoned by the person you love makes you feel all alone in this world. However, if you need quotes about this, you will find the best of them here. There is a list of abandoned by husband quotes below you should definitely see.

Abandoned by Husband Quotes

Being abandoned by one’s husband is degrading, humiliating and disorienting. Every time it happens, it feels as if another piece of your self-esteem was chiselled away. If it keeps happening, eventually there will be nothing left of you to love.

1. Women are so hurt when they are abandoned by their husbands. Wives’ abandonment by their husbands is an act of wife abuse and can also be referred to as emotional abuse, psychological abuse or mental/emotional neglect.

2. Wives are abandoned by their husbands for various reasons. Some of them regard it as a normal situation, while others are deeply affected as it ruins their life and makes them feel hopeless.

3. Being abandoned by a husband is an important issue, it affects women and has a big impact on their lives. Many of them are affected at the time of divorce, even if they live with violence, psychological abuse or some other form of harassment, they often tend to remain silent.

4. More and more women are being abandoned by their husbands. What makes matters worse is that they are also left without any means of income or support.

5. It hurts to be abandoned by one’s husband. The woman is left to deal with the devastating consequences of their husband’s abandonment on their own.

6. Wives’ abandonment by their husbands is worrying, emotional and has physical consequences. It causes a feeling of fear, frustration and desperation. This feeling is something that becomes a normal part of your life and can be difficult to forget or even deal with.

7. Wives who have been abandoned by their husbands, while they are pregnant, are in a pitiful condition. They are worried and scared.

8. Wife abandonment is a serious problem. Women are more likely to be abandoned than men are. It may feel like the end of the world when you have to take care of everything alone.

9. Abandoned wives have to face the abandonment of their husbands. Many times they become love-struck and fall into the trap of infidelity.

10. Wives’ abandonment by their husbands happens when things go upside down. A man abandons his wife and leaves her all alone to fend for herself. The husband literally walks out of his marriage leaving her with no other option but to pick up the pieces.

11. When a husband abandons his wife for an extended period of time and has no intentions of returning to her, it hurts and makes her vulnerable.

12. Thousands of wives are abandoned by their husbands every year. The problem is the husband does not give a reason for abandonment nor does he have to provide for his family.

13. Widows tend to be a vulnerable population, particularly when they are abandoned by their husbands and left without access to a male family member or social support.

14. When a husband abandons his wife, he leaves her with the financial, psychological, and social consequences of such abandonment.

15. Wife abandonment is a form of domestic violence. It causes the woman to think about and experience many different emotions, not only sadness but anger, confusion, denial, shame and blame.

16. Abandonment by a husband is one of the most damaging and destructive experiences that a woman can suffer in her lifetime.

17. It’s very shocking and unexplainable to see husbands abandoning their wives due to some unknown reasons. This could be the effects of marriage problems that may lead to divorce.

18. Wives being abandoned by their husbands is something depressing. When a spouse abruptly stops coming home, it can be difficult to decide what to do next.

19. Wive abandonment is a sad thing. It’s so difficult to see children suffer and lose the love of their fathers. It is painful to fall in love with someone who doesn’t accept you as yours.

20. It′s sad to have a husband who doesn’t care about you and denies you of your rights as a wife. It hurts deep inside when they abandon you.

21. Divorce is a sad reality of many marriages – and there is no one who understands this more than the abandoned wife.

22. Wive’s abandonment is a betrayal that hurts the heart of the wife and violates her trust. It is a very shocking and stressful experience for a woman to deal with such an issue, more so when she feels like there’s nothing she could do about it.

23. Wive’s abandonment, especially in the case of married couples with children, is a painful condition with several implications. The wife is forced to give up the home she has nurtured for years and move out into an uncomfortable place where she can’t even take her most personal things.

24. Wives who are abandoned by their husbands are emotionally devastated. The women are shocked and confused. They often question themselves and their marriage causing doubts to form in the husband’s mind as well.

25. The sudden wife’s abandonment leaves her feeling alone, vulnerable and devastated.

26. The pain of a woman who has been left by her husband and is then forced to care for her family is unexplainable.

27. They may be financial, physical, emotional or sexual. But the damage is always the same: the abandonment of the woman.

