Balance in Relationship Quotes

Balance in Relationship Quotes

There are many kinds of relationships we find ourselves in, from romantic to the types we have with our siblings, friends and colleagues. And when we see a beautiful relationship, we love it.

One thing we can find in a beautiful relationship is balance. Balance in a relationship is quite a large thing. It covers balancing your relationship with a person with that you have with others, how much you give to the person against how much you get, how fast or slow you grow compared to your partner and many other concepts.

I have enjoyed balanced relationships, and those who have too will have a lot of positive things to say about being in a balanced relationship.

How do you know if you are in a balanced relationship? How do you make your relationship a balanced one? Quotes on these and more are explored in these quotes. They talk about balance in relationships from different angles and points of view.

Let’s jump in. Let’s see these quotes about balance in relationships and pick the ones that are perfect for you.

Balance in Relationship Quotes

Some relationships are all about him and what he wants. And that’s not a balanced relationship. A balanced relationship is one in which two people share their lives together, support each other and make decisions together. Never settle for a relationship that doesn’t have balance.

1. A relationship is not like a seesaw but, just like a seesaw, if you don’t know how to apply the balance in relationships, one of you will end up in the ground.

2. Know how to balance your relationship with other things in your life that are also important. Too much time given to one thing can kill other things.

3. The key to keeping your relationship happy, healthy, and balanced is knowing yourself and making attempts to understand your partner.

4. Learn how to balance your relationships and make sure you’re giving and receiving the right amount of love.

5. If you want to have a healthy, long-lasting relationship, then be sure to apply what you’ve learnt about balance in your relationship.

6. It takes two to tango, but it takes understanding to make a relationship work. Learn how to apply the balance to get a satisfying love life.

7. When there is no balance in relationships, it is hard to succeed in life. Let’s have a balanced year by entering and maintaining balanced relationships!

8. Someone’s falling behind when there’s no balance in a relationship. Reach for support for both you and your partner, so you can keep up with life together.

9. When it comes to your relationships, do you know the difference between being balanced and being codependent? You should.

10. Relationships are like tea—they require a bit of sweetening and a lot of balance.

11. I found the key enjoy my relationship, and it was applying balance to it. It changed my relationship and my life.

12. Balance is key to any relationship. Love life and love your partner.

13. Knowing how to properly balance work, family, and relationships is hard. But achievable.

14. How to keep your relationship healthy: apply all you know about balance, then keep learning more about balance and applying it.

15. It’s all about balance in a relationship. Work hard but don’t forget to be playful.

16. The easiest way to ruin a relationship is to ignore it. That takes away the balance. When your partner feels unappreciated, they’ll start to resent you.

17. It’s okay to not be able to see each other all the time. It doesn’t mean we enjoy the company of each other any less than we did before. We just need to make sure we’re making efforts to balance our relationship with other things.

18. Instead of always holding up your end of the bargain, why not make sure that you’re getting what you need from the other person? Get a balanced relationship.

19. Being with someone who calls you an equal partner and treats you as such is the one part of the double act of balance. The other part is up to you.

20. A good relationship isn’t about being inseparable. It’s about giving each other space to grow and applying what you know about balance.

21. Relationships could be like magnets, attracting people that have different energy vibrations. When you complete a balanced relationship, it feels right.

22. Balance in relationships isn’t always easy, but did they not say that where there is a will, there is a way?

23. In a relationship, look for the things that make you happy, and do those things. Sometimes it’s okay to sacrifice some alone time with your partner, as long as it’s not hurting your relationship. Apply balance.

24. We’re in a relationship, and we still have time for ourselves and our friends. We live with a healthy dose of balance.

25. All relationships have an ebb and flow to them. Cycles of feeling close and disconnected, connected and alone, cherished and abandoned. Being aware of your partner’s need for space gives you the opportunity to live in balance with each other. Even if you cannot physically be together, there is still a way for you to feel that close bond between you.

26. We found a healthy balance by putting each other first—and by leaving room for the things we love to do.

27. If you want a balanced relationship, be a partner. Respect your partner, and be sure he/she is someone that will respect you.

28. When you feel good about yourself and treat your partner with respect, it’s easy to have a happy, healthy and balanced relationship.

29. Every relationship needs some ground rules, and balance should influence most of them. Make sure what you’re getting into is a balanced relationship.

30. No relationship is perfect, but if you can get a balanced relationship, you’re blessed!

31. There is no relationship less attractive than one that lacks balance. Choose balance over perfection in your relationship.

32. Every relationship can be a balanced one. Make sure your partner agrees with this before you move the relationship forward.

33. A balanced relationship isn’t about being inseparable but about being independent and happy when apart.

34. A healthy relationship isn’t all about romance. It’s also about friendship and trust.

35. A balanced relationship is when you two can be best friends and do anything and everything together, yet still have your own individual lives.

36. Balanced relationships don’t just happen. They require time, energy and the willingness to commit to another person’s happiness as much as your own.

37. Be with someone who wants a balanced relationship, or stay single.

38. When there’s no balance in a relationship, it can spiral out of control. Be there for your significant other.

39. We can get carried away with some relationships at times, but balancing our relationships with friends, family, and partners is key.

40. If your relationship will be a monologue and not a conversation, don’t be in it. Choose a balanced relationship every time.

41. To achieve balance in a relationship, it’s important to be open about your feelings and expectations.

42. We’re hardwired to crave and pursue a sense of balance in our relationships, but it’s not always easy to achieve.

43. When you find balance in your relationship, it’s like you and your partner signed up to live a happy and fulfilling life.

44. To have healthy, balanced relationships, you need to keep the lines of communication open. Talk to each other, communicate and try to solve your problems.

