Making Decisions for Yourself Quotes

Making Decisions for Yourself Quotes

We make decisions every day. But, not all decisions are important. Some are minor and others affect our future. Being able to confirm your answers and make up your mind is an important aspect of life. The ability to decide is entirely up to us.

It’s important to have the ability to make important decisions in our lives. Whether it is something as huge as whether or not you should accept a job offer or as small as what movie you should watch, being able to make these decisions is a skill that you need to develop over time. This will help you take better control of your life and give you confidence in your abilities.

We’re all faced with major decisions in our lives. Decisions that can make or break our happiness, our career and even test relationships. These choices are often too hard to make by yourself. Of course, making decisions isn’t an easy task. Being able to make decisions by yourself is a sign that you’re an independent-minded person. Making your own decisions, even the harder ones, is one of the most liberating feelings in the world.

Do you ever feel like you’re just not able to make the right decisions? Do you find yourself indecisive, or wishing that life was simpler so you didn’t have to make these choices? Then these making decision for yourself quotes below are what you need to help you make decisions for yourself.

Making Decisions for Yourself Quotes

Trying to figure out how to make the right decision for your life can be a little overwhelming. Making decisions for yourself does not mean you understand everything and that from now on, you will never make mistakes. Decisions are often the result of experimentation and negotiation with the people around us.

1. You must realise that sometimes you have to go within to make decisions for yourself and find the answers that you seek.

2. Make important decisions in your life, for your good. For when you don’t make your own choices, you give up the power to make your future.

3. Life’s full of important decisions, and if you keep waiting for someone else’s approval, you’d slow yourself down.

4. Your life is a gift; you have a choice and power. Decide what to do with your life, think what you must, follow your dreams, and clinch your goals.

5. You have the power to make smart choices. Don’t be held back by what others think you should do.

6. To succeed, you have to be able to make decisions on your own. Make sure you have all the information needed.

7. You have the power to make up your life, you have the power to make things flow and you have the power to live your best life.

8. Our choices decide our destiny. Look around you, listen to the world around you. Smell the air, taste the rain, touch the sun. Follow your heart, you are your guide.

9. If you don’t make decisions for yourself, someone else will make decisions for you.

10. Sometimes you just have to grab the bull by its horns and run with it.

11. Decide – and always feel good about what you do. Decide – and always feel good about who you have in your life.

12. Break out of your shell. Think for yourself and make decisions for yourself. If you become dependent on other people to make all your choices, your inner spark can burn out and your life will be full of regret.

13. Sometimes the best decisions in life are the ones you make without any outside influence at all. You blame others less and take responsibility more.

14. Decision-making is not about being smart. It’s about being honest, and true to oneself.

15. Baby steps! Don’t be afraid to make an important decision. It may not always be the safest option, but it is a very authentic one.

16. Be wise, make your own decision quickly. This might be the only chance you have to do it.

17. You have the power to make decisions in your life. Make the important decisions in your life, after you have thought them through.

18. There are so many choices in life: right choices, wrong choices and the best choices. Strive to make the best ones, with the power that you have inside.

19. Every decision you make in life, is a choice you’ll bear in your mind, your heart, and your soul, as you make them, every single day.

20. Think about it first, then take action. That’s one sign of great deciding power.

21. Choose to be happy in your way and let no one convince you otherwise.

22. You can’t always please people, they are insatiable. It’s not selfishness to choose your well-being over a bunch of uncaring people.

23. Don’t be afraid to make decisions based on what you perceive. It’s not always the smartest move, but it is the most honest one.

24. We are the total of our experiences. That’s why it’s important to make sure those experiences are meaningful.

25. Don’t ever get stuck in a rut. If it’s not letting you live well, let go of it. If it’s causing you pain, ease yourself, without thinking twice. Not every pain is bearable for long.

26. There’s a way to do this without hurting anyone else but you. You know better than anyone else what’s best for you. Do it, and you will be happy.

