Above All Be Kind Quotes and Sayings

Above All Be Kind Quotes and Sayings

Today, we live in a world where the ethics and values of treating others with kindness are seriously downplayed. The world is getting more frightening by the day, and it’s becoming increasingly hard to keep up with the bad events spreading around us every time.

As a result, it is not uncommon to find people caught up in a spiral of despair, in which they are struggling to find the courage to face each day with love and kindness in their hearts. But amid the chaos, we need to remind ourselves of the significant reasons kindness matters now more than ever.

Kindness is one of the most important things you can work on to become successful in your life, relationship, or career. It shouldn’t be limited to just people that are nice to us, but everyone around you. You have the power to choose whether or not to be kind, and letting kindness be your guide can have a profound impact on your life.

Being kind isn’t always simple as it seems, but it remains a major way to provoke another to be kind by simply living and leading by example. So, incorporate one of these beautiful above all be kind quotes into your everyday life, and you’ll be surprised at how good you feel and make others feel also.

Above All Else Be Kind Quotes

Kindness matters now more than ever. It’s good to be kind, not because you want to get something in return but because it’s just the right thing to do. When you’re kind to others above all else, you’ll reap the numerous benefits that accompany it.

1. Above all be kind, even to those who are less kind than you are. Kindness is an attribute that all things needed in life will surely come through.

2. Being kind above all else begins with one person till it becomes contagious to many others. Kindness is reciprocal and answers many life problems. You’ll be rewarded when you’re kind to everyone, even in bountiful folds.

3. Oftentimes, life dictates that you should be kind only to those who are kind to you. But you’ll be a step higher when above all else, you show kindness even to the unlovable. The reward you’ll reap in return is unquantifiable.

4. Being kind is a rare and precious virtue that can be given to others as a gift. It’s not often seen, but it’s what makes life worth living. And it’s why my dreams will come true. So, above all else be kind.

5. The person who is kind to others is kind to themselves. Just be kind above all else and treat others the way you’d want to be treated.

6. Above all else be kind. Kindness is the key to goodness in life. A random act of kindness reaches great heights and can change an entire life around.

7. You show kindness not only to fellow humans. Even the animals and the things we possess deserve a good measure of kindness. We enjoy a great benefit from them, so above all else, we need to be kind to them.

8. Be kind to your friends and everyone around you above all else. For they might be right when you least expect it or when you think they are wrong. The kindness shown to them today may eventually turn around to your advantage tomorrow.

9. Above all else be kind. We are all prone to making mistakes in our lives. So, in your responses and reactions towards others, it is far better to be kind than to be right.

10. Being kind is one great quality that speaks louder than the sound of a trumpet. If you’re kind to others, they will feel the impact- you’ll feel it too.

11. Being kind is the key to freedom – the most essential of things. It may seem insignificant, but to some, it’s the only reason to smile when they’re feeling sad. So, above all else, be kind.

12. Because everyone you meet in life is fighting a hard battle that you’ll never know. You have to be kind so as not to add more salt to their injuries.

13. You show that you’re kind when you accept people for who they are. Try to help people without expecting anything in return. If you see them falling, be kind to help them. Stand up for them, when they need it best.

14. Above all else be kind. Kindness lives in the heart, for it is expressed in how you relate with others. It also lives on the lips for it reflects in the good way you speak.

15. Kindness to young and old is a beautiful thing. People can learn how to live in this world with kindness daily. No harm; be good to everyone. Kindness is the key, and you’re more likely to succeed when you’re kind.

16. One considerable measure of kindness that can be shown to a fellow human is to congratulate people when they succeed. And together, you’ll achieve so much more than you can ever dream.

17. Being kind costs nothing, but it buys everything: true friendship, real peace of mind, and a clear conscience. Kindness brings out the best in people and helps to make the world a better place.

18. Acts of kindness can happen at any time and in any place. Kindness is as simple as extending a helping hand, offering a smile, or just making someone feel important.

19. With the constant hustle between work, family, and friends being kind may be overlooked. Above all else, choose kindness and consciously be kind to others.

20. Being kind is the best gift you can ever give to anyone. It’s free and never wears out. With just a bit of kindness shown to people around you, you’ll feel a whole lot better.

21. Kindness is the quality of being kind, generous, and considerate. Being kind doesn’t cost a thing. It can’t be bought, yet it buys everything. Nothing compares with being kind above all.

22. Being kind is about giving freely and generously to those who need it most. It’s about believing in people and that each life matters. Being kind doesn’t cost a thing, but it buys everything.

