Thursday Drinking Quotes

Thursday Drinking Quotes

People drink alcohol for various reasons; either to get over worries, relieve stress or just to chill with friends. They work hard trying to make ends meet and pay accumulated bills. However, some people get drowned in this pressure that they lose themselves.

A lot of people drop dead because they’re exhausted. You don’t want to be in these shoes, do you? That is why you should create time out of work to loosen up and refresh. A drink or two will do. Drinking is so fun that a particular moment should be set aside to enjoy it.

People love drinking on Thursdays because it involves less planning, pressure and stress than Friday and Saturdays. It’s just easier to push yourself to get out of bed, head straight to the bar and drink away your problems. A Thursday evening tends to be one of those occasions and a day for unwinding after work and enjoying the end of the week. Thank God, it’s Thursday! You need to blow off steam, so hit the bar with your friends.

When you spend your days working or studying, it’s important to have the right tools and means to help you unwind when the week is done. It’s all about balance! So, let’s enjoy every moment we have today and don’t forget to live in the moment! These Thursday drinking quotes will prompt you to create some time off work and make Thursdays memorable.

Thursday drinking Quotes

You have worked conscientiously and devoted your time to the growth and development of this firm. However, you should not let your work schedule affect our Thursday drinking time because that’s the only day we get to hang out and bond as friends.

1. Hey, I am just letting you know that our Thursday drinking time is important to me. It’s the only day of the week when we get to see each other after work and catch up on stuff, so I would appreciate it if you could come. You have worked hard and are still doing well at the firm, let’s have some fun together.

2. This is probably the crunch period in our office. We have worked hard and deserve to have a good time. I would like you to join us for drinks on Thursday, even if you are working late in your office.

3. Let me know when you are around or if you are available. We should go out and have a few drinks together. Remember that it is Thursday drinking day and I think you need a break from all the hard work.

4. This Thursday, we would like to go out for a drink. We feel that you have been working hard at trying to improve upon your current projects and we feel that you need a good break.

5. As we all know, Thursday is the only day of the week when we get to hang out and enjoy a drink together. I would like to remind you that it is important to maintain your work schedule, at the same time do not skip Thursday Drinking.

6. We need to start Thursday Drinking. It’s the only day of our week we get to hang out, so, why not grab a few beers and relax.

7. We are a hardworking bunch and we should have time to drink on Thursday. That’s our right, we have earned that right by working very hard. Please, make this Thursday’s drinking spree possible. Thank you!

8. Hey there! So, I know all the days of the week are equally important in their way, but Thursday seems to be my best. It’s full of fun and drinking, and the happiness is second to none.

9. This is a reminder that Thursday drinking is going to take preference over your work schedule. Our team needs more bonding, so we should never compromise on our Thursday drinking.

10. This Thursday is no different! We’re going to head out to the bar, catch up with old friends and maybe even make a new one. I love it so much. Bring your favourite beer!

11. You have been such a great worker and team player, that I feel that we need to go out for a drink on Thursday. It’s my only day off and your company is the only thing I look forward to at the office.

12. Although working hard is very important, you should not let it affect our Thursday drinking binge. After all, that is the only day we get to hang out!

13. Your devotion to work is admirable and your steadfast commitment has helped our business grow. However, we cannot let the stress of work consume our personal lives. Thursday drinking is important to us, so please, come and enjoy it.

14. Get your friends together and join us for a cold drink on Thursday. We all know how hard you’ve worked, so why not take an hour away from your laptop and enjoy some quality time with the team?

15. I love Thursday drinking time because it makes me feel so relaxed and happy. The fun and happiness are always there.

16. Hey honey, I miss you sometimes. It is okay to hang out with the boys and create sacred time for yourself, but I would love to hang out too. Thursday for drinking with your friends, Saturday for me!

17. I know you work hard, and I’m sorry you can’t make it to our Thursday drinking. We miss you around here. However, continue working hard for the well-being of this firm as we continue to grow as a company.

18. We had a good time on Thursday drinking, but by the look on your face, things seem to be going wrong. You looked depressed and you don’t seem like yourself. We just want to know what’s up.

19. We appreciate your efforts and hard work, but if you don’t join us for our Thursday drinking spree, then we won’t be great friends.

20. Once a week, we all get together for our Thursday drinking spree. We put our best foot forward and enjoy each other’s company.

21. Dear husband, I know you love spending time with the boys, and that’s fine, but why not create a sacred time for me too? Maybe Thursday is your night to drink with your friends, and Saturday is the night when you come home early to spend time with me.

