Aunt Like Sister Quotes

Aunt Like Sister Quotes

There are several reasons why you need your darling aunt. The first is that she’s always there for you, the second is that she gives you invaluable advice, and the third is…well no one knows the third reason yet. However, aunts are just so cute and precious.

Aunties can be like sisters in so many ways – they share the love and care, and they’re both funny and rational. Many of us can relate to this scenario, you’re looking for some advice and a shoulder to cry on — but your sister is too busy or she lives far away. That’s where your auntie comes in!

Your aunt is a woman full of love and wisdom and deserves to be loved as much as she has loved you. Let her know how much you love and appreciate her with a compliment or words of goodwill through this collection of beautiful aunt like sister quotes below.

Aunt Like Sister Quotes

My aunt is like a sister, one I never had. We’re close in age and share personalities. Our bond is stronger than most other family members. We’ve been through thick and thin together and she’s always been there for me. She even bought a house near mine so we can be closer to each other.

1. My aunt is like a sister to me, she is my role model and she has been a good support system for me through the years.

2. If there is one person in the world whom I can say truly loves me and understands me, it is my Aunt. I know she will always be by my side and give honest advice – nothing but the truth.

3. My aunt is like a sister to me. This is not just because she has been like a mother and a father to me in the past two years, but also because I knew her since my childhood days.

4. My aunt is like a sister to me. We’re about the same age and have always been close.

5. My aunt whom I asked to live with during my undergrad was like a sister to me. I will always appreciate her kindness.

6. An aunt is like a sister but without all the nagging.

7. My aunt is like a sister to me, we have a similar outlook on life. A lot of the time she will joke around because, after all, she’s my aunt so I think she feels that it is acceptable for her to get away with things that perhaps others would not.

8. I have always considered her as a sister. She is just like a sister, but better than a sister because she is my aunt. She understands me and supports me in times of need.

9. My Aunt is very close to my family and we call her the sister we never had. She is like a sister to me because I can talk to her about anything that is bothering me.

10. My aunt is the only family member I’m close to.

11. My aunt — the safest person in my family. She is wiser than anyone in the world!

12. My aunt is my sister’s doppelganger. My aunt is like a sister to me too because she is almost like my mother since she raised me and I have grown attached to her.

13. My aunt lives in the city where I grew up. She is like a sister to me in so many ways. I have good memories of the time we used to spend together. These days I miss her little girl and wonder how they are doing.

14. My aunt is like a sister to me. She is the most thoughtful and encouraging person I know.

15. What is it with my Aunt and me? I think of her as my sister, though we’ve never lived under the same roof. We’re more alike than friends who grew up together.

16. I love my aunt. She is like a sister to me, and I always feel happy when I’m with her because she’s funny, kind, and smart.

17. My aunt is my sister! We’ve been best friends since I was four years old.

18. My aunt is like a sister to me. She helps me without fail in all the ways I need.

19. My aunt is like a sister to me. She was three years older than me when we first met. My parents loved her right away, she’s always been lovely and easy to love.

20. my aunt and I were also similar in some ways: we’re both sensitive, caring people who have an interest (or used to have) in the arts and literature.

21. My aunt and I are very close. We have a great relationship, even though she lives far away in the USA. She is like a sister to me, because we share all our experiences and have a lot to talk about. Many memories come to my mind when I think of her.

22. My aunt is like a sister to me. She watches over me like a mother and she helps the family in need like a father, but at the same time, she is always there for me because she knows what I feel.

23. My aunt is like a sister to me. She’s the one who teaches me, reads books to me, plays with me and most importantly laughs with me. I love her so much and I wait all year long for her to give me presents in my home.

24. I have an aunt who has been like a sister to me since I was a kid. I love her dearly and I cherish the time we get to spend together. We are very close and I couldn’t imagine my life without her. She is more like family than just an aunt.

25. My Aunt and I have always been close. I can call her my best friend, but she is almost like my biological sister. We get along really well because we truly look out for each other.

26. My aunt and I have been close friends since the day I first saw her. We’ve shared our ups and downs, including many happy memories of running through sprinklers, hour-long hugs before leaving for camp, and long nights talking about life.

27. My aunt is like a sister. She is like a sister because when I was married she said to me, “My dear child, I am your sister and you are my child. That makes no difference.”

28. My aunt who is like a sister to me is a kind and caring physician who still can see the world with……sense of humour. She has an open mind never gets defensive and always has an answer to any question.

29. She is a good person who I love dearly and am very glad to have in my life. I am lucky to have a friend as good as her, who is also like a sister.

30. My aunt is pretty much like a sister to me. I know, that might sound weird since she’s my aunt and all, but it’s true. Why? Well for starters, the whole family thing going on…and of course all of those personality traits that make us both nutty, giddy and full of vim!

