Love Can Move Mountains Quotes

Love Can Move Mountains Quotes

Love is the most powerful force in our universe. It can move mountains and heal broken hearts. It can do amazing things that no other force can do. The best way to make a difference in this world is by loving others. When you love someone, their happiness is your happiness. If you know someone sad and depressed, your first instinct should be to find a way to make them happy.

Love is powerful because it makes us feel so good. When we are in love, we want to be with our loved ones all day long and every day. We want them to know how much they mean to us and how happy they make us feel just by being with them. We want to tell them how much we appreciate everything about them and how incredible they make us feel when we are with them.

Though it is a complicated emotion, it’s not always easy to explain why we feel it for someone else or how it affects us. Love can be as powerful as death itself, which is what makes it so dangerous. It can make us do things that seem crazy at the time, but which make perfect sense once we’ve gotten over the initial shock of what we’ve done.

Just in case there are times of uncertainty and unrest, it is more important than ever to hold on to love. That is why I have this collection of love can move mountains quotes that remind us that love can move mountains and make our dreams come true.

Love Can Move Mountains Quotes

Love is a powerful force—one that can move mountains and conquer an army. While we may not be able to move physical mountains with love, it does have the capacity to accomplish other seemingly impossible tasks like winning a war or getting through hard times in life.

1. Love does move mountains. That’s why older couples fall in love and spend their lives together—because great passions are so powerful they can bring down the barriers of everything from geography to age differences.

2. Love makes us stronger, kinder, more compassionate and much more. Love can move mountains and make miracles happen.

3. Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into a friend. Love can move mountains. Don’t forget to be loveable, darlings!

4. Love can move mountains. That’s a fact. You may not see it now, but at some point, the people in your life will start to notice how much you’re willing to do for those that you care about.

5. Love can move mountains, and so can you. With the right tools and a little help, you can overcome any obstacle. There is unlimited potential inside of you, and if you believe in it, it will come out.

6. Love is the greatest force that moves mountains. Whether it’s a love for people, a love for God, or a love for a person’s dreams and goals, there is always something that can be accomplished with the help of love.

7. When you love someone, their happiness is the only thing that matters. Love can move mountains if you’re true to yourself and your partner, so be sure to express your affection as often as you can.

8. Love can move mountains. Love can move mountains to create new land. Love can move mountains that stand tall in the sky and keep other mountains in the way. But when two people love each other, they can move a mountain together.

9. Love is the most powerful thing in the world. If you believe in it and if you know what true love is, then that belief can help change anything in your life. Love is like magic – it gives us the power to transform our lives and even move mountains, as we’ll see with these true stories of love at its best.

10. Love, though it is such a small word, can move mountains. Love has the power to make us do things that we never thought we would be able to do. Love can also make you believe in yourself and others, which means that with love anything can be possible.

11. Love can move mountains and I believe that because I have seen it in my life. Love cannot be explained. But when you have it, you can feel the difference in your day-to-day life. Love can make decisions so much easier or even harder when one is consumed in it.

12. Love can move mountains. There’s no mountain that love cannot move, and there’s no obstacle that it cannot overcome. Love knows no boundaries, and it can never be contained by time or space. Love is pure, it is pure in its selflessness – as it always puts others before itself.

13. Love can move mountains. Mountains of things that may be blocking your path, or in your way, of achieving your dreams, desires and goals. Love will give you the extra oomph needed to get over or around that mountain and allow you to accomplish what you have set out to do.

14. Love can move mountains. If you are in love there is nothing you cannot achieve, no obstacle that you cannot overcome, and no distance that you cannot travel.

15. Love can change your world. It changes who you are and what you believe… and because of that, it can change the course of your life and even alter the movements of history.

16. Love can move mountains, build bridges, and change hearts. Love is the closest thing to magic we have. With love, you can do anything.

