Bird Flying Out of Cage Quotes

Bird Flying Out of Cage Quotes

When the bird is caged and can’t fly around freely, it loses its natural ability to sing. The caged bird has forgotten what it is like to be free. So when we are locked up in our cages of limitations, we forget how much potential we have within us. It takes courage to break free from your comfort zone so that you can fly again like a bird soaring high above the clouds.

There are times when we lose sight of how great we are. There will be others who can take advantage of our fear, doubt and feelings of being unworthy. When we feel that the world has treated us unfairly, sometimes it’s best to endure our pain in silence.

Sometimes you feel like you aren’t good enough. Other times, it’s easy to get a little self-conscious. You may not be supermodel thin or the CEO of a Fortune company. We all have flaws and insecurities. It’s the confidence that creates happiness and success.

If you need to improve your self confidence fast, look no further than these wonderful bird flying out of cage quotes to boost your confidence.

Bird Flying Out of Cage Quotes

To be free is to be yourself, not to follow the ways of others. To be free is to express what you think and feel. It’s being able to make a choice, even if it’s the wrong choice; being responsible for your action and inactions.

1. To be free is to live without fear, without limits. To fly out of the cage is to break out of your normal routine and do what you want to do.

2. No cage can contain you. You are free, free to soar, free to explore, free to enjoy life at its fullest.

3. Birds that fly out of cage go on to have a more rewarding life. The cage symbolizes the limitations you have when working for someone else, but that cage also keeps you from experiencing something else. That something else could have just as many rewards as all your hard work.

4. Taking flight is not just about breaking free, but it’s about reclaiming. There’s always a way out of any cage.

5. The sky is the limit. You can do anything you set your mind to. Fly high and soar for greatness. Birds flying out of cage is a symbol of their desire for freedom.

6. Just when you think he can’t fly any higher, he does. Just when you think he can’t achieve more, he does. So let your bird fly out of its cage.

7. Always look forward, never down, and never let the wind take you by surprise.

8. Freedom isn’t free, but it’s worth it. Let your bird out of the cage. They’ll soar and never perch because freedom is all they dream of.

9. Bird flying out of cage is the freedom and adventure you’ve been waiting for. Don’t let anything hinder you from such freedom.

10. There’s nothing like the feeling of flying through a cage. Freedom can drive you nuts. You just can’t believe it is happening. But it is.

11. These little birds are free. So free that they’d choose to leave this cage if they could. And I think it’s time we did the same.

12. Some birds are super lucky. Because they are free. They are free to fly anywhere, free to make their own choices, and free to live life on their terms.

13. Birds flying out of cage can see the world from high above. All the pretty places and cool people are down there waiting for them.

14. It’s time to set our minds free. Birds should fly out of their cage, so they don’t see freedom as captivity and captivity as freedom.

15. The sky is the limit when you’re flying high with birds. We must learn not to feel trapped by the things that hold us back.

16. Birds are meant to fly, not be trapped in their cage. Their wings are built for it, and they have no choice but to take flight.

17. Always remember to look up to see the bird flying out of cage, gaining its freedom and learning to soar without perching.

18. Life is a bird flying out of a cage. Make sure you soar and evolve. Do not let your wings be clogged cause they were meant to spread.

19. There is no such thing as a bird cage. There are just birds on the outside and birds on the inside.

20. See the bird flying out of cage is free. Free to soar, free to flap its wings. You’re a wild one, so let’s fly!

21. The only cage I have is a cage of my mind. So only I can limit myself. But I choose to fly out of it like a bird flying out of the cage.

22. Fly like an eagle, soar like a bird, live life like there’s no tomorrow. Get inspired by the bird flying out of the cage.

23. The only thing that sets us apart is our capacity to fly. Let the freedom of the sky be your guide.

24. The bird flew out of the cage. It’s flying, it has wings, and it’s free. I’m free to pursue my dreams.

25. I’m flying out of this cage just like the bird flying out of cage which has chosen to soar and never land.

26. Life is like a cage full of birds. You never know which one will fly away next. So you have to treat every bird with kindness and love.

27. Don’t let your cage limit you, look out and fly away like a bird flying out of its cage. No one can stop you if you try.

28. The bird symbolizes freedom. The bird who’s always winging its way to greatness. That’s the bird you should look up to.

29. I’m going to fly. I’m going way out of here. Cause when a bird flies out of cage, it achieves a lot.

30. The birds are free; it’s time we were too. We should never feel sorry for flying or wanting freedom. It’s why we’ve got wings in the first place.

31. Birds have wings. Humans have dreams. So let’s fly. Let’s not let anyone hold us down or stop us from achieving our dreams, no matter how big or small.

32. Never let someone love you so much that they keep you caged. All birds are meant to fly. You are meant to soar.

33. Bird flying out of the cage! Life is like that cage you fly out of. You never know what’s going to happen next.

34. There’s no place like home, and there’s no bird like a free bird flying out of cage, soaring, and enjoying freedom.

35. Birds live free and fly free. They’re the best pets for people who want to be wild but still want a home.

36. The bird flying out of the cage remembers its dream and continues on its path of freedom rather than looking back and returning to its cage.

37. Sometimes, you need to go out and find your freedom. Be the bird flying out of the cage. Do not be sorry for wanting your freedom.

38. Don’t waste time waiting for the perfect moment. Life is too short to wait for a “yes” from anyone. Be the bird flying out of the cage.

39. Let the birds fly out of your cage, and you’ll never be bored again. You’ll never even want them back again because they are better in the sky.

40. Like the bird out of the cage, we are free to be who we are and do what we want. Do not set any limitations for yourself. Kill the limitations.

41. Feathered friends: a daily reminder of the possibilities that can happen when you open your heart. Do not cage your feelings. Let it fly.

42. Birds are free to fly wherever they like. I am free to think whatever I want. And that I will do without boundaries.

43. Freedom is the ability to soar like an eagle, not just in a cage. And life is about being free and living on the wild side like a bird out of its cage.

44. Don’t lose your freedom, for freedom is in the wind. Freedom is something that you gain by being free.

45. This is life. Always on the move and never at a stop. I’m ready to take that leap of faith like a bird flying out of the cage.

46. The wings of a bird would take it anywhere if only you let it out of its cage. So don’t make a bird feel trapped.

47. All birds fly and soar if they’re given their freedom. So let the bird flying out of the cage inspire you to look forward to your freedom and fly.

48. A bird flying out of a cage has such enormous joy in its heart as it feels the cool breezes of freedom. Be like that bird and let your dreams come true.

49. Sometimes, your mind is your cage. You have to have an open mind and be free like a bird to achieve your dreams.

50. Don’t keep a bird in a cage. That is not where it wants to be, and it isn’t where it should be. Let it fly and soar. Let it fulfil its dreams.

I trust you have been inspired by these wonderful bird flying out of cage quotes. Don’t hesitate to drop your comment and share them with your loved ones. Thanks.

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