Broken Trust in Marriage Quotes

Broken Trust in Marriage Quotes

Marriage is a sacred and awesome institution, but unfortunately, it is easy to break, and trust is the foundation of a marriage and is the key to any successful marriage. Once that trust is broken, no amount of love and forgiveness can repair the relationship. However, many people have broken their trust in a marriage. This can be devastating. It can leave you feeling uncertain and helpless.

The marriage relationship requires total trust and understanding. It is impossible to feel close or secure with your partner without trust because sometimes love isn’t enough, you need trust as well. Whether the trust has been betrayed by one spouse or both, it ends with disappointment and broken hearts that are not easily fixed.

Relationships take a lot of work and effort and if not well managed, may lead to trust being broken. One way to express yourself after your trust in marriage has been broken is through these amazing quotes about broken trust in marriage.

Broken Trust in Marriage Quotes

The breakdown of trust in a marriage is one of the most serious problems any couple can face. Unfortunately, it’s an issue that’s all too common, with more than half of marriages ending in divorce.

1. Broken trust in marriage is one of the biggest reasons for divorce.

2. Broken trust in marriage can be one of the hardest things to recover from. Marriages can take years to recover, and some never do.

3. When trust is broken between two people, it can cause emotional or physical pain.

4. Trust can be broken easily and irrevocably. Without it, no marriage will ever work.

5. When love, trust and faith are broken, the relationship can be ruined, and nothing more can be saved.

6. The pain of betrayal. The weight of disappointment. The sting of broken promises and lies. These are the things that come with a broken trust in marriage.

7. Trust is the foundation of a healthy relationship. When trust is broken, the relationship takes a hit.

8. Nothing hurts more than a loss of broken trust in marriage when there’s a breach of confidence between partners, pain, anger, sadness and regret.

9. Broken trust in marriage can be one of the most painful experiences you will encounter. It is a difficult time filled with uncertainty, doubt, fear and sadness.

10. After infidelity, broken trust in marriage makes it difficult to feel happy, be vulnerable and open up. Being cheated on can be one of the hardest things to overcome.

11. The pain from the broken trust in marriage can hurt deeply. It can stir up a range of emotions and make you feel anger, sadness, humiliation, or regret.

12. A broken trust is like a broken mirror, and it can never be made whole again.

13. Broken trust in marriage is a deep pain that can make us feel lonely and isolated.

14. When trust is broken in a marriage, it’s devastating. It causes doubt and fear, and it can be not easy to repair.

15. Your partner cheated on you. The pain will be overwhelming, and your trust in them will be broken. It is a devastating experience that can make you feel like you’re losing everything you’ve ever worked for.

16. Broken trust in marriage is a painful betrayal that leaves you feeling blindsided and overwhelmed.

17. A marriage with broken trust is like a ship without a rudder being tossed around aimlessly on the sea.

18. Infidelity is the ultimate betrayal, but broken trust in marriage doesn’t happen overnight. It often happens in small moments that are forgotten.

19. When trust is broken in a marriage, it’s difficult to mend, leading to years of hurt and pain.

20. Nothing hurts quite like the betrayal of a spouse. It can be devastating when you realize that deceit and unfaithfulness have played a part in your marriage.

21. Broken trust in marriage can make you doubt everything you thought was true. It can leave you feeling completely alone like no one understands the pain you are going through.

22. A broken trust in marriage is a painful wound that can destroy everything in its path. It’s a wound that bleeds disappointment and resentment, breaking the heart of a loved one who gave you their all.

23. Broken trust in marriage. It pierces right through you. You feel deserted, alone, and rejected. The pain is unbearable.

24. When the trust between a husband and wife is broken, loving each other will be impossible. It can lead to infidelity, illness, and even death.

25. Trust is the foundation of every marriage, but trust becomes the bridge to resentment once it’s broken.

26. When the trust is gone in a relationship, the marriage becomes vulnerable to attack. Regular communication becomes difficult, leading to feelings of hostility and anger.

