Broken Promises Quotes

Broken Promises Quotes

Disappointment is one of the things we cannot escape as humans. And, of course, disappointment comes in different fonts and forms. Sometimes, it is the weather of the day that disappoints us and causes a dent in our plans, and other times we are disappointed in people for not behaving the way we would like them to behave.

Of all the disappointments a man can face, one of the most gut-wrenching is when someone promises you something and makes you anticipate, only for them to dash your hope. Some people may be able to hide the disappointment that comes from this more than others. But, it does not change the fact that it is one of the most painful things.

It is always even more painful if the promise was made to you unprovoked. Broken promises have never felt great, and they will not start feeling great anytime soon. However, not everyone can put how they feel into words when a promise has been broken, and here is why these broken promises quotes have been created to shed more light on the deep meanings attached to broken promises.

Broken Promises Quotes for Him

Broken promises mean broken dreams, so there is a reason to be worried when you continuously break your promise to him. Sometimes, no amount of apology can undo your broken promises to him.

1. Broken promises are like a broken mirror; they show him many things he never thought were real.

2. Broken promises break our hearts. Don’t let them break yours.

3. Life is full of broken promises, and you can’t fight them all, but you can make the best out of what you have.

4. Broken promises are like broken hearts. They’ll kill him long before that other guy.

5. Broken promises can be harder to forgive than broken hearts. Friendships are hard to maintain, but promises that can’t be kept can ruin every relationship.

6. Broken promises are a pain in one’s life, but we’ll always forgive you.

7. Broken promises are especially painful for me when I know that I could have done something to prevent it.

8. Broken promises mean broken people. Don’t let them break him. Broken promises make heartaches but allow us to start over again.

9. Broken promises are like glass. They hold an opportunity to be refashioned into something stronger.

10. Broken promises are like a knife to the heart. Broken promises are like a bad tooth: they’re always there, but no one ever talks about them.

11. Don’t let broken promises keep you from reaching your goals. Keep going because you’re worth it.

12. Broken promises don’t work. They leave you feeling empty and unhappy.

13. Broken promises are like cracked foundations – they’re just waiting for you to do something about them.

14. Broken promises are an invitation to be the best you. Broken promises are the fertilizer that seeds doubt in the heart.

15. Don’t let a broken promise ruin your day. The only thing that’s ever bad about promises is when you break them.

16. Broken promises are one of the best compliments a person can get.

17. Broken promises are the worst. They make you feel like the world is ending, and then it just goes on. Sometimes things don’t work out because they’re not meant to be. So long as you’re honest with yourself, nothing can bring a halt to your happiness.

18. Broken promises are like a cancerous growth in the heart. Don’t let them fester, and keep moving forward.

19. A broken promise can feel like a cancerous tumour on the heart. But it doesn’t have to leave a lasting mark on your psyche. Instead, learn from the experience and keep moving forward.

20. Promises are made to be kept. Don’t let a broken promise make you bitter; hold onto what matters most, and move on.

21. Broken promises are like a big red flag waving from the front of your house.

22. Promises are powerful, especially when they’re broken. A broken promise is like a big red flag waving from the front of your house. If a business says it will do something and doesn’t follow through, you can lose trust in that business fast.

23. Broken promises mean broken dreams. Broken promises mean broken trust.

24.  Broken promises are like nails on a chalkboard. They make us look down on ourselves and break our hearts into pieces.

25. Broken promises are like diamonds. They sparkle in the sunlight but never last forever.

26. Broken promises are so hard to keep. But when you’re too busy to keep them, make sure you have a good time.

27. Broken promises hurt the heart, but they also hurt your business. Learn how to use third-party data to prevent bad press and cultivate a more positive image in your marketing efforts.

28. Broken promises are like a sleeping dog; you may be able to train it, but eventually, it will wake up and bite you.

29. The truth is that those broken promises don’t matter when you’re making new ones.

30. Broken promises mean nothing but disappointment. Broken promises are like a splinter in your finger. They can only hurt for so long before they turn into something beautiful.

31. Broken promises, like broken hearts, can make you stronger.

32. Don’t let broken promises haunt you. The only thing that will break your heart is letting yourself be forgotten.

33. Broken promises can sting, but they only make you stronger.

34. Broken promises are like smouldering embers but still leave a trail of burned and fragile hearts.

35. Life is full of broken promises. You can always expect one, but that doesn’t mean you should give up on hope.

36. When broken promises are made, trust is lost. I’m not holding your broken promises against you. I’m glad you’re here to remind me this is the real world, baby.

