Blind Faith Quotes

Blind Faith Quotes

Blind faith is a belief in a subject or an idea that is not based on proof or evidence. Whether you subscribe to religion or not, one thing is undeniable — we cannot explain some things and reasons why this world was created.

While science continues to uncover the mysteries of our universe, there are countless theories. Some of which are utterly ridiculous! While others make you question everything you know and believe in. And then comes along blind faith — something we all deal with at some point in our life.

When you believe in something with all your heart and mind, you will go to any lengths to defend it. Faith is a blessing that comes only once in a lifetime, so make it count. 

Blind Faith quotes can help people who have lost sight of their goals and motivation. Even when everything is going against you, constant faith will give you that extra power to fight through. Here are blind faith quotes to remind you to keep your eyes open and remain true to yourself no matter what.

Blind Faith Quotes

Blind faith is the only kind that’s worth having. Blind faith is the most beautiful kind of faith. Even when your world seems to be crumbling, trust in God is the only way out of a hopeless situation. You’re not a coward for choosing blind faith. You are the strongest.

1. Blind faith is the belief that something will happen even though you do not see it. It believes in something unseen, the key to all great things.

2. When you have given all you can do, trust. When you feel like giving up, keep going. That’s what it means to have blind faith.

3. Blind Faith is the action of trusting God no matter what’s going on around you.

4. Blind faith is believing something even though you can’t see any evidence to support it

5. The choice to believe in things that make no sense—to see a reason for hope even in the most hopeless situations. That is blind faith.

6. Faith is the ability to believe in things you have no evidence of.

7. Blind faith is the greatest gift in life. Seek it out and it will find you!

8. Blind faith is a precious virtue that makes one feel free, even when there’s no idea what the future holds.

9. Faith is not just a belief in things unseen. Faith is seeing the invisible, believing the improbable and hoping for what nobody knows is possible.

10. We must have faith that we will find direction as long as we keep looking. It’s the looking that is important, not the direction.

11. Blind faith is the courage to believe in your heart, even when your eyes tell you otherwise.

12. If you want to achieve your goals and be successful, you must have blind faith in your goals and yourself.

13. When the world doesn’t give you the answers you seek, blind faith gives you the space to find them for yourself.

14. When life gets scary, blind faith is a strong suit. 

15. Trusting in the depth of your faith will help you understand where they’re coming from and take what they say to heart.

16. Faith is a decision to believe when evidence suggests the opposite.

17. Faith isn’t something we can produce ourselves; it is a gift from God. Faith trusts in Him when you see no evidence of His existence or power.

18. Faith is seeing in the darkness and believing in the light.

19. Faith is seeing what can’t be seen. Don’t let what you can’t see keep you from living your fullest life.

20. Blind Faith is the greatest of gifts, and the hardest to earn.

21. Faith is the greatest gift a human being can receive, not just because it will keep you contained and grounded when times are dark, but because it will keep you alive when times are bright.

22. Faith is a virtue that requires us to trust in God’s actions, promises, and intentions, despite confusion or uncertainty.

23. Faith without works is dead. Faith without works is no faith at all. Faith is the only thing that matters, but you have to practice it.

24. Don’t give up on yourself. Keep your mind open, keep searching, keep hoping, and trust that one day you’ll find the answer you were looking for.

25. Nothing is impossible, the word itself says, “I’m Possible”. It’s your faith that defines your limits.

26. When you can’t see, this is what you’re feeling, and that’s faith.

27. We may not always see miracles, but we will always see faith.

28. Blind Faith is the only kind of faith worth having.

29. Blind faith is not just a virtue; it’s a necessity in life.

30. Our faith is tested sometimes, but it’s always there.

31. You don’t have to see to believe. There’s light all around you. You just have to trust in it

32. When you’re in a rut, and things don’t seem to be going your way, remember that God is still in control and has a plan for you.

33. Faith is believing what you know isn’t so and having a mindset that nothing is impossible with God.

34. Don’t let the fears of today keep you from your dreams of tomorrow.

35. Faith is being able to see what others cannot do what others cannot, and not be fearful of what others cannot.

36. We have to believe that we can do things others think are impossible or ridiculous. 

37. If you have ever felt like you are in a rut and can’t find your way out, remember that there is always another peak ahead.

38. Sometimes, the problem is different from what is wrong but how you see it.

39. The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do. That’s you have a huge chunk of blind faith.

40. Faith is the conviction that what you hope for will happen, even when it doesn’t make sense to your logical self.

41. No matter where you are in life, there’s always room for faith, because everything is possible.

42. We need blind faith in God, for without him we don’t stand a chance. We need to know that He is always there, even in the darkest hour of our lives.

43. Keep your eyes on the Lord and walk in faith right now, tomorrow will be better.

44. Don’t lose hope. Have faith. Keep your eyes on God. God is faithful and present; he will get you through this difficult time.

45. Walk in the Lord and experience God’s goodness all day long.

46. Focus on the future, not the past. Forget your problems and enjoy life.

47. Faith is not a gift from yourself. It’s the opposite: a gift from God. Faith is trusting in Him when you see no evidence of His existence or power.

48. Faith isn’t something we can produce ourselves; it is a gift from God. Faith trusts in Him when you see no evidence of His existence or power.

