My Daughter is Growing Up So Fast Quotes

Children are blessings to every family, making it brighter and livelier. Yet, daughters are so adorable. They always get to you and cling to your emotions. They are their dad’s little princess and mum’s bundle of delight.

Who can resist their charms? They light up your world in so many ways. Their beautiful eyes, healing hugs, and adorable laughter they generously share. Their genuine concern, inquisitive nature, and irresistible smiles make them endearing to us. One day, you’d wake up, and they are all grown up and out of the home.

Is your daughter growing up so frighteningly fast? Do you feel like freezing time in space? Care to buy more time with your precious daughter or make the most of your moments and memories of time with her? These amazing my daughter is growing up so fast quotes below are written for you.

My Daughter Is Growing Up so Fast Quotes

From singing lullabies, reading bedtime stories, tucking you in bed, to sharing many of my memories and experiences. My darling daughter, you are growing up so unbelievably fast, and I’ve got to catch up, somehow. I want to be a part of every moment of your life.

1. Those tiny feet are not so tiny more. My daughter is growing up so fast; it’s hard catching up with her. My princess is now a big girl.

2. You’re growing so fast, baby doll. I’m amazed at how tall and beautiful you’ve grown with such a great personality.

3. How time flies. My daughter is growing up just as fast, slow down a little. Give me some time to catch up.

4. Your childhood is quickly fading, like a whirlwind. Here this minute, disappearing fast each new day. I love the lady confident, bold lady, you’re becoming.

5. Time seems to fly by as my baby girl blossoms into a wonderful, lovely young lady. The years go by so quickly, and I thank God every day for blessing me with you, my angel.

6. You’re growing so fast it’s like a breeze. You make motherhood easy peasy, like a walk in the park. Everything about you is fast and easy. You’re lovable and I’m a proud mum.

7. Again, the memories come flooding back. From those early days when our times were full of baby activities and growing up stuff. Now, you’re not only growing fast; you’re all grown up. Oh, how I love you, my princess.

8. My daughter is growing up fast; it’s like she’s trying to play ‘catch’ and I’m losing. Watching her grow big and strong, I want to squeeze her tight and keep her in my arms forever.

9. My daughter, You’ve grown into a beautiful young lady. I can’t believe you’re no more the wee toddler playing with her dolls with the prettiest smile some few years back.

10. My daughter is growing up fast, growing bigger and getting taller every day. She’s growing up to be someone great. I’m real proud of my princess.

11. She used to be so small, but not anymore. She seems all grown, yet growing bigger. I remember when she would crawl into bed; now, she’s just as tall as me.

12. My daughter is growing up so fast. I think I need a growth cop to help me arrest the situation.

13. Growing so fast, it seems like yesterday when you were a tiny babe. And soon, you’ll be a teenager, and I’ll be the one to bawl like a baby.

14. The tenth wonder of the world is how fast my precious daughter is growing. A wonder and a puzzle as to why the rush, just slow down baby girl.

15. My daughter is growing up so fast; I wish I could let her know that adulthood is a scam. Her teenage years are quickly passing by. Her life is quickly changing. Now it’s time to grow up.

16. My baby, my angel, You are such a precious girl. No one likes to watch you grow like your dad, who loves you so much. I’m so proud of you.

17. Dearest daughter, you’re growing up so fast; and my heart is skipping just as fast. You grew so much since last Christmas. It’s amazing how time goes so fast, and soon you’ll be all grown.

18. What’s the rush? Children are only permitted to grow up once and then work several lifetimes in a single year. Sweet little daughter, grow up fast, but not that fast.

19. You are growing up so fast, sweetie pie. Time has flown by so quick. Let me take time to savour every moment of your growing up.

20. If you grow up faster than I can catch up, it’ll be difficult to capture every wonderful moment in pictures. Daughter, grow up fast, but not too fast.

21. My precious daughter, your smile brightens my nights, and your laughter lifts my day. You’re growing up so fast my heart thumps in anticipation of when you’d leave the nest.

22. My daughter is growing up fast; I wonder where all the time went in a hurry. The older she gets, the faster time goes by.

23. Just because my daughter is growing up, time seems to be in a hurry to fly. Wait up!

24. Days are moving rapidly in a blur; suddenly, she’s a young lady. Not my little girl anymore. She’ll always be my baby girl as she takes her place in the real world.

25. I can play the little princess and pretend games all I want, but my baby girl is not so little or a baby anymore. She’s growing up so fast that she thinks it’s dumb now.

26. If rapid growth is a game, my cute daughter will win the trophy. My sweetheart, in your eyes, I see myself. Your childish antics make eyes light up with joy, and your laugh makes my heart sing. My darling daughter, you’re growing up fast.

27. My daughter is growing up fast. Very soon, I’ll be so busy trying to keep her in line.

28. My daughter is growing up fast. So quickly, it seems the years have flown by. Sometimes she frightens me, but I don’t worry; she’s only a child trying to grow up.

29. The days go by, and my daughter grows fast. The years go by, time passes, and she’s all grown up. A big girl, no less.