27. Broken trust in marriage is like broken bones. It takes time to heal.

28. When your trust is broken, there is no feeling deeper than the mourning of what you once believed was forever.

29. A marriage is a commitment to more than just love. It’s also a commitment to trust, honesty and respect. And when someone betrays that trust, the sanctity of the relationship fades away.

30. Broken marriage brings sadness, doubt and betrayal.

31. Breaking the marriage vow you made to the person with the one you love is indeed an unhappy affair.

32. When a spouse breaks trust, the other will be stuck with feelings of loss and sorrow.

33. When the trust is broken in marriage, it’s very hard to get back. You can feel terrible and helpless when you are in such a relationship.

34. Marriage is a union of love. When that trust is broken, it’s devastating.

35. Broken trust in marriage can be a crushing feeling. If you don’t address it, you may lose your spouse.

36. The loss of trust in marriage can lead to feelings of rejection, betrayed and the effects can be devastating to both parties.

37. Broken trust never heals. It never goes away, no matter how easy it is to forgive and forget.

38. Betrayal, hurt feelings, distance. There is no easy way to describe the pain of broken trust in your marriage

39. Broken trust can make marriage a sad affair. It’s hard to move on when you’ve been betrayed.

40. Marriage is supposed to be an amazing journey filled with trust, love and dedication. Sadly, this trust is easily misplaced, and a marriage can be wrecked by it.

41. Troubled marriages are painful, heartbreaking experiences. If trust is broken and the relationship begins to fall apart, it can be not easy to envision a happy ending.

42. Feeling alone in a relationship is heartbreaking. The pain of a cheating partner is one of the hardest things to recover from, and trust after a partner’s infidelity can never be the same.

43. When trust is broken, it can be very difficult to repair.

44. Feeling betrayed by your partner can be one of the most difficult times you’ll face in a relationship.

45. Relationships become broken most often when the couple does not truly trust each other.

46. Broken trust in marriage is terrible because it’s the first step in ending a relationship. If your partner no longer trusts you, they’ll be less likely to commit to you emotionally or financially.

47. When your partner breaks your trust, you feel a sense of sadness, anger and disappointment.

48. A broken relationship is a traumatic experience. It’s like having your heart torn out.

49. Broken trust in marriage is a serious problem; It can tear families apart, cause emotional damage, and make an unhappy marriage even more miserable.

50. If you have broken trust in your marriage, it can be a painful experience for everyone involved.

51. Broken trust between spouses can be one of the hardest roads to walk. When the trust is broken, there’s no hiding from it.

52. When trust is broken in a relationship, it can be not easy to move forward. Many marriages have been broken by infidelity.

53. Trust is the foundation of a stable marriage. When trust is broken, it can result in a domino effect that can destroy your relationship.

54. It doesn’t matter how strong your marriage is. Unfaithfulness can shatter hearts and destroy families.

55. You have no idea how much it hurts when someone you once trusted so blindly repeatedly lies to you and breaks every promise.

56. It’s hard to heal and rebuild after broken trust. It does not happen overnight.

57. The relationship breaks when you break your husband’s trust.

58. After two people lose their trust in each other, it’s only a matter of time before they break up.

59. A cheating partner destroys their partner’s trust and breaks the marriage vows.

60. When trust is broken, it can be hard to find your way back.

61. Broken trust in marriage is more painful than broken bones in a car crash.

62. Broken trust in marriage is a devastating thing to experience.

63. The end of a relationship is a difficult thing to go through. When your partner can no longer trust you, it’s even harder.

64. Trust is fundamental to all relationships. When that trust is broken, a relationship can be left in turmoil.

65. It’s devastating when you realize your partner isn’t being honest with you. It can make you feel vulnerable, angry and hurt.

66. When there’s trust broken in a relationship, one partner will usually go through a great deal of pain.

67. Relationships are a lot like glass. Sometimes it’s better to leave them broken than try to hurt yourself putting them back together.