50. Faith is not about believing that God exists—that intellectual acknowledgement can be the first step. Faith is inclined to trust in God’s goodness, follow His lead, and act following His will.

51. Where would we be without faith? Faith is a gift. It’s waking up in the morning knowing your creator has a plan for you, which makes all the difference.

52. Faith is a gift. It’s filling every moment of your day with hope, happiness, and purpose.

53. Faith is the unwavering belief that you are exactly where you’re meant to be.

54. Faith inspires friendship, hope, and common values.

55. When you realize life is more than the major league, you find faith is the secret ingredient to living out your dreams.

56. Sometimes, the truth is hidden behind a wall of obstacles. But don’t let this keep you from making that leap of faith!

57. Don’t let your obstacles stop you from living your life. When the moment comes, you should always take a leap of faith.

58. There’s no wall too high to climb. If you want to succeed and do something amazing, you must start!

59. If it were easy, everyone would do it. Do not let this discourage you from following your dreams!

60. Faith is not a feeling, faith is just the belief in someone or something bigger than you.

61. Faith gives you strength when you need it most and peace when you need it most.

62. Faith gives you the confidence to face life’s challenges when you need them most. And it gives you peace when life gets overwhelming.

63. Faith can get you through the toughest times in your life. It gives you the strength to move on after tragedy or hardship and to find peace even during these difficult times.

64. While faith is not a feeling, the belief that there is something infinitely powerful sustaining the universe can produce feelings of security and strength when you need them most to help you through the worst of times.

65. Faith is not just a tool used to give you strength. Faith gives us security in the hard times and anchors us when nothing else can.

66. Faith is watching the sunset and believing it will rise again. It is standing in a field of lilies that smell better than any perfume on earth and knowing you are at peace. Faith is life.

67. Remember, when your faith is tested, it is only by faith that you can be saved.

68. Don’t underestimate the challenges you will face on your journey. When you feel like giving up, keep going. Remember, it is only by faith that you are saved.

69. When you need a little inspiration, remember that your faith is what got you through the tough times and will continue to do so.

70. The world is full of pain, suffering,g, and sorrow. Only by your unwavering faith in the Lord will you be saved and one day feel His touch.

71. When you are faced with uncertainty, you must stand grounded in your faith and remember to trust in the Lord completely.

72. Faith believes what you know ain’t so, without having any of the facts.

73. Faith is the art of keeping a vision in sight when all about you are calling it into question.

74. Have faith in yourself and your dreams; little else matters.

75. Blind faith is the greatest because it relies on something else to see us through.

76. So many people live without faith to see the opportunities right in front of them. Fear is holding them back. The choice is yours, you have what it takes, and you’re going to make it. Don’t let fear keep you from making it happen in your life

77. Don’t let fear keep you from making it happen in your life. You have what it takes.

78. Believing in yourself is the catalyst for all change. Remove the fear and start believing in the life you want to live. You can do it!

79. You don’t need to put up with another loss. It’s time to try something different. Believe in yourself, and you will find your success.

80. You can’t see, but you don’t have to listen: the voice of faith is always there with you.

81. Have faith in your intuition with the voice of Faith

82. Her voice will never leave you and make sure it is your guiding light, wherever you are in life.

83. Faith is not a belief. Faith is an action. It’s the action of believing in something even when you can’t see it.

84. Faith can be a difficult concept to grasp. Faith is the belief in something that you cannot see.

85. Faith is believing in something when it’s not immediately obvious that it exists. It may take a long time to come to fruition, but it will always be worth the wait.

86. Faith is one of the hardest things to have. It takes a lot of courage to trust in someone else and put your trust in them.

87. Faith is a gift, and guess what? You’re the one who can keep it going.

88. Faith is what gives us the strength to keep moving forward. Believe in yourself and become the person you’ve always wanted to be.

89. Have faith that you can continue to make important contributions in your life and the lives of those around you.

90. Your faith is a powerful thing. Believe in it, and it shall become true for you.

91. Faith is a precious gift from God. It can be not easy to keep going sometimes, but if you look on the outside, it’s easy to see how lucky we are to have him in our lives.

92. Did you know that if you invest in your faith, it multiplies? Looks like a good reason to keep on believing.

93. When life throws you a curveball, and you find yourself in the unfamiliar, it’s time to take a breath, pray and trust God.

94. Faith is the assurance of things hoped for and the conviction of things not seen.

95. If you want to see what the future holds, then be prepared to see things you didn’t think would ever happen.

96. If you’d like to get a glimpse of what’s possible in the future, you have to be willing to see unimaginable things today.

97. If you want to understand what the future holds, you have to be willing to accept things that might seem impossible today.

98. No matter who you are or what you’re looking for, time and time again, we have proved that anything is possible. It’s time to challenge your view of the future.

99. There’s nothing more exciting than glimpsing something amazing in the distance. It gets your heart pounding and makes your head swim. You can’t look away, yet you’re almost afraid to look.

100. You keep walking by faith and not by sight. Never let what you cannot do keep you from achieving what you can.

Belief in a higher power is the most important thing. We must all have faith. It’s not easy, but these blind faith quotes remind you that faith is a fundamental part of our religions. The more you know about God, the better.

I’m sure these blind faith quotes will have you pumped up and motivated, so why not share them with your loved ones?

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