17. Love is what makes the world go round. It’s the thing that lifts us out of our shells and makes us feel like we can conquer anything. Love is what moves mountains. If you believe in love, then you will find it.

18. Love is the most powerful force on earth. When we love, we can move mountains and overcome any obstacle in our path.

19. Love is not just a feeling, it is also a decision to give yourself to another person. It is not something that you find or wait to fall into your lap—it’s something you make happen. Love can move mountains if only you are willing to let it.

20. Love is the most powerful force in the universe, and with it, anything is possible, including moving mountains. So why not spread love to those around you because it can move mountains?

21. Love can still move mountains. If you start with a person and end up with a pile of rocks, then you have a man. But if you start with a pile of rocks and end up with a person, then you have an architect.

22. Love can do what you and I cannot. It can move mountains, build walls and transform lives. The best part is, that love is a gift given by God to us all and it’s free. This year, let’s use it more often to make a difference in our little corner of the world.

23. Love can move mountains. Made with premium materials, strong enough to hold whatever you need. This means you don’t have to let the distance between you and the one you love stop you from showing them how much they mean to you.

24. Love can move mountains. Love can cure anything. Love is like magic, it lights up the world in ways we never thought possible.

25. In your journey through life, love can be an anchor that holds you steady in rough waters or a flimsy raft that carries you to safety. Love can give you courage or hold you back. It can light your way out of darkness, or it can cause you to stumble into danger blindly. We have all experienced these different kinds of love in our lives.

26. Love can move mountains, but sometimes it doesn’t want to. The world has a way of making us so busy that we don’t have time for the things that matter most in life such as love and friendship. Finding time to slow down and enjoy your partner is important if you want to maintain a long-lasting relationship.

27. Love can move mountains. Love has the power to change lives and make things better. When you find someone you truly love, don’t let them go. The journey will be hard sometimes but in the end, it’s all worth it.

28. Love can move mountains. When you love someone, they are always in your heart and your mind. Love is everlasting; it never goes away, even when you separate, so we have to have enough courage to fight for our loved ones like we’re fighting for ourselves.

29. Love is said to be the greatest feeling in the world, and that’s why it is so powerful. Love can move mountains and overcome any obstacle in its path.

30. Love can do anything, so don’t let yourself down. You can do great things in your life and make a difference. Love is all around you today, don’t be afraid to give it a try because it works miracles when you need it the most.

31. Love is the source of all miracles. Love conquers fear, anger, hatred and even death. Without love there can be no miracles; without love, there would be nothing sacred or holy in this world. Love is the greatest power on earth because it changes everything and everyone.

32. Love can move mountains. It can change people, heal wounds and make the world a better place. You don’t have to be physically present to make a difference in someone’s life, because love is all around us, whether it’s from a parent, your kids or your significant other.

33. True love can move mountains. Love pushes us to be better people. Through love, we can overcome anything and everything. Love is the most powerful force in this world and we all have it inside of us.

34. Love can move mountains. And when you have someone by your side, who will show you that love, life is never dull. Let’s get going!

35. Love can move mountains. It is the most amazing power in the entire universe, and that is why we have amazing people who can make love do incredible things. We can change the world through love, and that’s a pretty powerful thought to hold on to.

36. Love is patient and kind. It does not envy or boast; it is not arrogant or rude. It does not insist on its way; it is not irritable or resentful; it does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but rejoices with the truth. Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, and endures all things. Love never ends.

37. Love can move mountains. If you truly love someone and they are fighting an addiction, they will listen to you. Love can save a life and the person who loves you is willing to do whatever it takes to get you help.

38. Love can move mountains. It can also be the best medicine and an antidote to negativity. Love is a universal language, with no boundaries or cultural barriers, and it is the ultimate healer of all illness and suffering.

39. Love is a unique experience. It can make you feel wonderful and bring you to greater heights. It can also open up new possibilities that were previously unseen.

