Battle With Myself Quotes

Battle With Myself Quotes

Generally, a battle goes on within each and every one of us per second. We battle with ourselves to fulfil our dreams, others to understand each other, and sometimes we even have to battle people who stand in our way.

It is easy to be misled into thinking that these conflicts can be resolved in only one way – by separating ourselves from others, we believe in having a different perspective. Rather than just that, stay and fight until you emerge victorious.

The battle within oneself should be fought with courage and not by hardening your heart or with a vengeance. The following are epic battle with myself quotes that will help you find the courage to defeat your inner demons.

Battle With Myself Quotes

Battling with ourselves is the struggle we have with our own minds. As humans, we are hardwired to grapple with our minds constantly. How we deal or don’t deal with these internal conflicts is the basis for our self-growth and development.

1. I’ve got a battle with myself on the inside. I don’t want to be this person anymore, but I know I must figure it out first.

2. I will battle with myself to overcome my inner demons and win. It is necessary to overcome emotional traumas and move forward in life.

3. I’m always battling myself. I never know if I’m going to win or lose. The outcome is always the same, but the fight is always different.

4. I’m not a perfect person, but I may be the only one who believes in me. Fight with yourself, and don’t fight against others until you have won over yourself.

5. The next time you find yourself in a battle with yourself, remember that it’s probably not as bad as you think.

6. Every day is a fight with myself. I must keep pressing forward and be better daily.

7. I am constantly battling myself. I never win, but the fight is fun.

8. I’m fighting a war inside my mind, but I just keep losing battles. So I am asking for your help.

9. To quote me, my life is a war. I fight it every day. I’m constantly battling good and evil, and sometimes I lose. But sometimes, on really good days, I win.

10. Battling with myself has been one of life’s most challenging and painful experiences, but I’m determined not to give up so soon.

11. I cannot conquer myself, but I can win a battle with myself.

12. When you’re fighting with yourself and losing, that’s when you know you’re alive.

13. The battle is never over. You can only win the battle when you stop fighting yourself.

14. I encourage you always to be the best version of yourself. The battle is never easy, but it’s worth the fight!

15. When you’re in a battle with yourself, the only way to win is not to play.

16. It’s hard to win when you fight with yourself. You can only be in one mind simultaneously, and the battle is inside you.

17. I’m fighting with myself over and over again. Am I going to win?

18. Don’t fight with yourself; fight with me.

19. I’ve wrestled with myself more times than I can count, and I have learned that the toughest battle is the one within yourself.

20. I’m not strong enough to fight this battle alone. I’m in it with you, and together we can win.

21. Am I not fighting myself? Are you not fighting yourself? Do you want to win this battle? Aren’t you tired of losing every battle?

22. I will fight myself every day of my life. Challenge me to grow, to become the best version of myself.

23. I was determined to be a warrior, but then I realized my battles were with myself.

24. I’ve got to battle myself: to be me or be perfect.

25. I’m in a battle with myself. Don’t stop wondering, don’t stop asking and don’t stop dreaming.

26. You’re not your enemy, so don’t be the enemy.

27. The only way to beat yourself is to make yourself strong enough.

28. I’ve fought with myself before, and I’ll fight with myself again. But in the end, I will win. I will face my demons, often the other people in my head. So don’t be afraid to fight with yourself as well.

29. In a battle of the mind, I’m always up for the challenge.

30. You are not your mind; you are the fight within.

31. It’s like a battle, but with myself.

32. This battle of self is never-ending. But I will win it because I am strong enough to overcome this pain that is holding me back from my dream and purpose in life.

33. When you step into the ring with yourself, you don’t often win.

34. I’m battling myself just as much as I am my opponent.

35. No matter how hard you try, you will never be good enough. I can’t stand it! Just Like me, you are making the most of this moment…Now make me proud!!

36. There’s something about being in a fight that brings out the best in you.

37. My mind is a battlefield, and I’m the General.

38. In a battle with myself, I started with the intention to let go of things. But somewhere along the way, I realized that I couldn’t do it alone and decided to surrender to my desires.

39. I used to think I would be fighting battles with swords and shields, but then I realized my real battles were with my mental health.

40. I’m not sure how I got here, but every day I get up and try. I think that’s what matters.

41. I am not the type of person to ask for help, but when I realized that my problems were, in fact, my battles with myself, I knew I could find answers by asking other people.

42. I have lived my life in a battle with myself. Now I am ready for you to join the fight.

43. I am not in a battle with myself; I AM the battle.

44. A battle with yourself is a battle won.

45. Your biggest victory is when you decide what you are doing is more important than anything else.

46. I have a battle every day with myself. I need to know who I am and what I want because there is no other way of success in life than action.

