Baptism Anniversary Quotes

Baptism Anniversary Quotes

Many few things in life are comparable with a wedding anniversary. Even so, the same treatment should be given to Baptism anniversaries like the one we have on our wedding anniversaries and birth anniversaries

Baptism anniversaries are a way of celebrating the beginning of a journey that you took to follow Christ. They’re a wonderful opportunity to reflect on how your life has changed since you first made this commitment.

Baptism anniversaries are also a chance to celebrate those who baptized you. Whether it was your parent, sibling, spouse or friend, this is a celebration of their faithfulness in raising you in the family of God!

These baptism anniversary quotes are sure to inspire as you honour that special day. You can also use these quotes to celebrate someone on their baptism anniversary.

Baptism Anniversary Quotes

It is the great moment when the veil of death is parted, the gate of sorrows closed and light and life is restored. May your rebirth bring you more joy and blessings than you have ever known. Happy Baptism Anniversary!

1. Happy baptism anniversary to all the parents who brought their child into this world and our lives. May you have many years of joy together.

2. The joys of family, the love of a baby, the beatitudes of life and the bliss of friends… happy baptism anniversary to you and your family today!

3. The bliss of friends, the beatitudes of life, the joys of family, and the love of a baby – today is your anniversary! Let’s celebrate.

4. Wishing you Joy and love, today and always. Happy baptism anniversary to you!

5. Today, we celebrate your baptism anniversary as well as the values of family, love, and friendship. May God fill your life with almighty blessings and good health.

6. Happy baptism anniversary! You are a blessing to those around you, and we pray for love and happiness in your life for the years to come.

7. Wishing you a happy baptism anniversary and celebrating the special bond between you, your family, and God.

8. I’m happy to celebrate the baptism of your baby today and wish you an anniversary full of joy and happiness.

9. We wish you a happy baptism anniversary and Many more years to come filled with success and joy!

10. It’s not often we get to celebrate a baptism anniversary, so when we do it’s an occasion worth celebrating. I hope you have nothing but fond memories from your time as godparents and that you have a wonderful time celebrating with your family today.

11. Their celebration of baptism is a symbol of their willingness to follow Jesus and make this world theirs. Happy baptism anniversary.

12. Happy baptism anniversary to you and your family who have been baptized! May God continually work in you, and May his blessings always be upon you.

13. Two years ago today, we baptized our daughter. Happy anniversary, baby girl!

14. Baptism is more than just a sign of faith. It’s a new life! Happy anniversary to all the baptized folks out there today and every day.

15. Here’s to all of those who have been baptized and celebrated their first year as disciples of Christ, in the Lord Jesus Christ. May his blessings follow you always.

16. Keep going, keep growing, and always be thankful for the people who make your life better. Happy baptism anniversary!

17. You are the light of the world. You are the salt of the earth. You are the door that opens to new possibilities for everyone. Happy baptism anniversary!

18. Happy anniversaries! The anniversary of your baptism is a great way to celebrate god’s work in your life.

19. Remember the day we welcomed you into our family. We love you, and can’t wait to celebrate you!

20. The celebration of a baptism anniversary is not about the date, but the Faith and life that came with it.

21. You’re growing up, so we’re growing with you. On your baptism anniversary, know that we’re here to celebrate with you. Happy anniversary.

22. A child’s first step is the most important one in their life. That’s why we are very happy to celebrate you on your baptism anniversary.

23. Happy baptism anniversary to all those celebrating a milestone with their families. Stay in touch, talk some smack, and keep celebrating!

24. Celebrating the day we have been baptized into the family of God. We remember the day you became a true Son/Daughter of God, Just like Jesus Christ.

25. There’s so much beauty in remembering how God transformed your life. Happy anniversary, my friend!

26. We are so glad you celebrate your baptism anniversary this year. We remember the day when you were placed in our hands, and how God has used that to shape you into who you are today. Here’s hoping for many more years of growth and learning together!

27. Happy baptism anniversary to my daughter and her family. Here’s to another great year ahead.

28. A baptism anniversary is a time to reflect, celebrate, and renew your commitment to god’s mission. Let today be the start of Many more years of shared faith, joy and love!

