Beer Quotes for Dad

Beer Quotes for Dad

Beer and dads are becoming quite a thing. Many dads have found good friends in beer. It’s not a strange sight to see a dad drinking a beer. Friendship.

We have a lot of beer quotes and sayings scattered around our blog, and so we decided to do a collection for those who are best friends with beer—dads.

The difference between these quotes and others is that these ones will make a better impression on a dad if you share them with him because they are written with dads in mind.

Think about sending them as a text message to your dad, inscribing them on a shirt or mug gift for him, or just telling them to him. Or come up with your own way to make him see them.

Are you ready to see these creative, funny, interesting beer quotes for dad? Swipe up.


Beer Quotes for Dad

Some dads have a thing for beer. They love the taste. They love the smell. They love everything about it. And trust me, I’ve tried to convince them otherwise. I think they are inseparable. Give those dads who are beer lovers a beer, and he will love you more. This is a sure thing.

1. My dad is so happy when I get him a beer. He used to be a man of the people, but now he’s totally a man of the beer.

2. Beer doesn’t make you fat, crazy, or stupid. It just makes you look like a dad.

3. They say that beer is the father of all drinks. It’s the first one you learn to drink and the last one you can’t live without.

4. My dad was so happy when I got him a beer he cried. I think he was the happiest man in the world when I presented it to him.

5. My dad is the best. He gets really excited when I get him a beer.

6. I love my dad so much that I get him a beer every day.

7. If you want to know what your dad thinks about something, give him a beer and ask him. He’ll tell you straight up.

8. I’m so happy to get my dad a beer that I don’t even care if I have to walk home.

9. Every time I give dad his beer, he turns into an 8-year-old again.

10. When dad gets a beer, all’s right with the world.

11. I can’t get enough of my dad’s smile when he sees the beer I’m bringing for him.

12. Dads are the best. All it takes is one cold beer and a smile for my dad’s mood to be lifted.

13. A lot of dads get jealous when their wives hang out and drink with friends because they don’t drink beer. My dad is one of those dads.

14. As a father myself, I can assure you that my beer time is the most exciting part of my day.

15. The capacity for dads to love beer is infinite.

16. A good dad never forgets his roots. And he never misses a chance to crack open a cold beer.

17. A dad’s love for beer is a thing of beauty.

18. Dads who love beer as much as you do are worth their weight in gold.

19. A dad’s favourite beer is the one his kid helped him make or bought for him.

20. Beer and some dads are two inseparable things.

21. Dads love beer just like moms love coffee.

22. Did you know that sometimes some dads are more concerned with their beer than their kids? We don’t know if this is a good or bad thing, but we do know that it’s pretty awesome.

23. We all know that dads are the best, but this beer is a close second.

24. Dads don’t always make great fathers, but they sure make great beer brewers.

25. When dad’s home from work and it’s time to relax, you know what he does? He grabs his favourite beer.

26. Dads, when you do something right, simply raise your beer.

27. If you could sum up your dad in one word, what would it be? Beer.

28. Life makes you strong. Beer makes you stronger. Dad makes you even stronger.

29. What makes a dad happy? Beer. What makes a beer taste better? Dad.

30. The best thing about some dads is that they drink beer.

31. When you have kids, drinking beer becomes more important than ever.

32. Cheers to all the dads out there who are brewing up magic for themselves right now.

33. Dad doesn’t need to be a teetotaler. He just needs to drink his beer like one.

34. Who doesn’t know that beer makes dads happier than chocolate makes kids?

35. Anyone who has a dad knows that beer makes them happy.

36. Your dad will love you for making him a beer.

37. The best dads are the ones who drink beer and talk about their feelings.

38. I’m a dad, and I know that beer is the best dad.

39. The best thing about a dad who likes beer? He’s always happy to see you if you give him beer often.

40. Sometimes in life, it’s not what you have but who your dad is. And some are blessed to have a beer-loving dad.

41. You’ll never go wrong with a dad who loves beer, and you’ll never be bored when he’s around.

42. Some dads like beer. Some just don’t mind drinking it!

43. A good beer says, “I love you”. No debate about that. Here’s to fathers who love beer as much as their children.

44. Dad, you know the way your face lights up when I pour you a beer? It’s like I just gave you the best present ever.

45. For dads, the closest thing to unconditional love is beer.

46. All dads love beer, but not all dads like to share.

47. The best dads are the ones that know how to take care of their beer.

48. You see, it’s not just about loving beer. It’s also about loving the fact that your father loves beer.

49. A dad joke is funnier when said with a beer in hand.

50. Raise your hands up if you’re a dad who has a hard time choosing between his beer and his son.

51. The best part of a dad’s day is the time he spends drinking beer with no shirts on.

52. My dad is the only guy I know that loves beer as much as he loves me.

53. If he can have beer for breakfast, lunch and dinner, chances are he’s a beer lover dad.

54. Beer is the love of my dad’s life, and there’s nothing I won’t do for him to have a cold one at the end of a long day.

55. When beer-lover dads are in the drinking mood, there’s always room for more beer, and they are usually happy in such times.

56. Dad, there is a difference between beer and fermented brew. Which one are you drinking right now?

If you’re at this point, you should know that you just read through the best collection of beer quotes for dads. Which one will you send to your dad? Say it in the comments. I’d love to know.

Two things: if you surf this blog, you’ll find many interesting collections of quotes like this. And if you share this post with your friends, I’ll be the happiest man in the world.

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