Blues Music Quotes And Sayings

Music. It’s a universal language that transcends all boundaries and cultures, conveying feelings and ideas without words.
Blues music quotes and saying are the words that give blues music its force. Blues is one of the most influential forms of American music. Music appreciation is a great way to step into the world of blues, learn about it and enjoy it. 

Blues music has been a part of American culture for many years. To understand this form of music, one must listen and experience it firsthand. The lyrics are often very descriptive, as well as long, but evident in their meaning to convey the point that this is just another way Americans sing songs. 

Blues music often have a more poignant and true meaning to them than any other kind of music. This is largely because blues lyrics are based on fact, experience, and truth. Since this is the case, these blues music tends to have the intended effect of impacting listeners in a deep and life-changing way. 

Blues music quotes and sayings can be used to express any emotion. They have stood the test of time and will continue to evoke the same emotions for years to come. 

Blues Music Quotes And Sayings

There’s something about the blues that just gets to me; it’s a feeling and emotion that I can relate to. Blues music is the essence of human feeling. This means that blues music expresses the ups and downs of life in a language that everybody can understand.

1. The blues is my religion, and the Delta is my cathedral. The blues are a part of my life.

2. Blues music came when I needed them most and helped me through some hard times. If you don’t have them in your life, get on it!

3. There’s nothing like blues music to get you through the day.

4. The blues is a place where we can all find ourselves. The blues is the music of the future, tomorrow, and today.

5. The blues is a song of hope, and the blues is a song of sorrow. Blues always moves the soul and lifts our spirits.

6. The blues say a lot of things. Some are simple and some aren’t. But they all make you think.

7 The blues have got a hold of me and I’ve got to get free.

8. When you’re feeling blue, get a good guitar and play a few blues songs.

9. Let the good times roll! And let the blues roll with them.

10. The blues is something that makes you feel good, like a hug from your momma when you were four years old.

11. The blues is the natural music of the human heart. Whatever your trouble, blues will help.

12. There’s nothing like a good blues jam session to set your heart free.

13. Sometimes, the blues make you want to cry, but mostly they just make you want to dance!

14. The blues is our deepest, truest tone. The blues is the music of pain but also hope and longing.

15. Here’s to all the real blues lovers; we’ve got your back no matter what. Here’s to your toil and trouble, and here’s to a good time.

16. Blues music is a collection of melodies, harmonies, and rhythms, with lyrics telling of people’s sorrows, happiness, and fears.

17. Blues is the music that talks to your soul.

18. When it comes to blues music, the words say a lot. There are some of the best blues lyrics that keep me going.

19. The blues don’t always come easy. They can be hard to sing, hard to play, and hard to write.

20. A good blues song is like a good marriage. You don’t always hear good things about it, but it’s there forever.

21. Chill and enjoy a blues jam because the blues is like a bottle of wine. You need it with food, but you don’t have to drink it.

22. Blues is good for you when you’ve had a bad day and it cheers you up just before the weekend.

23. A good blues song can make you cry, but a bad one can make you laugh.

24. Life is like a blues tune, you got to drink your coffee really slow while listening to it.

25. The blues is not something that you can learn; it’s what you are. You either enjoy it or not.

26. If a blues isn’t written about love, it wasn’t worth writing about.

27. The blues is my favourite music. It has so much soul, and it’s honest and raw. I love the grit and growl of it.

28. Blues have a way of making the world seem a little smaller and a little more manageable. Even when things are up against the wall and everything seems to fall apart.

29. The blues is a good thing. It confirms that everyone’s down, even if they’re not acting like it.

30. Blues music is like a good friend, it knows when to talk and when to let you listen.

31. Music is the only thing that is getting you through this day.

32. The blues is my favourite music. I love the way it makes me feel. And the more I listen, the better it gets.

33. These blues, rock and roll lyrics will get you feeling grateful for the good things in life.

34. If you want to make the blues, go ahead. If you want to break them, that’s your privilege, my friend.

35. There is no such thing as a “bad day” when you’re listening to the blues. 

36. When you hear the Blues, it’s like somebody pouring a bucket of water on your soul. When you play it, that’s what happens.

37. Blues music is timeless because it speaks to us all. The most powerful message of the blues is the struggle of finding a way through, right here and right now.

38. There’s a certain charm to the blues that has always appealed to me. It’s the way they’re delivered and their musical feel.

39. There’s an authenticity in the blues—and it’s something that I wanted to carry into my own life.

40. The blues is like a loved one; it never leaves you. The feeling you get when you listen to a blues song or play is priceless.

41. When the blues come and go, don’t forget where you started. Always remember why you first fell in love with music.

42. Let the blues rock you. It’s party time, let the music play!

43. You don’t have to be a blues musician to feel the blues, but you’ll certainly end up sounding like one if you keep playing that blues.