68. When trust is broken, the relationship often breaks down.

69. Trust is the cornerstone of any marriage. When one party feels betrayed by the other, hurt occurs, and that pain makes it hard to open up again. A relationship can’t be healed when the trust has been broken.

70. Sometimes, it takes a lot of love, patience & understanding to forgive someone who broke your trust.

71. There is no greater pain than remembering the feeling of trusting someone and believing that what you had was forever.

72. Trust is not an easy thing to have in a relationship. It’s something that, once broken, can take years to rebuild.

73. The worst thing to go through isn’t the pain and suffering that comes with heartbreak; It has to break the trust of your partner. A broken man never gets back up.

74. Rather than growing closer, you feel like you are growing apart. The disconnect can be painful and even devastating, especially if you and your spouse have been together a long time.

75. You are the broken pieces of my dreams. I cannot go back to loving you again. The pain is too much to bear.

76. There is no greater pain than being betrayed by someone you love.

77. When someone betrays our trust, we can feel like there is no way to fix things. Trust is fragile, and the feeling that someone may have broken it can tear us apart.

78. In a marriage, one or both partners may lose trust. If you have been betrayed by your partner, it can be difficult to rebuild the trust in your relationship.”

79. Trust is the foundation of any marriage. When your spouse violates your trust, it can be incredibly hard to rebuild your relationship

80. When a spouse betrays their partner’s trust, it can devastate the relationship.

81. There are many factors that contribute to the breakdown of trust, but no matter what caused it, cheating spouses may feel ashamed and guilty about what they have done.

82. A relationship may never be the same after the betrayal occurs.

83. When trust is broken with one’s spouse, it becomes difficult to rebuild trust. The process of restoring or reestablishing trust is not always easy.

84. Relationships are built on trust. When that trust is broken, it can feel like everything is falling apart. But even relationships that thought were past the point of reaching are possible to rebuild.

85. It’s hard to trust people who made you cry.

86. Once trust is broken, it takes a lot more than apologies to fix it.

87. Actions speak louder than words. Once trust has been broken, the relationship is likely to end.

88. Trust, once broken, takes time to restore. It is a process of understanding, patience and forgiveness.

89. One of the worst things a spouse can do is cheat. Trust is broken, and there’s no going back. The spouse who was cheated on will never be able to fully trust again.

90. When trust is broken in a relationship, the person who breaks it loses your respect forever. They are no longer respected by you as an individual or as an equal.

91. The only thing worse than a broken trust is pretending it never happened.

92. This is the hardest part, the falling part, where you put all your faith in someone, only to find out they were lying.

93. There is no feeling worse than having your trust broken. That moment you realize that the person you trusted most in the world has failed to do just that.

94. The most heartbreaking thing about betrayal is that it never comes from your enemies. It comes from someone who pretends to love you.

95. Life is full of emotional UPS and downs. And with broken trust, it can be hard to know how to move forward from this feeling. It can also be difficult for many people because they don’t know how to trust their spouse after lies have been revealed.

96. When your spouse breaks your trust, it can lead to a range of emotions, from sadness to anger.

97. For most couples, the last thing they want to deal with is the thought of their husband or wife betraying them. All relationships require trust, but when it’s not there, it can be not easy to fix.

98. When it comes to love and relationships, nothing is more painful than breaking the trust someone has placed in you.

99. When you feel betrayed by your spouse, it causes confusion, doubt, and fear. There is nothing more painful than the feeling of being betrayed by someone you love.

100. Infidelity hurts more than just your marriage. It hurts to know that someone you trusted and loved betrayed you in the most hurtful way.

One of the most important parts of a relationship is trust. The trust in a marriage has to be flawless for the relationship to work. The bond of trust is a crucial part of a marriage’s success.

When you may feel like you don’t trust your significant other, this is just the tip of the iceberg in a marriage. Trust in a relationship is one of its most important parts. When that trust is broken, it can lead to many problems within your marriage.

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