Army Mom Quotes and Sayings

Army Mom Quotes and Sayings

Being an army mom is challenging in many ways, but if you are here – it’s not just because you have a family member serving in the military but because you have chosen to serve yourself. Army moms are strong, dedicated, and intelligent women. They put up with many things and have to deal with situations that their “normal” counterparts never have to.

Being an Army mom is always challenging. Not just the physical part but the mental and spiritual parts are just as challenging, from not knowing if you’re going to make it back home alive to having to give up so much for the love of children and family. There are a lot of sacrifices in being an Army mom — some they don’t even think about until the next time they pack their bags.

Quotes and sayings that display a little bit of the personality and attitude of any army mom can be inspiring and thought-provoking. These quotes and sayings often provide insight into how to approach the many challenges an army mom faces.

Check out the army mom quotes and sayings below for more.

Army Mom Quotes and Sayings

Army moms are some of the strongest women on earth. They are always there for their kids, making endless sacrifices, never asking for anything in return. You should feel lucky and blessed to have an army mom in your life.

1. Our Army moms never stop giving. They give their hearts and all the love they have to the world, and our troops, with grace, hope, and love.

2. This army mom doesn’t need to be strong but will be strong for her family.

3. An army mom is a pretty darn good mom. But without the Army, she wouldn’t be parenting like a Pro.

4. An army mom is a mother, wife, and soldier. She’s a hero. She works hard so her children can have a good life. That’s why she smiles every time you see her – even when she doesn’t want to. She doesn’t let her tears define you unless they’re tears of joy.

5. The military serves a great purpose, but its troops are the greatest. It’s the best place to prepare you for a career in the real world.

6. The military is one of the most significant organizations in the world. However, its army women are the greatest of all. They are true heroes who risk their lives every day to keep us safe.

7. Army moms are everything. Everything we could want. Humanity is up against a fierce enemy, and these women will defend us down to the last man standing.

8. Our army moms protect us from violent enemies and keep us safe. They are heroes.

9. Our army moms are the heart and soul of our country. They protect us and make our country great.

10. She’s an army mom who has been for so long. She loves her children with all her heart, and she wants them to be safe and happy wherever they are.

11. Army mothers see their families as their heroes, but those who fight for freedom and democracy are the real heroes keeping the world safe from terrorists.

12. These army moms sacrifice everything to protect our freedom. They’re the most actual heroes I could ever imagine.

13. Army moms start their days early. Some of them are up with the sun, and some get up after their kids have left for school, but we all come together in the evening to hug and kiss as they walk out the door. It’s not until they are gone that they realize how much they miss them and how proud they are of them.

14. An army mom is strong, caring, and determined to do whatever it takes to ensure the safety of their children and family.

15. An army mom is strong, caring, and determined to do whatever it takes to ensure the safety of their children and family.

16. An army mom instantly knows that they must be strong, caring, and determined to do whatever it takes to ensure the safety of their children and family.

17. An army mom loves, protects, and stands behind her children. She is fearless and willing to do whatever it takes to ensure her family’s safety.

18. An army mom is dedicated, loyal, and willing to sacrifice anything for the safety of their children and family. An army mom is truly a remarkable human being—the epitome of strength.

19. An army mom is fearless, brave, and caring. She’s a hero and a mentor. She’ll do whatever it takes to ensure that her family is safe.

20. An army mom stands strong, determined, and ready to do whatever it takes to keep her children or family safe and protected.

21. The backbone of a family – an army mom will do whatever it takes to make sure her children are safe and protected.

22. The army mom is the shelter in every storm; she is the military’s beautiful eagle.

23. She is compassionate. She’s a warrior. She makes sacrifices so that her children can have a better life. She is not afraid to take the lead in fighting for their safety and security, even if it means going toe-to-toe with the enemy herself.

24. An army mom is a woman who stands by her husband, caring for the family and working hard to provide the best life possible. She is committed and loving, making daily sacrifices to ensure her family has what they need.