37. Move on from broken promises—don’t let people you care about make you feel like you’re giving up on something. Keep moving forward and respect the choices others have made.

38. Broken promises mean broken dreams. Hold on to your hopes, but don’t hold on too tight.

39. Broken promises are painful, but they can also be a way to learn and grow. Don’t let them hold you back from living the life of your dreams.

40. Broken promises are like a cracked cup; you start to fill it up with other people’s hopes and dreams.

41. Broken promises mean broken trust. Let’s keep our promises and head in the right direction together.

42. Broken promises are like a litter box in your heart. You can’t keep them there for long.

43. Broken promises mean we can’t stay in a relationship that doesn’t work. So when you see one, please take it as a sign that you should move on.

44. Broken promises are like holes in the ground. They don’t mean anything, but they’re there.

45. Broken promises are like a bad hangover you can’t shake. Broken promises are a part of life. Don’t dwell on them; move forward.

46. Broken promises are like the piercing cry of a wounded wild thing.

47. Broken promises mean broken hearts, and broken hearts mean broken promises.

48. Broken promises mean nothing, but keeping promises is hard.

49. Broken promises mean broken trust. Don’t let it happen to you. Broken promises mean broken hearts. So make sure you keep yours in good repair.

50. Broken Promises Mean Broken Dreams. The only thing you can count on is change.

51. Broken promises mean nothing to me. I keep my promises, and all you do is break your word.

52. Broken promises mean nothing to us. They’re like failed promises.

53. Broken promises are like bruises on your heart; they will always hurt, but with time, they fade.

54. Broken promises and failed expectations can hurt relationships.

55. Broken promises are like open wounds: they hurt a lot at first but eventually heal and make you stronger.

56. Broken promises are the rotten apples that spoil the barrel of good apples.

57. Broken promises are like open wounds on the inside of your heart. They’ll never heal, and you shouldn’t have to live with them anymore.

58. Broken promises can lead to broken relationships. Don’t be like a promise-breaker; keep your promises.

59. Broken promises are like chicken bones—you can’t pick them up with a fork.

60. Broken promises are only as bad as you make them. Broken promises are the stories we tell ourselves to make sense of the mess we’ve made.

Broken Promises Quotes for Her

61. Broken promises make us cynical. They’re like the pain that keeps our eyes open in the dark.

62. The broken promises of others are stolen joys. The broken promises of yourself are stolen moments.

63. You’re not alone. Broken promises happen to everyone. We all make mistakes. But don’t give up hope! Being heartbroken and feeling defeated can be a normal part of life, but you’ll find that there are ways to deal with this pain and move forward in your life despite it.

64. Broken promises are like cracks in the sidewalk. We keep walking. Broken promises are the seeds of new beginnings.

65. Broken promises are like broken hearts—you learn to accept them. Don’t let a broken promise keep you from making your own.

66. When you let go of your broken promises, the power of life will begin to flow through you.

67. You can’t fix a broken promise. You can only make new ones.

68. Broken promises are like diamonds in the rough. You can’t polish them, you can’t sell them, and you can’t give them away, but when you find one, you know it’s a gem! #BrokenPromises

69. Broken promises are like a cracked egg–they’re not as bad on the inside.

70. Broken promises are like splinters: you never forget them, but you’re thankful you didn’t get them.

71. Broken promises are a bad thing, but they can also be good things. How you handle them determines how they will affect you—and your life.

72. Remember the broken promises if someone makes you feel bad about your promise.

73. Broken promises are like the scars that stay on your heart.

74. Broken promises are like a glass of fresh-squeezed lemonade. They taste sweet and tangy at the same time.

75. Broken promises are a fact of life. They may make you sad, but they don’t have to ruin your day.

76. You’ve got to be able to forgive and forget. When you remember that broken promises are worth celebrating, they have a new meaning.

77. I can’t promise you that your broken promises won’t haunt you in the future.

78. Broken promises are like broken bones. They hurt, and they take time to heal. Broken promises are like a broken promises to yourself.

79. Broken promises don’t make for a happy heart. Broken promises make for sad memories.

80. No one is perfect, and everyone makes mistakes. No matter how big or small, we are all human. Don’t let broken promises weigh you down. Embrace the fresh start and move forward!

81. Broken promises are sad. But when you break them, they make you stronger. Broken promises are hard to keep and easy to remember.

