Beating Anxiety Quotes

Beating Anxiety Quotes

There are quite a number of people that beat anxiety every year. This is not an uncommon thing. If they could find out what works for them and apply it to their life, then you can also beat your anxiety.

The one thing that you need to do is realize that there are many people who have been in your shoes before. You may be feeling very alone in this journey, but there are others who have gone through what you are going through now and they made it out the other side with their heads held high.

However, this is easier said than done. We often need a lot of encouragement and boost to take a stand and beat what’s beating us down. But not to worry, you can find the encouragement and strength you need with these beating anxiety quotes.

Beating Anxiety Quotes

When you are going through anxiety, it is easy to think that you cannot beat anxiety because of how much it is beating you. But you can if you believe you can. Don’t let anxiety keep you down; fight it with all your might. And times when you need encouragement, use quotes, love from family and friends and focus on things that make you happy to find it.

1. When anxiety plays out in life situations, it’s usually overwhelming. Pausing to logically analyze your next action is very crucial. Know that challenges can only hurt, but never halt your life and growth process.

2. Life is full of phases, sometimes it’s easy, other times it gets a little complex but, all in all always remember that it shall pass and you will beat the anxiety. It is just a chapter, not the entire story.

3. No matter how hard the wind blows at the trees, they sway back and forth, sometimes even lose their leaves, and then again, they blossom with beautiful new ones. You are stronger than trees, and you’re built for more. Anxiety got nothing on you, you will beat this.

4. Here’s one assurance that stands the test of anything, listen, no matter what you lose in life, you are still going to be okay. No matter how beaten you’re, it’s not going to kill you. Today, you might be anxious and tomorrow, you find that you have beaten it. That’s the beauty of life. Keep your dreams afloat.

5. If you are going through anxiety, don’t let it get the best of you. Keep going, you will come out stronger than you ever were and beat it one day.

6. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Imagine if babies never tried solid foods or learn to take little steps and fall, they’d never become strong adults. So, that anxiety will not kill you, you can beat it.

7. It’s okay to think and make good plans for your life, however, you have to accept that you cannot control outcomes. Don’t let what you cannot control make you anxious. Do your best and leave the rest to God; that’s the best way to beat anxiety.

8. Don’t get too attached to your problems. That’s the easiest way to invite anxiety. Keep sowing good seeds, a day of harvest will surely come.

9. If you find yourself getting worried about anything, it means you spend more time worrying about it than putting in some action. Action diminishes anxiety.

10. Be in the midst of happy people. Happiness is infectious and so is sadness. If you are dealing with anxiety, deal with it by surrounding yourself with happy people.

11. You know what your anxiety triggers, keep away from them as much as possible. Even though it’s not in your power to manage what goes on outside, it still lies within you to manage what goes in.

12. Anxiety can be such a bully if you allow it. You don’t have to let your mind coerce you into carrying those burdens of worry. Let your mind be free as a bird.

13. If you can choose one thought over another, you are on your way to beating anxiety because what makes most people worry a lot is trying to carry too many things at a time in their minds.

14. Sometimes, you need to let go of those things that make you anxious, so that you can fly. If you allow things you have no control over to occupy your mind most of the time, you might end up being crushed by them. Let those things go, then you can beat anxiety.

15. There are places you can go when you are feeling overwhelmed and anxious and you need to feel relaxed or relieved. Know what works best for you and stick to it if you want to beat anxiety.

16. Every minute you sit thinking about your problems is one minute you could have used in solving at least one. Taking action is an effective medicine for anxiety.

17. Don’t worry about tomorrow, let tomorrow worry about itself, ’cause what’s better? Your worries that lead to anxiety or the peace of mind that gives you victory over anxiety?

18. It’s super brave to fight off anxiety, you will not know how great you can do unless you try. Do one positive thing each day that makes you happy. Soon, all your worries will be a thing of the past.

19. The funniest thing is that, if you decide to sit at a place, put your head in-between your legs and worry every day till the end of the year, nothing positive will come out of it. All it will do is make you anxious. Taking action gives you perspective and makes you overcome.

20. If you want to know how much people don’t care about much of what you worry about most of the time, stop for one minute, and observe your environment, everybody is too busy with their own lives to even notice that you stopped, so why bother being anxious at all?

21. You know what it took you to come out of the previous anxiety experience you had, you fought hard enough, and now you have come out of that dark place, see that you never return there again.

22. Your experience in life are meant to nurture you, and not destroy you. Anything in your life that’s not helping you overcome anxiety in any form is a threat to who you are becoming.

23. Every single effort you put into your life’s goals is by far as important as any other. They’re all tiny successes that make up the big one. So, do not look at the one big success only; that’s how anxiety grips you. Appreciate the little wins as well and you will beat anxiety.

24. The reason you might be having this anxiety could be that you have refused to let go of certain things in your mind. It could be people, it could be anything. Just let go, and watch as peace finds its way back to you.