22. You are the reason this firm has become so successful. However, we must remember to take care of ourselves to continue our success. You should not let our Thursday drinking sessions interfere with your work or else you will start losing money in an attempt to get back what you’ve already earned. So, come out and join us this Thursday!

23. I love all the days of the week, but Thursday is my favourite. The happiness and fun that goes with it are second to none. Nothing can make me skip Thursday drinking and enjoy my company of friends and family.

24. I love Thursday because it’s the best day of the week and I get to drink with my colleagues. Nothing can make me skip it, not even a trip to the gym!

25. Let’s crack a beer and share a laugh. We’ve worked hard all year and now, we deserve to relax with our friends. This Thursday by 5 pm is a perfect time.

26. We appreciate your hard work and dedication to the company. However, please, do not let it affect our Thursday drinking event because that’s the only day of the week we get to hang out with each other.

27. You have worked hard and deserve to unwind. However, the last thing you should do after a long week is let your work schedule affect your Thursday drinking because that’s the only day we get to hang out with you.

28. Your hard work has paid off, but you should allow yourself to relax once in a while. You don’t need to work every waking minute of your life. Thursday is one day of the week that we can all get together and enjoy each other’s company and drink.

29. My dear husband. I’m here for you. I know how important it is to relax with your friends and have a good time. So, I leave Thursday open for you to drink with your friends and Saturday to spend time with me.

30. Hey guys! It’s Thursday, so I figured we could all go out to eat and drink. After all, we deserve it.

31. I love you a whole lot and I want to spend quality time with you. I know as an adult, it’s hard to push yourself away from the crowd to be with your partner at times, but I hope that we can find a way where both of us feel comfortable being together. So, just to be clear in our weekly schedule, Thursday is for drinking out with your friends and Saturday is for us.

32. We would love you to join us for Thursday’s drinking. You have worked long and hard, and that’s why we need to reward you with a little fun. We would also love you to meet other people, as our team is like a family.

33. You have worked hard, but don’t forget to relax. We all need to bond as a team and we only get a Thursday drinking spree for this!

34. As dedicated as you are, don’t knock yourself out. We will cover for you if you need to take some time off to have some drinks with your friends on Thursday.

35. It’s that time of the month again. We have all worked hard, so, let’s have a drink on Thursday to celebrate our hard work.

36. Hey guys, how do you feel about Thursday? I and my friends throw a party every Thursday! It is the best day of my life.

37. I wanted to thank you for your hard work this week, but I also wanted to remind you that our Thursday drinking spree is scheduled for tonight and I look forward to seeing you there!

38. We all know there’s no better way to spend your Thursday than having a few drinks with your co-workers. Please, do not let the demands of your job keep you from attending these events.

39. Thursdays are for chilling and drinking. I can’t wait to sign out from work. See you soon friends!

40. You have worked hard and your hard work is paying off. You should be proud of yourself for staying on top of your game. We would love you to join us on Thursday to drink!

41. I can’t wait for Thursday to come! It’s the best moment I spend with my friends, chilling, drinking and enjoying the music.

42. Dear friend, we know how much stress you are facing at the office and would like to help you relax. The solution is simple and easy. Come hang out with all of us on Thursday in our beautiful atmosphere as we have a drink together!

43. Hey dear! I know Thursday’s drinking session with the boys is important to you, but I feel left out sometimes. Can we set aside Saturday morning as a time to hang out together?

44. Hey there, we know you’ve been under the weather lately. You’re usually the one that organizes our Thursday drinking nights, but we haven’t seen you around recently. Hope things will be better soon!

45. When Thursday rolls around, I can’t wait to get home, have a few drinks and hang out with my friends. The best part about Thursdays is that it’s a reason to relax and not worry about anything else.

46. On Thursday, we have a light-hearted atmosphere, since it is the only day of the week when we’re able to hang out with one another. Everyone is allowed to celebrate this day by participating in drinking on Thursdays.

47. Thursday is a great day and I love to have a drink then. There’s nothing better than staring at a sunset, drinking with good friends and singing songs all night long. As the weekend approaches, my mood is lifted by the fact that I will be celebrating another Thursday.

48. As a thank you to our employees, we would like to invite everyone out on Thursday for drinks. We need to continue the culture party by keeping in shape and having lots of fun during our off time. So please, make sure to go out on Thursday and get your drink on! We will forward our email invitation soon.

49. You know that feeling you get on Thursdays? Yeah, I love it so much because it is the best day of the week that I get to drink and relieve stress!