28. Wive abandonment is one of the most devastating things a woman can ever suffer. Wives abandonment means that a husband has stopped loving his wife so much that he ceases to care about her needs and wants.

29. Some men leave their wives for a new lover. Others abandon their wives and children due to other mental illnesses or physical disabilities. This has a great effect on the wife.

30. Abandoning a wife leaves her alone in fear. In this situation, women can’t do anything but cry and wait for their husbands to return.

31. Women are abandoned by their husbands, but no one thinks of protecting them. They are expected to be accepting of this.

32. The woman who was always left by a man, is the one who wouldn’t have married him if he hadn’t been in love with someone else.

33. Every woman deserves to be loved and cherished. Every divorce is the result of a broken promise.

34. You will always have your husband, but you will never have your first husband.

35. I have been abandoned by my husband and left to care for our kids alone. This has been the hardest lesson of my life. I hope it inspires everyone else out there that finds themselves in the same situation, to know they are not alone!

36. Being abandoned by your husband is a very painful thing. It is not something to take lightly, especially when you are not expecting it.

37. I was abandoned by my husband. But now I see that he was never mine, to begin with.

38. When you are abandoned by your spouse, you may feel like you’ve been left on a deserted island. But the truth is that no matter how far away it is, a single man can always find a way to get back home again.

39. When a man abandons his wife, the world, and even himself, it’s hard to find someone who will believe him.

40. You know what they say about being abandoned by your husband—it’s never good, but it’s also never over.

41. When you’ve been abandoned by your husband, you know what it’s like to be left behind.

42. Sometimes when you are in the most selfless place with the most caring person, someone you trust and admire so much, and they leave without a word? It’s like the world is coming to an end.

43. Many things in life are harder to bear than being abandoned by our husbands, but they can be borne if we learn how to live.

44. It’s not easy to be abandoned by your husband, especially when your husband was in love with someone else for years before he finally comes back to you.

45. The saddest thing in life is to love someone and be abandoned.

46. It’s not easy being away from your partner. Missing him is part of the change process we go through when we finally let go

47. Abandoned by their spouses, abandoned by their families, abandoned by the world they once knew. Some women become so detached that they can forget how to love anymore.

48. The pain of an abandoned wife is more severe than the pain of a physical injury.

49. When you’re abandoned by your husband it can be hard to focus on anything else. But don’t despair, there are so many happy people in this world who have experienced it and survived.

50. A life abandoned by one’s husband can seem like a life wasted. A man that is willing to abandon everything to save his marriage is not a man that is going to be abandoned by his wife.

51. Being abandoned by one’s husband is a type of emotional pain that causes real damage to your self-esteem and emotional well-being. It can also create physical symptoms.

52. Life can be challenging and daunting when you are abandoned by your husband. And sometimes it’s easy to give up. But when you keep going, things will happen for you.

53. If a wife is abandoned by her husband, then she becomes an abandoned wife. It is sad to say the truth. When a woman loves someone with all of her heart, he should love her back.

54. We have been betrayed by a husband who said he loved us and then left us. And we are the only ones to blame.

55. No matter how good a man is, how hard he works, or how much he makes if he doesn’t love his wife and family, he isn’t worth keeping.

56. There’s a lot of pain in life, especially when you’re a wife abandoned by your husband. But, there is also joy when we appreciate the good moments.

57. Wives abandoned by their husbands are like the moon abandoned by the sun.

58. When a husband deserts his wife and family, he is unaware of the damage his actions will leave behind. The warning signs are numerous and obvious but often ignored.

59. If you love your wife, don’t mistreat her. If you mistreat her, it’s abandonment.

60. It hurts when you realize that the ones you chose to be with didn’t choose you anymore.

61. Wives abandoned by their husbands are often left feeling confused, dejected and sometimes hopeless.

62. A woman who feels abandoned is not a happy woman, and it has been said that an unhappy woman can cause more damage to the world than a terrorist.

63. The feeling of being abandoned by your husband is something no woman should have to endure.

64. The feeling of being abandoned by your husband can be so horrible it can make you completely give up. But don’t give up, because this is just a bump in the road and you’re going to get through it together!

