Banana Quotes and Sayings

Banana Quotes and Sayings

Bananas are a type of fruit which grow on trees. They can be eaten raw, fried, in milkshakes, or frozen and blended into some delicious banana-based desserts with great health benefits. Be it potassium or fibre, bananas have it all.

They are also pretty cheap and easily available in any grocery store anywhere in the world. A banana has a million uses and only one bad side effect: you might slip on its hairy skin.

Banana quotes and sayings are a great reflection of the power of this tasty fruit. Banana humour is a source of fun and laughter and there’s no shortage of fun and clever banana quotes in this post, even though most people think that bananas are just for monkeys.

Banana Quotes and Sayings

A banana to you is like the world’s biggest, juiciest mouthful of randomness. You’ll either love it or hate it, and one thing’s for sure: you won’t soon forget it. There’s no such thing as a bad banana. The trick is to find one that makes you laugh.

1. Think of this one as a compromise. We’ll still eat the banana, but only after it’s been dipped in chocolate and sprinkled with crushed-up graham crackers.

2. You can’t teach a banana how to peel itself.

3. A wise man once said, “I’m all banana.”

4. When life gives you lemons, make banana boat drinks with your best friends.

5. Peel back the layers of this banana tree to find inspiration and meaning in each moment.

6. Bananas, I love you; you are my secret lover, my one true friend. And you’re the one that holds my fragile heart.

7. Bananas are the sweetest fruit there is. Bananas, your skin is divine, and I wouldn’t want a fruit uglier.

8. Don’t kill your banana cravings. Eat them!

9. We’re putting our bananas on a pedestal. We make sure that when we cut them, they go straight into the serving bins. Because we think even fruit deserves cool style.

10. It’s all about the banana peel. Peel off life’s problems with a smile.

11. There’s never a wrong time for a banana. They’re always good and ready to eat—yesterday, today, tomorrow.

12. A banana is like an umbrella: it can both provide shelter and be used as a weapon.

13. Always reach for a banana— they’re filled with potassium, fibre and vitamin B6.

14. One banana can feed a gorilla for a day. So why do gorillas have such big bellies? Because they’re full of bananas!

15. Bananas are the fruit of immortality; one of them contains all the elements necessary to maintain life, including humour.

16. When life gives you bananas, you make banana pies.

17. The best way to eat a banana is with your shoes off, sitting in a tree.

18. I used to think that bananas were fruits, but then I realized they’re really just giant fingers.

19. Bananas are subject to so many jokes and puns, but who would have thought this fruit was humorous and crude.

20. Bananas are nature’s candy. If you leave me I’ll go nuts, but if I leave you you’ll go bananas.

21. It’s so hard being a banana sometimes. .. but it’s worth it in the end!

22. Never make eye contact with anyone while eating a banana.

23. Life is like a banana. Life is hard yet soft, life is funny, and life is smooth.

24. Banana is the new apple. Don’t just dream of eating a banana. Eat it.

25. Don’t wait till you’re too old to eat the things you love—like bananas and coffee. Eat them now!

26. People ask me how I stay thin, and I’m like, when you go to the grocery store, buy more bananas than cookies.

27. A banana split is not a true banana split without a scoop of ice cream scoop on the side.

28. Anyone would fall for a banana. She fell for the peel!

29. You’ve got a banana craving? Eat it! The only thing better than eating a banana is eating several bananas.

30. Goals are like bananas; they come in bunches.

31. Banana – life saver, food lover’s best friend, and the secret ingredient for everything from brownies to muffins.

32. I’m in love with a banana, and I don’t care who knows it.

33. The more bananas you eat, the smarter you are.

34. Be the banana that makes other bananas jealous.

35. To one who knows, life is sweeter with a banana.

36. Bananas are delicious; everyone needs to eat them. They’re great when eaten with peanut butter and taste good for dessert.

37. Life’s too short to drink lemonade when you can have a banana boat instead.

38. Bananas are good for you. Eating one a day will ward off disease.

39. I’m a banana, what’s your superpower?

40. Do you know what’s funny? A banana is always smiling.

42. When life gives you a banana, make banana bread.

43. Life’s a little bit of lemon and a whole lot of sweet-tart. But when life gives you lemons, make banana boat drinks with your best friends and call it a day.