40. Love can move mountains. If two people love each other, they don’t let anything stand in their way. They will do whatever it takes to make the relationship work, even if it means changing their own lives completely. Love conquers all and makes us stronger than we were before!

41. Love can move mountains. Sometimes, it just takes a little bit of effort and persistence to get where you want to go. Love is the source of all things good and beautiful. Without love, there is no happiness or peace of mind. It is a constant journey, yet it never ends – for we are all on a path that leads us to love itself.

42. Love is such a powerful emotion that it can move mountains. You don’t have to be a superhero to be able to conquer any challenge in life as long as you have love by your side in times of trouble. Love is boundless, everlasting and capable of conquering everything. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

43. Love can move mountains. Believe it or not, love is the most powerful force in the universe. Some people say it takes courage to go to war and stand up for justice and truth, but I think it takes more courage to love someone unconditionally.

44. “Love can move mountains”. The phrase implies that love is an emotion and force that can overcome obstacles. Love can distance us from what we know, from what is familiar. Love can create a situation where we can see beyond all the reasons not to do something and allow us to go beyond what we are capable of doing for another person.

45. Love can move mountains. Love changes lives. The truest power of love is that it gives us the strength to rise above what would otherwise bring us down, enabling us to accomplish things that would otherwise be impossible. When we love someone or something – it gives us immense strength and determination to see that goal through no matter what obstacles may arise.

46. Love is a powerful thing. When it’s strong, you can move mountains and overcome any distance between yourself and your loved one. Love can withstand anything life throws at it, because love is stronger than anything else.

47. Love is the foundation of the world; it moves mountains and lifts oceans. Love is a powerful force that allows those who love to conquer most obstacles together in life. It provides happiness, security and contentment within yourself with someone else.

48. Love can move mountains, but it takes time and gentle persistence. You can turn your love into the force that moves mountains by creating a daily love ritual.

49. Love can move mountains! Love for the family can help you overcome obstacles, love for others make you sacrifice your own needs, and love for yourself can give you strength.

50. Love can move mountains and cross oceans. Love can turn strangers into friends, and make acquaintances into the family. Love gives you the strength to face anything life throws your way if you’re willing to take a chance on it.

51. Love is the greatest power in the Universe, and that’s why it can move mountains. It gives us courage, and strength and helps us achieve whatever we set out to do. It changes our perspective on life and makes everything worth living for.

52. Love conquers all–and it can help you succeed in your career too. When you love your job, you’re happy to go the extra mile and work harder than anyone else. When you love your business, it shows in everything you do and everyone you hire. Love can move mountains!

53. Love is the greatest of all emotions. It’s what gives you the ability to overcome obstacles and make things happen, the desire to work together towards a common goal. Love can move mountains.

54. Love can move mountains. Your love is the force that can carry you forward to success. Love yourself, and love others. This will keep you strong and give you the courage to face the obstacles in life.

55. Love is the most powerful force in the world, it can move mountains and conquer obstacles. Love can overcome anything, even if you feel like giving up, just hold on because nothing is impossible with love on your side.

56. One of the best things in life is to love and be loved, but this universal principle does not only apply to human relationships. If you want to move mountains there is no better way than by learning how to love yourself, the place where you live and those who surround you.

57. Love is a feeling so uplifting that it can move mountains. Love is the kind of power that eclipses hate, indifference, and aggression. Love fills your heart with the conviction to fight for what you believe in. It allows you to take on life’s challenges in stride because you know there’s someone who has your back every step of the way.

58. When we love something we dare to move forward and make it happen. Love makes it possible for you to dream bigger, climb higher, and achieve more than you ever thought possible.

59. Love can move mountains. Love can keep us positive, and make our lives better. If you have love, you have everything you need in life to do anything and everything.

60. Love is the answer. Love is the key to everything in life. The question is, will you love again as you did once before? Life’s short, do things that make you happy and if it makes another person happy as well then that’s even better. Love can move mountains!