50. I know you love drinking out with friends on Thursdays, but I miss spending time with you. So, consider creating a sacred time for me too!

51. We miss you and we want you to know that. We have placed a close watch on you and we realize you are losing interest in hanging out with us. You look depressed and unwelcoming. You never miss drinking with us on Thursday, but you do now! What exactly is wrong?

52. I love Thursday. I’m not sure why but it just feels like everything is getting ready for the weekend and my brain is following along. Enjoying drinks with my friends and family gives me the best feeling.

53. I can’t but fantasize about Thursday night. It’s the best moment I share with my friends. This is where we hang out, drink beer and play some games together. What a lovely week!

54. If you are a part of the company, you should never let your work schedule dictate our Thursday drinking day. We need to gather together and drink deeply from the chalice of friendship.

55. I’m a weekly drinker. Thursdays are my favourite day for drinking. You can’t skip the fun of Thursday drinking and hanging out with your friends. The bar or pub will be crowded, but that’s what makes it good!

56. I believe we have a very cool friendship. We’re here to help each other and I believe in us. My door is always open for you to talk about challenges because if you don’t share them, how do we know how to solve them? We can drink together this Thursday.

57. I simply love Thursday. Always passing by a bar and enjoying my favourite alcoholic drink is something I look forward to every Thursday. It’s always an awesome time!

58. I love to drink every day of the week, but Thursday is by far my favourite. It brings me joy and happiness that I do not get from any other day of the week.

59. I want to live my life and enjoy it as much as possible. I want to make every day of the week special for myself and others. That is why I can never miss drinking on Thursday.

60. We have to have some good times to forget our worries, so that’s why I encouraged my friend to join me to enjoy drinks on Thursday. The fun cannot be compared with any other day of the week.

61. Hey hubby, I know you love going out with your friends and honestly, I feel jealous sometimes, but hey, this is amazing news! From now on, Thursday will be my drinking night too! We can finally hang out together.

62. Drinking with you on Thursdays brings me the best moments. I am waiting for another Thursday. Do not worry, we are together at this party.

63. Thank God it’s Thursday! I can’t wait to get off work and grab a drink with my friends. It’s an opportunity to catch up, unwind, and have some fun.

64. There is nothing like the Thursday happy hours. Thursday nights have this magical way of relaxing me, clearing my head and making me feel on top of the world.

65. We would like to invite you to our weekly Thursday drinking, a time where we all get together after work, relax and share some drinks. The social aspect of this gathering is vital for our well-being.

66. I know it’s hard for you to skip having drinks with your friends on Thursday, but I wish you can create another special time for me on Friday so that I won’t always have to feel jealous when you hang out with the boys.

67. I know that you enjoy having drinks with your friends on Thursday while you leave me all by myself at home. To avoid this, I’ve decided to go shopping with my friends.

68. Wow! Thursdays are the days we all wait for! Thursday is the best day to chill, drink and hang out with friends. After all the hard work of being in an office, it’s nice to relax. Don’t you agree?

69. We know that you’ve been feeling down lately, but we want to remind you why Thursday’s drinking is so amazing. You get to hang out with your friends, talk about the latest in politics and current affairs, there’s great food and of course drinks! Looking forward to seeing you soon.

70. Thursday is the best day of the week. The minutes tick by slower than any other day and it seems like they are building up to something even better. I can’t wait to make it through the day so I can get together with my friends and have a drink!

71. You can’t wait to sign out of work and jump into your car. Your destination? Thursday drinks with your friends. Yep, it’s just a short time away!

72. We have observed that you’re lacking your usual zeal to party with us on Thursday. We know things can get a bit tough, but we want you to know that we’re always here for you. You’re our best friend, and no matter what happens, we’re always here for you.

73. Drinking on Thursday is the perfect excuse to have fun and give yourself a break from work. I love Thursdays because they are the best day of the week. Nothing can make me skip Thursday’s drinking time and hang out with my friends.

74. What do you like to do on Thursdays? I like to drink and hang out with friends. I always have a great time on Thursday, so I don’t want anything to change that.

75. Dear father! It’s been a while since we had a father-son discussion. I am your son, so I should be given more priority. I am not saying you shouldn’t hang out with your friends on Thursday, but you should create some time for me.

76. Instead of drinking alone and driving yourself into depression, why not join us on Thursday. Let’s chat over some drinks. You will enjoy it.

77. As always, we thank you for all that you do. However, due to recent changes to our working schedule, we will be departing at 3:30 PM on Thursdays. The good news is that many of us have decided to go out for drinks together to spend more time together outside of the office. We hope to see you there!

