Calm Down Quotes for Him Her

Calm Down Quotes for Him Her

Life is too short to wake up in the morning with regrets. So love the people who treat you right. Forget about the ones who don’t and believe that everything happens for a reason. If you get a chance, take it. If it changes your life, let it. Nobody said life would be easy, they just promised it would be worth it.

If you can’t control your anger, you are only letting yourself and others down. You are setting a bad example for everyone around you, including your family and children. Anger is not a good emotion to have when dealing with people or situations in your life, so try to remain calm whenever possible.

Just because you don’t agree with someone else doesn’t mean they are wrong or stupid; it just means that there are two different sides to every story and one person may see things differently than another person does. Listen to what others have to say before making judgments or attacking them verbally or physically because of their beliefs and opinions on various topics throughout life!

When life hits you hard and you’re struggling, when everything seems to be going from bad to worse and you feel like no one understands how you feel. These calm down quotes for him or her will help you stay calm and keep you stress-free.

Calm Down Quotes for Him

I love you, but I’m not perfect. I go off sometimes like a complete idiot and act like a crazy person, but that’s because I love you so much that I can’t contain how much I really want to make you happy. Please, just calm down for me.

1. Calm down dear husband, I just want to know if you’re going away for work.

2. Stop yelling at me, dear husband. I can’t take it anymore. You really need to calm down and take things easy.

3. You can do it! I believe in you! Just take a deep breath and… calm the hell down. You are great, but you make me feel like garbage sometimes.

4. I love you so much and I need you to calm down right now.

5. Calm down dear husband. I was only joking with you, please don’t get angry.

6. I am your wife and I know very well how you are so upset. You are a man who loves to solve problems and can’t stand when things happen without control. That’s why i need you to calm down dear husband

7. Calm down dear husband. You are stressing a lot and I’m your wife who is here to help you. I will sit with you, have a talk with you and make sure that everything is fine.

8. Even though you are a good man, you sometimes can be an unpleasant man. Calm your nerves a little bit and take some deep breaths.

9. Let’s all take a deep breath and count to ten. I think you’re getting way too worked up, big guy

10. One of the things that can help you relax quickly is taking time to meditate or reflect on your day. By doing this, it helps you understand how certain events in the day were perceived by you because even A small event can seem like it’s a big deal when we think about it while we are having those feelings. Don’t forget I really love sweetheart.

11. Life is not a bed of roses, you need patience, courage, and wisdom to be successful. Calm down and relax; things will fall into place, so don’t break down or weep. My love always finds ways to the problems in life, and always stays happy no matter what

12. It’s okay not to feel okay, sometimes things just need time. Take deep breaths and relax!

13. Life is not a bed of roses, sometimes you have to be patient and calm down and relax, and things will fall into their pleasant places.

14. Life is not about how many breaths you take or how many moments you breathe it’s all about what you make of them, relax and live your life as it comes. Sweetheart.

15. You need to know that every person has ups and downs in life so don’t get stressed if you had a bad day, just stay calm and relax because at the end of the day you will feel happy and satisfied.

16. Life is not a bed of roses. But, you calm down and relax. The things that are falling all over your head will fall into pleasant places, my love

17. Calm down and relax! Life is not a bed of roses, but you have to live it. So get up and fight to get where you want to be. The most perfect time of your life is yet to come.

18. It’s okay to be angry and upset, but try your best to calm down and relax. I understand that things may seem hard right now but, trust me, everything will fall into place soon. The great thing about life is that you are never stuck in one place forever. There will always be an opportunity for a new beginning and closure to the past. So, don’t give up my love.

19. No matter what you’re dealing with, remember to stay calm and move forward dear husband.

20. It’s very hard to find someone who loves you, calm down and stop looking elsewhere, my love.

21. Calm down, relax, take a deep breath and calm down before you get into the game.

22. I need you to take a deep breath and relax. You are not a monster, you’re my love. I know that you are human and sometimes it is hard to see that, but please don’t get upset at every little thing. Yes, some things will make you sad but we have to be grateful for the good things in life too—that we have each other and that we got to experience today.

23. I don’t get upset over everything my love, it’s something I have to work on.

24. My sweetheart, you’re doing great! There will always be something that can make you uncomfortable, but it’s important that you don’t let it get to you. It will pass and we will figure out a solution together.