25. There’s so much sorrow and darkness in anxiety. Let the light of peace shine through your soul, breathe, you deserve this freedom.

26. If there are no troubles there won’t be any victory. See every situation in your life as a stepping stone to the greater good. Don’t get stuck in the face of one challenge and let it make you anxious. See it as a test to your next success story.

27. The world is so colourful; even the people in it. Why let anxiety fade the beauty of the world from your eyes? You are not those problems you face.

28. There’s hardly any success story without challenges. Challenges are there to test if you are strong enough for experiences that will meet you in that new level you’re about to face. Don’t let anxiety steal that from you; beat it.

29. Always chose yourself no matter what. Your sanity is too priceless to be equated with anything. Remember, anxiety may come but it is what you do with it that makes you victorious.

30. Life becomes beautiful when you don’t allow your present troubles or past make you anxious. Look at it this way, there can’t be any challenge without you. The challenges you face are there because you exist. You’re very significant in creation.

31. You can choose to be happy despite your situation. You can choose not to be anxious despite an overwhelming situation. Anxiety does nothing for you. Do all you can to beat it.

32. Learn to let go. Anxiety can never grip you if you don’t let challenges completely overshadow you. Anything you cannot find solutions to at the moment, give it time. When you find a solution, come back to it. Never dwell on one problem for far too long, that’s how to beat anxiety.

33. There’s a beautiful life waiting for you despite all you have experienced thus far in life. Don’t let anxiety trick you into believing this is all you will be about. This, too, shall pass.

34. Mountains are not moved at a single stretch, it starts by putting away one stone at a time. You are having anxiety because you want to do too many things at the same time, meanwhile, you don’t have such superpowers.

35. Yesterday is past tense, tomorrow is not promised, all you have is today and now. If you couldn’t do it yesterday, now is another chance. Focus on now; don’t let yourself be anxious about yesterday or tomorrow.

36. There’s enough power within you to meet any challenges in your life that is making you anxious, you only need to awaken the great depositions God has placed in you.

37. There’s no mountain too high to climb if you have the will to try. There is no anxiety too powerful that you cannot beat. When there’s a will, there’s a way.

38. The only way to get drowned by life’s challenges is to sit and do nothing. You can be anxious today, and up and bubbly tomorrow if you just try.

39. Find ways to make yourself happy, laugh, love, and live life on your terms. Don’t let life intimidate you with the present challenges and make you nervous. Your time is coming.

40. Have any feelings of anxiety? Take a bath, and sleep. When you wake up, you will feel better.

41. As long as life exists, challenges will come and go with every new height you attain. Learning to get through and not get drowned is the best way to overcome.

42. Despite how neck-deep you are in trouble, you can choose how you feel or react to it.

43. Resist the urge to impress people. Living to impress people is one sure way to a whole life of unhappiness and anxiety. Guess what? People don’t care as much as you think they do.

44. Do away with people that constantly put you down or tell you, you won’t amount to anything in life. They will kill your joy. Be conscious about the kind of people in your circle. If they are not lifting you in any way, it’s of no use to keep them in your life.

45. Commit to developing yourself. There was once a time you thought you could never be where you are today but somehow, you are here now. So, what was the difference? You kept going. Keep going, never stop until you arrive at your destination.

46. You can sit down at a place worrying about your problems and expect them to be solved. However, if you do that, that problem will persist, and it will never go away.

47. Nobody can live your life for you, everything in your life depends on you to function. Equip yourself for both the good and bad days.

48. Don’t disappoint yourself. There are people whose destinies are tied to yours. So until you become, they may never see the peak of their career or success.

49. Encourage yourself every day to win. Take actions where you need to, wait where you need patience, and pray when you have tried everything and the dots are not connecting.

50. “What if I make mistakes?” Well, who doesn’t make mistakes? A lot of people who succeeded in several things didn’t get it at their first trial. Do away with that fear in your mind.

Anxiety and Depression Quotes

Anxiety and depression are two sides of a coin; most times, one doesn’t come without the other. They are like identical twins that cannot live without each other. But you cannot let them overwhelm you because as much as it doesn’t seem so, you are stronger than them.

51. If you are having any sign of depression and anxiety, it means you’re human. It doesn’t mean you’re defective or weak.

52. When everything seems to be lost, look within you. There is hope, don’t be sad. You deserve to be happy, don’t let the situation tell you otherwise.

53. The darkness is usually the last before dawn. Your time is coming, and when it comes, every difficulty in your life will be a story.

54. No freedom is more liberating than the one you give yourself. Free your mind, if you don’t know how to do that, watch the birds in your surroundings. They take no thought for tomorrow, yet they feed and survive the next day.

55. It takes courage to come out from a low place. Give yourself some credit, you deserve it.

56. Find a genuine reason to be happy no matter what you face in life. Happiness is a choice. Refuse depression

57. The man who gave up hope gave up everything but, the man who had hope got everything eventually.

58. Just being on the right track alone is not enough. The question is, are you making good use of the opportunities that are everywhere around you? That’s one way to defeat anxiety.