29. This year marks the 60th anniversary of my baptism! I am so grateful for all that God has done in my life and I pray he Will continue to bless me.

30. Baptism is one of the most beautiful renewals of our soul, an opportunity to become more like Christ, who is always with us and waiting for us.

31. God’s love has the power to transform us. It is our privilege to celebrate this day with you. May you enjoy all the blessings that God has in store for you.

32. We’re celebrating and remembering the baptism anniversary of your child.

33. The best way to celebrate our baptism anniversary is with your baptism candle burning bright.

34. Celebrating the day we were made new and told that we are a child of God. Happy baptism anniversary!

35. Today is the day, we celebrate your baptism anniversary. This beautiful ceremony Will capture the essence of your Faith and instil in you a lifelong commitment to Christ.

36. This year marks the 51st anniversary of my baptism. I’m grateful for the life God has given me, and I’m thankful for all who have helped me along the way.

37. Baptism is the gateway to your first steps in Christianity. Happy anniversary!

38. Baptism is the moment when you become part of the church – but it’s also a celebration of god’s great gift to you. Happy anniversary!

39. It’s a joyous occasion for you, for the family and the child. It’s a special day when your child can celebrate his or her birthday with so much happiness and excitement.

40. Celebrating the life of your baby with a baptism anniversary.

41. All is well, all Will be well and your Faith Will grow. Happy baptism anniversary!

42. We’re celebrating our baptism anniversary by remembering the Joy of being in the water with friends and family. Happy baptism anniversary!

43. Celebrating the amazing milestones of our family! We’re so grateful for the best blessing of all – the gift of our children. Happy baptism anniversary relatives.

44. A happy birthday to my amazing daughter whom we are celebrating her baptism anniversary. Thank you for being in our lives and blessing us with your presence each day!

45. We celebrate the joyous and sacred ceremony of a person’s baptism. Happy anniversary!

46. Every year is a new beginning, and every baptism an anniversary. Happy 5TH anniversary to you and yours.

47. You are growing up, and that means you are becoming more special every day. Happy baptism anniversary to my daughter.

48. Happy baptism anniversary, Son! You are one year closer to becoming a Man and your life will never be the same again. Now it’s time to celebrate with family and friends.

49. Baptism is a great way to mark the beginning of your new life. Happy baptism anniversary.

50. Years ago when I was baptized we were told that it would be a purposeful journey. I’ve learned that it’s a wonderful adventure, one I’m grateful to be on! Happy baptism anniversary.

51. Let’s raise a glass to this day and toast the Precious little lives that were added to our family. Happy baptism anniversary!

52. Let’s celebrate the salvation that washes away all our sins! Happy baptism anniversary.

53. It’s hard to believe that our daughter has been baptized for almost a year. The journey has been fun and full of learning opportunities, but the most important thing that comes from this celebration is our love for her.

54. The water of baptism is a symbol of the cleansing and renewing power of the holy spirit. Happy baptism anniversary!

55. The baptism of your child is an occasion to celebrate and remember the gift of a child, a gift that you are committing to give them.

56. What a wonderful way to celebrate your baptism anniversary! Thank you for trusting in God, and growing in his love through the years. Happy 4th birthday!

57. A baby is the promise of a new beginning. May your days be blessed with Many blessings, health and joys. Happy baptism anniversary.

58. Happy baptism anniversary! Celebrating one month of your new life in Christ.

59. The Joy and wonder of your new life are filled with the promise of great things. Happy baptism anniversary!

60. Congratulations on being baptized a year ago today! May the Lord continue to bless you and his blessings of Faith, courage and love.

61. I celebrate the fact that so many people have been baptized in the Name of Jesus Christ—including you.

62. Have a blessed baptism anniversary! God is faithful.

63. Happy baptism anniversary to the one who has been baptized and is now a member of god’s family.

64. Happy baptism anniversary! Today you become a member of god’s family. May your family and friends support you in faith.

65. Wishing you a blessed baptism anniversary. Now that you are a part of god’s family, May you experience joy and happiness on this special day.

66. Happy baptism anniversary! It’s a day to celebrate because you have joined the lord’s family.

67. Happy baptism anniversary! Your baptism was a special day, and it’s a joy to celebrate with you on this anniversary of your baptism.