25. An army mom has never been the one to sit and wait for things to happen. She’s the one who turns that light switch on and makes them happen.

26. Stay strong, stand tall. Yes, I am your army mom, but first, always, and forever: I’m your mom.

27. If you’re an Army Mom, you know what it’s like to be vital to everyone else. So go ahead, take a break and take care of yourself—you deserve it.

28. Being a mother is one of the hardest jobs in the world. Being an Army mom is a miracle.

29. Army moms are superheroes of a different sort. They serve their families, their country, and even the world.

30. Being a military mom is one of the most rewarding (and hardest) jobs. We’re here to help give you a strong support system and all the tools you need to be the best mom you can be.

31. Being a military mom is the hardest, most important, and the best thing you will ever do.

32. She’s an army mom. She’s a wife. She’s a daughter. She’s American. She’s strong and will never apologize for these truths.

33. There have been many times when she has wanted to give up, but she has always managed to pull herself together and tackle the situation at hand, knowing that this is what her family needs.

34. The hardest part about being an army mom is saying goodbye.

35. An army mom will always have your back. An army mom has a heart of gold, and she is always there when you need her.

36. Army mom, I love the army life—so far from normal.

37. Army moms are the ultimate sacrifices. There is no greater love than what we have for our children and for the sacrifices we make for them.

38. As an army mom, there is no greater honour than serving our country and no greater sacrifice than the one made by her to protect our freedom.

39. Army moms are an essential part of the military family. When they become mothers, they learn to love and sacrifice like no other.

40. If we have learned anything in the last four years, it’s that this job will find a way to humble you no matter what you do. The only way through is to keep going.

41. I’m still your mother, and I will always love you. As your army mom, I’m here to guide you on this new journey.

42. You can take the Army out of my son, but you’ll never take the Army out of me.

43. There is no greater love than the love for your children and no greater sacrifice than the one made by Army moms.

44. Even in the darkest moments, when you feel like you can’t go on, remember that there is no greater love than the love of an army mom.

45. Army moms who put their children above everything are the glue that holds the military community together.

46. The children of army moms deserve the best we can give them because they grow up to be great soldiers.

47. I am a mom who serves. My family is my army.

48. We walk a road that very few travel. We wake up to no alarm clock and know no set schedule. We are our family’s first responders and protectors. I am so proud to be an army mom.

49. One thing is certain when you become an army mom; you will never have a minute to breathe.

50. Strength isn’t always found in muscle. Sometimes, it is found in the heart and morals of an army mom. Thank you to all military moms who have given their all to their families so they can give everything to our country.

51. Being an army mom is the hardest, most rewarding job I’ve ever had. Some days I cry, others I laugh. But one thing always remains the same: I am proud to be an army mom.

52. My arms may be tired from carrying all my babies, but my heart is bursting with love for them.

53. If your army mom can’t be with you on Mother’s Day, do something special for her, and take a picture of the fun things you do. I promise she will love it.

54. Being a mom is like being in the army. There’s no crying in the army and no whining in motherhood.

55. I may not be at the front lines, but I am still on active duty – army mom.

56. I’m an army mom and wife. I constantly juggle different roles and try to be an excellent example to my kids. And when someone’s haters come at me, I find it very hard not to respond. I try to bite my tongue most of the time but honestly, I’ve had enough.

57. The Army has changed my life, but my children have changed me.

58. Only you can be the protector of your children’s future; protect them like a mother bear.

59. It takes a strong person to raise another strong person.

60. We don’t have time to watch the news. We’ve got a baby that’s too busy fighting for our country to be fighting over politics.

61. This army mom’s heart is always with you, but I can’t wait to see you and hug you in person.

62. I am a mom in the military. I can choose between being at home or putting food on the table for my family. I choose to serve my country, but one day I would love to be a stay-at-home mom who can bring home a paycheck. That’s every army mom who works hard and sacrifices for their family.