82. Broken promises aren’t the same as broken dreams. Broken promises are a promise to do nothing while dreams live on.

83. Broken promises are like broken hearts. They hurt and bleed, but they can still be fixed.

84. Broken promises are like a rusted nails. You can’t get the strength from your teeth to push it out, but it still hurts when you touch it.

85. Broken promises are like splinters in your mind. They hurt for a long time before they go away.

86. Broken promises are like rusty knives. You’ve got to keep sharpening them.

87. Broken promises are like rain. They make us feel better for a while, but it’s time to change the weather when we get too much of it.

88. Broken promises can be the best kind of lie. Learn how to tell a good story or include a happy ending in your next press release.

89. Broken promises are nothing new to us. We’ve all been there trying to find someone with the same standards. Let’s promise ourselves that we will not let those small things slip through our fingers again.

90. The best way to avoid broken promises is by making sure they’re never made in the first place. Broken promises are no match for a girl with a smile and a dream.

91. Broken promises are the pads that make space for new dreams. Broken promises are like a scar, they don’t happen to everybody, but they can happen to us.

92. Broken promises are like cracks in the sidewalk. They aren’t a problem unless you fall through.

93. Broken promises are a part of life. They happen, but it is important to keep your faith in people and not lose sight of what you want.

94. Broken promises are like dreams shattered. Broken promises are like wrinkles. You can get rid of some, but not all of them.

95. Broken promises make me sad. But I don’t want to be the one who breaks them.

96. Broken promises are the seeds of great love because they allow you to grow.

97. Broken promises are hard to keep. They hurt so bad, but they don’t break you down. You have to pick yourself up and move on.

98. Broken Promises are like broken hearts. They’re never forgotten. Broken promises are the best kind of promise.

99. Broken promises are inevitable. They happen to the best of us, even those who had no intention of making them. But when they happen, the consequences are always painful and can take time to heal.

100. Broken promises will get you into trouble. Don’t let them break your trust. Broken Promises are hard to take. And broken promises are even harder to get back.

101. Broken promises don’t hurt. They make a promise look bad. We all make promises and break them. But it knows that you eventually get over an ex that makes life worth living again.

102. Broken promises are a tough pill to swallow. But you don’t have to swallow them alone. We’re here for you on your journey to more health, happiness, and life through the ups and downs.

103. Broken promises are the words we repeatedly repeat in our heads but never speak out loud.

104. Broken promises are one of the most powerful things in life. If you’re not willing to break your promises, who will?

105. Broken promises are like a splinter that can never be removed. Broken promises are a part of life; they don’t have to break us.

106. Broken promises are like missing teeth. You can smile through them, but it’s uncomfortable. Broken promises are the worst. But they’re also the best.

107. Broken promises are the best way to pick a fight if you’re unprepared for it.

108. Broken promises are usually the best kind of promise. Coming to terms with broken promises is a tough thing to do. Better understand why you feel this way, and you will learn something new.

109. Don’t feel bad if you’ve broken promises – everyone has, and it doesn’t make you less of a person. Instead, realize that where you go next will be determined by what you learned from the mistakes you made along the way.

110. It’s not a broken promise if you’re making it in the first place. Broken promises are the toughest kind to keep, especially regarding love.

111. Broken promises are like a hole in the head. You can’t see them unless you’re a psychic.

112. Broken promises are like a bad credit score. They’re just better left in the past where they belong.

113. Broken promises are like a splinter in your mind; they don’t go away.

114. Broken promises are a sad reminder of what we want and don’t.

115. Broken promises are the heartbreaks and disillusionment of a new era.

116. Broken promises are inevitable. The only thing that matters is how you handle them.

117. Broken promises are like gaps in the teeth. They don’t hurt as much, but they’re still there.

118. Broken promises are like rain. It washes your past away. Broken promises are like a splinter in your heart. They hurt, but they don’t kill.

119. Broken promises are what make the best lies sound so believable. Broken promises are the worst kind of lies, and you are doing the world a favour by keeping your word.

120. Broken promises are the most dangerous of all temptations. Broken promises are like cracked mirrors—you can always see your reflection in them.

121. Broken promises are like cracked glass. They have the potential to cut your heart, but they can also reflect light and bring beauty to unexpected places.

122. Broken promises are like shoes that go back to the store before they fit. Broken promises are like broken bones; they need time to heal.

Now that you have made it this far with the broken promises quotes, you should pick one or a few of the quotes above for use whenever you feel betrayed or when someone dear to you fails to keep up with their promise.

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