61. Love can move mountains. When we are in love, we can conquer anything that gets in our way. There are no limits to what we can do when love is the driving force behind us. If you want to move forward with your dreams, then make a plan and follow through.

62. The expression, “Love can move mountains” rings true. When you love someone, it gives you the strength to do almost anything as long as they are waiting on the other side of the mountain.

63. Love is a powerful force that can move mountains. It is a great emotion and must be shared with others. Love can make you feel like nothing in the world can stand in your way, or it can make you overcome anything. Love is what drives you to tackle any obstacle.

64. True love is the only thing that can move mountains. All you need to do is tell the person that you love them, and they will love you back. There is nothing in this world that cannot be done with true love behind it.

65. Love is a feeling that makes you see the world more brightly and positively. Through love, we can move mountains, but it’s important to remember that you can’t always change someone’s mind. Sometimes we need to accept that things are not meant to be and learn how to move on with our lives.

66. Love is the most powerful force in the universe. Love can move mountains and make miracles happen. Focus on what you love, and everything can change for the better!

67. Many things in life are worth fighting for. Travel and adventure, career ambitions and marriage. But none of these compares with love—the foundation of your entire life.

68. Love can move mountains. Love is an amazing force that can transform even the seemingly impossible into reality. When you love something or someone, it is important to know that you’re not just a spectator in life, but instead an active participant in creating your destiny.

69. Love is a powerful force. It can lift you when you’re down, and it can bring happiness to your life no matter what hardships you face. And sometimes, if someone lets the love inside them grow just a little bit, it can even change the world for everyone around them.

70. Love can move mountains. It’s the power of believing in something so deeply, to the point where you’re willing to do anything for it. And love doesn’t ask how high or how wide a mountain is before trying to move it, it just does because that’s what love does always.

71. Love can move mountains, it can make you happy, and it can wipe your tears. It can be the greatest feeling in the world or the biggest mistake. Love is what makes us human, loving like this is our destiny.

72. Love is having someone that motivates you to climb the mountain, and love can be moving mountains. Love makes the world go round, but loving someone with all your heart can move mountains. Everyone knows that love can move mountains and make dreams come true.

73. Love is powerful and unstoppable, just like the mountain. No matter how much you try to stop it, love can move mountains. Your heart is stronger than anything that comes your way, even if you’re lost in darkness. All you need to do is believe and let love find you.

74. Love is the greatest motivator of all. Love is not just a feeling, it’s a force that can move mountains, one person at a time.

75. Love can move mountains. Love can change your life and the lives of others. When you are in love with someone, you do things to make them happy because you want to see their smile so that your love shines bright as the sun.

76. Love is the most powerful force in the world. It can move mountains or destroy lives. You’ve heard the saying “something’s better than nothing.” That’s never truer than when it comes to love and relationships. Love is a choice we make every day, with our intellect, emotion and will—and it’s not always easy to choose love over fear.

77. Everyone has a mountain, but what you do with your mountain makes all the difference. Love can move mountains. Whether it’s a mountain of ambition or one that requires physical strength, love is the answer to all things.

78. Love can move mountains! Love is the most powerful force in the world, it has the power to change anyone. Through love, we can become better people and create a better world. Love is like a magic wand – with one stroke you can turn a bad day into a great day, lift spirits, and make a cheery person out of someone who’s down.

79. Love can move mountains. Love is the most powerful force in the universe. Love will make us do crazy things, like singing songs of praise early in the morning or running up a mountain with nothing but a heart bursting with joy in our chest to share it with another person.

80. Love can move mountains. It’s the power that drives us to succeed in business, motivates us to become better people and gives us the ability to achieve anything we set our mind to. Love is what allows people to overcome the challenges of life and make a difference in their community and the lives of others.

81. Love can move mountains. True love is the most powerful of all human emotions and is life’s greatest power. It changes lives and moves mountains. When you give yourself to someone, nothing else matters.

