Belated Happy Birthday Wishes to My Manager

Belated Happy Birthday Wishes to My Manager

Birthdays are not like a weekly or monthly event, it comes only once a year. One day in every three hundred and sixty-five days for everybody. You can compare it to a surgeon who’s adept at surgery, he sees every case as a normal one, a routine, part of his daily activities but this is not so to the patient; it’s a very big day for them. It might even turn out to be the only surgery they’re ever going to have in their entire life, so, you see it’s a big deal.

If you’re not the one celebrating your birthday, you of course see it as “just another day”, not so with the celebrant; it is their big day, the most important day of the year to them. This is why, missing someone else’s birthday, no matter their relationship with you can very serious, to some people, it’s almost like an unforgivable offence.

But then, there’s a chance that when you miss someone’s birthday, you can make it up to them.

One way to redeem yourself is to send them apology notes, say you’re sorry and genuinely too, it will help tone down any existing tension. You can also send some belated wishes.
A little dose of laughter is not bad altogether, some funny late birthday wishes can come through for that.

In this case, though, the birthday you missed is your manager’s, if you are not being careful enough, this might directly or indirectly affect you. So, you just do all you can to be in the good books of your superior. You can even send them some appreciation messages for boss, it’s all a way of maintaining a good work relationship.

Remember that no matter what, you mustn’t get on the bad side of your boss at work, if you want to have and maintain a good work record. Let these belated happy birthday wishes to my manager help you so you don’t have to trouble yourself looking for ways to impress your boss after missing his birthday.

The cool thing is, you can paste it as text, a WhatsApp status, as a Facebook post or even as a handwritten note posted on a gift.

Best Belated Birthday Wishes to Your Manager

Your birthday is past, but that doesn’t stop me from sending you belated wishes. I’m sorry this is coming in late but even at that, it doesn’t change the fact that you are the best manager we ever had around here. Belated happy birthday to you, boss.

1. Birthday wishes are more heart touching when they’re belated, that’s why I want to warmly welcome you into another year of your life. Belated happy birthday, boss

2. I didn’t want my wish to be lost in the myriads of texts you got yesterday that’s why I’m sending it in right now. Hope you had an amazing celebration yesterday? Belated birthday wishes to you, my manager.

3. It doesn’t matter how many wishes you got yesterday, I hope mine comes in today and warms your heart still. Belated happy to you, my manager.

4. I was too busy but that’s not enough excuse for me to not wish you on your birthday. Nevertheless, I hope you’ll understand my heart and accept my belated wishes. Long life and prosperity, manager.

5. I was having so much fun yesterday that I didn’t remember until it’s too late that I’m yet to wish you a happy birthday! Better late than never they say; belated happy birthday to you, boss.

6. You are a special boss, always and every time, that’s why it doesn’t matter what time I send in my wishes, it will always come to you. Belated happy birthday to you, sir.

7. I didn’t forget your birthday, I just wanted to surprise you. Belated happy birthday to you, manager, wishing you long life and prosperity.

8. I was sure I didn’t want the euphoria to end yesterday that’s why I’m sending in my wishes just now. Belated happy birthday to you, boss, I’m glad I could celebrate with you.

9. You’re too special to be celebrated only on your birthday, this is why today I am wishing you a belated happy birthday boss. God’s blessings on your days.

10. My wishes are not late, it’s the birthday card that refused to come in on time. Whether today or yesterday, I will celebrate you because you deserve it every day. Belated birthday wishes, boss.

11. I can’t forget your birthday, I can only forget the date and it doesn’t really matter I think. I’m sorry this is coming late boss, still, I celebrate you. Belated happy birthday to you, may your days be long and prosperous.

12. Happy birthday to you, boss! That’s what matters, whether belated or not. I wish you a very beautiful day and years ahead

13. I want to make sure you get my wish no matter what, that’s why I’m just sending it in. Happy birthday to you boss, don’t mind whether it’s belated or not.

14. Celebrating you and with you doesn’t have to be only on your birthday right? Belated happy birthday boss, you rock any day of the year.

15. With the sincerest of hearts, I celebrate you always boss. I know it’s belated ready but still, happy birthday to you! Long life and prosperity are yours already.

If you decide to look at the bright side though, the effect of your wish or gift coming in after the d-day can actually be a pleasant surprise to your boss (or however the celebrant is), so, don’t feel too bad that you missed their birthday. That doesn’t mean you have to consciously miss the birthdays of special people in your life, of course.

No matter what, just make sure whatever you’re getting as a birthday gift is perfect for the occasion. And if you’re not so sure of what to present you can look through some birthday gift ideas for your boss.

Thank you for your time reading through the belated happy birthday wishes to my manager, it feels nice to know you’re always there.
Let me know what you think, will you?
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