I am Lucky to Have a Friend Like You Quotes

I Am Lucky to Have a Friend Like You Quotes

Friends are an amazing set of people that need to be celebrated on simple days just for the sake of it.

And as you know, a friendship is precious and fragile, and it is for this particular reason that it needs nurturing with some sweet friendship text messages or some short thank you quotes for best friends.

It can be difficult to figure out the right way to tell a friend that you are lucky for the friendship you share with them. But some “short words of appreciation for friends” are enough to pass across your sincere message. You don’t need long poems that show gratitude for a friendship. All you need is some inspirational quotes for friends that matter.

Every possible way of telling your friend that you feel lucky to have them has been explored on this page. All that is left to do is to pick one of these lucky to have a friend like you quotes that suits you the most and then use it to show your gratitude.

Lucky to have a friend like you messages

I have had a lot of friends before you. Some left my life quietly without a message, and some lingered still. Regardless, they have erupted a storm within me that I have tried so hard to put to rest. But since I got lucky to have you as a friend, this has naturally become a thing of the past.

1. You have added more to my life than anyone could ever as a friend. I don’t know how to express my gratitude for this friendship that we both share. I am super grateful that you took me as a friend. I owe you everything I am and everything I will ever be. Thank you.

2. I never taught I would one day have someone with whom I could show my tears and tell my pain. I have always thought my life would always be as cloudless as it has always been. But you came into my life and filled it with memories, and for this, I’m grateful and feel lucky. Love you dearly.

3. For all the times that you showered me with love, for all the kindness you showed to me that made all my days with you cheerful, for all the emotional support you gave that held me through my dark days, I say thank you. A friend like you is the reason I feel lucky every single day.

4. Having someone who brings you laughter and shows you real love is a luxury not many can afford. Thank you, my friend, for giving me this pure gift of friendship that’s undeserving of me. I know you’re aware of how much I appreciate you, but there’s no harm in reminding you that I’m lucky to have you as a friend.

5. I just realized how vague my idea of loneliness is because I have gotten so used to you cheering up my day and being so lively. I have no memories of myself being depressed, courtesy of you. For this reason, I’m writing this to let you know that I feel lucky to be your friend. Love you!

6. I’m lucky to have met you in this lifetime. You know, I’ve got lots of things that I am grateful for. There’re many people who have made an impact in my life that I cherish, but you, my friend, are the only one that I hold so dear to my life. You are my star, and I love you.

7. You are one of the best things that have ever happened to me. And for that, you have my genuine appreciation. You are fantastic and wonderful in every way I can think of. No one is as perfect as you are, and I can only feel lucky to share a unique friendship with you.

8. I have no silver or gold to give you for being an incredible friend. I only have a genuine heart that loves you so much. My friend, you are so amazing that I don’t know what to do most time without you. Thanks a lot for being that person I can love so genuinely. Love you.

9. This isn’t the first time you’ve heard me write about how lucky I feel to have you as a friend, and this won’t be the last. I know you are curious about what this is all about, but I just want this to be a reminder that I cherish our friendship and feel lucky to have you.

10. You have taught me how to appreciate and see the value in little things, and for this, I have come to realize how the little things you do for me matter a lot. Your friendship has guided me to my purpose in life, and I can’t help but say, “thank you for all you do.”

11. You have always made me feel worthy, even when I’ve never felt like it. It’ll be awful of me to keep sharing a friendship with you without letting you know how perfect you are. My dear friend, you are more than beautiful, and I appreciate your existence in my life.

12. Crazy isn’t enough to describe you. You are annoying, talkative, a disturbance, and someone with the most beautiful soul. Having you in my life at this moment is a bit of luck I probably won’t be having in my next life. I love you, dear friend, and I appreciate our friendship.

13. This world is filled with many beautiful things, and you are one of those beauties. Thank you for being my sunshine and beautiful moon. Thank you for being my peace and comfort. I don’t know what I could ever have done without your presence as a friend. I feel lucky.

14. You are who you are. You are fierce, you are moody, you are bold, you are confident, and you are someone I love and adorn. My darling, I love every single thing about you. I love that you keep thriving harder, I love that you are my inspiration, and I love that you are my friend.

15. Hey, I love you! And just in case it slipped your mind, here’s a reminder that I feel lucky to share a genuine friendship with you. Never forget that I think of you as someone with a beautiful heart, and that’s just about it. Keep being beautiful, my lovely sunshine.

16. So yes, about 7 billion people inhabit the earth, but only you make me feel at peace with myself. If you’re having problems understanding my words, then this is just me writing in words how grateful I feel towards you.