59. Everyone failed at something at some point in their lives. One failure could be the beginning of bigger successes. Don’t let failure weigh you down.

60. Believe that you can overcome your challenges little by little. You’re not never in competition with anyone except yourself. Refuse to be pressurized.

61. Healing can spring up from anywhere. The direction you are looking at may be the wrong one. Just keep your mind open and hopeful.

62. Your problems are there to make become a better version of yourself. Each problem comes with a lesson and a solution.

63. Learn to forgive yourself, forgive your past, and forgive everyone else. Forgiveness is liberating. Holding unto hurts makes you bitter and even, depressed.

64. Feeling depressed? Do anything but don’t stay down.

65. Anxiety and depression are all negative energies. Channel all that energy to good use, and give it something worthwhile to do.

66. Give your problems time. Time has a way of solving certain things.

67. If one-way blocks, find another one. By all means, keep moving. Nothing gets done in stagnancy.

68. All your past actions are what make up for your present situation. So, if your present situation is nothing close to what you want to experience, try better things.

69. Try to feel, smile, laugh, and listen. They are all food and balm for the soul.

70. You are your thoughts. The outcome of where you are now is a product of all your thoughts in the past. If you are anxious or depressed, start by changing your thoughts.

71. It’s hard being there for oneself when no one is available to help but the good thing is that it will make you stronger.

72. When you love yourself enough, hardly anything can overwhelm you because unconsciously, your mind has been conditioned around protecting yourself and making yourself happy.

73. Embrace yourself, embrace your flaws, there’s nothing as attractive as self-confidence, and people can’t easily put you down with things you already accepted about yourself.

74. Depression and anxiety have a way of making you see everything wrong about yourself, whereas you are one brilliant and extraordinary human being.

75. People always have something to say about everything and everyone but themselves. Don’t make a habit of taking what people say to heart. Don’t let people’s opinions of you ruin your emotions.

76. Don’t always get too scared about anything before you try. After you try, you can then make an experience-based conclusion.

77. Hardly anything good comes easy, that’s why before you can have a field full of corn ready for harvest, you must first sow.

78. Be kind to yourself enough to know that you’re trying. Everybody’s destiny is not the same so don’t worry when others get to theirs before you.

79. Hurdles make life’s journeys interesting. Any journey in life that doesn’t have its challenges probably doesn’t lead anywhere great.

80. Having the courage to do something despite how scared you are, builds your confidence more than anything else.

81. The first thing is to start acting in line with what you want to attract, especially admiration, and love for yourself.

82. Nobody can belittle you without your permission. It’s what you entertain or accept that gets to you. Ignore negative opinions, and they will disappear with the wind.

83. You’re such a precious soul, the world may not know how to treat you yet but you can show them exactly how you want to be treated.

84. Don’t expect too much from people or yourself. Work with what you have, work in faith. Paths will always align in good time.

85. Whose report shall you believe, the report of man or the report of God? Be careful when you make these choices, one will keep you anxious, and the other gives you hope.

86. Self-mastery is beautiful. When you know yourself enough, nothing hardly shakes you up

87. You have great potential, the world isn’t ready for you yet. Keep building in silence, one day, those who put you down will see it, and their mouths will be too heavy for them to talk.

88. When you look only at your pains and flaws, it gets bigger. Focus on the right things and watch your pains diminish with each sunrise.

89. People are fighting their demons too, you are not the only one with struggles. You can overcome yours if you have strong enough faith in yourself and God.

90. Everything in life is risky. You won’t know how good you will progress unless you try. Things will get better. Don’t get depressed because of things that don’t last.

91. Winners are people who saw their fears and inadequacies and still did it anyway. You either chose to keep making excuses and blaming everybody or you can choose to keep trying.

92. Everything you require to do great in life is somewhere within you, it’s just that you haven’t found it yet, so go ahead and look some more, you must surely find something.

93. The wave may get stronger, begin now to learn how to surf so that nothing meets you unawares. Fortune favours the bold.

94. Be ready to face opposition. There’s hardly any success without challenges, and there is no hero without a fight.

95. Fear is a trap, sadness is unattractive, hope is vibrant, and love is beautiful.

96. Nothing you haven’t accepted can get to you. No matter how difficult your journey might become, look only on the brighter side of the journey.

97. Laughter is an antidote to sadness. Make enough room for happiness and joy in your life. Don’t let depression and anxiety drag you down.

98. Roses grow among thorns, no matter how bad things around you get, allow the goodness in you to overshadow your limitations.

99. The most beautiful things are not yet seen. Time reveals all things, keep building, and one day, you will surprise yourself and the world.

100. Your destiny may be delayed but, it can never be denied. Thrive! You owe yourself that much.

To conclude, anxiety can try but you can beat it. Just don’t approach it with a defeatist mind, approach it with the mind of a winner.

I hope that these beating anxiety quotes will give you the strength you need to overcome. And let us know in the comment section if you enjoyed reading this post.

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