Brain Over Heart Quotes

Brain Over Heart Quotes

What if every decision you made was based on logic rather than emotion? A lot could be different. When logic and reason are used, the solution is reached with less pain, less anguish, and less regret. Some people are brain thinkers and some are heart thinkers.

Nonetheless, there is a constant battle between our hearts and our heads. Our hearts persuade us to make decisions we might regret, whereas our heads make way for rational long-term decisions.

Most of us know that we should use our heads before we use our hearts. This is true when it comes to business, money, technology, and nearly every aspect of life.

With these brain over heart quotes, you’ll understand why your brain should come first in your decision-making.

Brain Over Heart Quotes

Brain over heart. That’s the way to go. The brain needs food; the heart needs love. The success of the heart depends on the height of the brain. You may have heard it said that the brain is the most powerful organ in the human body. So choose your brain over your heart while you exercise both.

1. Keeping your heart in good shape is important, but keeping your brain sharp has a whole lot more benefits—brain over heart.

2. We all have to make choices. Sometimes they’re difficult, and sometimes they change the course of our life. Hence, it’s important to follow your brain over your heart.

3. The heart wants what it wants, but the brain knows better. Brain over heart all day, every day. And even while the heart doesn’t want to follow the brain, choose to follow your brain instead, because you can trust its sound judgment.

4. We can’t do anything without our brains, but we can use our hearts to reach out and help others. But choose your brain over your heart. The brain is the most powerful organ in your body. It controls everything you feel and think, it makes decisions for you, and it wields power over your life.

5. Your brain is for thinking; your heart is for feeling. Choose your brain over your heart if you don’t want to get heartbroken over and over again.

6. When your heart fails you, rely on your brain for help. When you choose your brain over your heart, you make only a few mistakes in life. Don’t let your heart always win in the battle between your brain and your heart because your brain knows better.

7. Your heart is the one that lives on. Your brain is the one that keeps breathing until it dies—brain over heart any day.

8. Sometimes you have to take a leap of faith and hope that your brain is strong enough to save you. Let your brain tell your heart what to do, and not your heart tell your brain what to think. Choose your brain over your heart.

9. Brain over heart. Hearts can wait. But let your brain always decide. That way, you can find your purpose and peace.

10. The brain is the boss of the heart. It can tell it how to feel. So choose your brain over your heart any day, and you won’t regret it.

11. A strong brain can beat a strong heart. But when your brain and heart aren’t in sync, it’s usually not worth your time. Cause without your brain, you wouldn’t be you. Without your heart, you wouldn’t be anything at all. But it’s best to let your brain rule your heart.

12. When your brain is at work, your heart should be at rest. That’s just how it goes; brain over heart.

13. Stay focused on your goals, even when your heart starts to wander. Brain over heart is the solution to your heart’s confusion. You can use your brain to make the heart think in the brain’s direction. Train your brain to do this.

14. Your brain: The answer to all your problems, but only if you feed it. Choose your brain over your heart because the heart cannot be trusted to make good decisions when in love or when heartbroken.

15. Let’s be real. The best parts of the brain don’t have to do with logic or reason—they’re the little circuits that make you smile, laugh, and feel good—brain over heart any day.

16. The brain is the master organ. It can make more mistakes than any other part of the body, but it’s also a lot smarter—brain over heart.

17. The brain is like a muscle. It gets stronger with use. So choose it over your heart every day to make sound decisions.

18. Your head is a really important organ. But it doesn’t always know what the heart wants, right? Brain over heart still.

19. Brain over heart always wins. It’s the brain, not the heart, that decides what’s important.

20. A heart doesn’t always reflect the brain, but a brain doesn’t always reflect the heart. Brain over heart should always win.

21. When your brain is busy, your heart will be happy. Trust your brain more than you trust your heart. Train your brain to be smart enough to depend on its judgments.