31. My aunt is like a sister to me and has always been very important in my life and at a time when I needed her most she just sort of stepped in, took me under her wing and helped me to be myself. I am thankful for her support over the years and love her dearly.

32. My aunt has not only been a single mother, but also a caregiver to her disabled brother and she is going to college now. She is like a sister to me, because she is there when I needed her and she helped me improve my writing skills by providing valuable feedback.

33. I have an aunt who is like a sister to me. She’s only younger by five years, but I look up to her and she’s one of my best friends. She has so many talents, which makes me a little bit jealous.

34. My aunt and my sister are very close in age. They’ve always been close, even as children. I’ve always loved hanging out with them because they have been so much fun to be around — especially when they get going!

35. My aunt is like a sister to me. We are almost identical in many ways but also have many differences. I suppose both she and I would like to make each other happy, just as we have always done throughout our lives.

36. I had an aunt. She was like a sister to me. We saw each other at Christmas and some family events. She lived near my parents so I used to stop by her house sometimes when I needed words of wisdom or just craved positive energy in my life.

37. I was raised by two amazing women. One is my mother and the other is like a sister to me. When my father was killed in a car accident when I was just a baby, she continued to be the solid rock of our family through the good times and the bad.

38. My aunt is like a sister. Even so, she has some qualities I don’t like. Don’t get me wrong she’s nice to me, but there are times when I get annoyed by her.

39. I have been thinking about my Aunt a lot lately. She’s like a sister to me. I think back to when I was in high school and college, how she helped me out and took care of me when my mom had to be out of town for business.

40. My big sis, aka my Aunt (we’re distant cousins) is more of a sister than my actual sister.

41. My aunt is like a sister. There, I said it. But it’s not just the fact that she shares 30% of my DNA that makes her seem like a sibling (for dramatic effect only, as I’m technically an only child). It’s her thoughtfulness, goofiness, and overall presence in my life. She even calls me out when I’m being shady.

42. My aunt, who married my father’s oldest brother and has always been close to us, is like a sister to me. Like my actual sister, she will yell at my brother, hit him in the face with a sofa cushion, ask if he’s gay (all he has to do is wear jeans), and get way too personal.

43. She is not my real aunt, but she was more like a sister to me than I could ever have imagined. She told me stories, shared her reading with me, and even helped me make my bed every morning.

44. My aunt has always been a very supportive character in my life. Additionally, she is one termite of energy. She makes me proud of the choices that I have made in my life.

45. My aunt is like a sister. I love her so much and care for her deeply. Being an only child, I’m used to having only one aunt in my life, but I never thought about how unique this was for me until I had kids of my own.

46. My aunt is like a sister. She is married to my uncle but she talks to me like I am a part of the family because my mother is her sister. She knits, crochets, embroiders and sews.

47. I have an aunt who I love more than all the food groups combined! She’s like a sister, and I tell her that often.

48. My aunt is like a sister because she does things with me that are twin things (yes, I know I have spelling problems) and never gets tired of hearing “I love you!” She’s always fun to be around and every time something good happens to me she is the first person to hear it.

49. As I’ve come to age in my life, I’ve realized how special my aunt is. She’s almost like a sister. She always shares in the most amazing moments of my life and pushes me forward to be better. Whether it be picking me up when I’m down or just having an amazing word of encouragement, she is something else.

50. Don’t get me wrong, my aunt is a great person. But, after living with her for a couple of years, I may have lost sight of my feelings, because she’s become more like my sister.

51. My aunt is like a sister to me. She’s the one I could call and say, “I’m so tired. Can you come over and hold my hand?”

52. My aunt is like a sister to me. She has always been there for me — since I was just a little girl who didn’t know what life was going to throw at me. She reminds me to keep things in perspective and not lose my sense of self or beauty.

53. My aunt has always been like a sister to me. She is one of the most selfless and honest people I know. I may not see her for years at a time, but when we meet again it’s as if no time has passed.

54. I always considered my aunt to be like a sister to me. We did everything together. From elementary school to high school, we nearly lived in the same home. Even after we went off to the big university, we made sure we always got together for holidays. She was one of the best friends I’ve ever had.

55. My aunt is like a sister to me, but she’s my mom’s sister. She has always been there for me as I grew up.

So much of who we are as women comes from our role models — and the female figures we most identify with in our lives. Aunties have as much fun and silliness in them to be as close to sisters as any woman can get.

Many people refer to their aunties as their sisters because of the bond they share. I trust that these aunt like sister quotes were able to capture the feeling of having an aunt who is like a sister perfectly.

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