Born to Die Quotes

Born to Die Quotes

Being born to die is an inevitable truth many do not like to acknowledge. Though everyone is born to die, nobody desires to experience the pains that come with it. That’s what it means to be human, after all. Many people even delay death for selfish reasons, but life is short, and everyone has to go at some point.

Nevertheless, the fact that we are all born to die does not mean we should stop living. You are alive now and can choose to live a life worth remembering. Live every day like it’s your last because it just might be.

We should all remember that the only way human beings can reach the highest pinnacle in their life or find peace within themselves is by making their life count and their existence valuable and meaningful.

Below is a collection of born to die quotes that will enlighten you more on how to live each moment as it comes.

Born to Die Quotes

We were all born to die. We will walk the Earth for a certain time and then return to our source. But even though death is inevitable, it need not be feared. We can prepare ourselves for the inevitable and make sure we live happy and meaningful lives while we have them.

1. We’re all going to die; this is a fact. We have to be born to die once and for all. So, pack your bags then.

2. You are born to die. It’s the only certainty in this world; the sooner you accept this, the better it will be for you.

3. The symbol of human bondage becomes the symbol of eternal life in this image. He is born and will die, but neither is of his choosing.

4. We were born to die. It’s earlier than for others; for some, it’s later than for others. We’re all born to die.

5. We are born to die. It is going to happen sooner rather than later. Whether we are ready or not, we all must face this reality at some point.

6. Being born to die is not so much a curse as it is a fact of life for many people. A fact that we all face and accept because there’s no changing it.

7. If you are born to die, that will happen. You can only live for so long. If you don’t believe it, just look at the world around you.

8. We are born to die. We have a limited time on Earth and make daily choices that either speed up or slow down our decay. We all hope that we live forever, but in reality, death is inevitable.

9. We are born to die. Life always ends with death. However, the consequences of the decisions we make during our life can impact our experience of this process. Some decisions accelerate this decay, and some give us more time if we choose wisely.

10. Passions mark the path to your dreams. Love and desire conquer all. You were born to die but also born to live. You must choose your destiny.

11. We are all born to die. Our lives are just moments in eternity, but if you make the most of that moment on earth, you can find your true potential.

12. Be a “born to die” kid. Believe in yourself, believe in the impossible, and birth your dreams into reality.

13. We are all born to die. We should not fear this fact but embrace it, live our lives to the fullest, and help others do the same.

14. We were all born to die. It’s better just to accept it and move on. Stop the cycle of life, and save yourselves the trouble of working endlessly towards a goal that will never be reached — because you’re already dead.

15. We all have a destiny. We are born to die, but the fact that we are here on this planet and breathing makes us all special in some way. We may call some people heroes, but none of us has the right to judge the actions or actions of any other person because we do not know what they have gone through to end up where they are.

16. Some people were born to die. They are designed to die early, but they don’t know that and don’t accept it. They think they can overcome it, but they can’t.

17. The end is inevitable, but it shouldn’t stop you from doing what you love in this life.

18. It’s not about how long you live; it’s about how much life you get out of living.

19. Death is inevitable, but how you choose to live the time you have left is up to you. Let today be a reminder that you were born to die. Take your courage in hand, and let’s make something extraordinary happen. We were all born to die, so let’s make this our best life.

20. Only the weak seek evasion. If we are destined to die, then let us choose the manner of our demise.

21. We were all born to die, some of us sooner than others. But what separates the average person from the elite is not their expiration date but the way they live their lives between one heartbeat and another. Don’t watch your time slip away; use it wisely.

22. We will all die. This is comforting because it means that we will all be reunited in heaven with the ones we love.

23. We were all born to die, but we don’t have to be born to suffer. Life is too short for bad moods, and – whatever it takes – you’ve got to keep smiling. Keep on keeping on – smile through whatever life may bring.