17. Hey! You can’t just walk into my life, make me feel sp4cial and then leave without hearing what I’ve to say about you. Dear friend, you are the best thing that has ever happened to me, and I feel glad to have met you in this lifetime.

18. When you are around me and keep showing off your smile, you, without your knowledge, let me know that there is nothing in this world that I can’t do. Thank you for being a friend that inspires and encourages me. Thank you for being my lucky star. I love you!

19. Oh dear, I can’t begin to explain to you how different you are from every single person I have ever met. You are the best of them all, and I love you the best. Keep being simply amazing and incredible. Keep being that person I feel lucky to share a relationship with. Love you!

20. When running through the race of life, they say never look back, but I had to. I had to look back at our friendship to see how far we had come, and dear, I have to thank you for your wonderful friendship and presence. I am lucky to have you as someone I can count on.

21. You are that one person capable of making my life better by just being in it. How did I get lucky to have had a friend like you? You mean so much to me than I can ever express in words. Thank you for everything. Thank you for just being yourself. I love you.

22. I couldn’t have achieved my level of success and peace without your unending support and kind words. You may be oblivious to this, but you have an incredible person that leaves me marvelling each time I think of you. You are simply incredible, and I feel lucky about you.

23. You are my best friend whom I feel great about and don’t you ever forget that. I want to live each day basking in the fact that you have someone like me who feels lucky to have you as a friend. For making me smile each day, you are the best.

24. The best people are the kinds with the strength to withstand difficulties, the courage to take risks, the heart to speak the truth, and the capacity to make sacrifices for those loved by them. You are one of those few best people, and I feel very lucky to have you as a friend.

25. I have come to love myself for who I was, for who I currently am, and for who I’ll become, all thanks to your friendship. Thanks a million, times for always being the direction I needed. I could not have made it this far without you. Indeed, you are my lucky star.

I am lucky to have a friend like you in my life quotes

I am slowly becoming the person I should have been a long time ago, all thanks to you! I am indeed very lucky to have you in my life. And although this may not be the best quote to express my appreciation, it is the most sincere I have written in a long time.

26. You walked with me when the rest of the world walked out of my life; for this, you have earned my affection. You are the kind of person who overlooks the bad but sees the good in me. I feel fortunate to be blessed with your friendship. Your friend loves you.

27. Each day being friends with you refreshes my soul and gives me unimaginable peace. Since the start of our friendship, you have continued to be a rainbow in my cloud; indeed, I am a lucky duck to have you as a friend. Keep being bright, and keep being beautiful.

28. I am not saying diamonds aren’t beautiful; I am only saying they are beautiful because they haven’t been compared to you. You have a charm that makes you worthy of every good thing that’s deserving of you. I am, without a doubt, favoured to have a friend like you.

29. People ask me why my standards in friendship are so high. I think I am getting tired of telling them that, having met you, my standards are bound to be high. I think you are unaware of how precious you are to me; hence I have got to say that I feel lucky to have you.

30. A quote says, “In the treasures of life, friends are the most precious and expensive. Now I know how true this is, for your friendship has proven it to me. Thank you for meaning more to me than gold or silver could ever. I feel fortunate to be bestowed with your friendship.

31. Thank you for letting me know that life was worth celebrating. Thank you for making me feel comfortable around you. Thank you for your help in discovering my true self. Although we are growing separately, we are still together, and for this, I feel lucky.

32. I know you must have forgotten all the pleasant things you made me feel and experience, that’s why I am writing this to you because although you may have forgotten what you said and did, you will never forget how I made you feel. So yes, I think I’m lucky to have you, and that’s just about it.

33. So far you have been amazing. And even though we are currently threading different paths in life, it doesn’t change the fact that the root of our friendship is deeply rooted and tangled together. The fact that I have you entangled together with me is worth being grateful for.

34. The world may see you as just a random person inhabiting the earth, but I see you as my world. Never forget that! As a friend, you have seen my smile and my tears, and although I have nothing to my name, you have still remained. Thank you!

35. I’m the kind of person who pays attention to minor detail when it comes to people in my life. And just because I don’t voice out my feelings to them doesn’t mean that I don’t have a lot of amazing things to say about them. I think you’re incredible, and I feel lucky to share a friendship with you.

36. Since the start of our friendship, you have made me laugh louder, cry harder, and smile brighter. Everything about me has been made to take a double route, all thanks to your friendship with me. I should say I have hit the jackpot as your friend, and NO! I am never letting you go.

37. Heavens was on my side the day I met you and became friends with you. I could never have taught that my little encounter with you would bring me the happiness I have always desired. If I were to make a wish right now, it would be to have met you sooner.

