Alcoholic Parent Quotes

Alcoholic Parent Quotes

Being a parent is the most gratifying, wonderful thing in the world but sometimes, situations or experiences may turn a good parent into an alcoholic parent and such a parent can not be a good example to their child or children. This is because alcoholism is a disease on its own and its effect on the home and the relationship between parents and child is a painful thing to watch.

The effects of alcohol are usually very damaging and unfortunately, it starts slowly, but over time things just seem to fall apart in that home such that the parent and children are being damaged both physically and emotionally.

Although sometimes an alcoholic parent thinks and tries to stop drinking, they never do and they lose themselves to drinking for you to have come to this site to read these quotes simply means you are either the child of an alcoholic parent who has an alcohol problem or you know someone who has an alcoholic as a parent.

These quotes about alcoholic parents are for anyone who has grown up in a home with an alcoholic parent or knows someone who is still trying to cope with the aftermath of an alcohol-addicted parent.

So, sending these alcoholic parent quotes is a great way to support a struggling person who is in pain due to their alcoholic parents.

Alcoholic Parent Quotes

Alcoholic parents are very selfish and not considerate. They do not care what their drunken state does to the image of the parent. They are a burden on society, their family and themselves. Their addiction causes them to be irresponsible and unreliable. They put their own needs ahead of others, even their children.

1. An alcoholic parent is like being in a relationship with someone who’s an alcoholic. You’re attached to them and you always want to help them, but they cannot change, no matter how hard you try.

2. Alcoholic parents can’t spend time with them because of their drinking and they are always upset. They ruin your childhood.

3. An alcoholic parent is like an alcoholic who doesn’t just drink but also destroys the lives of his or her children.

4. The only thing more painful than being a victim of abuse is having an alcoholic parent.

5. Alcoholics don’t just ruin their lives; they ruin the lives of everyone around them too.

6. An alcoholic parent is like a child who’s struggling with an addiction, only the parent needs our support too.

7. An alcoholic parent is like a drunk person who drinks all the time, hurts you, and then makes it all okay with a cheerful smile and peaceful hug.

8. An alcoholic parent is like a child. If a child doesn’t get what he or she wants, they or throw a tantrum (like you did when your old man drank all the vodka and you couldn’t).

9. An alcoholic parent can bring a lot of stress into their children’s life.

10. People with alcoholic parents may have certain tendencies li8ke lack of confidence and low self-esteem that make them more vulnerable to addiction.

11. Living with an alcoholic parent is like living in a wind tunnel. You take a deep breath and hope you can hold your breath long enough to get through the storm.

12. Parents are not supposed to be perfect but alcoholic parents are worse than perfect.

13. An alcoholic parent is a virus that affects the whole family like a family disease. It affects everyone in the family, even if they don’t drink.

14. Alcoholism is a family disease. When you’re addicted to alcohol, you isolate yourself from friends and loved ones; when you’re an alcoholic parent, you isolate your children from the world.

15. An alcoholic parent is very controlling and abusive. They were also extremely competitive and judgmental, which is not helpful.

16. An alcoholic parent is like a tornado. They can destroy everything in their path and leave destruction behind. They are unpredictable and dangerous.

17. The best way to deal with an alcoholic parent is to not deal with them at all.

18. If you have an alcoholic parent, you need to realize that they are their person and they have their own choices. You can’t control them or make them stop drinking. The only thing you can do is learn how to cope with the situation.

19. If you have an alcoholic parent, it’s important that you don’t take responsibility for their behaviour or try to change it. This will just make things worse for you because then your life will be all about your parent’s drinking problem instead of about yourself.

20. It helps a lot if you can see past what your parents do and focus on who they are as people. When this happens, the things that happened in the past will no longer affect your relationship with them today.

21. Alcoholic parents can’t keep it together for themselves or their families and then they end up blaming everyone else for their problems.

22. Sometimes we lose sight of what matters most when we’re caught up in our little worlds or when we get wrapped up in our problems.

23. Alcoholic parents make excuses and never get any better.

24. Alcoholic parents tend to have poor boundaries that cause them to be indifferent, cold and insensitive.

25. Alcoholic parents tend to disappear for several days or weeks at a time and return home completely dishevelled.

26. Alcoholic parents have a hard time making it through the day.

27. All the children of alcoholic parents often experience a lot of challenges in their early childhood, which may cause them to develop physical and mental health issues.

28. Alcoholic parents often will not take responsibility for the mistakes they make nor are they apologetic for their actions.

29. Alcoholic parents can make excuses for their problems but when push comes to shove, they do what’s best for themselves and no one else.

30. Alcoholism can make it difficult for parents to focus on caring for their children because they must instead focus on getting intoxicated at home or out with friends.

31. An alcoholic parent is a parent whose alcohol consumption inhibits their ability to care for their children in a safe, stable and healthy way.

