Art Is Good for the Soul Quotes

Art Is Good for the Soul Quotes

Have you ever looked at a piece of artwork and wondered at the mind that created it? The brilliant creativity that goes into art pieces is something that we all need or at least, need to appreciate.

Art teaches us to acknowledge beauty. But beyond that, it makes us look into things beyond the surface to the deeper meaning. With art around, most of us will not interpret things superficially any longer because the most abstract art around could mean something deep.

And this is why art is good for the soul. It makes the soul sing and it makes the soul think. And more than that, it feeds the soul. So, if you are someone who appreciates art and you are looking for the right art that is good for the soul quotes to capture your feelings, look no more.

In this post, I will be sharing some deep and heart-warming art is good for the soul quotes that are sure to explain how you feel about art.

Art Is Good For The Soul Quotes

Art is good for the soul, it shows the soul that there is more to life than what you can see on the surface. And it teaches the soul the beauty, brilliancy and creativity that exists in the mind of men.

1. There is no mistake in art, only creative designs that are good for the soul.

2. As food belongs to the body and the body belongs to food, so does art belongs to the soul and the soul belongs to art.

3. The energy the soul feeds on, its pulsating core is art.

4. Art is the food of the soul; consumed ravenously by some, picked at by others but eaten nevertheless.

5. All great art emanates from the concerted effort of the body and soul but chiefly the soul.

6. With art, there is only one world and word for the soul; sanity.

7. Art scrubs out the debris that life leaves on the soul of man.

8. With art, the choice of the soul is numerous. It’s like food, endless and of different tastes; you get to feed as much as you want from different dishes.

9. Art is the honey of the human soul, produced from misery and wonder, from travails and excitement, from discovery and fairy tales.

10. Art nourishes the soul just like food nourishes the body. The process, from start to finish is where the enjoyment lies and where the soul draws satisfaction from.

11. Just as food fills the body, so does art fills the soul.

12. Art is like a food that feeds on the buffet of souls; it transcends the body that houses the soul and its belief systems. Art appeals to souls.

13. Art feeds the soul with endless stories and imaginations, it takes the soul beyond its confine and on the wing of art, the soul explores the thoughts, experiences and imaginations of artists in breathless wonder.

14. Art bares the soul and attracts the soul to its form or representation that mirrors the secrets and desires of the soul itself.

15. Art is the interpreter of the soul’s innate desire. With art, you can be sure that the truth will always find expression and eventually, a home.

16. Art exposes the soul to the meaning of life, makes something out of nothing and makes even the empty canvas meaningful.

17. With art, the soul can be found and lost at the same time. With the soul, art can always be created and destroyed.

18. Art gives the soul a purpose; a continuous desire to transcend the body. To push the boundaries of the mind and with these, a certain measure of calmness, acceptance and serenity.

19. Art is the tool engaged for the consistent growth of the soul; it gives rise to boundless and productive creativity and embraces change.

20. Art is the freedom of the soul; it transcends culture, belief, social status and other limiting factors to the body.

21. Through art, even our most subtle feeling is reflected and conveyed to the soul for its nourishment and healing.

22. Art is the soul’s attempt to make the most of life every day. It is born at the point man stops being concerned about the impression he is making or about to make.

23. For the soul, art can just be the desire to be loved, the ability to hope and the chance to live.

24. The soul has to constantly feed on art so it doesn’t devour itself; art is the sanity of the soul.

25. Art is the collage, a collection of the thoughts produced by the soul.

26. Art calms the soul, and takes you from hurrying through life to opening your eyes to the beauty that life has to offer.

27. Art is the tune that the soul sings to, the lullaby that puts the soul to sleep, and the lively music that the soul waltzes.

28. Art is the soul’s way of communicating to the world, making the world take a break; pause, breathe and feed.

29. Art is the greatest form of an impression on the soul. Art is never lost; even when the world crumbles, when the ruins are cleared away, art is what we find.

30. Art is universal; it is the food common to all souls. With art, the soul can never be at loss for what to say and what to create.

31. Art is God’s greatest gift to the soul of men. It lives continuously and by hope; it passes through times and seasons, interpreting and embedding itself in the souls of men for generations past, present and more to come. Art outlives the souls of men.

32. Art is the sonorous music to the soul; when art stops playing, the soul stops living so keep on playing, keep on producing art.

33. Art is the answer to the questions of the soul.

34. Art is the language and map of the soul; the only way to navigate the soul is to speak art.

35. Art reminds the soul that life is painted in vivid strokes of dashing colours.

36. Art is the expression of love, appealing to the soul of men.

37. Art opens the soul to appreciate the struggles, defeats, and loss of life and make a beautiful piece out of them.

38. Art always transports the soul to the presence of wonder, leaving it speechless and riveted.

39. The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or touched; they must be felt deep within the heart and that is part of life.