27. They say that a life without passion is a life that has no meaning. I’d tell you that a life without a decision cannot be with passion.

28. Sometimes, you just know. One decision can change everything.

29. No one can make your decisions for you. You have the power to make your decisions for yourself, but when you lack the strength to decide on your own, always know that you can rely on me.

30. Even if you keep trying, and it’s still difficult, do it differently. Live a life that is for you and you can make this life your own.

31. Life is not always easy, we often think that we’re alone, but we can do anything we dream of if we follow our hearts and mind.

32. Follow your instincts. Sometimes you’re too closed off to your logic and it’s good to just go with the choice that comes from your gut.

33. For every choice, there’s a consequence, but with great power comes great responsibility. Your decisions determine your freedom.

34. There are two ways of seeing everything. One is to close your eyes and the other is to be able to see even with your eyes closed.

35. The choices you make today will determine the outcome of your tomorrow. Stay up all night, if it means you’re trying to decide what’s best for you.

36. Life is a choice; it’s a choice you don’t always get to make, but when you do, make sure you make it right. You have to make up your mind and face your decision.

37. You know the answer. All you have to do is trust yourself and go for it. Any choice you make today can improve your life tomorrow.

38. Power isn’t as huge as an iron fist. It’s as small as choosing to step over an ant, or letting it live.

39. Don’t decide before you think, think well and consider all odds, before you decide.

40. It’s all in your hands – it’s your life to decide. The power is yours. I’m not saying that fate is not a part of your power, but the decisions are yours, and you have the power to make those decisions.

41. Life doesn’t just happen, but when it does, seize the moment, trust your gut and follow your heart. Listen to your innermost self, it will always pave the way for you.

42. You have the power to make important decisions in your life, for your good. You can choose your destiny, you can make it what you want it to be.

43. Know what’s best for you. Keep your mind in the game, make a choice for your good and never give up on yourself.

44. To continue creating the life you want to live, you have to take the time to know yourself. You’ve got this!

45. Sometimes, going with the flow may lead you to a journey unknown, but you must trust your judgement and keep your heart in it.

46. You have to decide what you want to do, who you want to be, where you want to be, and how you want it because it’s up to you.

47. The smartest decision isn’t always the best one, so you have to carefully decide which is going to leave you in a better position.

48. If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost. There is where they should be. Now put foundations under them and build something real.

49. Life is made up of a series of little decisions. You can’t always be a lone wolf, who makes any rash decisions. When you’re lost, seek people.

50. You’re the one who has the power. The choice is yours, so make important decisions in your life. Those decisions are in your favour.

51. It pays to listen while making some decisions. You won’t have to regret that you followed that path.

52. It’s easier to make decisions in life than to think of the consequences of the mistakes you may make along the way.

53. You have the power to make decisions for your life, so make them wisely and choose to be strong. You make your own choices and your life is your own, so make them wisely and choose to be good.

54. Sometimes it’s best to make a decision based on what you feel, not what others think. It’s better to make mistakes by ourselves than with someone else.

55. Sometimes the brightest choice is not the right one. Our gut instincts are driven by emotion, so remember to think before you make a decision.

56. If you’d make decisions, make the ones that will make you better. Don’t make careless decisions, for your life to be better than you could have imagined.

57. You’ve got the power to choose, and make all your decisions. You’ve got the power to make your dream; then make it all into reality.

58. We all get stuck sometimes. You can’t let it stop you. You can do it.

59. Don’t look down on the decisions you made, if they didn’t end well. You must pick up from where you paused; you must never give up on yourself.

60. You choose where you go, and as you go, you should not limit your decisions. Your decisions may have some problems, you have to see what’s wrong and what’s right because in your decision you choose the best of the two.

61. You can do whatever you want. Don’t let anyone hold you back!

62. Be patient when making a big decision. Don’t always rely on your intuition, or let your heart decide. Sometimes you have to use the gift of men.

