Best Quotes on Character and Integrity

In this age, some people are out to promote themselves and gain recognition or have all the riches they can possibly get in life. This has made many lose their integrity and good character, but it is always nice to see someone who has good character and integrity in the midst of this. These people are very honest people that would never think about cheating, lying or stealing from anyone because they know that these things will catch up to them over time.

Character and integrity inspirational quotes are what we should share with our friends, family members and colleagues that encourage them to stay strong, to keep on working towards their goals, to keep on fighting for what they believe in. The best quotes on character and integrity are not just great for your personal life, but you need these words for people in the workplace too!

Character and integrity are so important at all times. They are what separate us from the rest of the world, and they motivate us to do all we can to be the best person we can be. Below is a collection of great character and integrity quotes that will leave you in awe with every single word that you read. These are 100 great character quotes that I hope to inspire you as much as they have inspired me.

Best Quotes on Honesty and Integrity

Character is the backbone of our society. It defines who we are. Our integrity shines through in the characters we portray to the world. A life well-lived is one that has been guided by the values that come from good character and a strong sense of integrity.

1. When you are soft-spoken and humble, it gives you the wisdom to sustain relationships and when you add a good character of honesty to it, you become a well of knowledge.

2. Honest people have good wisdom and knowledge that is worth listening to because they are down-to-earth people.

3. Honesty and integrity is the first commendation of every man.

4. Integrity is not one of the most common things found within people. For a lot of us, it is what we are instructed to have or taught to do. However, for those who possess integrity, it is something that comes from the heart.

5. When we are content in every circumstance, it gives us the confidence, to be honest in every situation.

6. From the mountain top, your good character and integrity will always speak for you. Keep up the good work.

7. Integrity is doing the right thing when nobody else is watching. It is telling the truth when everyone else chooses to lie.

8. When you are honest, you can stand before a hundred people with confidence that your words and actions won’t come against you in the future.

9. You are enough when you have an honest character.

10. When you help others reach their full potential, even when no benefit is gained from it, you know you are planting a seed of integrity.

11. It’s integrity that keeps people coming back to work for you. It’s integrity that keeps customers trusting in your brand.

12. Integrity is doing the right thing when nobody’s watching your actions.

13. Honesty and integrity is a lifestyle that is worthy of emulating.

14. If we all can be honest with ourselves, the world would be a better place to live in.

15. It’s Integrity that keeps people coming back to work for you, and Integrity that keeps customers trusting in your brand.

16. When you are honest about what you do, you gain people’s trust easily without mincing words.

17. Some products are well sold when the advertisement is done in honesty and sincerity.

18. Integrity is being honest and generous when no one else is observing.

19. You don’t have to wait for a “thank you” for every effort you put into service. Your integrity will speak for you in the future.

20. Your honest character might not make room for you right away, but know that you are laying a good foundation of pleasant surprise for the days ahead.

21. Integrity doesn’t always wait to receive, It is about helping others reach their potential, even when it doesn’t benefit you.

22. Integrity gives you the ability to do right even when no one is appreciating your efforts.

23. To help others and care for your customers, even when it might not benefit you, that’s the spirit of integrity at work and it keeps you getting better.

24. There’s a reason people will come to trust your brand. It’s because you are committed to integrity in every business venture.

25. Some acts of honesty are too good to not believe, do it anyway.

26. You have all it takes to live in honesty towards everyone. Don’t let anyone guilt-trip you to believe otherwise.

27. Keep living in integrity. It is better than living a false and dubious life.

28. You might be pushed to live a negative character, but there’s more to living in a positive way.

29. Your good character can open doors of opportunities for you before kings and great men. Don’t change who you are.

30. Don’t try to adjust your character to fit in. Keep the honest spirit and stand out.

31. Integrity is doing what’s right regardless of the consequences that might come with your positive actions.

32. Have the right motives for every situation. It gives you the confidence to showcase your integrity.

33. It is in doing the right thing even when nobody else is watching that you build a good character.

34. Integrity occurs every time you do your very best in everything you do and it always has a way of getting your name to high places.

35. The result of integrity is stronger relationships with others, higher quality products and services, and increased respect from your family, friends, customers and employees.

36. Make your family and friends believe in you and boldly stand for you in every situation by being honest at all times.

37. A good name and positive reputation are awesome, but it only comes through integrity.

38. You can gain new ground when you realize that honesty can connect you with the right information and help.

39. Integrity can keep the bond of friendship, it can keep a family as one and it will always boost the growth of every business.

40. Wear integrity on your heart and it will be easy to live likewise at all times.

41. It’s sometimes too good to believe that good people with integrity still exist, but they really exist around us and within us.

42. Surrender your weakness and embrace a different approach to live with a meaningful character.

43. Integrity is not always doing the right thing, It is doing the right thing without selfish aims.

44. The best form of honesty and integrity is the right actions and moves taken when no one was watching.

45. We all crave to be someone great in life. We can achieve this by being honest with everyone and maintaining a joyful relationship with others.

46. When you do the right thing at work when nobody else is watching, your peers benefit from it.

47. When you do the right thing at home when no one else is watching, your family will eventually benefit from it.

48. When you put in the right action in your society when no one is watching, your community will emulate it and it will bring a positive change around.