24. We are born to die, but it’s important to live an amazing life before you go.

25. We were all born to die, with or without a purpose. Each moment has a purpose, and we can learn from them.

26. We were all born to die. Sounds scary, but isn’t it most exciting, too? Some of us grow old and die suddenly while we are still young; some fade away slowly as if someone’s snuffing out a candle. But either way, we have only one life, and it ends here.

27. We were all born to die. We all have a limited amount of time to impact the world. What are you going to do with yours?

28. We were all born to die, but the ones who get to live their dreams are the ones who refuse to give up.

29. We are all born to die, so it doesn’t matter if you’re born a king or a beggar. It doesn’t matter if you live in a palace or a shack. If you’re loved by someone who loves you, you will have everything that makes life worth living.

30. We’re all born to die. To be happy is the noblest thing we can do in this life.

31. We have one life to live, and it’s up to us how we spend it. Do better, strive harder, dream bigger and live your life to its fullest potential. The things you look back on will last longer than those who warned you about the future. Live like there is no tomorrow.

32. We were all born to die. But in the meantime, why not make your life a little more daring, memorable, and meaningful?

33. We were all born to die, but it doesn’t matter how you live. We are what happens when we die, don’t forget that.

34. We all have destinies; it’s just a matter of when we get there. Our goal is to celebrate life and each other and make every day count.

35. The one thing we know for sure is that we will all die. How we live daily can be a success or failure, and having a positive outlook will always be your greatest asset. Never forget there’s more to life than just living.

36. It’s true that all of us will one day leave this world, but how you live your life will always be up to you.

37. Being born to die is true, although it may not be what you want to hear. Accepting this fact and understanding how to deal with it emotionally and mentally is important for your overall happiness.

38. Being born to die is our destiny, but it’s also an opportunity to improve. We’re all going to experience death at some point in our lives, and there’s nothing we can do about that. So rather than wasting your life on things that will ultimately kill you, focus it on the things that can make your life worth living.

39. All of the greats have died, whether a rock star, an artist or a politician. You are born alone, and you die alone. It’s just a matter of what you do between those two events that define you.

40. Death is a part of life. But being born to die doesn’t have to be. If you are willing to fight and work hard, you can make it through the chaos of this world in one piece.

41. No one is too young to be worried about the word ‘natural death’. People who live near us sometimes die. In nature, what you’re able to do is decide how it happens: by fighting every breath or by choosing when to stop breathing.

42. The road ends the same for all of us. The choice is how we live our lives and how we want to remember ourselves. Live your life for the moments you want to remember because one day, all we have left are the memories that once made us smile.

43. When you know you’re born to die, reputation and glory don’t mean much.

44. When we are born, work starts. In the next phase of life, we must work hard to achieve whatever we can. But in the last phase, there is no more work for us. Then it’s time for us to die

45. Be born to die and live every moment as your life. Birth and death are natural processes. Live each day with gratefulness, knowing that you were born out of a divine plan that only you can know full-time. The only thing that matters is that you lived well.

46. We’re all born to die. How we live our lives will determine the time it takes us to get there.

47. We all were born to die. Our time on this earth is limited, and the greatest gift we can give each other is not just for what we will do in our lifetime but also for what we are willing to leave behind as a legacy. Remember that your life is also a legacy; when you leave it behind, leave something worthwhile.

48. They say that some people are born to die, but you’re not one of them. You have everything you need to succeed in this world, and we don’t mean what you think. You are way more capable than you currently believe yourself to be. It’s time to unlock your full potential and take action today!

49. We all have a fate; we’re born to die. The question is what we choose to do with our time in between. Birth, life, and are in the cycle of all things. Embrace it fully and use every waking moment as best you can.

50. Everyone has to die, just like everyone has to be born. We all have our time, no matter what our situation is.

51. Be born to die; it’s as simple as that. Live your life to the fullest every day and maximize every opportunity that presents itself.