40. Art is the beauty that illuminates the soul; it balances tradition and innovation so beautifully.

41. The soul is only alive on two occasions; when it makes art and when it feeds on art.

42. Art builds character for the soul; makes it stronger and wiser.

43. Art convinces the soul that its beauty is not in doing big things but in doing small things in a great way.

44. Art gives the soul the desire to live for another day, for each day is a new canvas to paint.

45. Art helps the soul to find its voice, to speak and make people pay attention and listen.

46. Art helps the soul to see beyond the strokes of paint on the canvas; it opens the soul to a new world of possibilities.

47. Art feeds on the soul, the soul feeds on art. Theirs is a symbiotic relationship.

48. Art inspires the soul; motivates it to reach beyond limits and discover endless possibilities.

49. The eye is the window through which the soul is trained; the soul is the door through which art is born.

50. Art encourages the soul to abandon fear and embrace creativity, it helps the soul discover that the simplicity of life lies in the art it creates.

51. Art is the representation of the soul presented to outward scrutiny.

52. Art is the soul’s greatest attempt to experiment, develop, discover, share and strive for bigger feats.

53. Art is the balance of the soul’s many phases; travails, difficulties, achievements, breakthroughs, inhibitions and others.

54. Art is the soul’s longing to make something out of life, to leave a footprint, a mark, to give life a part of you.

55. Art is the science of the soul. With art, the soul lives in every moment.

56. Art is to the soul what science is to man; a constantly flowing river of endless possibilities.

57. Art is the soul’s constant craving throughout life’s journey. It gives the soul varieties of mirrors through which life can be viewed in different phases.

58. Art is life’s greatest attempt to imprint itself on the shores of the soul.

59. Life attempts to crush the soul, art attempts to remind you that you have one and revive it when beaten down.

60. Art is the door through which you view numerous souls and thoughts of men.

61. Art is the consolation of the soul, soothing a wounded heart and an escape from life’s numerous variances.

62. Art makes the soul feel alive and imprints memories on the sands of the soul, never to be forgotten.

63. Art helps the soul to find others while searching for its true self.

64. Art evokes the best of what the soul has to offer and the options never run out.

65. When an artist creates, he dips his brush in the paint of his soul.

66. Art gives the soul a platform, a voice to tell the world its story.

67. Art is the bridge on which the soul and the world meets and embraces.

68. With every art, the soul looks more alive; laughs more, dances more discovers more and creates more.

69. The soul gives life, art brings it alive. It is a call to dwell, gaze and appreciate the beauty of life.

70. Art is a constant effort of the soul to render something in its true form and character. It always digs deep; goes beyond the surface to reveal to the soul the truth kept hidden in it.

71. Art is poetry to the soul; felt more than seen.

72. When the soul is lost for words to express and communicate, art steps in.

73. Art helps the soul, not only to discover its God-given creativity but also to share it with the world.

74. The soul is an endless supply of creativity; art.

75. Art is the best source of enjoyment for the soul, it is limitless.

76. Art makes the soul grow; it never leaves the soul in the same way, that is for sure.

77. When the soul is conflicted, great ideas for art are about to be birthed.

78. Art is a channel through which the soul expresses and communicates its intentions.

79. With every art created, the soul believes more in life and its existence.

80. With art, the soul crosses the shore of time, of reality as it knows it and frees itself to wander through the lushness of imaginations born.

81. Art is the end-product of the soul’s imagination.

82. Art makes the unknown be known, the unimaginable becomes a thing and the soul finds respite.

83. Art paints nature as more of the pictures of the soul than what is visible.

84. Art is a persistent effort of the soul to communicate to others; to know that someone somewhere has a chance to smile, dance, laugh and live.

85. Art is the biggest way to ensure that the soul is not idle.

86. Art helps the soul to see the beauty in everything, in life.

87. Art makes the dream of the soul into a reality and the reality, into a dream for the soul.

88. Art captures, and immortalizes the desires of the soul and feeds them back to the soul.

89. Art gives hope to the soul when all else is lost.

90. Art is the best escape for the soul, from the reality of its life. It is also the best road that leads man to God; the first artist ever.

91. Art connects two souls; the beholder and the maker.

92. Art sends light into the darkest of souls, it is the biggest investment of the soul in life’s beauty.

93. Art makes, out of life’s mistakes, the soul’s most beautiful precious stones.

94. Music is to the ear, colour is to the eye, food is to the mouth, and art is to the soul.

95. Soul supplies life with endless creativity; art stops when the soul stops supplying.

96. The soul measures and captures better what is happening in the world through art.

97. Art is the pencil, the soul is the canvas, draw as freely as you can imagine.

98. Great art is created when the soul, the head and the hand are in perfect synchronism.

99. Art is the soul’s best inspiration to create art. It is the art of giving and receiving beauty.

100. In art, the line between the truth and lie is blurred. And the soul is free to roam, imagine and create. Art is indeed good for the soul.

Art can indeed change the world. It is so important to the soul. It helps us express ourselves and our emotions. It lifts us when we’re down, and it helps us realize that we’re not alone in this complex existence we all share.

I hope you have been able to see and relate to how beautiful art is with the art is good for the soul quotes. Please, do well to comment and share the quotes with your friends.


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