23. People don’t have to earn it before you can be kind to them. It tells more about your personality than it does about the one you’re being kind towards.

24. Being kind is about being helpful to others even when it is not required. You have so much to gain in return: good friends, peace of mind, and a clear conscience. But beyond the reward, dare to be kind above all.

25. Being kind above all else is free and worth its weight in gold. Kindness brings about real friendships and helps spread peace and happiness throughout the world. A lot can be held together where kindness is a strong anchor.

Best Quotes on Above All Be Kind

Above all, be kind, whether it is comfortable or not. Kindness remains one of the most powerful virtues to imbibe and the best gift you can ever give yourself, the world, and those around you. Look for little ways to be kind to others throughout your entire life.

26. Above all be kind. In the end, your little good deed may be all you’ll have to remember in your life, which will be your one lasting gift. And you will be treasured and remembered for the magnitude of your heart.

27. Above all be kind. The key to freedom is revealed through the kindness of your heart. It’s the most essential of things in life; if not, it’s a worthy vice.

28. Being kind is one of the easiest things anyone can do yet, it’s often the hardest. Kindness is not complicated, it is possible in any situation.

29. Being kind creates a happier and less stressful world. It also is contagious and can result in happiness for yourself as well.

30. When you’re kind to others, they want to be kind in return. This exchange builds long-term friendships and creates a foundation for real happiness. People want to be around people they can trust and truly connect with.

31. The impact that kindness has on life can’t be measured. It can be small acts of generosity or bigger things. It doesn’t matter if you’re poor or rich, humble or famous, no act of kindness is too small.

32. Cultivating kindness starts with a genuine appreciation for the people around you. When we’re kind to others, we feel happier and more satisfied, and our relationships get stronger.

33. Kindness goes a long way. It’s an investment in your health, happiness, and the world.

34. Being kind above all makes a whole lot of difference in the world. It helps in making a real and lasting change, which means we focus on making a difference in our communities and sharing kindness.

35. Kindness is one of the greatest things you can give to someone. It doesn’t cost a thing but it buys everything. Kindness can lead to more productivity and happiness, better relationships, and a more successful career. It changes lives.

36. It doesn’t cost a thing to be kind. It is the greatest gift you can give yourself, and everyone around you. Kindness inspires trust, goodwill, and loyalty. It also establishes you as an approachable person in life.

37. Being kind is not just about being nice to people. It’s about creating a kind world. It’s about developing a genuine human relationship. It’s about thinking of others before yourself.

38. Showing kindness and compassion are qualities we all should have in our daily lives. To make the world a better, and safe place to live in, being kind helps us to achieve this and even more.

39. Being kind is about being thoughtfully generous and doing helpful things for others. It helps to inspire others while it creates a lasting impression on them.

40. One pure way to show your love to people is to be kind to them. Having the heart of showing kindness is a great motivation to help people who need it. As simple and cost-free as it is, no doubt, it means a lot to the recipient.

41. A free and easy way to brighten someone’s day is to show a measure of kindness to them. No matter how minute or significant the act might seem, be kind to them above all. Such encouragement can go such a long way.

42. Kindness knows no bounds. It reflects in how we treat others. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to be kind. It just takes a big heart and a warm smile.

43. Being kind will get you noticed. When people hear your kind words, they remember them. People talk about being kind, argue about it, and even fight over it. But come what may be kind to all no matter what.

44. Being kind is about being a good person. It brings joy to your daily life and the lives of others. Being kind is the best thing you can do and the best gift you can ever offer.

45. Kindness is a language that the deaf can hear, and the blind can see. So, be kind above all.

46. Kindness to young and old is a beautiful thing. People can learn from it and benefit from your kindness a great deal. And the world will be kind to you in return.

47. The best way to enjoy the kindness of others is to show it to somebody else. This is the only investment that never fails.

48. Kindness may seem insignificant, But to some, it’s the only reason To smile when they’re feeling sad, So, above all, be kind.

49. Above all be kind. Kindness is the key to goodness. Spreading love around through kindness helps to dispel grudges and every form of fight.

50. Kindness gives happiness and makes our world a better place. Kindness inspires people and creates emotional bonds between them. It is the essence of friendship. Showing kindness to others feels great and helps keep things in good shape.

With the benefits that kindness has revealed, I hope you will live your life consciously to make other people feel good about themselves.

Thank you for going through these above all be kind quotes. Please do well to comment and share them with others and also anticipate more lovely and inspiring articles from this site.

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