38. Thanks for always calling at my darkest moments to check up on me. You are the emotional support I never thought I needed. They say true friends are difficult to find, but you made it easy for me to find you. I love you, my dear, and I am glad that you are in my life.

39. We may be apart in the distance, but our hearts are still tangled together. So my dear, even if you are so far away from me, I still love and cherish you. I hope you continue to show off your bright smile that acts like therapy to me.

40. Just like gold is tested in the fire to prove its worth, our friendship has undergone trials that have, in time, solidified our relationship. I am glad you chose to stick with me all through those times when I lacked faith in our friendship. I love you, dear, and I feel lucky to have found an angel like you.

41. How is it impossible to ever get mad at you? Well, I do think I know. The secret lies in your smile. Your smile is a therapy that heals, and to be honest. I can never get enough of it. My darling, I hope you never stop smiling, and I hope we continue to remain friends.

42. It is a privilege to have someone like you as a friend. I feel extremely honoured to have a friend who’s so confident, who’s loving and generous, and who’s sarcastic and weird. Believe me; there’s no one in the world with a weird personality combination like you, so I think you are unique.

43. We definitely would have been a pair of weird sisters, so I think God knew that beforehand and made us friends. Best decision ever because you totally rock as a friend. I love you so much; I could scream my lungs telling the world that.

44. An amazing friend, that’s what you have been to me so far. A friend who understands my silence and joins me in my moments of despair that’s who you are. Thank you for never leaving in the face of all my troubles. I adore you, and I feel fortunate to have you in my life.

45. I admit you made me feel bad about myself by telling me truths that I live in denial of. But I am grateful for what you did. Your honesty and kind thoughts stirred me into self-realization, and for this, I am grateful and happy to share a relationship with you.

46. The truth is that I feel blessed to share a friendship with you. There have been many times I look ahead with no hope in mind. Looking back hurts many other times, but knowing that you will always be beside me is enough to comfort me whenever I need that.

47. To my best friend, I hope that as the sun shines today, it shines on your smiling face. I hope that your bright eyes fall on beautiful things today. I wish you all the beautiful things today because I love you infinitely and because you are someone I feel lucky about.

48. The most beautiful friends are those who know your most shameful pasts but choose to embrace it like it’s the most precious thing to them. This kind of friend who is very similar to you appreciates those around them. And in return, those around them show their gratitude just like I am doing.

49. Mirror Mirror on the wall. I have someone who I am fortunate enough to call my best friend. And since the start of my friendship with that person, I have started to come to terms with the fact that having someone I love and adorn is all the healing therapy I need.

50. I’m the kind who craves space because it gives me time to breathe and generate my batteries. Not many people understand this about me, only a rare few of which you are part of. The people around me know only to take away from me, but I’m glad I have to compensate for all my losses.

Very lucky to have a friend like you quotes

My friendship with you is such that I can talk with you for a long time only to realize that we have ended up talking about nothing. I love this feeling of thrill that you give me, and I think I am very lucky to have a friend like you.

51. I have had a lot of people stick with me only after seeing the side of me which was favourable to them. But you are different. You have seen both the good and the bad side and have decided to stay regardless. Now, am I not lucky to have you as a friend? I think I am lucky.

52. I have discovered that my problems are never as scary as they ought to be when I have you by my side. Yes! That’s how magical you are. Keep being beautiful, charming, and magical. I will count it as my luck to have an angel like you as a friend.

53. I don’t know how you do it, but every simple action you perform always seems to leave a big impact on me. Is this how friendship feels like? Or have I just been lucky to hit the jackpot? What do you think? Tell me! How is it that you always seem perfect?

54. It feels amazing having someone who celebrates my little achievements and reminds me of what a great job I have done. Those kinds of actions really matter to me. Thank you for fitting the description of everything I need in a friend. I hope you feel lucky about me the same way I feel lucky to have you.

55. It is so hard to explain our friendship. Although there is nothing complicated about it, the uniqueness and freshness, even after many years of being together, marvels me. Thank you for always bringing something new to our friendship. I feel blessed to have you.

56. You should know that you are the first person I think of when in a situation. This shows that I think so highly of you and our friendship. You have been an amazing friend, so I thought I should know that. Love you!

57. I believe I can do anything if you are there to support me. Your kind of support is so reassuring that it leaves me speechless on countless occasions. My dear friend, let’s continue being friends! I can’t bear the thought of being without you! I feel fortunate to know you.

58. The love I receive from your friendship is so overwhelming! Well, that’s to be expected considering you’ve got a beautiful mind. Thanks for being someone who knows me on the inside, and thanks for being someone who loves me regardless. I am extremely blessed to call you my best friend.