63. The military is her career. Being a mom is her life. She represents both of them with pride, and she’s forever grateful for the opportunity to serve the country alongside the best soldiers in the world.

64. Being an army mom is hard work. There are days she wants to belly flop onto the bed and pull the covers over her head and give up together. And then, she looks at her children and realizes it’s all worth it.

65. An army mom is blessed but never lucky. There are no extra wrenches in her toolbox. She can’t miss the target if she aims.

66. An army mom will never forget the love, devotion, encouragement, and guidance that she received from her Marines, their families, and their leaders.

67. Almost time to see those beautiful faces. It won’t be long until I’m hugging them tightly. I can’t wait to see my kids, but being apart has made me appreciate all of the little things they do. I know they are doing well and helping others with their big hearts. I love you, babies.

68. Army mom’s life is full of heartache and happiness—but no matter what you always got your soldiers.

69. Army moms don’t only support their children but also their army spouses.

70. This is my Army family. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

71. Our army mom. Our hero. Our sister, wife, and friend. We love you so much and are so proud of you.

72. The Army doesn’t make a husband – it makes a wife.

73. I’m not always the woman I want to be. I’m not always the person I want to be. But, there is one thing that I am. One thing that I can never change. And that is a mom.

74. This is my job. I have to be strong. I have to be resilient. This is what I signed up for.

75. An army mom can always make time for family, but there’s just no way to make time stop.

76. If you always limit everything you do, physical or anything else, it will spread into your work and life. There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there; you must go beyond them.

77. Finding balance can be tricky but don’t worry. You will find a way to do both. Best of luck to you, Army mom.

78. Army moms are strong, fierce, and never alone. Their children can always depend on them to be there.

79. Army moms are strong, fierce, and never alone.

80. Army mom is a community of military families. They’re strong and fierce but also kind, caring, and supportive.

81. Strong and unstoppable, army moms are always ready for battle. We love our soldiers and will do whatever it takes to get them home safely.

82. It can be hard to be away from your child and overseas, but it’s also an opportunity to teach them the value of sacrifice. The army mom is stronger than ever–and we’re all proud of our heroes.

83. Army moms are the strongest among us. They are on the front line, raising the next generation of soldiers.

84. Army moms are an elite group of women. They put their soldiers’ needs first and ensure they have everything they need whenever they need it.

85. They are the supermoms of the nation. They embody courage, strength, and compassion. As moms in the military, they are prepared for battle – from battles on earth to those in space.

86. Their children are heroes, and they are the heroes who created them. They are strong and fiercely protective.

87. Let’s face it! They are on the frontline. They have the conspiracy to be fearless, brave, and confident. They can conquer anything that life throws our way.

88. They are all soldiers on the front line. They are the ones who face the storms head-on and fight for the country. They will never stop fighting for their children and giving them a better life.

89. They leave their families for months, even years, at a time. They endure long separations and heartache because they are a part of something much bigger than themselves.

90. My army mom doesn’t have time to watch you stalk the fridge; she’s too busy protecting her country.

91. The depressing thing about the army is my kids that I don’t get to see nearly enough.

92. Not all heroes wear capes. Some mothers with limited resources tirelessly advocate for their kids to get the care and support they need.

93. The Army is our family. When we serve, we serve together.

94. My son is a soldier. My husband is a soldier. I’m a soldier too. All of us army moms support our troops in our way, and we are all heroes.

95. I’m a soldier. I am the heart of the Army. I am an army mom and wife. I am a warrior and a healer.

96. I am an army mom. I am not unique. I will do what thousands have done: lay down my life for strangers. And I will go where they tell me to go, even if it kills me.

97. Not every mother can be an army mom, but those are just one of a kind.

98. It’s not about the number of years we spend together; it’s the moments that count. -Army mom.

99. I’m so proud of my sacrifices for my country, but even more proud of how much I love my son. I can’t wait to see him grow up just like me.

100. Being an army mom is the toughest job ever, but it’s also the most rewarding.

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