Be Your Own Anchor Quotes

We all need an anchor at times in our lives. Someone or something to hold us steady and stop us from being capsized by the storms of life. But have you ever really thought about being your own anchor?

Being your own anchor is a challenge — and can be full of new opportunities if you’re willing to take them on. When looking at the world around us, it’s easy to get caught up in doing too much. Some find themselves on a never-ending hamster wheel of tasks and responsibilities that drain their energy and leave them feeling burnt out by the end of each day, waiting for who to be their anchor.

Many go through one problem or the other, living at the mercy of others. Being your own anchor gives you the opportunity to explore your innate strength and make you see possibilities in things that never seemed feasible. You are your own anchor, there is no one else who will carry you through life. Whatever it is that you want to do, you have to settle into and make it happen, day after day after day.

Therefore, some inspirational quotes about being your own anchor will help you or your loved ones find stability in life and stand up for themselves. And the most inspiring be your own anchor quotes are right here. See them below!

Be Your Own Anchor Quotes

Whenever you’re feeling lost at sea, always be your own anchor. The more you weigh yourself down with other people’s opinions and negativity, the harder it will be to keep your head above water.

1. Be your own anchor when the seas get rough. Stay grounded, and stay true to yourself no matter what’s happening.

2. Be your own anchor. Don’t depend on other people to keep you safe from life’s storms. The only person you can count on is yourself.

3. Be your own anchor. Don’t depend on others to keep you in place when the storm clouds roll in. Be self-reliant, hardworking and committed.

4. Be your own anchor. Stay grounded despite the circumstances and you will know that everything will be okay.

5. Happiness doesn’t depend on who you are or what you have, it’s based on what you think. Be your own anchor, strong and secure.

6. Be your own anchor when the storms rage on. You don’t always have to rely on others for stability, be strong enough and hold yourself up.

7. Don’t look down on yourself for having a broken heart… you’re only human! Be kind to yourself and your broken heart, be your own anchor and remind yourself that you are strong enough to face whatever comes.

8. You are your own anchor. The only thing holding you back from saying yes is yourself. Be your own anchor.

9. When the waves of life feel like they’re drowning you, it’s your own anchor that can save you. So stay true to yourself!

10. Don’t wait for life to pass you by. Be a force of change. Never let go of the people you love and hold dear.

11. You’re not what happened to you. You are what you choose to become.
The best is yet to come.

12. Be your own anchor, if you’re lost in the ocean. Let your happiness be the tide that lifts you up to the shore.

13. Be your own anchor when the waves of life get rough. Be your own anchor in rough seas and in life.

14. You’re the only one holding you back. Be your own anchor. Be your own anchor to windward, and you’ll sail where you want to.

15. You don’t have to fit in. Be your own anchor and watch how others attempt to keep up with you.

16. Be your own anchor when the waves are gone and the winds are out to blow. Be your own anchor in stormy weather.

17. Be your own anchor when the storms of life seem to be too much. The most effective route to happiness lies in being your own anchor.

18. If you don’t like the person you’ve become, then change. Don’t stay stuck in the past, but instead change the future by becoming better today than you were yesterday.

19. You should not worry about being perfect, you should only be concerned with being good enough.

20. Be your own anchor. Don’t rely on anyone else to keep you steady. Have a fun and adventure-filled day, even if you are on your own.

21. Be your own anchor in the storm—and that’s what life is. Life is like a wave, it’s always up and down. So be your own anchor.

22. Don’t depend on other people to get you through life; be your own anchor.

23. We are the sum of our choices, but ultimately we are the sum of our actions. Be the best version of yourself. Be your own anchor.

24. You are your own anchor. Make yourself the kind of person you want to attract into your life.

25 . You are the anchor of your own life. Be the force that steers your own path.

26. Sometimes, you have to learn to be your own anchor. Don’t hold yourself back from something you truly want to do. Let go and jump! Be your own anchor.

27. Don’t let anything stop you from becoming your very best self. Be your own anchor. You’ll never sink.

28. To me, life is like sailing a boat. We’re always going to have storms, but it’s my job to make sure we keep our heading and stay on course.

29. Anywhere you want to go, is up to you. Anywhere you’ve been, doesn’t matter. Come as you are, leave as a new person.

30. Stay grounded in every situation. You don’t need a reason to help people. Stay calm, and let them sink

31. If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. The secret to happiness is to be your own anchor.

32. There’s no need to veer from your set course, your natural talents and gifts. Be Your Own Anchor.

34. Be your own anchor, not just your hopes. You create your own destiny. A calm mind is a home for happy thoughts, for it is only in the tranquil soul that virtue can grow.

35. Be your own anchor when the storms of life threaten to unbalance you. Reflect on your inner poise and pull yourself through.

36. Be your own anchor. Anchor yourself to what matters most, not what others think is important.

37. Be the anchor to your own life—never drift away from who you are, and stay true to yourself.

38. Always know that you have the power to change your path. You are your own anchor. I am my own anchor. I am my own hope.

39. You are the anchor of your life. You have the power to define yourself and create the life you want to live.

40. Be your own anchor when the storms of life come. When you feel like you’re drifting away, it’s only yourself that you can count on to hold strong.

41. The biggest adventure you’ll ever take is the one where you decide to become the person you’ve always wanted to be.

42. Your past experiences will inform your future. If you let them, they will anchor you or weigh you down. You decide which one it is going to be.

43. Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it. Be your own anchor

44. Be your own anchor. A calm harbour in the middle of a raging sea. Be your own anchor when life pulls you into rough waters.

