Annoying Friend Quotes

Annoying Friend Quotes

There is a difference between an annoying friend and having an annoying friend. The former can be avoided easily, whereas the latter can persist for life.

Of all the people who annoy us, our friends tend to do it the most. When we put it all together, it seems that there is a pattern of behavioural traits in them. Have you ever been annoyed by your friends? Of course, you have! Well, that is why they are your friends.

When you’re feeling down and need a little cheering up, where do you turn? For many, it’s texting your friends. It’s easy to keep the conversation going when funny quips are flying back and forth, even if some are annoying.

Almost every one of us has that one friend who thinks they are infinitely funnier than they are but in the end, they become annoying. Those friends who said something that rubbed us the wrong way. Maybe they caused us to second guess our career choices, perhaps they made us question every time we prefer to wear shorts instead of pants.

Whatever it was, we wish we had a BFF filter so we could get rid of the troublesome and annoying friend, but on the other hand, they are still a friend.

However, see these annoying friend quotes to express what it’s like having an annoying friend. That could be a way to get back at them, you know. And also a way to show you love them no matter what. See the quotes below.

Annoying Friend Quotes

Having an annoying friend is one of the best things that can happen to you because it challenges you to become a better person. Being friends with someone can be awesome and annoying at the same time. But that’s what makes our friendship so epic.

1. Best friends and annoying friends have one thing in common: they’re both there when you need them.

2. Be grateful that you have a friend who can be annoying because they show how much they care.

3. We could hold back the tide, but we can’t hold back our annoying friend.

4. Friends. They’re cute, they’re annoying, and you can’t live without them.

5. There’s that one friend who knows your favourite drink, the annoying one who always interrupts with a random question about some problem she has.

6. Sometimes friends are the worst. But we love them anyway.

7. Friends: they say they’ll be there for you when the sky falls, but most times it’s just a bunch of hot air.

8. Some friends are annoying. But that’s we love them.

9. Friends can be good or annoying but some annoying friends eventually become good friends.

10. Annoying friends always try to make you laugh. They never succeed.

11. Your annoying friends are there to help you. They might not tell you, but they’re always there for you.

12. We all have them. The annoying friends who make us laugh ’till we pee or cry, curse or pray. They’re the ones who make it. All. Worth. It!

13. If you don’t have anything nice to say, tag your annoying friend.

14. When your annoying friend has been holding you to a high standard but you fail and they still love you.

15. Some annoying friends are not annoying, they are just exhaustingly enthusiastic about everything.

16. The best kind of friends can be annoying as hell, but you’d still love them anyway.

17. It can be annoying to have that friend dragging you out of your favourite spot for a week-long vacation.

18. If the world was a better place, annoying people wouldn’t exist.

19. We’ve all had one in the group. The annoying friend who just won’t stop talking.

20. Having an annoying friend is better than having no friends at all. Be sure to tell you’re annoying friends about that.

21. I know you’re an annoying friend, but I’m glad you’re my annoying friend.

22. Friends are the chocolate chip cookies of life. They’re sweet, satisfying and sometimes a little annoying.

23. You’ve got that one annoying friend who comes through for you when you need it most. And provides plenty of laughs along the way.

24. Friends might be annoying, they might bug you, but they are there for you when you need them.

25. There is that annoying friend who always acts like a jerk but for some reason, you love them and keep them around.

26. As annoying as some friends may be, we wouldn’t trade him for the world.

27. Friends are an important part of life, even the annoying ones. If you don’t have any, get a new pet.

28. Have you ever met a friend that’s so annoying? It makes you like them even more.

29. My annoying friend, you’re always laughing at my expense. I can’t help but smile. Your jokes are corny, but you make me feel the most important version of myself.

30. Life is so much better with friends, but sometimes they can be annoying.

31. Ain’t no friend like an annoying friend. An annoying friend is better than no friend at all.

32. We all have that annoying friend who always has to be right.

33. My annoying friend always makes me smile—and now I know that there’s a reason for it.

34. Friendships are like rollercoasters. If you’re not willing to scream, then you’re not doing it right.

35. Be true to yourself. Be a friend to others. Especially your annoying friends.

36. Having an annoying friend is worse than having an ex. At least you can break up with your ex.

37. My annoying friend makes me laugh and we’ve had a lot of laughs together. Nobody is perfect, and that’s what makes life interesting.

38. If you can’t annoy a friend, how can you say for sure that you have one?

39. Sometimes you need to tell your friends how annoying they are. But it’s all good because they love you anyway.

40. Friends are funny and they have your back, but sometimes they can be annoying.

41. You might not always think your annoying friend is funny but they sure are entertaining.

42. There’s nothing better than being friends with someone who annoys you to be the better version of yourself.

43. annoying People can still be your friend, and you can still love them.

