Bad Choices Make Good Stories Quotes

Bad Choices Make Good Stories Quotes

Bad choices make good stories because there’s a kernel of truth to every story. We do the same things over and over again and then wonder why nothing ever changes in our lives. Human beings can be pretty predictable. We may not be proud of everything we did in our past, but we learn from them. They’re the stories that came from our experiences, and they made us who we are.

Most people have made a few bad choices in their life. The most interesting thing about bad choices is that they make great stories. Every decision we make has a lesson to learn, and we can use it to become better people in the midst of making these mistakes and choices; many times, we say to ourselves or others — “I learned a lot from this.” And while we may have learned something, chances are what we gained is a good story.

The important thing is not to beat yourself up over past mistakes but rather learn from them, so we don’t make the same ones again. Here are some collections of bad choices make good stories quotes that express the way your bad decisions become good stories to tell other people.

Bad Choices Make Good Stories Quotes

Sometimes the choices we make aren’t always the best. Sometimes they’re downright awful. We end up regretting our bad decisions. But through the darkness, we learn new things about ourselves and grow stronger than we were before. The stories created from our bad choices help us push forward.

1. What starts as a bad choice can turn into a good story.

2. Bad choices make good stories. You don’t have to play dirty to win. Just make the right choices, and you always come out on top.

3. Bad choices make good stories. It is a key to living a full life.

4. Bad choices make great stories because they’re so intriguing.

5. Bad choices make good stories. Choose wisely and make your story great!

6. Bad choices make good stories. Always do what’s right; don’t take shortcuts!

7. We make bad choices, and we learn from them. They happen in life, and we grow as a result and make good stories from them.

8. The best stories often require the hardest choices. If you choose wisely, you can turn a story of loss into a story of triumph.

9. Bad choices make good stories. Most of our bad choices have culminated in some good outcomes.

10. True, small negative consequences are not desirable. But negative consequences from bad choices you make are often what makes a good story or life.

11. Bad choices make great stories. They’re the stories you tell time and time again. You can’t get enough of them, even though they have an edge. You tell them to anyone who’ll listen.

12. The best stories come from making the worst choices.

13. Everyone loves a good story, and great stories come from making bad choices.

14. Sometimes, it takes a few bad choices to make the best story later on.

15. We all make bad choices, and we’ve got the stories to prove it.

16. The most exciting experiences often come from making some bad decisions.

17. The first rule of survival is to understand that bad choices make good stories.

18. It’s not a bad thing to make bad choices. You can learn something great from your bad choices because bad choices make good stories.

19. Our bad choices have led us to make good stories. Even though we’ve made plenty of bad choices, it’s helped us grow as an individual. Life can bring us down wrong paths, but our mistakes help us learn from them.

20. Sometimes, we make some really bad and silly choices, but that’s okay! We all do that; we’ve done it. It’s cool to fail because sometimes that’s the only way we learn in life.

21. Making bad choices is the best way to learn. When you fail, it teaches you what works and doesn’t work. People should try to remain optimistic that good things come from failure. If we make bad choices, it can be a good thing because we learn from our mistakes.

22. We’re all human. We all make bad choices, some worse than others. It’s life. You’re probably super embarrassed and regret doing something stupid, but that’s okay! You have to take the bad with the good.

23. Bad choices make good stories. Learning from the choices we make makes us who we are. Even if we make poor decisions, it’s good to see that we can get through them.

24. Bad choices make good stories. Not every situation or choice can be neatly divided into black or white, right or wrong, good or bad. Sometimes the best we can do is choose grey and hope for better days.

25. We all know it sucks to make bad choices, but sometimes making bad choices turns out to be a good thing.

26. Even if we mess up and make really bad choices, like getting a terrible haircut or buying an expensive dress that only looks good on the supermodel in the store window, it’s all going to work out. We’re going to be okay.

27. People learn a lot from making bad choices. There are many benefits to making bad choices, but only if you learn from them and become a better person for it. The personal growth that can come from experience is invaluable.

28. Life’s all about the choices you make. You could pick a safe path and just cruise by, or make some bad decisions and let life take you somewhere totally new.