68. Congratulations on your baptism anniversary! May God bless you today, tomorrow and always.

69. May the love of God and the hope of his promises be with you, as you share your faith on this anniversary.

70. The baptism is the beginning of a new life, filled with new opportunities and endless possibilities. Happy anniversary!

71. Congratulations! May the family come together in this time of celebration. Happy anniversary!

72. Today is the day you begin your new life in Christ. You are now part of god’s family. Today is a special, spiritually blessed day! Happy anniversary!

73. We are celebrating a love that has survived the test of time. Happy anniversary!

74. One year ago today you decided to dedicate your life to Jesus. Happy anniversary and congratulations!

75. We are so happy to celebrate with you on this special occasion! May your new life be filled with joy, laughter and happiness.

76. We are blessed to be the ones to celebrate this rite of passage for your child. Happy baptism anniversary!

77. The day you were born, was the day that began a new chapter in your life. The beginning of a beautiful friendship with Jesus Christ. Happy baptism anniversary

78. Jesus came to guide us, heal us and set us free. Happy baptism anniversary. We are grateful for your faithfulness, strength and love.

79. Baptism is a sacramental sign that we belong to god. May this day be a reminder of the new life you have been given. Happy baptism anniversary

80. A year has passed and we can’t believe it’s already been one year since you came into this world. You are full of wonder and delight, and you bring light into our lives by the way you smile, laugh and love. Happy baptism anniversary!

81. We celebrate your baptism anniversary and look forward to your Long life and fruitful ministry in the family of God.

82. The lives of the baptized are a reflection of Christ’s work in the world. Happy baptism anniversary!

83. A blessed day to all who are baptized, and to all who are celebrating a baptism anniversary.

84. Your Name is a blessing! Happy baptism anniversary.

85. Happy baptism anniversary to our sweet baby boy! We love you so much, this day and every day.

86. There’s no better way to celebrate this day than with those who have gone before us and have given us the strength and courage to keep going, even when it gets tough. Happy anniversary, my dear friends!

87. Celebrating a baptism anniversary is like reliving your child’s birth. It gives you another opportunity to remember how special they are, and how much they’ve grown since then.

88. We are so thankful to have been baptized into Christ, we are reminded of our baptismal covenant and promise to follow Jesus. Happy baptism anniversary!

89. Happy birthday to the first anniversary of your baptism; May you always be remembered as a child of God.

90. At the centre of our family and home, Jesus is the cornerstone of our Faith. Happy anniversary to the most important member of the family!

91. Good things take time. It’s been almost three years since our baby girl was baptized into Christ! Happy 3rd anniversary to her!

92. We’re celebrating our daughter’s baptism anniversary today by wearing white as a sign of purity and spiritual renewal.

93. You’re a part of something bigger than you and Just as important. Happy baptism anniversary!

94. Celebrate the milestones of your child’s growing Faith with a memorable baptism anniversary gift.

95. Happy baptism anniversary! We celebrate the milestones that God has blessed us with through Christ.

96. Baptism is a gateway to eternal life on earth and heaven with god. May we enter into the waters of baptism with faith, hope, and love. Happy baptism anniversary to all the families who celebrate this special day.

97. Happy baptism anniversary to remember the milestone of your Faith. May God richly bless you today, tomorrow and always

98. You are not a mistake. You are an important part of this family. Happy baptism anniversary!

99. May this special day be an opportunity to celebrate all the blessings God has brought into your life and share in his kind embrace of love. Happy baptism anniversary!

100. Celebrating our baptism anniversary with memories of the people and places that have shaped us.

101. A child is a blessing from God, an infant is a gift from god. So thank you for this blessing, and the hope it brings. Happy baptism anniversary!

To celebrate baptism anniversary wishes is to honour cherished friends and family members who chose one of life’s greatest journeys. It’s an important step in one’s life, one that we acknowledge by celebrating what these courageous individuals decide to do.

I hope the baptism anniversary quotes above were helpful. Don’t hesitate to send as many as you want to that special someone on the occasion of their baptism anniversary. Thank you for reading.

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