30. My cute little daughter is trying so hard to act all grown up. Drop the classic acts, sugarplum and let’s leisurely enjoy your growing up stages. A memory that will never pass.

31. My daughter is growing up fast. As I watch her grow, she’s rapidly becoming a young woman. My grown-up baby girl is a drop-dead gorgeous beauty.

32. One moment, she’s but a little princess. The next moment, she’s all grown up. A stunning, smart beauty, my daughter is.

33. My daughter, whom I once knew, the enchanting and delightful. Now she is a full-grown woman, full of joy and fun.

34. Daughter, I still remember when you came into my world: your cute little eyes And your tiny hands.

35. Daughter, it’s cute you’re growing up fast past your teenage years. Now, you seem more like a woman.

36. My daughter is growing fast, much too fast, I think. I’ll have to buy time to catch up with her.

37. Who knew one little girl could live so many lives in a blink! Yet, as each day passes, she amazes me more and more with her amazing growth.

38. My baby girl, you have grown up so fast. Time never stops; time just flies in a rush. I can’t wait to see you become a true princess.

39. My precious daughter, ever since you came into my life, you’ve brought so much joy. You’re my sunshine, joy, angel, and everything grows so fast.

40. My baby girl is growing up fast. As she leaves my nest, I will miss her presence, though I know she’ll forever be my little girl.

41. My daughter is growing up fast. So fast that I’m dazed, wondering where my little girl is.

42. I love my daughter, and her smile warms my heart. I marvel at her rapid growth. She gets more beautiful as she gets older.

43. My daughter is a miniature version of me. One minute she’s this adorable baby girl; the next, she’s looking like my twin sister. She’s growing up so fast!

44. My darling little daughter, you’re growing up so quickly. I know it makes make anxious but it also makes me excited.

45. I’m amazed at how quickly my daughter is growing in the twinkling of an eye!

46. Dear baby doll, I want you to grow up, but not that fast! Just take it step by step.

47. You never fail to amaze me, cupcake. You’re acting all grown up; oops, you’re grown up so fast! So fast, I’m having a hard time comprehending the transformation from my funny little girl to the beautiful young lady you’ve become.

48. Well, daughter of mine! Grow up fast, all you can, but you can never outgrow my love, hugs and gifts.

49. I don’t mind growing up so fast, baby girl. Don’t lose your cute little smiles, carefree laughter and sweet ways.

50. Your smile dazzles like the glow of sunshine. You may grow up as fast as you can and outgrow your childish ways, but you’ll always be my baby girl.

51. I’m afraid of blinking; my cute baby girl is growing up so fast!

52. Grow all you want, my pretty angel. Just don’t grow too fast. Allow me to catch my breath and adjust to the changes. Love you, baby girl.

53. My daughter is growing up so fast that I need a manual on how to slow down the time so I can catch my breath.

54. You may grow up as fast as you can, baby girl; I will forever cherish the memories of those special moments of cuddles, hugs and all we shared.

55. Growing up so fast is the swell, darling daughter. Just allow me to catch a breather now and then. You’re adorable.

56. My daughter is growing so fast that I’ll need all the tricks in the book to keep up with her and match her energy.

57. My daughter is not so little anymore. She’s growing up fast. Very soon, she’ll outgrow everything but me.

58. My daughter is growing up fast. It’s just a question of how I’ll keep up with her as she seems to have so much more to say or do like never before.

59. My wide-eyed little girl is growing up real fast. Her limbs are like wings that carry her aloft. She turns, and her eyes laugh with sheer delight. She’s such a butterfly, and she’s so bright.

60. I stare at you, my little girl. I watch you grow, day by day. You’re all grown up, and I can’t believe it. Time is running out, and you’ll leave the nest, and I’ll miss you something fierce.

61. My daughter is growing up very fast. She is learning to talk, she is scrambling to walk, and she is learning to love and race.

62. My daughter is growing up fast. She’s getting all set to go to school. The day she’s old enough to go to school, it’ll hurt because it’s like a daydream, though I know it is real life.

63. My daughter is growing up fast. She’s becoming the woman I know she’ll be. She’s the fabric of my life, and she’ll be a big part of my future. She’s growing up real fast.

64. My daughter is growing up fast, and I’m beset with mixed feelings. Glad she’s growing laced with a tinge of sadness and pride that she’d soon be Miss Independent.

65. It’s amazing how fast my daughter is growing p like she’s trying to catch up for all the time she stayed in the cocoon of my tummy. She’s all fun.

66. My cute daughter has mastered the fine art of growing up. She’s shooting out everywhere, learning and trying everything. She’s dancing, singing, reading and spelling. She’s a smart one.

67. My slay queen daughter is growing up too fast. She wants to be a model and chooses what to wear, poses and prances about. A drama queen in the making, too.

68. Little but mighty, that’s my little daughter and madam. She’s my Royal Imperial Majesty. She has a good head on her shoulders and knows how to think for herself. She’s grown too fast; indeed, my baby is growing up fast.

69. Time flies like a butterfly, up and away to the sky. It’s flying in circles, and like a butterfly, my beautiful daughter is growing so fast.