22. Brain power is like a muscle. We don’t realize how much we use it until it isn’t there to be used anymore.

23. Just because you’re heart is full doesn’t mean you have to stay awake. Go to sleep when your heart is feeling broken because your brain knows better.

24. Brain over heart, that’s what’s up. There’s nothing more inspiring than a brain that knows it’s smarter than your heart.

25. When you feel like giving up, remember that your brain is smarter than your heart. Choose your brain over your heart every day.

26. Just because your heart and mind are in conflict doesn’t mean you can’t also have fun. The brain is more powerful than your heart, so use it!

27. As much as we want to put the heart in charge, the brain knows what’s good for us. Let your brain help make your decisions always.

28. Your brain is your best friend, but your heart is always closer. Brain over heart at all times.

29. The best way to get over a heartbreak is by doing what your brain tells you to do and not your heart. The heart has its reasons, but the head must supply the answers—brain over heart.

30. Brain over the heart because the brain is the organ most responsible for keeping you alive. It’s the place where thoughts are processed, and emotions are expressed.

31. The heart is the most important organ. But the brain is more fun.

32. The heart wants what the brain says today. Your brain is your best friend unless you keep it locked in a closet.

33. The key to happiness is working on your brain and not on your heart. Because it’s not about the heart, it’s about the brain.

34. Sometimes the heart wants what it wants but does not let the brain find a way to support that—brain over heart.

35. Keep your brain working, not your heart. If you’re not making smart decisions with your brain, you’ll never make them with your heart.

36. Your brain is the most powerful tool in your arsenal. Use it wisely. The heart is a muscle that can be exercised and strengthened, while the brain is the organ that controls it. Brain over heart.

37. The heart is a beautiful thing, but the brain knows what to do. Even if your heart says no, your brain will always have a better plan. Don’t give up on your passion until you try it out—brain over heart.

38. Brain over heart, not always, but often. Your brain is the boss; it controls your heart. So don’t let your heart control your life.

39. The brain has the power to create, while the heart has the power to change. Give the brain a lot of credit. It’s not just the organ that keeps us alive; it’s also the one that makes us human—brain over heart.

40. The brain is the best organ we have; it will help lead us to make decisions that are always in our best interest—brain over heart.

41. Don’t let your heart lead your brain into trouble. So keep your brain sharp because it’ll be your saviour when your heart is confused. You know what they say: brains rule, hearts follow. If you want to live a longer and healthier life, try abiding by the rule.

42. Your brain is the source of all your greatest thoughts, the source of all your greatest ideas, and in turn, the source of all your greatest happiness. Learn how to use your brain to its fullest potential! Brain over heart.

43. Your brain is your most powerful organ; use it for good. Don’t let your heart rule your brain; instead, let your brain guide your heart.

44. Your brain is full of great ideas, but your heart wants to do what your brain says no to. But choose your brain over your heart.

45. Brain over heart – it’s a motto that everyone should live by. Give your heart a break and let it rest with a healthy dose of brainpower.

46. Forget the feel-good stuff and look to the brains in front of you. Brain over heart when lost and unsure what to do. Your brain is the powerhouse of your body. It’s what makes you do what you do. But that other organ, your heart, it’s there to keep you alive. So brain over heart.

47. Your brain is the centre of your thinking and creativity, so making sure that it stays healthy is vital to your success, brain over heart.

48. Don’t ignore your brain. It’s the most powerful organ in your body, and it knows how to think over your heart. No matter what life throws at you, don’t let your heart get in the way of your brain.

49. Keep your brain active. It’s the strongest organ in your body. Brain over heart. It’s the only way to live a successful life.

50. Brain over heart. Eat for your brain, not for your body. A mind is a powerful tool. The heart is a soft pillow we hide from the world under our intellectual self-image. Think hard and feel good.

These brain over heart quotes provide a counter-argument to the popular notion that a hunch is better than rational, calculated thinking. Please, feel free to drop your comments and kindly share this post as much as you can. Thanks.

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