You Broke My Heart Quotes for Her

It’s hard to lose the person you love. Sometimes, the pain is intense enough to make you want to curl up in bed all day and wish you could rip out your heart that’s filled with all their memories.

You’ve imagined a future with this person, made countless sacrifices and risked everything to be by her side. You were never one of the things that built up against her in this life. You readily absorbed the heat both privately and publicly on their behalf.

So, having such a person break your heart and hurt you will certainly make you angry and betrayed, and it’s enough to make you wish them harm.
You might, however, want to express your hurt in a way that makes them ashamed and regretful for what they’ve done.

This is what makes this collection of you broke my heart quotes for her below perfect. They’ll help you adequately express your hurt and hopefully set you on a path of forgiveness, healing, and comfort.

You Broke My Heart Quotes for Her

Even if that is what you desire, agreeing to break ways with you was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Your unwillingness to attempt to make us work again destroyed my heart. But I hope it was worthwhile.

1. I’ve felt helpless and lost since you broke my heart. You were all I cared about, and it’s hard to imagine life without you.

2. You still let us go after all the time, effort, and love that I put into our relationship. You broke my heart, and I don’t know if I believe I’ll ever be fine again and better.

3. I’ve tried to get over you, but it’s been hard. I’m shocked that you broke my heart when all I ever did was love and be vulnerable with you.

4. Although you broke my heart months ago, I’m yet to recover. It’s been a difficult period to navigate, and I’m still shocked you’d hurt me this way.

5. I hate that I still feel something in my heart whenever I hear your name. I shouldn’t want to ever see you again with how you broke my heart.

6. The day you broke my heart ranks as the worst day of my life. Of all the things I’ve had to endure, the pain from our breakup is the worst.

7. I know that things have ended between us now, but the reality is difficult to face. You broke my heart and dreams, and it hurts.

8. I miss having you to hold and talk to. As much as I hate you right now, you were my favourite person in the entire world. It sucks that you broke my heart this way.

9. As much as you tried to play it safe, your decision to walk away from us hurt me. You broke my heart and all the dreams I had for the both of us.

10. As much as I hate to admit it, there’s still a part of me that holds some softness for you. Although, with the way you broke my heart, I wish I could erase you from my memory.

11. When you left me, you broke my heart in two. I still feel the pain like it’s the first day, and I’m barely managing to hold myself up every day.

12. I miss what we had, but it’s apparent you’re not even willing to fight for us anymore. You broke my heart, and it is a bitter pill to swallow.

13. I wish you could feel half the pain you’ve caused me. You hurt me deeply when you broke my heart, and it’s not something I can forgive easily.

14. I thought we had a future together, but I was obviously in dreamland all by myself. You broke my heart and left me stranded.

15. With how you broke my heart, I feel that I’ll hate you for a long time. You hurt me and my dreams for both of us.

16. You’ve managed to hammer out all my optimism about love and commitment. You broke my heart, and it hurts a lot!

17. You were the only thing that made sense to me, but you decided to cut ties. You broke my heart completely, and I’m not certain I’ll ever recover.

18. I’m so used to you that I don’t know if I’ll be able to live without you. I hate that you put me in this position, especially as you asked me to trust you with my heart.

19. You broke my heart and trust and crushed every bit of hope I had that our relationship could work out. I’m confident that I’ll bounce back, though.

20. You broke my heart, and I feel sad and betrayed. Trying to imagine a future without you is difficult because I had high hopes that we’d work out.

21. It’s taking a lot of time, but it’s beginning to dawn on me that no amount of tears or begging will ever make you be mine again.

22. It’s been months, and I am still devastated by your absence in my life. Pain and heartache are far from what you promised me when we first got together.

23. As much as I wish you everything good, a part of me hopes that you suffer as much as I’m suffering. You were my everything, babe!

24. You’ve caused me so much pain with our breakup. The hurt and damage to my heart are so much that I don’t wish anyone experienced it.

25. I always imagined myself building a family and growing old with you. How was I to know that you’d moved on months before our breakup?

26. We had so much to look forward to as a couple. I remember all our plans, and I still don’t understand how things became bad for us.

27. These days, it’s not just your pictures I can’t look at. Everywhere I turn, I remember memories of us and how our story has reached its end.

28. Your absence has been both devastating and unreal. You didn’t only break my heart, but you also wasted my time and shot at happiness.