70. My daughter is growing up fast. She’s too far ahead of me, and I don’t know where the time goes. Oh, I wish I could stop it, but I don’t want to. Let her grow and shine.

71. You are growing up so fast, my darling daughter; I’m in awe. Allow me to catch my breath now and then. You’re adorable.

72. I wanted to capture the essence of life, the way a moth looks at the flame of a candle. But in the end, it was just a flame, I couldn’t capture the essence, but I captured the beautiful moments of my daughter as she grew up way too fast.

73. I must confess, my daughter is growing up fast, faster than I can catch up. I hope I don’t fall asleep when she asks me questions at night. Otherwise, I’d be awoken rudely by her piercing cry.

74. My daughter is growing up fast; it’s amusing and alarming. She’s a little angel of sweet delight, my lollipop.

75. I wish I could stop the clock from ticking; it’s only fair. But it’s time to let you go, princess. It’s time to let the world know my daughter is growing up fast and turning out well.

76. My daughter is growing up fast. She’s blossomed at a tender age. Her voice is lovely, and her smile is sweet like an angel’s. She’s my little girl, and I adore her so much.

77. My daughter is growing up fast. She needs a manual on how to slow down and catch her breath to think of the kind of life she’ll live and the amazing things she’ll do.

78. My daughter is growing up fast, so it’s okay to fall and pick herself up. If she’s ready to learn to fly, she’s never too young.

79. My daughter is growing up fast. She does her thinking; she is not afraid to try. She has her joy and knows how to handle her pain. She’s smart and turning out beautifully.

80. My daughter is growing up fast. So, I will scour the internet for books on how to slow down time and make every captured moment count.

81. My daughter is growing up fast. I see the changes daily, and I know I will miss her dearly. Still, she’s growing up real fast.

82. My daughter is growing up fast. Someone needs to tell her their adulthood is forever and needn’t be rushed. Being a carefree child is the best gift ever.

83. My daughter is growing up so fast, and I know she’ll soon be a woman, a very fine one at that. And right now, all I want to do is hold her in my arms and show her how things are.

84. The days go by fast, and my beloved daughter is trying to play tag along with her rapid growth. Before you know it, she’s a teenager. Soon after, full-blown adulthood is calling.

85. My daughter is now a big girl. Her growth is rapid and amazing; it caught me unawares. I feel so proud to have a daughter so beautiful and adorable.

86. My daughter is growing up fast; she is becoming a teenager. I need to set the clock back and slow the time a little at a time. I can handle her growth, but I can’t cope with losing her.

87. The transformation is sudden, nothing short of amazing. My girl is all grown up. My daughter is a big girl now. I’m a proud momma of a beautiful angel.

88. My daughter is growing up swiftly. She’s a little girl with a big kid’s heart. Her love is beyond compare. The only thing is, she growing up so fast means she’ll soon leave home. That, for now, is unthinkable.

89. She’s growing up so fast and has the world in her hands. She means the world to me. She is all that I need; my daughter is. I love her.

90. Time flies, and youth is fast approaching. My baby girl of yesterday is now a beautiful, confident youth. A lovely lady. She’s growing up fast, no doubt.

91. If I could, I’d freeze time in space and keep my daughter a baby forever. I have to grow up and allow her to grow into an exemplary woman.

92. My daughter is growing up fast, though she’s just as stubborn as a mule, runs like a mouse, but she’s no pushover.

93. I can’t control the time, but I can relive every precious moment captured with my daughter even as she grows up so fast.

94. Time is a thief, and we are all his prey. My daughter is growing up fast, and I am right behind. Somebody has to slow down her high-speed growth; I will teach and build her how to slow downtime.

95. My daughter is growing up fast. I try to step back and stop her, but she keeps moving forward; she is so fast.

96. My daughter is growing up fast. No longer will I dress her in pink with bows. No longer will I curl her hair to make her pretty. Now, she’s grown into a beautiful woman.

97. My angel, my princess, you mean the world to me. Your smile brings joy to my heart. Your imagination is endless, and I adore you for that. You may grow as fast as you desire; never lose your smiles.

98. My daughter is growing up fast. So fast, it’s incredible she’s all grown up. Her tiny feet, voice, smile, and toes are not so tiny anymore.

99. My little angel is growing up so fast! Her hair, her smile, in all aspects, she’s just so precious. I wish she could stay little forever but I know she can’t.

100. My daughter is not so little anymore. She’s grown so much; I’ve been walking in a daze. She’s as smart as she is beautiful and has grown into an amazing young woman that I’m proud of.

Many mothers and fathers are puzzled about their cute baby girl’s seemingly rapid or not so rapid growth, it’s normal. One minute, they are toddlers giving us cute smiles and vibes, the next, they are adolescents and then full-grown adults, where things like ‘grounded’, and ‘curfew’, are no longer valid.

You have to slow down and savour your time with her. You will remember every day, and every meal, every hug, every nap, every laughter in future. We’re only given so little time on earth, so, make the most of your time with your precious daughter.

Thank you for choosing these my daughter is growing up so fast quotes to keep those nostalgic moments of your daughter’s growth. Kindly share this post with your friends. Your questions and comments are also welcome.

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