65. The feeling of being abandoned by your husband doesn’t just go away, it festers and grows. The source of your pain is something you need to examine and confront head-on—not run from.

66. It’s lonely to be alone. It’s scary to be rejected. But sometimes, the hardest thing about being single is the feeling of being abandoned by your husband.

67. It can heartbreaking when your husband walks out of your life, leaving you alone and shattered on an empty street.

68. When your husband leaves you to be with someone else, it’s hard to say goodbye. After all, your marriage is the one thing you’ve shared together since day one.

69. When a woman is abandoned by her husband, it can be very difficult to trust him again. It doesn’t matter how many times they try to get back together, the trust has been broken and it’s hard to rebuild.

70. The feeling of being abandoned by your husband can be overwhelming and confusing.

71. When you divorce and the feeling of being abandoned by your husband is so intense, it can be hard to even think about starting a new relationship.

72. Being a wife is never easy. But…it can be much harder when you feel like your husband is trying to abandon you.

73. When women are abandoned, they may not realize that they are being taken advantage of and put in vulnerable situations.

74. When a woman is abandoned by her husband, it takes away the security that she once had. This can lead to depression and poor physical health.

75. When your husband is not there for you, it’s hard to know what to do. Life can be a roller coaster, filled with ups and downs. When you’re on the down, you might find yourself asking “Why me?”

76. When your husband walks out and you’re all alone, it’s hard to feel like you have a place in this world. It hurts so much that he doesn’t love you anymore.

77. The feeling of being abandoned by a husband can be hard to deal with. It can also be very confusing.

78. The feeling of being abandoned by a husband is like falling off a cliff and expecting to die. You can survive it—you just need to know that you have the strength to get back up again.

79. The pain of being abandoned by a spouse is excruciating. It hurts so much that we can’t even imagine how hard it is for the children.

80. It hurts to be left by the only one you love, but you will always remember the good times.

81. The most painful feeling in a divorce is being abandoned by your husband.

82. When a husband leaves you for another woman, it feels like your world has come crashing down. It was both sudden and unexpected.

83. Being abandoned by a husband is one of the most painful experiences that a woman can go through.

84. The feeling of being abandoned by a husband is like the feeling you get when someone blocks your path, but you still see their face and hear their voice.

85. When a husband leaves and never looks back, it feels as though you have been left behind.

86 When your husband leaves you for another woman, it can be hard to look for the silver lining. But if you’re willing to look, there may be a lot to love about being single again.

87. When a wife is abandoned by her husband, she is often left alone to confront the loss of her finances, her health and most importantly, her sense of self.

88. A wife who is abandoned by her husband is like a flower whose roots are severed.

89. Every woman’s nightmare is to be abandoned by her husband. Don’t let it happen to you!

90. Being abandoned by one’s husband is a type of trauma that can be hard to deal with, but I’m here to tell you that it’s ok to reach out for support.

91. When a wife is abandoned by her husband, she will be left to face the world alone. But when she stands up for herself, no one can deny her beauty and value. She is truly beautiful, as are you.

92. When you are left by your husband, everyone says it will be different but you find out that nothing is easier.

93. The act and emotion of leaving someone, particularly a spouse or family member, can cause great grief and confusion.

94. Being abandoned by a husband can cause pain, anger, sadness, and emptiness.

95. When you are abandoned by your husband, it’s easy to feel like you’re alone in this. But, know there is hope.

96. Being abandoned by a husband is a feeling no woman wants to experience. It’s life-sapping and heartbreaking.

97. When you are abandoned by your husband, everything else in this world seems meaningless.

98. It’s painful to watch the one you love to stop loving you. A woman that’s abandoned by her husband is an angry woman.

99. The feeling of being abandoned by your husband is unexplainable. Only an abandoned woman knows it.

100. Being abandoned by your husband can be painful. It’s one of the situations no woman wants to be in.

Being abandoned by a husband is a devastating experience. It can happen to any woman and no matter how much you think you’re prepared, it always comes as a shock. You may feel lonely, stressed, depressed and even angry at times. This negative feeling can lead to emotional or physical problems.

The abandoned by husband quotes here have captured a lot about being abandoned by husband. I hope you found them helpful. You can use them any time and any day.

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