25. Dear sweetheart, sometimes you have to be okay with being a little bit disappointed.

26. Don’t let the small things bother you, we have a house full of love and laughter.

27. You’re going to be okay, sweetheart. Just relax. I’ve got your back.

28. I’m sorry you’re upset. What I mean is, don’t dwell on problems with me. Just know that I’m here for you, babe.

29. I know you’re afraid of what’s coming, but it’s time to chill out and take a breather.

30. Sometimes you just need to take a step back and take time to breathe. Life is full of ups and downs, but we’re in this together… and I love every bit of it.

31. Don’t get so stressed. There are things in life you can’t control, and if you let yourself get carried away with what you’re not in control of, it’s a waste of energy.

32. I’m sorry that you’re so upset and stressed out. Calm down and relax, don’t get upset at every little thing my love. Just take a deep breath and try to enjoy life again.

33. I promise to make it up to you, dear husband. Just calm down and relax. Don’t get upset at every little thing that happens, because you can’t control them all.

34. My love, don’t get upset at every little thing. There are times when we need to vent, but that doesn’t mean we should completely lose our minds. Calm down and relax—you’ll feel better soon.

35. I know you’re a sweetheart, but please calm down and relax. Nothing aggravates me more than when you get upset over every little thing. You’re perfect just the way you are.

36. My sweetheart…don’t get mad because I don’t text back. It’s not because I don’t care, it’s because you’re too busy worrying about the smallest things. This is our moment of peace, please enjoy it with me.

37. Sweetheart, I love and care for you, but sometimes it’s really hard to hear the things you say. I’ll try my best to get better at listening, just be patient with me.

38. I know it’s hard to control your emotions, but try and keep calm. I’ll be here for you.

39. I’m sorry you are upset about this. You need to learn to relax, let things go, and give yourself time to catch your breath.

40. It’s all about perspective. At the moment, it may seem like everything is going wrong, but over time you’ll realize just how amazing life really is. You really need to be calm dear husband.

41. Baby, calm down and relax, don’t get upset at every little thing. love is the best medicine.

42. You have to learn how to calm your mind and relax. Don’t get upset at every little thing my love.

43. I don’t want to lose you, baby. I don’t want to lose your sweet smile. Please try to relax and chill out a bit.

44. I need all the sweet love and calmness you have to offer me.

45. Just breathe, I’m here all day for you. I’ll take care of everything else.

46. Don’t worry about everything, just focus on me and our future. Everything else will work itself out.

47. I am always here for you, baby. Please don’t be upset with yourself and me for not being able to fix the little things in life.

48. Don’t take things so seriously. You can’t control how people treat you, or how they think about you. Remember that a smile is the most powerful form of communication.

49. There is a time and place for everything. Sometimes we just need to take a deep breath and calm down.

50. I know it’s hard to maintain a calm mind when all around you things are chaotic. But I promise you to need to take a step back and just take it easy.

51. There are days when you just need to lighten up and not take things so seriously.

Calm Down Quotes for Her

Sweetheart, don’t be discouraged by the present situation just be calm and relaxed. Even though things aren’t going well for you right now, someday you’ll realize that God is still in control and has a plan for your life. He has prepared you for the tough times by giving you certain qualities that will help smooth out the bumps.

52. Dear wife, no matter how hard things look just calm down and relax. You’re doing a great job, babe.

53. Dear wife, no matter how hard things look just calm down and relax. It’s only a crisis when you look at it as one.

54. Sweetheart, it’s the end of the day and you look like a million bucks. We know what to do when things get tough.

55. I know it’s been a long day and it looks like things are getting tough, but don’t worry. I’ve got your back.

56. I know things, right now, probably look pretty bleak. But trust me, there’s light at the end of this dark tunnel. In fact, there’s much more than light—there’s beauty and joy and love, too.

57. A little bit of stress is inevitable, but don’t let it control you. I think you need a break. So take one.

58. Sometimes, you just have to seriously take time out for yourself.

59. You see, there is always a way out of every situation. The trick is to keep moving forward while looking for that way home.

60. Dear wife, no matter how hard things look, remember this: You’re not alone. I’ll be right here, all through the night.

61. Dear wife, I know this season is hard. But I’m here to help you get through it.

62. No matter how hard it looks, I’m here for you and will always be.

63. No matter how much it looks like your day is falling apart, just take deep breaths.

64. Whatever happens, don’t get stressed. I will always be there for you. I love you man.

65. No matter how hard it may look, things will get better. I’ve learned to know that the only way out is through patience.

