I am Lucky to Have a Wife Like You Quotes

I Am Lucky to Have a Wife Like You Quotes

Every good wife should be celebrated. It is important to let your wife know that you are always proud of her as a husband and that you appreciate her presence in your life.

This gesture will let her know you care. As a husband, I know you are looking for the best words to let your wife know you appreciate her. Well, look no further. All you need is right here.

Why don’t you choose from any of these lucky to have a wife like you messages and quotes to show her how lucky you consider yourself to have someone like her in your life.

Make a selection from these lucky to have a wife like you quotes and send them to her phone via text message, or you could write them on a card.

Lucky to Have a Wife like You Messages and Quotes

Joy came into my life the day I married you. You are indeed a gift from God. My dearest, I’m using this message as an opportunity to thank you for the good things you have brought to my life. I pray this joy never ends, and you are a magnificent creation. I am lucky to have a wife like you.

1. You are the most beautiful woman; you are different from the rest. There is something wonderful about you. I feel so lucky to have you as my wife.

2. My love, you are as beautiful as a city, as lovely as gems, as breathtaking as the ocean, and you are all mine. I guess I got lucky.

3. You move graceful, like a gazelle. You are a beautiful garden. When you speak, everyone listens. Am I not just so lucky to have you?

4. Baby, you are a well-built wall, and your breasts are its towers. Our family finds contentment in you. Love you always.

5. I remember when you said you were closing your heart to every love but mine, and you only wanted to be in my arms. I felt so lucky.

6. Love is as powerful as death; passion is as strong as death. My passion for you has burst into a raging fire. Water cannot put it out; no flood can drown it.

7. I will take you with me, and we’ll run away; you are my queen, so come into my bedroom. We will be happy together.

8. You, my love, excites me as a mare excites a stallion. I am such a lucky fellow to have a devoted wife like you. Love you forever.

9. Your hair is beautiful upon your cheeks and falls along your neck like jewels. You are a chain of gold with ornaments of silver. I am a lucky guy to have you.

10. My beautiful wife, how beautiful you are; you are like the wildflowers that bloom in a vineyard. We are lucky to have you.

11. Like a lily among thorns is my wife among women. Like an apple tree among the trees of the forest, so is my dearest compared to other women. I love to sit in your shadow and eat your sweet fruits.

12. Your lips cover me with kisses; your love is better than wine. There is a fragrance about you; no woman can keep me from loving you. I am the luckiest man in the world.

13. Anytime you call, I will come running even if I have to climb mountains. I will race to you like a deer when I hear your voice.

14. You hold this family together with your wisdom. We will fall without you. We are so lucky to have you.

15. What is coming from the desert-like smoke, fragrant with a sweet smell? It is my lovely wife, which I am so lucky to have.

16. You are so beautiful, my love! Your eyes shine with love behind your veil. Your teeth are as white as sheep that have just shorn and washed. I am so lucky to have you.

17. Your love delights me; my sweetheart and bride and the necklace you are wearing have stolen my heart.

18. My lovely wife, you are my sweetheart, bride, secret garden, and private spring. In you, I will flourish. Thanks for being with me.

19. What a magnificent wife you are! Your feet look beautiful in high heels. The curve of your thighs is like the work of an artist. Your breasts are like twin deer, like two gazelles. I am so lucky to have you as my wife.

20. How beautiful you are, my love; how perfect you are! I am so lucky to have you.

21. The taste of honey is on your lips, my darling; your tongue is milk and honey for me. I really am lucky.

22. My dearest wife, you are like an orchard of pomegranate trees and bear the finest fruits. I am so lucky to be with you.

23. You have fed me full of love; you give me your love to drink until I am drunk. Can I never find another like you? I doubt this.

24. My darling, you are beautiful and strong; you are one in ten thousand. Your face is so smooth, and your hair is wavy, black as a raven. Your eyes are as white as doves washed in milk. I am the luckiest man in the world to have you.

25. I give thanks to God because of you; he gave me a good and wise woman to marry. I guess I am just a lucky guy.

Proud of my Wife quotes

I am so proud to have married a woman like you. I thank the lord for you with all my heart. You have always been there for me during my happy and sad moments. You are one in a million, my wife.

26. My dear wife, you are worthy of the praises of kings. People should sing about what you do. You always do your best to make sure your family is satisfied. I am so proud to have you as a wife.

27. How hard it is to find a wife like you. You are worth more than jewels. I am proud to call you my wife.

28. Sweetheart, I find it easy to put my confidence in you; I will never be poor because of you. I beam in pride every day because of you.

29. As long as I live, I know you will never do me harm. I feel bothered when you are busy working to make our family great. You prepare our meals. You get up before daylight to prepare your meals and get the children ready for school. You are the best, honey! I am so proud of you!

30. A woman who earns her own money must be respected. You are a hard worker, strong and dynamic. I am comfortable because of you. You are a wife a man can be proud of.

31. I love how generous you are. You are always ready to help, especially the poor and the needy. You speak with gentle wisdom. I am always telling my friends how proud I am of you.

32. You always keep yourself busy; no one can say they see you gossiping with other idle women. You are always looking after your family’s needs. I love you, and I am so proud to have a wife like you.

33. Our children always show their appreciation to you, and I will always praise you. We are so proud to have you in our lives.

34. Many women are good wives, but you, my wife, are the best of them all. I am so proud of you.

35. How wonderful you are, my wife, how pleasant it is to live with you. You are like the morning dew. Keep making me proud, darling.

36. My dear wife, you never forgot me during all the hardship I endured. You stood by me through the pain. I am so proud to have a wife like you.

37. My love, you are a fruitful vine. You make me happy. This man is so proud to call you his wife.

38. Since I put my trust in you, it has never been betrayed or shaken. It stands firm like a mountain. I am not only lucky but also proud to have you.

39. If you had not been by my side during hard times, it would have swallowed me alive. I am so proud of you, darling.

40. You have shown me how much you love me; I can face any adversary because of your love. I will always be proud of you forever and ever.

41. I will announce how proud I am of you to the world! You are too good to me.

42. Even in my suffering, I was comforted because of you. I will always be proud of the love you show me.

43. I am happy and receive honour because of you, I take pleasure in loving you. I am proud my descendants will come from you.

44. You are a light that shined on my darkness; you are always patient and kind to me. I love you, and I am proud of you, my dear wife.

45. How wonderful are the things you do, my dear wife. Everyone is delighted with you. I want everyone to know you have been a shoulder to me. I am proud of you.

46. I finally have the chance to tell you that you are the woman of my dreams, and you have always been good to me. I am so proud of you.

47. I had no direction until I met you, but now everything is alright because you are here. I am filled with pride because of you.

48. I found you beyond the stars; you are the key to my dreams, baby. I can’t stop loving you now and always. You are my angel.

49. I was lost and could not find my way, but you took my arms and led me to hope. I love you always and forever proud of you

50. You inspire me. I feel brand new because of you. You took my pain away and set me free. You have given me a reason to be always proud of you.

What are you waiting for? Pick one of these lovely, heartfelt messages and send it to your wife, telling her how lucky you are to have her and how proud you are to have her as a spouse. I assure you she will definitely appreciate this lovely gesture.

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