59. My life has experienced a significant change since your presence in it. This is all due to your friendship. To be honest, I enjoy having you around. I enjoy our conversations about everything and nothing. I hope we continue being friends, for you are an angel.

60. You knew I could go astray if you walked in front of me, so you didn’t. You knew I wasn’t good at leading, so you chose not to walk behind me. You know how scared I am to take each step in the walk of life, so you decided to hold my hands and walk beside me. I’m indeed lucky.

61. The greatest gift one can receive in life is true friendship. And I feel lucky to have received it. The greatest healing power can be found in friendships, so I deem myself a lucky duck to be constantly surrounded by your healing powers. Thank you for being a friend and much more.

62. You are the only thing in my present world that I hope to see in my next life. My dear, I want to be your friend again and again in every world that will exist! It was my luck to have met you in this life. I only hope that I am lucky again in every lifetime.

63. If I should define a friend by the standards you have always acted upon, I would say a friend is someone who loves boldly! A friend is someone whom you find healing in. A friend is someone who ought to be protected from the vices of the world, and a friend is you whom I feel lucky about.

64. Thank you for choosing me all the time, even when I am not in the mood. Your kind is so hard to find these days, and I’m fortunate to have found you. I truly love you for being rare, and you know that. Keep being unique, and I’ll never stop going all out for you.

65. Somedays, you are my light, and some other days you are the reminder that I need to disperse my darkness and welcome in the light. Regardless of the day that it is, I always know that there is hope for light and away with you. I love you, my friend.

66. Lots of people and things have caused me pain. But since the start of knowing you, you have recognized my pain and have strived to never cause a single more pain. Thank you for making my lifeless painful than it was. I love you and feel blessed about you.

67. You are definitely a shooting star that grants me all of my wishes. You have given me hope, love, and light. And if I think about it, you are the brightest star in my cloud that glows in my darkness. I am indeed fortunate!

68. I am blessed to have your friendship that helps me forget about tomorrow’s sorrow. I am glad to have someone who helps me connect to live. I am fortunate to have a friend like you who paves my way to the future and acts as the key to comfort in this insane world.

69. I am not after gold or silver. I am only after the friendship that you offer. If only I could explain to you how nothing matters to me, only your friendship. I love you, and I hope you live in the knowledge of that.

70. How I wish I knew the right words to describe our friendship. How I wish I know the right ways to show that I’ll stand by you no matter what. Because I know how precious you are and how I’ll need nothing else when you are by my side.

71. The world gives you so much pain, but you are making the best out of it here. There’s nothing more beautiful than that. You are rare, beautiful, and sight worthy of being proud of. Therefore I’ll love you right.

72. There’s something about being your friend. The fact that you love me so quietly in gentle tones makes me want to scream about how very lucky I am to be blessed with your friendship. All those words I have never said, I’ll let them out of my mind to remind you of how I love you.

73. This may seem out of the blues, but I think, as my friend, your ears need to be reminded of how grateful I am to be friends with you. Although this truth hasn’t been forgotten by your heart, there’s nothing wrong with a little reminder. Now and then, you’ll hear it spoken by me. Stay expectant.

74. When the fabrics of reality start to fade, everything false falls away. When all that is left is just your true colours, I’ll scream loudly to let you know that your colours are beautiful, just like the rainbow and that I am glad to be the cloud surrounding you.

75. I KEPT HANDLING everything I thought I couldn’t handle due to your guidance and directions. The courage your friendship has embedded in me is astonishing. I don’t know how you do it, but I’m glad to be your friend.

I am lucky to have a best friend like you messages

This love message may seem out of the blues for you, but to me, it is something I have always wanted to say to you. Thank you for loving me infinitely and for being a friend in need. I am lucky to have a best friend like you.

76. You have this incredible way of making my heart happy, so I thought I should let you know. I am quite lost on what to say to you, but regardless, I want you to know that I am always thinking of you and our friendship.

77. When you find true friendship, you take it. You adorn it with your whole heart, and you do everything in your power to never let it go. That is exactly what I am doing with the friendship we both share.

78. I used to be afraid of losing friends until I realized that most of them weren’t down for me as I was for them. But now, that fear is long gone! I have your loyalty to our friendship, and you have mine. Love you!

79. My mum said if I had a pure mind and a heart capable of love, I would always win over and attract people perfect for my growth. I guess she was right! I won you over, and I’m never letting go.

80. Whenever you smile, I feel the urge to pick up a brush and make some paintings of you. But I can’t draw either do I have a brush. So here I am, with a pen in hand, trying to tell you how very lucky I am to have you.