66. When life’s hard enough, remember that your love is still there and always will be.

67. I know things look rough, but we can make it through this if we keep our heads up and keep breathing.

68. Don’t be discouraged by the present situation, just be calm and relaxed.

69. Don’t be discouraged by the present situation. Be calm and relaxed. It’s just another moment in your life to enjoy, not to fret over or regret.

70. If things seem hard right now, remember that life is hard. Be kind to yourself, and enjoy the sweet moments.

71. Don’t dwell on the past, be present and embrace your future with confidence. You’re not alone. We’ve all been there, sweetheart.

72. The past is another country, and the future is a mystery, but the present is here and it’s yours. Have some fun in this now.

73. Darling, you don’t get extra credit for being calm, you just get more points.

74. When life has you down, take a deep breath and look around and you’ll notice the beauty of all the little things.

75. If you’re going through something and feeling like you can’t face it, take a breath and remember that the present is the only thing we have to work with. You gotta learn to keep your head while the rest of the world is losing theirs.

76. Sweetheart, don’t be discouraged by the present situation just be calm and relaxed. Just know that God is in control and has a plan for you.

77. Sweetheart, you’re beautiful. Don’t be discouraged by the present situation. Just be calm and relaxed, knowing that things will work out for the best.

78. The past is not what defines us, the future is. So just relax, be confident and keep smiling.

79. Don’t be scared of the past and don’t worry about the future, just enjoy your sweetheart and all the beautiful things in life.

80. You should always be the master of your own destiny, rather than letting others control you. Just, Sweetheart, relax and enjoy the ride.

81. We are all in this together, sweetheart. Don’t let the problems of your life overwhelm you. You must be strong for others but remember that it’s only a matter of time until things improve and that we will all get through this together.

82. The best way to not be sad about the present situation is to not think about it. Just be calm and relaxed.

83. Don’t let the current situation stop you from being who you want to be. Be your best self, even in tough times.

84. There’s no need to stress about the way you look right now. You will see results with time, so don’t worry.

85. Being sad doesn’t make you less of a person. Be happy with who you are and what you have. Sometimes you just gotta give the world a little love.

86. Don’t be discouraged by the present situation, just be calm and relaxed. Stay calm, don’t be afraid, love and all will be well.

87. Don’t get so down, we all have bad days. Just be calm and let time handle it for you.

88. I am sure you will overcome these challenges sweetheart, don’t be discouraged by the present situation just be calm and relaxed.

89. Don’t be discouraged by the present situation, just be calm and relaxed. Things can get better if you believe in yourself.

90. Don’t let the present situation get you down. Just be calm, relaxed, and happy at all times.

91. Perseverance does a person well. When things get difficult, and we begin to doubt ourselves, don’t become discouraged. Just be calm and relaxed.

92. Life’s not easy. Sometimes, it gets hard and stressful, but don’t let it get you down!

93. I know it is not easy, but let’s try to be calm and relaxed. That way we will see everything in perspective, and all will turn out just fine.

94. Dear wife, it doesn’t matter what life throws at you just be calm and relaxed. Better days are ahead. I love you and cherish your love embrace.

95. To my love, You are the best thing that has happened to me. I always want you to be happy and at peace and feel comfortable.

96. You never know what can happen in the future. You have to be calm and relaxed. It doesn’t matter what life throws at you just be calm, relaxed, and happy.

97. Some things are beyond our control, but you can always control your reaction. Don’t allow the unexpected to throw you off.

98. You are so full of life, like a shiny and juicy watermelon. I love the way you explode with energy, but you also need to relax sometimes – just being happy doesn’t mean you have to be crazy in the process.

99. The only way to get through the existential crisis is to breathe deeply, and know that it’s all going to be okay.

99. You’re okay. Give me a minute, take a breath and listen to me. I’m trying to calm you down when you are upset, but I need you to do the same for me too.

100. Life can be beautiful, but it’s also complicated. Don’t let those moments of stress get you down.

101. Calm down, sweetheart. Take a deep breath and I’ll be right here when you come back to me. I’m sure everything will be okay.

Many times we get stressed up and we don’t know how to handle it. We get angry and we want to hurt someone but instead of doing that, we should calm down and think about our actions. I hope you enjoyed these great calm down quotes that can help you calm down when upset.

You can share these quotes with your family and friends who are going through something deep in their lives. And feel free to leave your comment in the comment section.

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