45. Relationships are like plants. They need the right balance of love and care to be healthy and balanced.

46. To achieve balance in a relationship, learn to appreciate the ways your partner is different from you.

47. To have a better relationship, roll up your sleeves and work on your relationship. You’ll love how it feels! Never stop working on it, though.

48. Find a partner who wants a balanced and healthy relationship every single day—and actually works towards having it.

49. You gotta find the balance. Find the beautiful, the ugly, and everything in-between and keep them all in check.

50. Saying no to your partner or to your friends can be hurtful, even to you, but at times that’s a step towards having a balanced relationship.

51. What happens when there’s no balance in relationships? One person is always unhappy and unsatisfied. Is that the kind of relationship you want?

52. When you are in a relationship, it is important to have some balance: schedule time with your partner, have some one on one time and have a life for yourself as well.

53. Take control of your relationships if you want balanced relationships! Learn how to communicate your needs, wants and preferences and learn when and when not to compromise.

54. It’s been proven that balanced relationships are based on respect. We should not just communicate better with people we are close to but also those whom we work with — teammates, colleagues and even friends.

55. If you don’t set boundaries, then you may feel overwhelmed and burdened. Set reasonable boundaries, and your relationships will be balanced and happier.

56. Unfair relationships are like a dimly lit room. It’s hard to see them as they are. A balanced relationship should always be the way to go.

57. It isn’t a sustainable relationship if you’re always carrying the other person. And you don’t need that.

58. Avoid being caught up in the cycle of toxic relationships. There is a better way to be in a relationship with people–and it’s worth fighting for.

59. In a relationship, when one partner puts in more effort than the other partner, that’s not love.

60. Today, the scale may be out of balance in your relationship. Tomorrow morning, you can make it right again by doing one simple thing: share the load.

61. No one goes through life without experiencing ups and downs. But if you have no balance in your relationship, it’s time to go back to the drawing board.

62. Don’t let your relationship fall off balance. Make time for each other, so it stays strong and healthy.

63. Relationships can be tough, but there is a big secret to keeping a good one — applying balance.

64. When we chase after things and neglect our partners, we miss out on one side of life’s coin. Go for balance.

65. Your work and relationship life blend so seamlessly when you’re with someone who understands balance in relationships.

66. Lack of balance in a relationship can be toxic and result in an unhealthy environment.

67. When balance is absent in a relationship, love is hard. When there is no balance between two people, the relationship crumbles.

68. When a relationship is out of balance, you are the one who suffers. Learn to identify the signs of imbalance and get help!

69. You can’t have a balanced relationship if you feel like you’re always walking on eggshells, and that is not good for you.

70. Relationships can only grow if both parties are willing to accept change and compromise.

71. Balance is a must in a relationship to keep it on the right path. Take out balance, and the relationship becomes ugly.

72. All relationships go out of balance once in a while. Even healthy ones. The work is in trying to keep the scales balanced.

73. When you’re giving more than you’re receiving in a relationship, it’s time to reevaluate. You deserve a balanced relationship.

74. Balance may never find a relationship if the people involved don’t take the time to bring it in.

75. When there’s no balance in a relationship, that is when you lose yourself, and the relationship doesn’t feel attractive anymore.

76. Out of balance relationships are like wobbly chairs – they will either fall or be too uncomfortable to sit in.

77. Relationships take work. Balance is the key to having one that lasts.

78. You know that your relationship is off balance when you feel like you’re always giving and not getting anything in return.

79. When you don’t invest the time to develop a balanced relationship, there won’t be a beautiful future for you and your partner.

80. Some days, spending time together seems impossible. Other days are more like this one: a long, relaxed weekend, just the two of you. This is what balance in your relationship looks like.

81. Relationships are a two-way street. Communication is key to making sure that you and your significant other have an equal say in what’s going on.

82. Relationships require balance. Balance requires love and respect. Know how to keep things balanced, and your love life will be better than ever.

83. When it comes to relationships, romantic or any other kind, it’s impossible to find balance without trust.

84. What happens when there is no balance in relationships? We don’t have to find out.

85. Relationship is about balancing together: both giving and taking. You can’t take one and leave one out if you want a balanced relationship.

86. Ever had a work environment, relationship or even a friendship that has turned toxic because of one person’s selfishness? An unbalanced relationship causes harm.

87. As the saying goes, there’s no balance in life without balance in relationships. Evaluate your relationships.

88. Relationships are like physics: everything needs balance. Find yours.

89. An imbalance in a relationship is like an unbalanced scale. It doesn’t take much to tip the scales.

90. The only way to avoid having a relationship like those drama-filled ones that you hate is to create balance.

91. When you keep on giving more than you’re getting in a relationship, eventually, you’ll be left with nothing.

92. If only one thing makes it into your brain, let it be the knowledge to help you to apply all the balance you need in every relationship.

93. Being in a balanced relationship means you both act as equal partners, not one person always doing more than the other.

94. Lack of balance in relationships leads to heartache, pain, and drama. Don’t ignore the signs.

95. When there’s no balance in a relationship, it affects everything else. Demand for a balanced relationship and look out for yourself.

96. If only you make choices for your partner or only them make choices for you, there’s no balance in the relationship.

97. Unbalanced relationships are one-sided and make you feel like you have to walk on eggshells. Each person should respect the other.

98. When one of you loves less, it can threaten the security of your relationship.

99. What happens when there’s no balance in relationships? One person always gets hurt.

100. Keep your relationships balanced. If one starts to feel more like work than fun, it’s time to reevaluate.

101. Arguments happen in every relationship. But it’s no fun if you’re always fighting about the same things. Look at things from your partner’s eyes, too. It helps you find common ground, which is important to have a balanced relationship and be happy together.

Now that you have some of the finest quotes on balance in relationships with you, I’m sure you’re happy and thankful. If you’re happy, I’m happy.

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