I am Blessed to Have a Sister Like You Quotes

I Am Blessed to Have a Sister Like You Quotes

Sisters make the world go round and they add fun to your childhood. This is why you should always keep in touch with them and show them appreciation as often as you can.

Even if you are far apart, there are still many ways of showing love to your sister. Send her gifts she would love, reach out to her occasionally, be there for her during important events and send her appreciation messages whenever you can.

If your sister has been good to you and you hold her in high regard, you can send any of these blessed to have a sister like you quotes to her to put a smile on her face.

I am Blessed to Have a Sister Like You Messages

I have always considered you smarter than I am so, pardon me if I can’t write quotes and messages as you do. I just want to say you are special and amazing and it’s a huge blessing to have a sister like you.

1. Growing up with you was fun and interesting and if I live a thousand lives, I would want a sister like you still.

2. There was no rivalry between us unlike other siblings out there. Thank you for being a good sis, love you.

3. We had our own share of fights and disagreements but that doesn’t mean I do not love you. You are definitely a blessing to me.

4. You are a very understanding and cool person and my life is better off with you as a part of it.

5. You are the best sister anyone can ever wish for and having you in my life has added tremendous value to me.

6. Thanks for your guidance, help and love so far in life. You are an amazing person and I don’t want you to ever forget that.

7. I will always be here for you whenever you need me and that’s because you have earned my loyalty for life.

8. You are the cool-headed one, you balance my hot-tempered self and I must confess that your calmness is one reason I like confiding in you.

9. It’s a blessing to have a sister like you, you are trustworthy and kind and you have always extended your kindness towards me. Thanks, sis.

10. I know I give you tough times a lot and I am sorry. You have been good to me and you deserve to be treated well.

11. I talk about you a lot because I am always proud of you. You are taking giant strides in life and it’s good to see.

12. Sisters like you make the world go round. Thanks for your constant support and help, you are amazing.

13. I have learnt a lot from watching you. You have been a good role model for me and it’s one of the reasons I consider you amazing.

14. Hey sis, I hope you are doing well. I just want to remind you that you are doing really well and life will make sense for you very soon.

15. I hope you know I am here for you whenever you need me. You are a blessing to me and I will always pay back your kindness.

16. If everyone can have the kind of heart that you have, the world would be a happier place. Don’t ever lose your joy, Sis.

17. You don’t I love celebrating you and I do not need a reason or a special holiday to do so and that’s because I love you. Cheers!

18. May the Lord God continue to bless you and overshadow you with his blessings. You are blessed sis, now and always.

19. We have been through so much together and I must confess that the strength you showed in those times is one of the major reasons we made it through. I love you sis and I will always celebrate you.

20. To the loveliest and most beautiful sis in the world; have a wonderful day today and yes, I do consider myself blessed to be your sibling.

21. You are the one I cry to when sad, you give me a shoulder to lean on and you are always ready to listen to me. You are a blessing sister and I appreciate you.

22. I admire you a lot; you are hard-working, jovial and fun to be around and love having a sister like you.

23. I love you and appreciate all you have done for me and even all you have promised to still do. You are an incredible lady and I need you to always keep that in mind.

24. It’s good I have a big sister like you to look up to and get guidance from when necessary. What would I do without you sister?

25. You have sheltered me when I needed it, helped me out financially and in every other way I have needed it. I appreciate you a lot, dear sis.

I am so Blessed and Thankful to Have a Sister Like You in My Life Quotes

26. You are the most adorable kid sister anyone could ever hope to have. You bring a lot of Glee and joy anywhere you go and it’s one of the things I appreciate most about you.

27. You are a very stubborn girl and can get on my nerves a lot but I love you all the same.

28. You know how to get whatever you want from me, I don’t know how you do it but it’s always impossible to say no to you; you are an absolute cutie.

29. You have always shown me love right from childhood and that is one of the reasons I am so confident in myself. You are a blessing to me and it’s the plain truth.

30. You have a good heart and it explains why everyone loves you. Don’t worry, I am not jealous you are our parents favourite.

31. I consider myself fortunate to have a sister like you in my life. You are my go-to person any day and anytime and nothing beats the feeling of comfort that gives me.

32. We have done a lot of things together. You are not just my sister, you are my best friend as well and there is nothing in this world I cannot share with you.

33. You mean the whole world to me and your place in my heart is sealed forever. Thanks for being a wonderful person to me sis.

34. I know you will be surprised to get this but I just had to send it to tell you I love you with all my heart and will always have your back.

35. I trust your judgement even more than mine. That’s because you are a smart and intelligent lady and I hold your opinion highly.

36. You know all there is to know about me and there is nothing I have kept from you. That’s because I know you want the best for me and my secrets are safe with you.

37. You have impacted my life a lot and I owe a lot of my current accomplishments to you. Thank you dearest sis for your help so far.

38. You know how to make my mood better and you know how to cheer me up. As a matter of fact, we are more like twins than sisters and I am blessed to have you.

39. You are the only family I have left as far as I am concerned because you stood by me when no one else would and for that, I am eternally grateful to you.

40. All my friends envy me because I have a sister like you. They tell me I am lucky and I know so as well.

41. I enjoy the love and care you have always extended towards me. Siblings like you are rare and it’s one of the reasons I appreciate you a lot.

42. You are a very beautiful woman and I agree that even I can get a little jealous of you at times. You should definitely consider entering into beauty pageants.

43. You have spoilt me rotten. Of everyone in the family, you showed me the most love and pampered me to a fault. I love you sister, you are my diamond.

44. Nobody can take your place in my life. Even if I get married, you will still be an active part of my life and that’s because you have made a lot of sacrifices for me and you are an important part of my life.

45. You are a kind and thoughtful person and those are traits that have singled you out from a lot of people in the world. You are a special one, always keep that in mind.

46. You are a huge blessing to our family and to me in particular. With you, I feel like I will go far and accomplish so much in life. You are the best sis.

47. I know I do not show you appreciate a lot and I am sorry about that. I promise to turn a new leaf starting from now. You are a wonderful person and I can shout this from the rooftop.

48. Our bond and friendship have helped me a lot and I am grateful I have it.

49. Thank God our parents chose to have the two of us because I wouldn’t have lived my life as an only child. Your addition to our family completed us and I consider you a blessing to us all.

50. One would think your success would make you proud but you are still very much down to Earth and as caring as you were while we were growing up. You are a blessing to this world and to us all and we love you a lot.

Don’t wait for big events before you reach out to and celebrate loved ones like your sister.

Remember that words are powerful and by sending heartfelt words like these blessed to have a sister like you quotes in this post, you can appreciate her and remind her of your love and admiration.

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