29. We’ve done pretty stupid things in our life, and it can be not very comfortable to think back on them. Sometimes, we feel like the dumbest person around, but when we look back on how far we’ve come since, it is worth it because bad choices make good stories.

30. Even if we make bad choices and go down some wrong paths, things will eventually turn out all right.

31. When you’re out with your friends, it’s normal to take risks. Don’t worry about getting in trouble because you can always turn bad choices into good stories.

32. Bad choices usually make the best stories.

33. Bad choices make good stories. If you’re never in the wrong, you’ll never be in the know.

34. Bad choices make good stories. You can’t live a good life without making bad decisions, so let’s get out there and be the best mistake-makers we can be.

35. You can’t live a good life without making some bad decisions. To truly live is to fail, but if you fail right, you’ll be all right.

36. We’re awful at making decisions. But in the end, it’s your bad choices that make for the greatest stories.

37. Everyone knows the feeling of regretting a bad choice. But some of the best stories involve poor decision-making, and these make good stories in the end.

38. It’s true. Making bad choices and experiencing failure is a part of life. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to avoid them at all costs, as these experiences help you learn, grow, make good stories and pave the way for future success.

39. No matter how many bad choices you make, think: it’s one story.

40. With every awful choice, something is amazing to come from it. If there is one thing life has taught me, it’s that bad choices make good stories.

41. Sometimes, we make really bad choices and take terrible paths. In the end, you learn from these mistakes, making for a good story.

42. When we make terrible and disastrous decisions, we’ll overcome them and tell great stories that come to an end.

43. Some people have great careers and wonderful lives. But the best stories are about mistakes, bad decisions, and terrible choices.

44. At the end of the day, our mistakes make us who we are. We will never know the success of our bad decisions until we make them.

45. Sometimes, when life is hard, it can be a good thing. It all ends up making great stories in the end.

46. You’ll never know if you have the right stuff until you go out and do whatever. And sometimes, that means dropping your standards, making bad choices, and going down a path you’re not proud of. But even if you end up in a sticky situation, someday, you’ll be telling that funny story to a new friend.

47. My life has been full of bad choices, but I’m having a fantastic time living the good story!

48. We live to make terrible decisions, take wrong paths, and eventually overcome them. It makes our lives interesting, fun and worthwhile.

49. Bad choices, bad paths, good stories. Our history is shaped by the not-so-great decisions we make.

50. Life is full of bad choices, poor decisions, and dangerous mistakes. It takes a strong person to overcome them and make for amazing stories.

51. When your choices turn out badly, tell a story about it. It will make for a great story about how you got through the obstacles in your life.

52. Life is all about making decisions, and sometimes our choices turn out bad. Don’t worry! It happens to the best of us because bad choices make good stories.

53. Life doesn’t always go the way you expect. But if you tell a story about it, it can inspire others.

54. Bad choices will be made. Sometimes you won’t even realise your bad choices at first. That’s why it’s important to find the good stories within them. That’s what makes you resilient and live a better life.

55. Every bad choice comes with a great story. What you don’t realise is that those decisions have made you who you are today, have changed your whole life, and have saved you.

56. Every bad choice comes with a great story as an unintentional adverse effect.

57. Great stories often start with bad choices.

58. Life doesn’t play out the way it’s supposed to. We can’t control what happens to us, but we can choose how we respond. Sometimes the bad choices turn into great stories.

59. No matter how bad the choice you made at a time may seem to be, no one ever said regrets make good stories. Bad decisions and mishaps make great ones. Good stories come from pain, and we’ve made more than our fair share of bad choices in our life.

60. Bad choices make great stories, so take your pick and move on.

61. I’m living proof that bad decisions can make great stories. Bad choices don’t make good regrets, but they do make great stories.

62. Sometimes, life is messy. We make choices we end up regretting. We fall, get hurt and cry for days. But through the pain, we learn about life and become stronger than before. The stories created from our failures, mistakes and bad decisions transform us into more qualified human beings, ready to embrace more pain and gain more wisdom.

63. Good and interesting stories are usually stories that start with bad choices.

64. We still believe that we will learn from our bad choices and become better than ever before, even though we are lost in the dark hole of sadness and loneliness.