52. Being born to die is to continue living. You are alive and can do anything you want as long as you’re breathing. Your life has a purpose, and you’re a part of this world for a reason. Why not make the most of this gift called life? Don’t let it go to waste; live!

53. We are born to die: The mantra, the process is unalterable. It creeps up on us from behind and picks us off like a scavenging buzzard.

54. We all must face the fact that we will die someday. There is nothing that can be done to stop it. At some point, you were born, and when your time comes, you will be born again. So live today as if it were your first day on earth or last.

55. It is not enough to just live; we must have goals, visions, challenges and dreams to give us life in the spirit.

56. Being born to die is an incredible opportunity to live life to the fullest, every moment. A powerful reminder of our loved ones who have passed and those dear to us who visit us in spirit.

57. Being born to die, facing the truth of life. The tears on your face show my pain and suffering. There is no escape from death, only the hope that the sun will shine one day again.

58. But you were born to live and make a difference. So rise, create a world where the small can thrive, give voice to those who have none, build something that matters, and make everything count.

59. Being born to die is an ancient secret that has been kept for centuries. It reveals why we were born in this world, how we will die, and why we should not follow our instincts or emotions.

60. Knowing that you are born to die is an empowering thought. Realizing that you have a purpose in life, regardless of its length, will give you strength and purpose in the face of what might appear insurmountable odds.

61. There is no greater adventure than being born to die. We are the ones who will make sure of that.

62. We are born to die. It is not hard to understand what life is all about and why we are here. It is just as easy to forget.

63. You are born to die. You must create a legacy for yourself. Don’t just live for the moment; think about what you will leave behind.

64. We are all born to die, but what makes us different is how we choose to live.

65. We are all born to die. Yet we spend so much of our lives away from this inevitable fact. We fight for what we want in life but never consider the cost of victory.

66. Life can be hard. But the inevitableness of death should not take away from the beauty of life.

67. Being born to die is good because it gives us something to live for.

68. Being born to die is a truth that all of us must accept. None of us wants to die, but none can escape death. When we accept that there is nothing we can do to avoid death completely, we realize that this single fact must affect everything in our lives, including how we want to live.

69. You were born to die. Your life has been prepared for you, but it is up to you to determine your purpose and how it will be used. You have a unique mission; with it, there are many pleasures.

70. The road is long and winding, but as you travel, it will focus in front of your eyes like a zoom lens. You will see that death wasn’t an accident or something that just happened by chance. You will see that death was meant to happen because life had become too hard or too much was expected of you.

71. We are born to die. It is inevitable, so we might as well enjoy our lives doing what makes us happy. To do that, we have to be kind to ourselves and others. So please be gentle with yourself so you don’t have any regrets later in life.

72. Being born to die is a state of mind that keeps you in control of your destiny.

73. Don’t worry about death; you have it covered. Being born to die is all part of the point.

74. We are all born to die. We have a countdown on our lives from the moment we are born.

75. Everyone is born to die. The only question is when, but for some, it might be sooner than you think. Take care of yourself and don’t procrastinate or blame others for making your choices. Remember, your life is in your hands; no one can take it from you unless you let them.

76. It doesn’t matter if you’re born to be a millionaire or made to be poor. We’re all destined for the same thing; death. You can fight it as long as you want, but no one wins against death. Don’t waste your life worrying about what other people think of you; worry about what you think of yourself.

77. Being born to die is the most powerful life story ever told. It’s a story of success beyond your wildest dreams, failure with no face, and what it takes to overcome it all. The world is our playground, but it can easily become our prison if we allow it to happen.

78. You’re born to die, but don’t you ever forget that you were born to live and not just survive.

79. We’re all born to die, but what is most important is how we live our lives. Take action on your life’s purpose, and you’ll never regret it.

80. You are born to die. But before that, you can accomplish many things in your life. Your greatest asset is time. You have what it takes; this is the right time to do it.