63. Decisions! They are difficult to make, but we must constantly try to make the right ones. We make the wrong ones and then we regret the things we do.

64. When you make decisions, don’t be afraid to think outside of the box. You can add the extra to the ordinary.

65. You don’t need to know everything—Just trust your heart; it has the strongest impact.

66. Sometimes, you have to make the best decision for yourself and not rely on other people’s opinions. The best choices are the ones that come from within.

67. Your life is your journey. You control your destiny. Don’t be a passenger, drive the car yourself! Trust your instincts, seize the opportunity and live to the fullest.

68. Life is a journey, and the goal is not to see how long you can coast, but how far you can travel.

69. You have the power to make decisions, determine your destiny, and make all the right choices.

70. You deserve to be treated with respect and with love, but you also deserve to be single and independent if that’s what makes you happy.

71. There are times when you might be confused about what is happening in your life. The only thing you need to do is to trust that everything will work out the way it has to and enjoy the ride.

72. You can’t make the right decision if you don’t listen to your gut feeling. The truth of who you are lies in you.

73. Do not depend on the sun to warm your garden. Plant your sunshine and make your summer.

74. You can learn from your mistakes and shortcomings. They will teach you the power of your decisions.

75. As you grow, you realize that many decisions that seem light-hearted and frivolous are rooted in something more serious.

76. Everything that happens in life has a purpose – even if we don’t know it at the time. You may not always know why things happen the way they do, but one thing’s for sure – everything has a different way of working out. Just enjoy the ride!

77. If you want no wind, you’d have no waves. If you give no chance, you’d have no change. You must give what it takes to see what you desire.

78. In life, you must learn to be comfortable with the fact that you often have to make important decisions on your own.

79. You can’t always make the right choices, but you do have to make a choice.

80. No one else can decide for me, my choice decides my direction. If I can’t think for myself, then it’s not the life I’ll be living.

81. You have to know and you have to learn, that you are the one who’ll make the call, and shoot the shots.

82. Don’t be afraid of making decisions on your own. Trust yourself more.

83. If you can make decisions for your life, you can live in your world. You can use your power to steer your world.

84. Be able to make decisions for your life. Make those decisions with confidence and honesty.

85. You can make decisions for your life. All you have to do is decide to be who you want to be.

86. Everything happens for a reason. If you don’t trust your instincts, you will never be able to make the best possible decision at the moment.

87. Go ahead and make some important decisions without the influence of others. Make these decisions yourself, and see how much happiness or brings you.

88. There’s a shadow in life; a shadow of pain and fear that hovers around you, making you run from the big steps. You must come out of it, and make decisions boldly.

89. It isn’t always easy to know what to do. Some moments take us by surprise, and we don’t know how to handle them. When this happens it’s important to trust your instincts and follow your heart.

90. Decide the kind of friends you keep; it’d go a long way in shaping the routes of your life’s journey.

91. You don’t need to be hypnotized by what others say, you don’t need to be influenced by the outside world. Be in control of your mind.

92. Trust your instincts and make the decision that makes you the happiest, even if it doesn’t make the most sense.

93. It’s best to trust your wisdom and take risks when you get nudged in the right direction.

94. Some of the most important decisions of your life don’t come with batteries. They are powered by you.

95. Mistakes are eggs waiting to hatch. So if you make a mistake, don’t be shy. There’s no need to feel bad. You have the power to make better decisions for yourself.

96. Life is full of decisions. Don’t let your environment make them for you.

97. Remember, the decisions you make don’t have to be complicated or even rational. Sometimes they are simply the right things to do.

98. It’s hard to make the final choice, but if you truly want to make the right one, then you will learn. You will learn to make the choice, you have to.

99. Every decision you make is yours; No one can tell you what to do, it’s your life. Start your search, and make your decision for your life.

100. You are the master of your destiny, the master of your mind, and you have the power to make the decision that’d change the course of your life.

101. You don’t need to wait for permission, affirmation or for ideas. You will find what you’re looking for if you take the time.