78. The favourite thing I love to do on Thursdays is meet up with my brothers, sisters and friends to have fun and drink some cold beer or wine. I also spend time on a beach or at home listening to my favourite music.

79. Every Thursday is a day of joy and happiness for me. I can’t wait to spend it with my friends. Thursday is the best day for me because our boss gives us an in-house break and leaves after six pm, so we can go out together, party and drink happily without having any worry about work.

80. I can’t but fantasize about Thursday. It’s the best moment I share with my friends. Thursdays are for chilling and drinking, and this is the reason why I can’t wait to sign out from work and meet you all soon, so come on and let’s do it together!

81. Thursday is the day I wait for every week, it’s the best moment I share with my friends. It is a perfect time to kick back, relax and have a drink at the bar or during happy hour. Thank God it’s Thursday!

82. As part of our company, it is important that we make sure you feel comfortable around people who are dedicated to their work. Thus, we’d like to invite you for a relaxing drink next week Thursday evening where we will talk about your challenges and achievements at this firm.

83. It’s Thursday! Yep, that means you’re off work and able to enjoy a drink or maybe two. So, what are you waiting for? Go out and have a wonderful time. You deserve it, alright?

84. Thursday drinking allows you and your colleagues to spend hours together, getting drunk and having fun. We hope that you can enjoy this precious bond with us for a long time coming.

85. The best night of the week for me is Thursday night. It’s a chance to get together with friends, have fun and maybe even let loose. There is nothing better than a Thursday night full of drink and laughter.

86. This Thursday, join us for a few beers as we celebrate your hard work and dedication to the firm. You deserve a day off and so do we.

87. Thursday is the most important day of my life because I get to head into the weekend with a nice few drinks and have no worries on my mind. I can let my hair down and hang out with my friends for a fun night out with lots of drinks.

88. Thursday is a day to enjoy, celebrate and remember. As a child, I always looked forward to the weekend and Thursday nights. One thing I know for sure is that every Thursday night will have me drinking with friends and family.

89. Hey boo, you are not committed to this relationship. You miss our appointments and never keep to time. Thursday is the only day we get to enjoy each other’s company over a few drinks, yet you flopped it. You are not doing well at all!

90. We can’t understand why you have been avoiding us so much lately. We know that you’ve been feeling low, but we want to be there for you. Its Thursday and you should join us to drink.

91. Although you look sad and unwelcoming, we still want you to come over. We notice that you never miss our Thursday drinking nights, but now, you do. What is going on?

92. It’s Thursday, remember? We are calling to remind you that it is time to meet. No matter how hard you resist, we will be there at your door in a short while. Get ready to go outside and unwind.

93. We love you so much. We just want to spend time with you and help you get over whatever is bugging you. We realized that you look depressed and unwelcoming these days. We know you never miss our Thursday drinking sessions, but now, all of a sudden, you have been skipping out on us ever since last week. Let’s go for a drink this weekend? You won’t regret it.

94. Thursday is a perfect day to have some fun, enjoy your drink and relax after the week’s hard work. You can make a special time this afternoon and enjoy it with your loved ones and friends.

95. Work, school and family can be stressful. Let’s have a drinking spree on Thursday. We deserve a special treat!

96. We know how stressful and overwhelming work can be. We created Thursday drinking time as a way to give people a chance to clear their minds, unwind and have fun. The best part is that you don’t have to drink!

97. Dear friend! It’s Thursday and you’re not here with us. We know that we did something wrong, but we can’t figure out what. Please, come and don’t leave us alone. We can discuss it over a drink.

98. Thursday is my favourite day of the week, there’s just so much fun and happiness to be had. I don’t know if it’s the leftover enthusiasm from the weekend or what, but I can’t help but skip work on Thursday to just hang out and enjoy the time with friends.

99. When I see Thursday on the calendar, it makes me feel good and wants to go out and get drunk. It is like the icing on a cake and everything perfect I could ever imagine. Life is all about having fun and enjoying yourself.

100. Thursday is the best day of the week. This day is full of joy and happiness. Everyone looks forward to it. I prefer to spend this day with my friends. Every Thursday we have a drink together, it’s amazing!

Awesome ride, right? Drinking alcohol on a particular day of the week or even at a particular time of the day can be one way to create a routine and spending time with friends over a few bottles is no doubt enjoyable to many. If you do have a weekly drinking habit, try making it more specific.

Be the first to send these Thursday drinking quotes to your friends and colleagues, encouraging them to take some time off work to drink and make sure you do the same.

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