49. There are many actions we take even when no one knows, but there’s a God watching and who will reward your integrity.

50. Think the right thoughts and be ready to speak the right words in every situation. This is a beautiful way to build good character.

51. When no one else is around, integrity makes the right choice. It favours people over profits.

52. Integrity keeps your company going, and motivates the employees. Everyone is happy and ready to work effectively.

53. Integrity is so much more than just the way you treat others. It’s also the foundation of everything we do.

54. From integrity comes trust, loyalty, truth, diligence and love.

55. Hold up the light of integrity in your sphere and it will quickly light the world.

56. The rules for integrity are simple, run with the right motives and do it without fear and approval from anyone.

57. If we have to wait for others to do something, everything in life would be left undone. Stand with a good character and get it done.

58. You are in control of your actions. Let it be a positive action that will birth goodness in others.

59. When your actions bless others, it is quickly extended to you also and you get to benefit from your integrity.

60. Integrity is like a seed planted. When the harvest is ripe, it will benefit everyone including you.

61. Sow the right seeds of integrity and dig deep to culture it with honesty. The fruits would bring multiple blessings.

62. Integrity comes in many forms. It’s the solid foundation of everything we do in our household and workplace.

63. Integrity is the foundation of everything we do. And because your work is driven by integrity, you won’t work hard to earn the trust and loyalty of your customers, as well as their love.

64. Integrity can be seen in every decision we make, every product we design, and every service we offer.

65. Life and good results are about honesty and purity of vision. It is about striving for the highest ideals that bring a good reputation.

66. Integrity isn’t part of our business practices. It’s our lifestyle and that is what keeps us outstanding.

67. Honesty is not just a catchy tagline for our lives, it is what defines us as individuals.

68. From every honest decision comes great responsibility for change and it is always beautiful in the end.

69. When you have a good character, it attracts help and favour to you easily.

70. Within you there’s a will to fake it till you make it, but being real and sincere will lead you to make it easy and with a powerful landmark.

71. In a world where it’s easier to be wrong than right, we believe that doing the right thing is the only way and that’s true.

72. Achieving integrity is no easy task. It takes courage, perseverance, and the ability to look within yourself.

73. When you find your inner integrity, nothing can stop you from achieving the greatness you were destined for.

74. Integrity is about living with uncompromising honesty and open communication. It’s about believing the best in people even when they fail, because it’s not just about what’s in their hearts, it’s about what’s in yours.

75. Integrity makes you look inside yourself and see who you really are. That’s the beauty of life.

76. Honesty is the most important factor that makes relationships work because it is the basis of trust and respect.

77. Things go better when everyone has integrity. It is what gives life a smooth sail.

78. Integrity does not mean you’ve never done anything wrong. It means you are willing to admit when you have and make things right.

79. Honesty, trust, and integrity are the foundation of every business. When others see you as a person they can trust, they are more likely to do business with you.

80. By showing that you are trustworthy, you can build successful relationships with everyone.

81. If you want others to trust and respect you, commit to honesty, they’ll keep coming back for the relationship.

82. Commit to honesty, and integrity in your business and reap the benefits of having others come to you as a trusted friends.

83. Integrity is the foundation of long-term business success. If you want to be trusted and respected by your clients, and partners, commit to integrity in all you do.

84. Be honest, trustworthy, and faithful. You’ll build the foundation for your success.

85. Just as you would give your best effort in any relationship, be honest and respect your partners by providing a quality product or service, something they can rely on. The rewards will follow.

86. No one wants to work with a tool. People want to work with a partner, for whom honesty is a policy and integrity isn’t just a word.

87. Being real, honest, and trustworthy is not always easy. If you want respect, you must work hard to earn it. It’s worth the effort.

88. You can accept the limits of your reality or you can live your dreams. You are the master of your own destiny. Shoot for the moon; if you miss, you’ll land among the stars!

89. Good character is the foundation of every business relationship. It’s in this character when prospects decide if they can trust you and do business with you.

90. To be credible and trustworthy, you need more than a reputation. Ultimately, you must be the type of person people can count on to do what you say you will do.

91. Being the best you can be started with doing your best in integrity and being your best; you are an inspiration to others.

92. Dignity, honesty, and integrity are not just abstract concepts; in every human society, they are critical for the well-being of communities and individuals.

93. A life without integrity is no life. So also is a life void of honesty.

94. You can sharpen your integrity, too, by stepping out of your own shoes and into someone else’s world.

95. Look outside yourself. Learn about the individual. You will be able to understand where they are coming from, and thus be able to get along with them better.

96. Integrity births forgiveness and you begin to see the person in a positive way and let you move forward together.

97. The moment of honesty is a moment of power to win and to triumph in glorious light.

98. There’s more to your experience than settling for less. Brush your integrity by sharing what you have experienced.

99. You will miss out on so much when you settle for dishonesty, but you win a lot when you are honest.

100. Take a leap and fight against every dishonesty in your heart. You can live in integrity when your mindset is positive.

I believe you have been inspired by these best quotes on character and integrity and I know as well that your friends, family and colleagues have been motivated by you. I’d love to know your thoughts about this in the comments section below.