32. Alcoholic parents can be extremely difficult to deal with. They are usually self-centred and do not give much thought to their children’s feelings. Parents who often come off as emotionally distant or emotionally manipulative are alcoholic parents.

33. A parent who has an issue with alcohol and is unable to control his or her drinking is an alcoholic parent.

34. A young child may have what appears to be an entirely normal life but remain uneducated about alcohol and unprepared for dealing with an alcoholic parent.

35. An alcoholic parent is a person who has an alcohol problem and therefore can’t be a proper parent.

36. People with alcoholic parents are not doomed to become addicts themselves, but they are at greater risk for developing an addiction than other people are.

37. An alcoholic parent is like a chronic illness. They might not look sick all the time, but they need your help just the same.

38. The alcoholic parent is like a drug addict, who is too high on their supply to care about their children’s needs. Addicts will do anything to avoid facing responsibilities such as work, friends and family.

39. The alcoholic parent is a parent who abuses alcohol, leading to irresponsible decisions that negatively affect their children.

40. Alcoholic parents have a destructive effect on their children. They are unconcerned about the upbringing of their kids, and for the most part, indifferent to them.

41. The thing about alcoholic parents is that they do not want to stop drinking and partying because of the damage it has done to their health and relationships.

42. Alcohol abuse from alcoholic parents negatively impacts children physically, mentally, socially and psychologically.

43. Alcoholic parent is a person who has an alcohol addiction. This can affect their parenting skills and put the child in danger. Some signs of an alcoholic parent are neglect, poor decision-making skills and physical or verbal abuse.

44. An alcoholic parent is like a tornado in the house, tearing through the peace. They disrupt the family in ways that leave everyone feeling unsettled, confused and even afraid of what might happen next.

45. Alcoholic parents are self-medicating with a substance that results in damaging and sometimes lethal consequences, including the destruction of their family and finances.

46. A parent who drinks alcohol can have a big impact on the lives of their children. Alcoholic parents often don’t realize how damaging their drinking can be for their kids.

47. An alcoholic parent is like a horrible virus which passes on to their offspring the genetic behaviour that makes them consume alcohol whether it its for fun or to cope with their problems and hide the real issues that they face in life

48. The alcoholic parent can be the best of parents, but it is hard to see them as good when they often cannot see you or the rest of their family. Alcoholics usually try their hardest to keep up appearances, while they are missing out on life around them.

49. Give up alcohol for your kids, you wouldn’t want them to live a life like yours.

50. The alcoholic parent is often a dysfunctional, controlling, angry and/or depressed person. They may have mood swings and act erratically.

51. The alcoholic parent is like a child in adult clothing. The child is created by a broken parent. When the alcoholic parent is sober, your whole life changes for the better.

52. If you grow up with an alcoholic parent, it’s like being a firefighter. There are long days and difficult tasks and sometimes your entire world is threatened by destructive behaviours.

53. An alcoholic parent might be able to love their children from a distance but can’t give them the kind of love that comes from face-to-face interaction.

54. Alcohol addiction is not just problematic. It can also be life-threatening and your children need you so much.

55. An alcoholic parent will try to get away with as much as possible, even if that means taking advantage of their child.

56. An alcoholic parent does not pay attention to what the child wants or needs, so the child will probably have many complaints about his or her home life.

57. Growing up with an alcoholic parent is the hardest thing in the world.

58. The characteristics of an alcoholic parent can be insidious and destructive.

59. Parents who abuse alcohol may be under the influence of more than just alcohol, leading to criminal activity and even child abuse.

60. If you grew up with an alcoholic parent, you’re likely headed down a road to serious addiction problems. And your family is at risk of getting torn apart.

61. An alcoholic parent is like a mental illness: it’s defined as any behaviour that is self-destructive, but which you don’t know how to control.

62. An alcoholic parent is like a bad boyfriend. He’s always at home, and you never know what mood he’ll be in.

63. The alcoholic parent is like a wolf. He has no qualms about leaving his cubs behind to fend for themselves, then showing up again once he’s got himself straightened out.

64. Alcoholic parent is like having a wild animal in the house. They can be very dangerous to you and your siblings. It is best that you stay away from them at all times.

65. Alcoholics are known for their inability to control their drinking. They may also be thoughtless and selfish, engage in risky behaviour, and neglect obligations and commitments.

66. An alcoholic parent is like a friend who lets you down or a relative that is always checking up on you. It’s sad.

67. An alcoholic parent is like a damaging game of good cop/bad cop. They will tell their child one thing and then do the opposite.

68. An alcoholic parent is like a ticking time bomb. you never know when they are going to go off, and when that happens, the aftermath is always the same: broken dishes and glass tumblers, smashed fences and broken windows. Even pets have been known to be hurt by flying objects or injured trying to get away before it was too late for them.