81. Since the start of our friendship, you have been my biggest supporter. I have no words to express how much gratitude I feel for the support that you have always given. I appreciate your kindness as well as your thoughtfulness, and I hope that our friendship lasts for a long time.

82. Thank you for all the troubles you have always cost me. Without them, I would probably have been spending my days feeling lonely and detached from the world. You are one of the few people in my life who has helped me find a sense of belonging in this world, and I appreciate you for that.

83. You’re someone I can rely on no matter the situation; this alone sets you apart from every single person that has ever crossed paths with me. You are the kind of friend who blatantly points out my mistake without mincing words. This makes you amazing. I wouldn’t be the satisfied person I currently am without you. I feel lucky!

84. Oh dear, my heart is currently overwhelmed with gratitude for this gift of friendship that you have given me. I really don’t know how to express my gratitude with words. However, I know this short message comes close to portraying my gratitude. And so I hope that you understand me and know that I feel blessed to have you.

85. Our friendship has come a long way. It has passed through difficulties and stumbling blocks but still stands firm as it should. For this, I appreciate you. Thanks for sticking with me when all I had to offer our friendship was myself. And although the situation hasn’t experienced a significant change, you’re still with me. I am indeed fortunate.

86. You deserve tons of kisses and hundreds of hugs for being an incredible friend. You know, if there was an Oscar award for the world’s most amazing friend, you would definitely knock out every other nominee with a significant gap. Yes! That’s how amazing you are. I hope you live knowing that.

87. I’ve always thought nothing good would ever belong to me but then boom, you walked into my life carelessly, leaving me speechless. How did we become friends? Even I don’t know! But whether I remember our first moments as friends or not, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you’re the best thing that has ever happened to me.

88. Here’s a little secret, I’m proud to be called your friend because your friend has inspired me into finding my true sense. Your friendship has even me a sense of belonging in this lost world, and hence, I am proud of you. Thanks for pushing me towards the door that held a lot in stock for me. I appreciate.

89. As a friend, you’ve done so much for me. I know there’s nothing like paying back kindness when being friends, but I can’t help but want to pay you back for being an awesome friend. I know I’ll never be able to repay your kindness in this lifetime, so I hope you give me a chance in another lifetime.

90. I was thinking, what do you think is the situation of the alternate me in another universe? Do you she has a friend completely different from the alternate you over there? If that’s the case, I think I must be luckier than him.

91. Thank you for staying with me the same way you stayed with me in the past. You are truly a pal and a confidant that I feel proud to have. The troubles I have gone through in the past have made me realize you are truly made of gold!

92. Right from the beginning, you have always been right beside me. Through the good and the bad, you never stopped offering me your shoulders to lean on. The fact that nothing changes between us, whether I lose or win, makes you unique. I am extremely lucky!

93. I am so lucky to have found you! Do you know strong and confident you make me feel? Do you know your presence ignites happiness in me? Perhaps you are unaware. So, allow me to bring to your notice that I love you and feel fortunate to be loved by you.

94. I may be mistreated by time, and I may be cheated by fate. My plans may fall through, but regardless, I won’t shed a single tear. Why should I? What rights do I have to cry? I will stay strong because you, who have travelled this path with me, still stands tall and undefeated. I’m lucky I have you.

95. I have had my fair share of all that comes with friendships—the betrayals, the short happy moments, the periods of doubt, and everything in-between. But having met you, I finally understood why other friendships never worked out. With this realization, I am never letting go of you.

96. You are never short on second chances. Tell me, what’s the secret? Regardless of what it is, it doesn’t interfere with the fact that I am so lucky to have found a true friend like you.

97. You are the only one that makes me happy and helps me to do more. I am super grateful for that. Thanks for always encouraging me when I try to let myself down. Thank you for letting me discover what fierce fighting spirit I had. I couldn’t have done it without you.

98. I am what you can call a tangled earpiece. Once I get to know you and see how worthy you are of the love I give, then I am never letting you go. Do you know why? It’s because I feel free with you in all the ways I was afraid of others.

99. Do you know why I feel lucky to have you as a friend? It’s because you’re someone I feel safe talking to about my fears and things I’m ashamed of. You’re one of the few people I can show the vulnerable side of me, and instead of showing a reaction, you smile and tell me that all is well.

100. My love for you as my friend has no end because my love for you comes with a “no matter what”. So, darling, I love you. Don’t ask me why for there is no actual reason. All you need to know is that I feel lucky to be blessed with your friendship.

The words you use with your friend can either make or break your friendship. Don’t waste time figuring out the appropriate words to use to appreciate your friend. The above lucky to have a friend like you quotes and messages are good enough to get you started.

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