29. Since you left, I’ve been walking around with a broken heart that refuses to try to heal. I did love you, and your absence is the worst thing that’s happened to me.

30. It has been difficult and still unbelievable to think that our love story has ended. I miss you so much and wish there was something I could do to get you back.

31. It seems you aren’t going through as much pain as I am because you would be fighting tooth and nail to recover our relationship.

32. Even with my pain, I still want you to be in my life. Nothing will be the same without you, and I’m not prepared to deal with your absence.

33. Of all the possible outcomes I thought of for us, a breakup wasn’t one of them. It hurts to see you go away like I never mattered.

34. I feel helpless, alone, and hurt at your decision to leave. You were the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with, but I can’t even hug you anymore.

35. You brought colour and adventure into my life. How am I supposed to go back to how things were before you? It hurts!

36. Giving your best to a relationship is no guarantee that it’ll last. Because how am I hurting from the pain of the heartbreak you caused?

37. You have no idea how much you hurt me with our breakup. The pain is like nothing I’ve ever experienced before, and it doesn’t feel like it’ll ever stop.

38. With you, I was excited at another chance at happiness. How was I to know that you’d take that away from me like you took my heart and time?

39. Every hour comes with a fresh bout of pain, and my heart breaks some more. I resent you for breaking my heart and hurting me this much.

40. I regret crossing paths with you and agreeing to date you. You’ve caused my heart the most pain, and I hope you suffer just as much.

41. I had high hopes for our union, but how was I to know you wouldn’t be different from the rest? You broke my heart, and I hate you for it.

42. Like breaking my heart wasn’t enough, you had to also leave me with self-doubt and confusion. You were never deserving of my love, and I regret everything now.

43. I’ve gotten this far in life with optimism and perseverance. It’s how I know I’ll get over you and lead a happy life in the nearest future.

44. I’ll always feel something when I see your name or perceive an essence that reminds me of you. It’s sad because I want to be done with you once and for all.

45. I regret handing you the keys to my heart, only for you to break it a few months later. I thought I could be carefree with you forever, but I was wrong.

46. I still feel numb from the way you broke my heart. It’s worse because I can’t get over how cold your eyes were when you ended things between us.

47. You were an important person to me, and I loved hearing your voice before and after each day. I wish that things didn’t have to end this way between us.

48. I could have sworn that our lives would be intertwined forever. But look who got heartbroken by the person I saw forever with!

49. When I think of you, my heart hurts, and a part of me still wants to hold on to you. But I can’t forget that you broke my heart and left me when I needed you the most.

50. I didn’t expect our breakup to hurt me this much and for this long. Is it something I said or did that made you leave me?

51. I wish things didn’t have to end this way between us, but I understand that it’s for the best. Although I don’t see us becoming friends again, I wish you the best.

52. You broke my heart, and now I have to start my life and try to find happiness again. You hurt me badly!

53. I miss what we were before things got complicated. I was enough to make you happy, and the coldness you showed me was impossible to imagine.

54. The good days we had together were the best times of my life, and my heart aches that there’ll never be more. I still can’t believe that you broke my heart.

55. I’m optimistic that I’ll be happy again one day. I’ll somehow get over this pain from our breakup and be able to smile with all my heart.

56. I loved you with all my heart, but you hurt me like we didn’t spend the last couple of years fighting to be by each other’s sides.

57. To you, it’s moving on to new people and opportunities. To me, it’s dealing with memories and heartache. You didn’t promise me this sort of hurt in the beginning.

58. A huge part of me wants you to suffer for making me go through such a hard time. You hurt me beyond words, dear.

59. You changed my life in many ways, then you added pain as I’ve never experienced to the mix. I hate that I trusted you enough with my heart and vulnerability.

60. I’ve never felt pain and betrayal like I feel towards you. Our breakup ranks as the most hurtful and insensitive thing anyone has ever done to me.

61. The way you hurt me wasn’t a mistake. It was well thought out and was in the works for weeks. I was stupid to believe all the promises you made to me.

62. No one deserves to be broken up in such a devastating way. It’s a huge reason why I can’t easily forgive you.

63. The loss of you isn’t something I can easily get over. Even though I gave you my heart and loyalty, you hurt me like I didn’t matter much.

64. The moment you stopped seeing forever with me, you should have let me know. Instead, you subjected me to emotional torture and pain. I hope the universe pays you back in your coin.

65. I don’t know how you were okay with hurting me as much as you did. But I’ll take comfort in the fact that I stayed true and loyal to you.