44. The blues is a feeling, and we can’t give it up. So we follow the rhythm of our hearts and express what is in our souls through music.

45. This is life, but it is not all fun and games.

46. Don’t worry, be happy. That’s the answer to life’s problems, and it’s also the answer to your blues.

47. It’s the music, and you can feel it, the beat is easy on your feet and your heart.

48. There’s no better feeling than when the music hits and we can’t help but smile.

49. The blues is an attitude. Its music is a soul’s language. You’re free when you’re playing blues music.

50. The blues is the music of my life.

51. As the blues say, “life is a gamble”, but you can always take a chance on life with music that makes you feel good.

52. A good blues song makes you feel good and bad. There’s a lot of emotion in blues music, but the feeling is what we want to take away from it.

53. The blues just feel good. The blues will never leave you, even when it feels like it does.

54. The blues are in the air, and so are the good times that follow.

55. The blues will come as you wait for the storm to pass.

56. Take a moment to enjoy some good music, let your thoughts wander, and find peace.

57. Let’s get down tonight and groove on some blues music feeling.

58. The blues isn’t a feeling; it’s a way of life. The blues can make you feel better, even when things are bad.

59. It won’t hurt to keep your ear to the ground for a little bit of good news, just in case. Let the blues wash over you.

60. Our daily blues are the best blues after a good night’s sleep.

61. On the road to happiness, you have to stop and smell the blues.

62. Blues music is the soundtrack to life’s struggles, but all that pain can be forgotten on the right day.

63. What do you do when you’re alone and need something to smile about? I’d say a little blues.

64. The blues is music, a feeling, and a way of life.

65. There is no better music than a good blues song.

66. A good blues song is like a favourite pair of jeans. It’s comfortable, it fits you perfectly, and it just feels right.

67. The blues is the music of the heart; it speaks to every human emotion—hope, regret, fear, and desire. Deep or light, sad or happy, we all have a blues song.

68. The blues is not a place; it’s an emotional state of mind.

69. When you want music that’s not too loud, then listen to the blues.

70. There’s nothing like the blues to make you feel good.

71. You can’t play blues unless you have played the blues. You can’t write a blues song unless you have lived it.

72. Let the blues wash away your worries.

73. Life’s blues are the many things that make it colourfully beautiful.

74. I awake every morning with a smile on my face because I’m in love with the world, and it’s all because of blues music.

75. Blues music is the soundtrack of our lives. It’s where we find ourselves and how we express ourselves and connect with others through the power of music.

76. To the blues, we are gods and masters. You show us a way of life that other people only know about as a dream.

77. The blues is music that goes beyond the clouds, beyond the sky and the ocean.

78. The blues goes into the human heart. That’s why it’s so powerful, so much to say with one phrase or one word.

79. Sometimes, you gotta have the blues. Sometimes it’s a good thing to feel the blues.

80. Great blues music is great soul food.

81. The blues is about being who you are no matter what.

82. A blues song is not a novel. It’s like poetry, but they don’t rhyme. But the rhythm and the feel are what make it do what it does.

83. If you want to play good music, you’ve got to forget everything else and just be yourself.

84. Some things in life you can’t put a price on, but if you love them, they’re priceless.

85. It’s beautiful when you can’t put your finger on what it is about a song that makes you want to dance, sing, or cry. It’s like an old friend you haven’t seen in a long time.

86. Life is a journey, not a destination. Make your blues music & lyrics matter.

87. Blues music is like a novel by Charles Dickens—you can never read it too many times.

88. Blues music is the music of freedom, and when you’re free, you sing.

89. You can’t do things right if you don’t know what it is you’re doing.

90. When you put on some good blues, it makes your day and week seem much better.

91. A good blues song will put you in a good mood. A bad blues song will make you feel worse.

92. Never let the blues get you down—and don’t be afraid to smile when you’re feeling blue.

93. Good music, good friends, and good times.

94. Get your groove on—and stay there. Life is short. Live it up.

95. Some days, it just ain’t worth gettin’ out of bed. But if you’re gonna lay awake anyway, at least have some music to help you drift away.

96. Life is like a song with no words. You have to sing it to find out what it’s about.

97. The blues is a feeling. It’s not the same as sadness, it’s more like openness.

98. There’s nothing like the blues to make you feel good.

99. You can’t play blues unless you have played the blues. You can’t write a blues song unless you have lived it.

100. Let the blues wash away your worries. Life’s blues are the many things that make it colourfully beautiful.

It’s hard to spend time learning about blues music and not come away with some memorable blues music quotes and sayings. After all, blues musicians have been famous for their talent and wisdom for decades now. These are my favourite quotes for blues music, and I hope you had a good read. I’ll love it if you share this post before you go.

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