81. For the world to be a better place, you do not have to be born brilliant, but you must be born to die.

82. Being born to die is a valuable lesson. It means we’re not immortal, and there’s no use thinking we are. This realization frees us from fantasizing about immortality and helps us live our lives to the fullest.

83. We are all born to die; it’s a fact of life. And even though we can’t avoid it, we can make the most of our short time on earth. Besides, if you were born to fly, you must know how to land.

84. You can achieve anything in life you want if you are born to die. Just work hard, and remember never to give up.

85. Some say they were born to die, while others live with a sense that they must be more than just who they were made to be. Our clothes are our armour and tell the world who we want to be.

86. What you do in life echoes in eternity. The moment we are born, our lives begin to fade, and therefore, we must fill them with love, joy, and success.

87. We are all born to die, yet there is no reason we can’t have a great time getting there. We are all unique in our way and special, not just in physical appearance but on the inside.

88. We were born to die. When we feel that there is no hope left, no other way out, and we can see no future for ourselves, it’s time to stop living for ourselves. Make the most of your time on Earth by doing what you love and spending time with those who make life worth living.

89. You were born to die. This is the reality of the world you inhabit. You could be struck down by a car or bitten by a rattlesnake at any given moment. But there’s nothing that this thought prevents you from doing.

90. You are born to die, and living means being better at it every day. You live to make your life a story worth telling.

91. Life is like a dream. Yesterday is already a memory, tomorrow isn’t even a possibility yet, but today holds all the secrets of eternity.

92. We are born with a single destiny. Our lives are created to be short so that we experience more joy with better memories.

93. Being born to live a life and then dying is the most amazing thing that can happen to a human being on this earth. To experience the joys and sorrows, laughter and tears, pain and joys throughout your precious life.

94. There is a time in every person’s life when they realize that they have been born to die, it may be at the very end of your life, or it can happen when you are young.

95. That’s all we have – the chance to live and die. We tremble at the thought of our birth and cling desperately to life, begging for more time.

96. We are born to die. When we’re born, we have a lifespan at which we will die. The time between our birth and death. However, it is up to us – it reflects who we are. Many things can affect our lifespan (our genes, our lifestyle choices, and their effect on our body’s health), but at the end of the day, there is no escaping death.

97. We fear death and nature. We fear our mortality, but we also fear the unknown of what happens after death. We don’t know where we come from or where we are going, but all life is meant to be born to die. Fear not, as long adventures await us after this life.

98. No destination exists where we will not die. There is only a path; you can pave it however you please. You can choose to let your life be defined by shortsightedness or courage. You can let what happens around you or purposefully build upon the knowledge gained in your experiences and reflect on these lessons for years to come.

99. You are born to die. And in your time here on this earth, you have one true enemy: yourself. It is the hardest battle you will ever fight.

100. Being born is a miracle, but one that will end in death. Taking control of your life begins with accepting this fact. Living your best self starts by celebrating the joys and pains of living each day to the fullest.

101. Death is an end to all suffering, pain, and grief. It is a way out of trouble. Death is also the beginning of a new journey. The entrance door gets opened, and you have to cross it with a smile on your face.

102. We have only one chance at this life, so make the most of it. Stop thinking about the past, and start thinking about how you can improve our future.

103. Even if life is full of difficulties, you’ll have a chance to survive by being born to die.

104. The good news about birth is that it’s necessary for life. The bad news about death is that it’s inevitable, but the good news about being born to die is that it can be a liberating experience if we become disciples of Jesus.

105. Loneliness and brokenness, sadness and despair are all part of being human. Being born to die is the last of our sorrows and the greatest of our joys. The opportunity to live can be a gift from beyond ourselves, making all things bearable in the end.

106. Everyone is born to die, but some people are born to live life to the fullest. Be one of them.

Thank you for going through the collection of born to die quotes. I hope they change your perspective on life and other things. Please do well to share with others so they can learn. Thank you.

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