66. I’d have never believed that the heart could break this much. Thank you for hurting me as much as you did.

67. You’ve caused me a lot of pain and hurt, and I’m always crying these days. But I’m hopeful that things will get better with time.

68. My love for you was real, and I always tried to make things work out between us to the best of my ability. Thank you for the pain and many lessons.

69. I want to lay in bed all day and cry on most days. I’m exhausted and can’t understand how things became this bad between us.

70. You always encouraged communication between us, so I’m confused about how you broke up with me without any discussion. You hurt me!

71. I’m experiencing firsthand how difficult it can be to live without someone you saw forever with. But I’m still hopeful about a beautiful life in the future.

72. I trusted you with everything, but you paid me back with betrayal and unhappiness. The way you broke my heart was terrible.

73. Your apologies don’t mean anything to me. If you were sorry about hurting me, you never would have broken my heart in the first place.

74. I wish there was something to cure the pain of a broken heart permanently. It’s hard reminiscing over memories without you to call mine again.

75. There’s nothing we haven’t been able to talk through to find a solution. Why didn’t you think you could talk to me if you were dissatisfied? Instead, you chose to break my heart.

76. You broke my heart into a million pieces, and I’m mad at you. Thinking back now, I shouldn’t have given you my heart and trust as easily as I did.

77. Before the breakup, you’d started acting cold and uncaring towards me for a while. That should have been my cue to ask or leave, but I chose to believe the best of you. Look how bad you hurt me!

78. I didn’t deserve the unfair way you ended things between us. I deserved kindness, loyalty, and as much patience as I showed you.

79. It took you breaking my heart to make me realize how undeserving you were of my heart and trust. Thank you for doing me a huge favour.

80. I loved many things about you, and I thought you did for me too. I assumed many things because you didn’t see the forever dream I saw for both of us.

81. You shattered my heart, soul, and everything I hold dear, and I’m deeply hurt. I hate you for putting me in this position.

82. You broke my heart into a million pieces and scattered it without any care for me. How could you do this to me?

83. I loved you with all my heart and gave you access and control. But you used me, broke my heart, and left me to suffer the pain alone.

84. I think about you every day and can’t stop crying. I’m deeply hurt, and I wish I could turn back the hands of time to my life before you.

85. I can’t find the words to describe how heartbroken I am. I’m not even certain that I have the strength to piece back my broken heart together.

86. If I don’t lose my mind from the pain of this heartbreak, then nothing else will be powerful enough to make me do so.

87. You broke my heart, and the pain cuts deeper than anything else I’ve ever experienced. You’ve hurt me, and now I have to deal with the pain by myself.

88. Before you came, I vowed that no one else would hurt me. But you’ve done the same thing and even made me feel worthless in the process.

89. What I felt for you was pure and true, but I was merely a distraction. One you didn’t fail to discard when you’d found what you were looking for.

90. You shattered my heart and dreams, but this won’t stop me from going on. I will build back my life without you, and it’ll be a beautiful one.

91. You took my trust and vulnerability for granted, and I’m here suffering from the consequences of your actions. Thank you for being the worst person ever!

92. None of the excuses you gave makes enough sense as to why you’d hurt me the way you did. You broke my heart and dreams.

93. Breaking up with you hurts, and the aftermath has been especially worse. You should never have made me fall in love with you.

94. I didn’t know that a human’s heart could hurt this much. Thank you for all the painful lessons, both heart and life-related.

95. I was genuinely happy until you came into my life and shattered everything. I want you to know that I don’t forgive you, and I’ll never forget.

96. I can’t help but feel like you took advantage of me. You knew my weaknesses and vulnerabilities and played them to suit you.

97. My heart is broken, and with each day that goes by without hearing your voice again, it shatters more.

98. Every night, I dream that I’m holding you in my arms again. But when I wake up, memories of how you broke my heart resurface, and my world becomes dark again.

99. I’ll never be able to fix my shattered heart because it’s missing one piece – you. How you can stand to hurt me this way is beyond me.

100. In one moment, you broke all the promises you made to me about our future. Like the breakup wasn’t enough, I also discovered that you’d been lying to me for years. You’re cruel!

I hope that my collection of you broke my heart quotes for her has helped you find closure in your relationship and expressed how you feel about losing her, and you have chosen your favourite among them.

It will be appreciated if you can comment and share with your family and friends who might need it too.

Thank you.

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