69. The alcoholic parent is like a plane flying into the sun. Inevitably, there will be a crash and lives are lost.

70. Alcohol destroys the family. It destroys the father, it destroys the mother, and it destroys the children. It is one of the most devastating things in society today.

71. Alcoholic parents put their children in harm’s way, and they don’t always have their kids’ best interests at heart.

72. Alcoholic parents are like cigarettes. They can’t have one “just one.”

73. An alcoholic parent is like a drug. Their love feels like a high, their rage a damaging addiction. They can make you feel both incredibly special and incredibly worthless within the same half-hour.

74. If you have an alcoholic parent who always drinks and behaves inappropriately after getting drunk, then believe me when I tell you that you are not alone.

75. Alcoholic parents use your hopes and fears to manipulate you, but forbid you from revealing the truth so that the secrets they share with you will remain sacrosanct.

76. Alcoholic parents are bad and irresponsible parents most of the time that do not care about their family members.

77. Having and living with an addicted alcoholic as a parent is like a time bomb that can explode at any time. Your world could come crashing anytime soon.

78. An alcoholic parent is like a drunk driver. Instead of driving away from you, they are the ones taking you for a ride. They will annihilate your life like a mad man.

79. Parents who are role models to their children are either not drinking at all or drinking less than others but alcoholic parents most of the time make their children ashamed of them.

80. Heavy drinking can cause you to be no good as a partner, lover or friend. It blocks you from being your true self. It can make you erratic, unpredictable and talkative.

81. Alcoholic parents are toxic people who can be so burdensome to themselves and the people around them.

82. You may have an alcoholic parent, but it doesn’t mean your life is over. You can still be happy and successful.

83. Being the child of an alcoholic parent can be confusing, frustrating, hurtful and painful.

84. When children of alcoholics grow up, they often feel responsible for their parent’s behaviour and choices.

85. The best thing you can do for yourself is to stay away from your alcoholic parent as much as possible.

86. Alcoholism is a family disease as well as an individual disease. The alcoholic’s spouse and children are also affected by the drinking problem, but they may not recognize it.

87. Alcoholism is a progressive illness that affects every aspect of a person’s life.

88. Don’t expect your children to understand. They are children. You may want them to understand, but don’t expect them to. They can’t be held responsible for their inability to understand.

89. The relationship between an alcoholic parent and their child is usually one of resentment and pain. It can also develop into feelings of worthlessness and self-loathing.

90. If you are the child of an alcoholic and are struggling with a drinking problem yourself, you may be interested in learning more about the effects of living with a parent who drinks too much alcohol.

91. If you are the child of an alcoholic, it is not your fault. It is not your responsibility to fix them. You don’t have to carry all their burdens and deal with all their problems. You can let go and walk away from the pain and hurt they caused you.

92. An alcoholic parent can damage a child in ways that might take a lifetime to heal. This can cause issues with trust, anger management and self-esteem.

93. A toxic parent has an addiction or problem that negatively impacts their relationships with family members.

94. When you are the child of an alcoholic, it’s normal to feel abandoned, alone and scared.

95. The children of alcoholics often grow up to be adults who struggle with sobriety, addiction, and other problems. But it’s important for adults who had alcoholic parents to remember that the past does not define their present or future.

96. Parents who are alcoholics often don’t show up for important events. They have a history of not showing up for school events and birthdays because they’re too busy drinking.

97. Children of alcoholics are much more likely to become alcoholics themselves. Children of alcoholics have a higher risk for child abuse, child neglect and domestic violence.

98. If you have an alcoholic parent, it can be difficult to deal with all the hurt that comes with it. If you have children of your own, you may be worried about how they’ll turn out.

99. A child of an alcoholic parent may never know what love is. The constant fear, terror and turmoil leave deep scars on the psyche of a child.

100. An alcoholic parent is a very difficult situation for everyone involved. There are things we can do to help ourselves and the situation, but in the end, it’s up to the alcoholic parent to decide whether or not they will make different choices toward recovery.

101. As a child of an alcoholic parent, you have to spend time with someone who is making your life miserable. You must endure the physical, mental, and emotional pain they inflict on your body and mind.

102. Alcoholism is a difficult issue, which is why it is important to find ways to cope with it.

103. An alcoholic parent can have a devastating impact on the life of a child. Even if you had a supportive sober parent, there are times that you may need to hear about support for yourself and your recovery.

104. The alcoholic parent is a parent who cannot be trusted. The alcoholic parent will make all kinds of promises but does not keep those promises. They are never where they say they will be, and when the child needs them most, they are usually gone.

In the end, if you have an alcoholic parent, remember to stay away from them. Don’t make any excuses for them or give in to their emotional blackmail. Never let your guard down, and don’t even think about providing money for them at all except it’s for rehab.

I hope you enjoyed these alcoholic parent quotes above and learned one or two things from them. Please share and drop your comments below in the section provided below.

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