44. Walking with an annoying friend, you find yourself feeling relaxed, cheerful and happy because you’re not alone.

45. The irritating thing about having an annoying best friend is that they know you more than you know yourself.

46. No matter how annoying your best friend can be, you love them.

47. True friends are our safe place to be ourselves—whether it’s complaining about work or raving about our latest crush.

48. You are annoying, but I still love you anyway. You’re the only person I know who makes me laugh at my jokes.

49. You’d rather lose an argument with an annoying friend than lose them to apathy.

50. You know that friend of yours? The one who gets on your nerves, but you’re still friends with them anyway.

51. Sometimes life is annoying and hard, including some friends, but we all make it through.

52. There’s always going to be that friend who just won’t stop annoying you but you live with them still.

53. Your friends aren’t annoying. They’re just friends that you love to hate.

54. We all have that annoying friend whose comments make us cringe. But we wouldn’t trade them for the world.

55. Friends can be annoying. They make you cry, scream and laugh for no reason. But I love you anyway.

56. That awkward moment when someone doesn’t realize they’re annoying you.

57. Everyone has at least one annoying friend—you’re probably that friend to someone. Don’t let it bother you so much! You’re still great!

58. Everyone has that one friend whose ringtone you have to turn off—someone who calls when you’re sleeping or just having a rare moment of peace. But they always make it up to us in the end.

59. A naughty friend can be so annoying but you’d eventually end up loving them.

60. Sometimes all you need is a really good annoying friend to get over a bad day.

61. You have that one friend who drinks a little too much and says something inappropriate. But you love them anyway.

62. Friends are awesome, but they’re also annoying sometimes.

63. That one friend who makes you roll your eyes at their bad jokes, but you still love them.

64. When your friend is always complaining but you love them anyway.

65. There’s that friend who is extremely annoying, and still, extremely interesting.

66. Having an annoying friend is a blessing sometimes, you just have to look beyond the naughtiness.

67. Nothing is worse than when your friend who has had too much to drink won’t stop talking.

68. unfortunately, you and your annoying friend will always be friends.

69. Friends are the family you choose and we choose you and the annoying ones are the trouble you choose to have.

70. If your friend is annoying, they’re probably the best friend you have.

71. A friend can be annoying, but that doesn’t mean they can’t change your life.

72. Funny how the people who want to annoy me most are my friends.

73. The pleasure of having a close friend is like urinating on yourself—everyone can see it, but only you feel the warmth.

74. That moment when you love your annoying friend but still want to strangle them.

75. Friends are annoying, but so are traffic jams, waiting in lines, and the guy who laughs at his jokes at bars. There’s no escaping it. So buckle up and enjoy your ride(s) through life with your frustrating, yet lovable friend.

76. Friends who annoy you and also make you laugh only make you stronger.

77. Your life is better with your friends, no matter how annoying or dysfunctional they are.

78. We have that friend who constantly gets us in trouble—but you still love them anyway.

79. It’s okay to be a bit annoying. After all, everybody is annoying sometimes.

80. We’ve got one of those friends. Whether it’s exasperating, or endearing, or somewhere in between, they’ve certainly got a knack for getting us to smile.

81. Sometimes your friend is annoying but you love them so much.

82. Your friends are the people who annoy you…until you need them.

83. Your friend is annoying but you still love them. Life is all about finding the balance between what you need and what you want.

84. The annoying thing about having an annoying friend is that you still love them.

85. Every friendship has its annoying friend. And every annoying friend makes life that much better.

86. Gotta appreciate that one friend who’s always late but you still love them anyway.

87. It’s annoying when your friends always ridicule you, but it’s a sign of love.

88. Friends are there for you through thick and thin, no matter how annoying they are.

89. Friends are like toes: Some you like to step on and some you have to tolerate.

90. You make me laugh and keep me company, but you also make me angry. Please don’t ever change, annoying friend.

91. Keep calm, even if your friends and family annoy you. They love you, even if they don’t know it yet.

93. Every friendship is a one-way street: They might drive you crazy but you only have to deal with it.

94. Sometimes you gotta roll with the punches. You’ve got your annoying friend, forever.

95. Being friends with someone can be awesome and annoying at the same time. But that’s what makes our friendship so epic.

96. On those days when your friend tries your patience, hug the annoyance away. There are few things in life as satisfying as a good friend.

97. Sometimes, there’s that friend who gets near you and then annoys you A LOT, the annoying friend but you love them still.

98. An annoying friend or acquaintance can get on your nerves, take it and enjoy the ride.

99. It can sometimes feel like friends are more trouble than they’re worth, but you wouldn’t trade them for anything. True friends are there when you need them and make you laugh when you’re down.

100. Sometimes, there is that friend we love but who sometimes can be a little annoying.

The annoying friend quotes here are all you need whenever you want some quotes about annoying friends. You know, that friend who can turn any situation into an awkward moment or funny exchange? Make him or her see one of these quotes about annoying friends.

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