Sometimes the Wait Is Worth It Quotes

When it comes to life, there are times when we have to wait. We wait for our children to come home from school, for our favourite TV shows to come on, for the weekend, for vacation and for many other things. Waiting is a part of life and most of the time we don’t even think about it. But there are times when waiting can be tough, especially if you are used to instant gratification and instant results.

Sometimes the wait is worth it. Actually, the wait is always worth it. I am not saying that you should wait forever, but I am saying that you shouldn’t rush into things and expect everything to be perfect.

There are times when you just need to step back and let things happen naturally without any interference from yourself. You can’t force things or make them happen; they will happen on their own, in their own time. And if they don’t work out as planned, there’s nothing wrong with that; it just means that something else better will come along soon enough, and probably sooner than you think!

So don’t give up on anything; keep trusting fate and believing in yourself! Here below are some sometimes the wait is worth it quotes I am sure you will like and will help you get through these trying times.

Sometimes the Wait Is Worth It Quotes

Waiting always feels like it’s never going to end, but every little bit of time with the people you love is more than worth it because sometimes it really does take a long time to reach the top—but when you get there, the view is worth the wait.

1. Sometimes the wait is worth it. You won’t know if it is until you are there, but there is no reason to give up because the wait is worth it.

2. Never lose heart. Hold on to your dreams and always be patient, a fulfilling future will be yours.

3. Nothing good comes easy. Wait for it, and you will be rewarded in ways more substantial than you can imagine.

4. Embrace the wait. It’s always worth it.

5. The wait is worth it, when the moment comes you know that the wait was worth it.

6. Be patient, for there is a tide in the affairs of men.

7. If today we decide that we are going to do something great, something that is worth experiencing, so we’re going to put aside some time to get ourselves into a position where we can experience it.

8. The greatest pleasures in life are not free, but they have to wait for you!

9. The best things in life are worth waiting for. Believe that everything happens for a reason.

10. Sometimes the wait is worth it it’s not going to come easy and it’s not going to come soon, but the light will shine in the darkness when all hope is gone.

11. When you’re feeling unsure of yourself, just remember that a little bit of patience goes a long way.

12. I can’t wait to see what the future holds. But I know it’s gonna be great because we’ve already been through a lot and already made it through.

13. Nowadays, I’m finding it hard to be patient, I’m so impatient and I’m so ready, oh, it’s so worth waiting for, everything I want is waiting for me, it’s worth waiting for.

14. We’re not always in control of the timing, but we can control the effort.

15. Successful people dream about their future and work towards it every day. They do not let time fly by without making the most of it.

16. If you want to achieve greatness stop asking for the time, make the time.

17. Sometimes the wait is worth it. You just have to remember how far you’ve come to realize how far you can go.

18. The wait is worth it. Be patient, stay positive and the reward will come.

19. Some things in life are worth waiting for like the moon and the sun and the stars they’ll keep shining even when we’ve gone the heart on the sleeve has been worth waiting for

20. Don’t give up. Good things take time.

21. You can’t keep waiting for things to happen. Make them happen. The world is full of opportunities; All you need to do is make the effort to seize them.

22. I don’t believe in the concepts of hoping and wishing, I believe in the wisdom of waiting and the rewards that are found on the other side.

23. Don’t mistake waiting for patience. Patience is about resisting the temptation of taking immediate action. Waiting is about embracing the inevitable.

24. There are rewards for those who will not hurry but wait.

25. Sweet things are worth waiting for.

26. Don’t lose hope, even if it takes longer than you expect. The wait will be worth it.

27. Sometimes the wait is worth it. Sometimes you just have to trust your gut.

28. Waiting is worth it if it’s for a good course. For a moment, a second, you’ll know the root of all, all the good, that you’ve waited for.

29. The wait is always worth it. Go thru the pain. It may not seem to be. But you’ll be happy in the end.”

30. It’s worth it to wait for something you are truly passionate about.

31. How is it so easy to get everything we want, and yet so hard to get what we actually need? The answer: Because the things that are truly best in life are almost never the things that come fast.

32. Life is a dream, an experience, a journey to a destination and one day you will realize that life is beautiful and worth waiting for.

33. Some things in life are worth waiting for, sometimes, it takes longer than you expect, and sometimes the wait makes it all the sweeter.

34. Dreaming about your future is easy but actually planning ahead and scheduling time for what you want to achieve? That’s a different story. If it’s worth experiencing, it’s worth putting aside time for.

35. Waiting for your dreams to come true? Tune into your intuition, trust the process and have patience. Great things take time!

36. Patience is a virtue. It’s not always easy, but it’s worth it.

37. Waiting pays off, just like the fire that burns, keeps me warm and gives me light, and keeps me from decay.

38. Patience is the art of hoping and still persevering.

39. There are times when waiting on something good is worth the wait.

40. You can’t do anything great without being dedicated to the task at hand.

41. Waiting for a good course pays off the wait is the hardest part and if you need a little extra time its alright to wait for that good course, and then you will be set free.

42. How we wait is more important than what we’re waiting for.

43. When you see something you really really want, you gotta make it clear to yourself, that if you wait, the wait will be worth it.

44. What we lose in the waiting, more than outweighs what we gain in the getting.

45. Life is short, and it can be easy to forget about that. So, sometimes the wait is worth it, because once you get there, you’re absolutely not going to want to leave.

46. To wait for any dream is worth waiting for, and to wait for the best is worth waiting for, and to wait for someone worth waiting for, is the most wonderful of all.