65. The stories created from our mistakes are what make us interesting to others and remind us that we’re human.

66. Most of us make some bad choices in life. We’ve missed our flight, chose the wrong book to read, and even married. These are all bad choices, whether they were mistakes or not. But we do get out of it and end up telling great stories to those who care to listen.

67. We make bad choices sometimes. But when we do, it’s important to learn from those bad choices and move on. If you make enough bad choices, you’ll start to learn what works and what doesn’t, and that’s the beginning of wisdom.

68. Some are good, and some are bad. We look back on the memories and laugh, but when they happened, we had no idea how bad it could get. Sometimes, those stories come from decisions we make. Sometimes, the consequences are so severe that we have no choice but to learn from them.

69. There will be times when we make bad choices and take the wrong paths. It is not the end of the world, we will overcome them, and it will make good stories.

70. When you make really bad choices and take some terrible ways, it’ll eventually come together. And then you’ll have a great story.

71. When dumb things happen, and terrible choices arise, we will overcome them and make fun stories.

72. Bad stories, bad choices, and failed attempts are the only way to make good stories.

73. Everybody makes bad decisions. But we’ve got to focus on our mistakes and come back stronger because we learn the most from our failures. Sometimes, bad choices make good stories.

74. What starts as regret can often turn into a story.

75. Bad choices make good stories. But once in a while, life throws you a curve ball.

76. The regret of your mistakes can sometimes be the beginning of a great story.

77. Regret doesn’t have to be a bad thing. It can often turn into an amazing story and sometimes even a new beginning.

78. Though it’s not the best idea to stay out all night drinking, date your ex’s friend, or even hit the snooze button too many times and miss work, sometimes making a bad choice can create a fun and interesting story to tell.

79. Life is a story, and bad choices make the best memories!

80. Bad choices make good stories because a good story starts with a good choice, and a great story is the memory of your best experiences. Good stories bring you the best experiences in life.

81. Bad choices are essential for good stories. Most of our bad choices have led to some very positive outcomes.

82. I have made plenty of bad decisions. That was one of the times when my lack of foresight and impatience made for a good story!

83. Life is an adventure full of fun, excitement, and sometimes even embarrassment. We learn from all the good times and the bad ones.

84. You’ll never have good stories if you don’t make a few bad decisions.

85. Even though our choices can be wrong and we mess up, the stories formed from our mistakes and missteps are always worth telling.

86. There is no way to be perfect, but we can all make better choices. The stories that unfold from the decisions we make are always worth telling.

87. Not all of our choices are indeed made for the right reasons. Sometimes, we get led astray and have to find our way back. We make mistakes. But these missteps become stories of overcoming adversity and celebrating life no matter what comes your way.

88. Bad decisions, mistakes and missteps don’t define who we are. The stories that grow out of them do.

89. You don’t need to be perfect to create great stories. It’s the missteps we take that give us something interesting to say.

90. It doesn’t matter how bad your choice is; if you can come out with a good story, you are good to go.

91. Bad choices make good stories. Whatever happens, you’ll have a story to tell!

92. Take a risk. Make a mistake. It doesn’t matter because you can come out with a good story.

93. It’s one thing to make a bad choice, but it’s a whole new level when you can turn around and tell an amazing story.

94. These wise words remind us that we can find humour and beauty in the chaos of life. After all, what matters is that you learn from your mistakes, pick yourself back up and move forward. Nobody is perfect, and bad choices make good stories!

95. People see life as a collection of experiences and situations that may or may not go their way. Things happen, we react, and sometimes we turn these events into stories. Stories can be made with good or bad choices.

96. We took the risk, so we could live the life we wanted. Everyone makes choices in life, and sometimes a bad choice helps to make a good story.

97. If you’ve made some bad choices, don’t worry. It doesn’t mean you’re a failure. The biggest mistakes in life can turn out to be the best stories.

98. Bad choices make good stories. Tale your risk and build a life worth telling about.

99. Bad choices lead to excitement and memorable stories.

100. We make bad choices that turn into great stories.

Bad decisions can be turned into great lessons and moments of realisation for people, especially in their youth, then they end up telling those bad decisions as stories to younger ones when they get older. I hope you enjoyed the collection of bad choices make good stories quotes above. You can share them with your friends and family.

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