47. I am afraid of only one thing in life: failing. So I’m fighting myself, and you’re gonna hear me scream!

48. A war within myself, battling my fear, thoughts, and feelings.

49. I struggle with myself every day, but I can always beat myself; try to be the best me.

50. Fight for yourself. Stay focused. You are your own greatest strength.

51. Life’s battles, like war, are not meant to be won. They should be fought so that we grow stronger.”

52. The most difficult moments in our lives are when we battle with ourselves. That’s when we see the real strength of our character.

53. Don’t let yourself be held back by your fears and doubts. Push forward with all your might.

54. I’m never going to give up till I’m dead. The fight is on. I’ll win or die trying.

55. Life is full of struggles. We have to overcome adversity in whatever we do. It’s often up to us how much we want to put up with to make our dreams come true.

56. Remember that you’re only half the battle when going through something hard. It’s always up to you to finish what you start.

57. I did not realize until later that my struggles were internal and more about being satisfied with who I was than anything else.

58. It’s hard to say no. But if you want to succeed, you have to fight that instinct.

59. What do you do when life doesn’t go the way you want? You keep going forward and finding ways to stay positive.

60. I’ve realized that some battles can only be won with the strength you find within yourself.

61. It’s a battle between us, me and myself. I am not sure who will win, but I know I can’t stop fighting until it’s over!

62. There’s always that voice in your head telling you to give up, to stop trying. But if you stand strong and keep going, you can conquer anything.

63. There’s no room for self-doubt when you’re battling yourself.

64. I fight with myself every day, and every day I win.

65. I will battle myself. It’s the battle of self-doubt, but ultimately I know who I am and what I want to be.

66. Life is a struggle, but that’s not why we fight. We fight because we love it.

67. Life is a battle between the light and the dark, between what you are and what you want to be. Choose wisely.

68. You are the only person who can decide your battle’s outcome. Do not let anyone else define you, define them.

69. When you feel like giving up, keep going. You’ll win the battle, and the war will be won.

70. Your hand is too small to hold the pain I’m feeling, but my heart is too big to let go of you.

71. I’m not mad at how I look or how much I weigh, but I am insecure and feel alone. I have to fight.

72. We can be our own worst enemy. Next time you feel like saying “no,” fight back with your why instead.

73. I’m tough, but I’m not stupid. I know what I’ve done and how to fix it. I just need a little time to figure out how that’s all.

74. I’m hard to beat when it comes to self-motivation. That’s why I’ve been training so hard.

75. I am not scared of the darkness; I embrace it!

76. Sometimes, we have to fight hard for what we want. We can let the little things knock us down or rise up and prove why we know we can do it.

77. I’ve always been a fighter. So don’t take my capabilities for granted, or I’ll make you feel the pain of underestimating me.

78. I am a warrior. I am not defined by what others think of me but by how I challenge myself to be better every day.

79. You are constantly fighting with yourself. It’s natural, acceptable and necessary for you to look out for your best interests. You’ll make mistakes from time to time, but don’t let them get the better of you. Fight!

80. Dance while you can, before your life is gone. Dance with me, run along, fight, and win with me.

81. I always get up when I fall, but I fight even harder when I don’t.

82. I will face my fears. I will conquer this and conquer that. I will be strong, carefree, and powerful!

83. It’s okay to be hard on yourself. It’s a part of growing up, and we can’t always get the answers we want right away. But don’t let that stop you from trying.

84. Struggle is not a bad word. It’s just saying that you’re trying to overcome your limits.

85. It’s not about who wins the battle or who dies in the war.

86. It’s only when you realize you are stronger than your fears that you will truly be free.

87. Sometimes, it’s hard to believe I’m the same person I was yesterday because I’m constantly fighting and changing.

88. It’s time to let go of the person you were yesterday and become the person you will be tomorrow.

89. Never give up. There comes a time when every dream must come to an end, but if you have one, don’t give up on it.

90. If you’re not sweating, you’re not pushing hard enough.

91. The greatest feeling in the world is to fight against yourself and win.

92. I’m fighting myself to be more than what I am today. I’m fighting to be the best version of myself that I can possibly be. And if you’re not a part of that, then maybe it’s time to start.

93. I will win this war against myself. It’s now or never.

94. Sometimes, it’s hard to stand up for yourself. But when you do, the world will be a better place because of you.

95. In a war between me and myself, I choose myself.

96. Never lose the battle of overcoming yourself. Only then will you reach your true potential.

97. In battle, there are no losers. Only victors. I am a warrior. Will you join me?

98. Every day, we fight ourselves. We accept the good, appreciate the bad and learn from both. So we can be better tomorrow.

99. I believe in the power of a good fight. I believe in overcoming adversity and fighting for what you believe in.

100. It’s okay to feel confused, anxious and depressed. It’s the human condition. We are all trapped in our heads sometimes and have to fight our way out of it.

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