82. When love is true, it can make all the difference in your life. Love can move mountains. Love can make us better people. Love is an amazing feeling that will change your life.

83. Love is an amazing force and cannot be amended or taken away. It gives us the courage and strength to face any challenge in our life. If you love someone truly, then he/she will never walk alone. Love can move mountains and even the most impossible tasks can be achieved with the help of your loved one. It is not only true for human beings but also for animals too!

84. Love is one of the most powerful forces in the world. It enables us to face our enemies with courage and leave behind anything that drags us down. With love, we can defeat any obstacle and move mountains.

85. Love can move mountains, it can unravel the hardest heart. It is an editor of the soul and a nurturer of our most delicate dreams. It is a wild storm that floods its way into lives and touches every part — breaking down walls and building up hopes.

86. Love is all you need. Love can move mountains if you love with all your heart. Love can overcome unimaginable obstacles, but it cannot fight your battles for you. It is the most powerful force in the Universe.

87. Love can move mountains to open something new. Love can make you do things that you’ve never thought of doing before. Love is what gives us the courage to face life’s problems and find solutions for them. Love can change a person’s heart and mind; it makes you realise your mistakes, helps you grow up and mature, and makes you more responsible.

88. Love can move mountains. When you have love in your heart, it gives you inner strength and courage to follow your heart even though you may face obstacles along the way.

89. You can move mountains with love. Through the power of love, we can change our lives for the better, work together with others and make a positive difference in this world. Love is the foundation for any kind of success in life.

90. Love moves mountains. We all know it, and yet we often fail to make the most of our love, or even to recognize that we have it at all. Love can change everything: marriage, parenting, career, health, and the world.

91. Love is the strongest force in your life. It gives you the courage to go out and conquer those mountains that try to block you from achieving your dreams. A touch of love can turn any ordinary day into something grand.

92. Love can move mountains. Be it a mountain of challenges or one of fear and insecurity that stands in your way, the love you have for someone will make moving mountains a reality.

93. Love can move mountains. It’s the greatest power of all. Love is the only force in this world that can reach out and change another person’s heart. It doesn’t cost a penny, it doesn’t require anything but your affection, and the one it changes will never be the same again.

94. It’s time to be happy and love the person that you are with. Love can move mountains, but you need someone who cares about you inside and out. Find the right one for whom your heart beats a little faster every time that person comes around.

95. Love can move mountains. Love can change the course of history. Love is not just a feeling, but an active choice to show kindness and care. And if we look up at the sky on a clear night, we remember that God loves us so much that he created each star for us to enjoy and cherish in our hearts.

96. Love is powerful, love can move mountains. Every day, you choose to do something that makes someone else happy–however small or large the act may be. Love is a choice and a philosophy.

97. Love can move mountains. It doesn’t matter what kind of obstacles there are, love will overcome them. When you want to give up, try your hardest to find that one thing that is your motivation, the reason why you started this thing and keep going. Love can make you want to fight for something because of the selfless thought behind it.

98. Love can move mountains. In other words, you can make anything happen if you put your heart into it. Don’t be afraid of dreaming big, because nothing is impossible when it comes to love.

99. Love moves mountains. It does not matter if you find the person of your dreams too far away for you to be together, but with love and determination, anything is possible.

100. Love can move mountains; it’s what holds our world together. Love may not make the world go round, but it does make the ride worthwhile.

101. Love can move mountains and change the world, it can give you the strength to fight against all odds. Love is not just an emotion but so much more than that. It’s something that will always remain with you and if you do fall in love, your heart will beat in sync with theirs as if they were a part of you and nothing could separate them from you.

102. Love is not just a feeling, but an act of doing. When we love one another, we don’t wait for the other person to change so that we can feel happy ourselves. Instead, we put our happiness aside and choose to be there for the other person even when they are difficult, or when they may never even notice what we do for them.

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