Busola Akinrolabu

I'm a young lady in her early 20's, a content writer, an entrepreneur and a go-getter. I'm passionate about writing and I believe in the power of words, so I write about anything that inspires me or makes me feel good. I love to spend most of my free time writing, reading books, doing something creative like designing or making crafts and travelling to explore new places.

Just Breathe and Let Go Quotes

Ironically, we live in a world where many find themselves with far too much to do and insufficient time or resources. We’re constantly juggling numerous projects and responsibilities, often to our health and well-being detriment. Despite being trapped in this maddening race for productivity, it is essential that we find some time to slow down

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Cluttered Mind Quotes

A cluttered mind is a loaded mind. It is a mind filled with many thoughts, memories and emotions. The most common sign of a cluttered mind is when you can’t seem to focus on one thing. You’re trying to do multiple things at once, but you’re only doing them half-heartedly. Having a cluttered mind can

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