45. Be your own anchor. Stay grounded in who you are, and let no one weigh you down.

46. Be your own anchor, be your own breath. Be so rooted that even the winds of change won’t blow you away.

47. Be your own anchor. Helpful and constructive criticism is worth its weight in gold; praise is worth less than a hunk of brass.

48. Be your own anchor. Be the anchor that holds you steady through life’s storms.

49. When the waves of life surround you, stand tall and be your own anchor

50. Take yourself up a notch and be your own anchor. You have to be your own anchor. Otherwise, you’re just drifting.

51. When you’re your own anchor, there’s no need to hold onto things that weigh you down.

52. Hold on to yourself. Keep your feet planted on the ground and reach for the stars. Hold on tight and don’t let the wind blow you away.

53. Be your own anchor—choose to be happy Don’t let anyone else weigh you down. Always keep your head up and stay positive!

54. When life gets crazy, remember: we only have to please our one boss -ourselves. Be your own anchor.

55. Be your own anchor. Keep calm, carry on and make sure to take a moment for yourself today.

56. Be your own anchor in a sea of hurry and worry. Be your own refuge in the midst of confusion. Be your own refuge.

57. Be your own anchor when you feel adrift; don’t wait for rescue.

58. You are your own anchor. You will either hold yourself back or you will be your own motivation.

59. If you have no anchorage in yourself, you will be blown about by every wind of teaching and by the cunning and craftiness of men.”

60. Your story doesn’t need to be perfect. It just needs to be yours. Be your own anchor

61. Dreams do come true. If you want it bad enough, & work hard enough, you can get it. Don’t give up. Never give up be your own anchor.

62. Be your own anchor. Don’t wait for someone to come and save you. Don’t rely on others for happiness.

63. Be your own anchor. Stand for something, stand for everything. when you find yourself in storms, hold on. Don’t drown.

64. Be your own anchor when the tide tries to drag you away. Be your own anchor when the tide goes out.

65. Life is like a boat, it’s all about balance. Be your own anchor to keep calm and carry on.

66. When your head is attacked and the details of life are binding, be your own anchor.

67. You are your own anchor. Create the feeling you seek. Anchor yourself in positivity and take charge of your attitude.

68. You are your own anchor. Set your sails to reach your destination.

69. Approach your day with confidence—you are your own anchor in this sea of chaos.

70. When life’s a beach, build castles in the sand. But when life’s a storm, anchor your heart to something unshakeable. You hold the key to your own happiness and success.

71. Be your own anchor, Know what you want. Go after it. Don’t let anything stop you.

72. Be your own anchor. Don’t depend on anyone else for your happiness. Be your own anchor when you’re at sea of life.

73. It’s time to be your own anchor. Let go of the things that weigh you down and limit you from creating your own success and happiness.

74. Go your own way. Stay true to your anchor and don’t be swayed by the opinions of critics.

75. Connect with the people and things that matter most to you, and never lose sight of what makes you happy.

76. True self-confidence comes from being anchored in who you are and what you’ve accomplished, not from comparing yourself to others.

77. Be your own anchor when life pushes you around. Stay grounded during life’s storms, and be the rock that others can count on.

78. Be your own anchor—stay grounded, be authentic and genuine at all times.

79. Be your own anchor, in the world of self-doubt and uncertainty

80. Be your own anchor when the storms of life threaten to sink your dreams.

81. I’ve been in your shoes. Don’t make choices thinking about what everyone else wants. Be Your Own Anchor and make decisions for yourself based on what you want and not what other people think.

82. Don’t rely on others to hold yourself back. Be your own anchor, and set yourself free. Be the anchor to your own life.

83. You can only trust yourself, so build yourself up & be your own anchor. On days like this, I feel like nothing can stop me. I’m my own anchor.

84. When you are your own anchor, you can weather any storm.

85. Anchor yourself in the happiness of what you have and not in the misery of what you don’t.

86. Your worth isn’t based on whether or not someone stays, but on who you are when they aren’t.

87. There is no shortcut to any place worth going. Don’t let the world drag you down. Be your own anchor.

88. Be your own anchor when life drags you down to the depths of your despair.

89. Be your own anchor. Holding onto who you are and what you believe regardless of the opinion of others around you.

90. Be your own anchor, hold yourself steady in life. Don’t forget to be your own anchor there’s no one else you can rely on.

91. Don’t wait for the right time, take a moment to be your own anchor

92. You are your own anchor. Don’t let yourself be dragged through life by others.

93. Make friends with yourself and discover what an anchor you can be to others.

94. You are your own anchor. The only person you can count on – to hold yourself back or push yourself forward is You.

95. You are the anchor that holds me into safety, a lighthouse of my soul. Anchors away on this fresh new take on a nautical stripe.

96. Dive into your goals & pursue what lights you up. Let the tide bring you to the place you want to be, be your own anchor.

97. You must always keep finding ways to better yourself, learn about new and different things and push your own boundaries. That’s how we grow. Be your own anchor.

98. Be your own anchor when the ship has a storm. Surround yourself with positive people and let go of those that don’t encourage you. Be your own anchor.

99. Be the anchor to your own stability, the pilot of your own ship, the creator of your own reality.

100. Don’t wait for the waves to stop moving before you get up. Jump into the action and be your own anchor.

Life has many twists and turns, but it’s all up to you to stay grounded and remain focused on the things that are important. When you follow your gut, you can often spot frauds, lies, and people who take advantage. Most of the time, it takes more than just a strong foundation to build a solid future.

Well, with the be your own anchor quotes here, you can always get inspired or inspire others to be there for themselves when life calls for it.

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