102. You don’t want to follow others blindly. Look forward to your better choice. Don’t live your life trying to prove a point that never existed.

103. Whatever you’re deciding, one thing we know is true: you’re capable of making your own decisions.

104. I believe we all can make the best decision for our future, and we all should make the best decisions for our lives.

105. The youth may be following the same old, boring path. But with a little hard work and some trust in yourself, you can forge a new way forward.

106. Don’t wait for others to make your decisions for you. You deserve to do what’s right for you. You’re a valuable person who can make your own decisions!

107. You don’t need anyone’s permission to start living your life the way you want to. Just trust yourself.

108. You have the power to make the right decisions; to take your life into your own hands, to make the right decisions and make them the right way with your own two hands.

109. You have the power to make decisions for your life. You can choose what you want; serve your purpose and not just accept it.

110. If you have a decision that has to be made, and you’re confused, seek out the advice of one who’s wise and very much aware, one who has had his fair share of tough times.

111. Own your power! It’s up to you to make the right decision, so make the right decision and be strong, and be the person that you are meant to be.

112. Do what you have to do without regret, not without trusting in yourself.

113. Be confident in yourself, because you’re worthy of making the right decisions. Own your ambitions and make them happen.

114. Every decision in life is yours to make, so learn to make good decisions, decisions that affect the people you care about, and make better decisions and more wise decisions, for the present and the future.

115. When faced with making decisions all alone, go with your discernment. It is the truest guide you’d ever find.

116. When you’re in a rut, you have to get out and get more, that’s the key. If you’re willing to work hard, then you can make every choice matter.

117. No matter where you end up, there are ways to make it work. Do the work. Make a move, and be bold about it.

118. Always know that there’s a way you have to find; to your own decisions, live your own life, create your story, and raise your voice. You are the one who can decide for you.

119. When you first start there are many decisions to be made, The first is what kind of life you want to live. You can choose to live one way… Or another.

120. Being bold is the ability to make your own decisions, live according to your own rules, and be fearless in following your path.

121. If you want to, you can make your dreams come true. You can overcome your fears and take your life’s decisions. You know the best decision for you.

122. Be strong. Be confident. Be bold and fearless, every single day. Dare to be different, dare to set your path.

123. Don’t wait to make the best decisions in your life; because every day is a new day to live your best life to the fullest.

124. No one will make a better decision for you, than yourself. You can make it good, you can make it bad, but if one decision is bad, you can make the other better. Just make the best decision you can.

125. In life, you make your journey and then you follow in your footsteps. Sometimes, the hardest thing to do is listen to it, but you have to trust your gut.

126. When we look at our lives, we realize that there are so many unforeseen things that have happened over time – which has brought us to where we are today. We never know how things will turn out unless they happen! Trust your decision and remember that everything happens for a reason.

127. Every step of the way is yours to take. You are the only one who can make it, the only one to take the chance. You may fall but you must get up, and never give up.

128. You have the power to make a choice. When all your choices are gone, and the future’s no longer certain, you must choose to live your kind of life.

129. When you make a decision yourself, irrespective of the outcome, learn to appreciate your efforts in being part of it.

130. Happiness is not a destination, it is a journey. Happiness is not a goal to be achieved and kept but it is a way of life that enables you to do more, feel better and live a more productive life. Our happiness comes from living out our calling.

131. Make decisions for yourself by careful consideration and think about what you want to do and reach for it with your mind and your heart.

132. Life is not about the number of breaths we take, but the moments that take our breath away.

133. Sometimes all you need in life to make a good decision is your gut because sometimes you just have to follow your heart.

134. They say you have to do everything alone, except making decisions. —Could be true, but make sure that you are entrusting your life in the hands of someone who won’t toy with it.

135. Your identity is yours to decide. It is who you are, whether the world wants it or not.

136. Life is about being able to make decisions on your own, without worrying about hurting others. Don’t be afraid to break away from the norm.