44. They say you should never trust a banana in a suit. But I think they were being sarcastic.

45. A banana is a fruit we eat. You will never be as cool as a banana.

46. Many fruits are good for the body, and the banana is one of them.

47. When bananas are laughing, the world is smiling.

48. Watch out for these bananas. They’re everywhere and they’re not afraid of you.

49. There’s no such thing as a bad banana. They all make people laugh.

50. The banana is the only fruit that gives you a hug when you pick it up.

51. Banana, it’s been known since time began that you are a healthy and nutritious fruit.

52. If you’re going to eat a banana, make it a good one.

53. Bananas are delicious when ripe, containing fibre and potassium. It keeps our digestive system healthy and keeps away sicknesses.

54. Banana is a food that brightens up my day, gives me energy for my activities and keeps me full of vitamins and minerals for a healthy body.

55. Banana, Banana, Banana! We all know that you’re yellow on the inside.

56. Your banana is yellow, and your banana is ripe and ready to eat. Your banana is a fruit that’s good for you.

57. Bananas are sweet and good for you.

58. Bananas are healthy, they’re sweet, and delicious bananas keep the doctor away and keep the doctor away.

59. Sweet, delicious, delicious bananas are the best. They are healthy and taste good.

60. Bananas are friends; they are cheap, good, and good for you.

61. Don’t judge a bunch of bananas by their cover.

62. When you get a banana, you will always be happy.

63. A banana is a sweet, satisfying treat that keeps you going when you’re hungry.

64. Banana is a superfood; It’s healthy for both Young and old.

65. Do you know what makes a banana good? Bananas.

66. You know you’re a banana when you get paid to eat your peel.

67. Bananas make us smart. They make us strong and healthy. Bananas make us happy, teeth.

68. You might not be a banana, but you sure look like one.

69. You can’t go wrong when smiling with a banana in your hand.

70. Bananas are the perfect fruit. They’re sweet and yellow but will rip you apart if you get too close.

71. We are all bananas in some way or another, so embrace it.

72. No one knows how a banana laughs. I guess we’ll never know.

73. They say banana has a deadly weapon to kill hunger. They say banana is good for young and old.

74. Banana quote: I eat a banana when I’m hungry. When I’m thirsty, I go to the water fountain. When I’m sad, I cry; when I’m happy, I laugh.

75. The banana is the only fruit that can be turned into a weapon and a sonnet.

76. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. When life gives you bananas, make banana bread.

77. You can’t stop the hands of time, but you can always hold on to a funny banana.

78. If you’re going to be a banana, make sure you have a very long stem.

79. The best way to get rid of a bad mood is to smile and say, I’m banana-rific!

80. A banana is a fruit that makes you want to smile and laugh. It’s not just food; it’s for fun.

81. You know you’re a banana when you’re on the counter to get with that banana.

82. Banana quotes and sayings, bananas are good to eat; bananas make my cheeks feel good.

83. What sets a banana apart from the other fruits? Its ability to hold on to its shape, no matter what!

84. Sometimes, a banana can be your kid’s best friend.

85. If you have a banana, you’re a monkey. If you don’t have a banana, you’re a man.

86. A banana is a portion of food or fruit with many health benefits. It keeps you full, savoury and sweet; the banana is great for everyone.

87. You don’t always have to be such a banana.

88. Bananas, bananas are superior fruits, not only to kids but also to elders.

89. Bananas are healthy; fresh fruit is better than canned. Bananas grow on trees; they make you feel full and fine.

90. Banana, a banana that my mommy loves to eat. She’s always got one in her hair or her teeth.

91. I’m in love, but it’s a kind of banana.

92. The banana is a fruit that cries when cut but laughs when it’s put in your salad.

93. Bananas are more nutritious than most people think and the best fruit to eat when you are sick.

94. Life is like a banana. You don’t know how ripe it is until you put it in your mouth.

95. I don’t want to be perfect. I want to be a banana!

96. Bananas are used as currency in some parts of the world and are usually traded for other goods or services. They make great desktop decorations, too!

97. There is a banana in your smile, head, and if you’re lucky, there may even be a banana in your heart.

98. Bananas are a fruit, not a vegetable. They float, so they are used for desserts.

99. Bananas are so good, and I love them even when they’re green because of all their vitamins and fibre.

100. Always be yourself. Unless you can be a banana, in which case, always be a banana.

Banana quotes and sayings are great for all those moments when you need a good laugh need something to brighten up your day or want to share something funny with someone.

I hope you enjoyed my collection of funny banana quotes and sayings. Some are inspiring, others are hilarious, but all of them are meant to make you chuckle. Thanks.

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