47. Time is the most precious gift you can give to anyone and the one thing that cannot be returned.

48. If you’re waiting for the right moment, it’s unlikely to come, and if you’re waiting for a good moment, it’s unlikely to last, so wait for the moment you like and make it worth waiting for.

49. Inspired people create inspired ideas and for the most part, are able to see things through because they make time for them.

50. For those who are diligent and patient, the rewards are sure to come. Be ready and prepared for them when they do.

51. Patience is the wisdom to wait – and a virtue we don’t cultivate as much as we should.

52. The wait is worth it when you can wait a while and be just a little more patient, and wait a little more time to live your life the way you want.

53. If you can wait, all that is required of you is patience — if you cannot wait, all that is required of you is faith

54. Some things in life are worth waiting for – like a rainbow coming on the horizon, or the chance to find someone who really is your friend, someone who really does love you for you.

55. Sometimes the wait is worth it because all the waiting pays off. It’s a different way of life.

56. Waiting for something good is always hard, but it’s the best way to appreciate it

57. There are no shortcuts to any place worth going.

58. Waiting is the hardest part but don’t let the wait be too long or it won’t be worth it.

59. You have to wait for that which is worth waiting for.

60. Stop waiting and wishing for something, just go out and do it!

61. Sometimes the wait is worth it, sometimes you have to wait and watch, if you can see the potential with your own eyes, you gotta take a leap.

62. Just when I was about to give up, I realized that the impossible was taking too long.

63. Makes waiting for it a pleasure.

64. The wait is sometimes worth it, for if its something worth waiting for, its worth the wait its something that you’ll never be sorry for.

65. I’ve waited for you I’ve waited for you for so long and I’m so glad that you came to me and you fit perfectly.

66. If you have to wait for it, it’s worth it.

67. Things worth having are always worth waiting for.

68. There is something to say about waiting for the things in life that are worth it, and when you wait, the anticipation builds up.

69. It’s good to wait for the right moment when it comes–and to know that everything happens at the right time.

70. All great achievements require time. You can’t produce a baby in one month by getting nine women pregnant.

71. When you’re feeling frustrated, remember that there’s a reason why you’re waiting. It might be a good one. So when you feel like giving up, it might be time to start pushing forward.

72. Just when you think you’re out of time, you realize…The wait was worth it.

73. Waiting is a strategy, not a punishment.

74. Mistakes are great because they can teach us patience.

75. Patience is a virtue worth waiting for.

76. While you’re waiting for the good things in life, appreciate those small moments and start appreciating where you are from now.

77. If we stand still long enough, we will see the sky that is waiting for us. And if we stand still long enough, we will see the sky that is waiting for us.

78. In an age of instant gratification, sometimes the wait is worth it. Think about that when you’re waiting for something so important to you.

79. Just be patient. It may take time, but things will fall into place. The right people will enter your life at the right time. Be happy. Enjoy the process.

80. There are some things worth waiting for. So don’t grow too old waiting for that wait.

81. You usually have to wait for that which is worth waiting for.

82. Life is about living in the moment and having fun. That’s why it’s worth waiting for something exciting.

83. There is no such thing as a slow boat when the world is waiting when your heart is beating, and your soul is yearning.

84. Sometimes the wait is worth it especially when it leads to you enjoying something even more than you thought possible.

85. A little patience can be a virtue. It’s worth the wait, because nothing is rushed, and that makes all the difference.

86. The wait for the perfect partner can feel endless, but it’s all worth it once you find them.

87. Things take time. You can’t develop a roll of film in less than 10 minutes. You can’t bake a cake in 5 minutes. And you can’t create a great company without spending time on it.

88. Sometimes the wait is worth it sometimes it takes a while to find what you’re waiting for sometimes you’ve just gotta wait – give it a chance sometimes the wait can be worth it

89. It’s not at all what I expected, but it’s everything I hoped for.

90. It’s worth waiting for the right time, instead of settling for the wrong time. Never settle.

91. Sometimes the wait is worth it, I wait for things that I love, I stop and listen as the birds sing, and I imagine all the things we’ll do.

92. Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.

93. Sometimes the wait is worth it when all you have to do is wait and watch, and you know one day you’ll see the light, and it’ll be worth every bit of your time.

94. Patience is only a virtue when there’s something worth waiting for.

95. Waiting for something special is always worth the wait.

96. Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning how to dance in the rain.

97. Waiting. It’s one of the most underrated virtues. Without it, we’d all be in trouble.

98. Struggling with patience when you’re itching to experience new things? Remember, patience is only a virtue when there is something worth waiting for.

99. For those who have everything, patience is only a virtue. For those who have nothing, it’s a survival skill.

100. We all have to wait for something, so why not do it with patience?

101. It’s really easy to act superior to people less fortunate than you in every way, except patience.

102. When you feel like giving up, remember why you held on for so long in the first place.

103. Be patient with yourself, be patient with others…be passionate about what you love in life.

104. Don’t wish for easier times, wish for more time.

There are times when we need to remember that no matter what, the wait is always worth it, especially when you have your goals and aspirations. When you can work hard and reach your dreams, there is nothing better than that. Try not to let anything hold you back, and make sure you are channelling all of your energy in the right way. Then, and only then will your wait be worth it.

I hope these sometimes the wait is worth it quotes have been able to help you realise that life sometimes requires a lot of patience, and if you can at least wait some more time, it will be worth the while.

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