137. You have the know-how to make decisions for yourself. Even if you are still unsure of which path to take, you have the strength, but no one knows. The best way to go is to take your time.

138. I don’t always make the wisest decisions. I’m a human and that’s what makes us so interesting. I try to go less hard on myself after I fail.

139. We don’t make decisions and choices with the expectation that they can always go our way. We have defined values, but we have to be willing to let go and let nature take its course.

140. You can’t always control the things that happen in your life, but you can choose to let them make you stronger, and never stop you from working towards your goals.

141. Whatever you decide for yourself now, will take you forever.

142. Every decision in life belongs to you. Know your strengths and weakness, and learn how to grow, heal, and progress. If you want a change, you’re the one to make it.

143. Listen to your gut. Good gut feelings aren’t always right, but they almost always force you to listen to your heart. And that is what’s most important.

144. One truth that we all have in common is that we’re all capable of making our own decisions. We all make the right choices, whether it’s deciding on the right diet or the right career path.

145. The wisest decision you’ll make is not based on ordinary feelings and instincts, you must be intentional about it.

146. Realize that sometimes you have to make crucial decisions in your life without having anyone to rely on.

147. If you don’t feel good about a decision, it’s best not to make it. It’s okay to go out on a limb and make your own decisions based on what you want.

148. You must decide what’s bad and what’s good, and big or small. If you will make this life your own, you must learn to make decisions for yourself.

149. You must learn to make decisions for yourself because you’re the only one who holds the key to choosing a life of your own.

150. You have the power to make important decisions in your life, for the good of yourself, for the good of others, and for the good of the world.

151. It’s funny how sometimes you make important decisions without relying on anything else other than yourself.

152. It’s always worth giving your best effort, even if you don’t know what the outcome will be.

153. Where no one has gone, there you will find treasure. Let your heart lead the way. The journey is the reward, not just the destination.

154. It’s easier to stand by your decision after you’ve made it, but don’t make that decision without standing by it.

155. The impossible is achieved not by a single act of bravery but by the aggregate of many mundane choices made in the face of fear.

156. Lift your head, don’t let others make you unsure. Your life is your responsibility, and you have the power to make decisions for your life.

157. Whatever it is that you want, make your decisions with confidence.

158. Some decisions just keep coming at you, and it feels your life is a big mistake. Don’t allow it; you’ve got so many choices that you can make. You’ve got the power to make decisions for your life.

159. Sometimes you have to make a decision and do things with your own hands and the rest will follow.

160. After all, you have the power to make important decisions, for your good. You will change the future, for your good, and you will make a change, for your good.

161. Making a decision is like making a choice. You can’t make a choice that hurts you. You can’t make a choice that hurts those around you. You can only make a choice that will benefit you, without hurting them.

162. Every decision in life is yours to make. Don’t give out your power: Own your power and use it for yourself.

163. Remember you got where you are because you took action. Don’t hesitate to keep taking action.

164. All good things take time. Nothing comes easy. Just enjoy the ride! Be confident, as you inspire yourself.

165. You have to be willing to risk everything before you can truly live. Make your own decisions, but always ask yourself, “Can I live with this choice?”

166. Laugh when you can, apologize when you should, and let go of what you can’t change. These little choices go a long way in keeping you healthy.

167. Sometimes the best thing you can do is just relax and let life happen on its own! And then you’ll find yourself doing things that make you happier than ever before – because everything happens for its unique reason.”

168. Experience something new and you’ll never be the same again. The world has so much to offer and learning new things makes you a more interesting person, it’s that simple.

169. Trust yourself, you know more than you think.

170. Everything I see and hear is a sign of life. Every decision in life is mine to make, or not make.

171. Make important decisions in any field you choose. You can make choices that will set you free.

The first step to making decisions by yourself is to stop letting others decide things for you. Know when to listen to others, but also know when to be independent—that is key to becoming a “real” adult. In learning to make decisions for yourself, you also learn how to live your life to the fullest.

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